Sunday, 17 November 2013


SWAG JESSICA: I came to abuja to collect my original result from my secondary school,which I did last week,so on Friday I had some goods to send to Lagos through ekesons transport service,I kept them at a friends place,her name is Zainab,so on getting there she called a friend of hers to come and pick us from the house,So he took me to the park at utako and I sent the goods to lagos,we got back into the car and he now said he wanted to go to gwarimpa,me Its been almost 6years since I have been to abuja so don't really know roads and my friend zainab stays in lokoja,she is doing her IT in abuja,So they started driving for long when I noticed we have already passed kubwa,I jokingly said "even if its benin we go don reach" the driver was like sorry that he missed his way,and he just started taking different turns and then after a U-turn someone just came out from the boot,slapped me and my friend,I shouted THE BLOOD OF JESUS and JESUS helped me,then the person in the passenger came to the back and started holding us,one helded my neck strangling,we now started screaming for help,they were on full speed,I was seating at the seat close to the road,so I stuck my head out of the window screaming for help at the cars passing by,I now managed to open the car from the outside becoz it couldn't open from inside,I jumped out of the car n fell on the road,immediately the car stopped,they stabbed my friend on her leg,and the three of them drove away carrying my bag,I immediately stood from where I fell so I wouldn't get hit by a car coz it was an express road,immediately people came,called the police,they were able to catch the driver of the vehicle but the other two ran away and then we went to the police station to write our statements and all,when the police opened the car they found machete and daggers in their car omg it done to me they were ritualist is mber month , Swag P ehn in short that Friday before I left I read that bc u sent about thanksgiving,dunno why I was happy,I just started singing,then the verse u sent 2kings 3: 17 that we might not see rain ,or the wind but our well will be filled with water for i and my cattle to drink my God ,I read for the first time,I dropped my Bible,picked it up again,read it,did for almost 4times oh,then I claimed it, I read and read& read; it and sent the verse to my mom.. omg it just done to me that the Scripture answered because i didn't not see the ritualist incident, i didn't see helpers to help me but my GOD SHOWED UP.Everyone was telling me that am very brave ,I told them am a SWAG ...Saved With Amazing Grace and  it isn't me but Jesus,I sprained my leg and have some scratches but its small compared to what would have happened if God didn't give me wisdom to act the way i did which i cant believe. Am based in warri when Swag P is in Benin i travel from warri to Benin and the last feet wash Swag p i remembered you said non of my journey will be in vain even accident or death will not befall me that i will see God in all that concerns me ,when you said all this to me which was different from all the others you said something to i didn't really understand but today its clear God went before this day and cleared my way and saved me a long time ago.Am very grateful to God..don't even know where to start thanking him from...Swag P still in shock,By d grace of God would b at swag meeting to give this testimony oh because few days i was doing moody that God you promised me things through the mouth of your vessel na i became said oh kie i repent oh Lord .didnt know you were planning a bigger thing for me,giving me life that no man can give if taken na him i say You never do anything haaaa God forgive me ,this 2013 You have done the miraculous in my life it can end na self kos You have ended it well for me,whats more important than life oh,if those ritualist had cut my enemy head na hmmmm .indeed God is with us in this ministry and i was sure being Saved was not going to be an unrealistic thing that faithday. o BaBa i so thank YOU,swag p i dont know the prayer to pray for you but all i know non of your generation will loose their life before time God bless you so so much. ma God thank YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. *shock*yea you cant find my picture well i requested after i testify live today it should be uploaded kie i dont joke with the red flower prophesy and warnings ooo from God through Hes own vessel Swag P,and SWAG PS NEW PIN 2894DC28 .