Tuesday, 28 May 2013


SWAG HAWA:Thank You Swag P for praying with me, I have been a Consultant with my Organization for over a year now, and I started to feel bad because am yet to be confirmed a staff.its one year past and people who just come are being promoted this has really been eating me up,when i couldn't take it any more and needed someone to pray with me, my spirit move me to tell you swag p,hmmm it took me almost a month to be able to tell you due to the fact am a Muslim and didn't know were to start from,i understood its the devil putting all this fear in me,so another spirit kept saying we serve same God,call swag p like tormenting me to call you ...so she swag p will join her faith with you on this Delay that is passing you by like this,and my organization had just posted a vacancy which can make me a proper staff but my fear 400 people have applied for it,to cut my testimony short i called on swag p and she gave me an appointment so we met...swag p God bless you just talking with you had lifted a burden off me,you made me realize how great i am,how no matter the competition am a swag and have been Saved With Amazing Grace ,i was to happy,swag p i remember you were about living for Benin love feast and you said my request wont go void if they like let them be one million people wanting this  position you don't care i will be the one for the job,and you said lets pray but its Jesus you will use to End the prayer so i must shout Amen hahahaha i laughed so loud and we prayed and agreed together and i said Amennnn,and you said if your God be the God of no partial and He helps all,even though am Muslim,that i will go for this interview and i will be selected,confirmed a staff and promoted,wow i felt so happy like God its settled for me finally,Every Delay has been broken, one year and no one is noticing me ,but after the prayer it was left for God not man.For my God has noticed me yepieee here it is I had the interview last week and Yes i got the job over 400 people as God declared to me through you Swag p ,am now a full staff no more a consultant after one year of delay making people staffs that don't have my qualification but God proved to me indeed no man owns promotion but Him... am a Swag Sista and glad to be one...Swag p for all your genuine concern and your time i say may God bless you and uplift your ministry,for through you,God wiped away my tears of worry bless you swag p....and finally i say God thank You and all i can explain to people is IT CAN ONLY BE GOD........................swag ps new pin 25b00b63

Monday, 27 May 2013


SWAG UBOLA: swag p oooo U remember the first  time I came to the ground this year and you asked what I wanted and I said am standing in for three people close to me that needed children,swag p you told me unless God has not called you but if He has,if this what brought me here then this year will not End those womb must be open by Hes name Jesus,i believed because i know the God you serve never lies,i didn't give up because have read testimonies on the blog how God open wombs hmmm,the most hurting one among my friends is the one for seven years shes been married no  pregnancy let alone having it and miscarried no sign ever at all,and it so much affected her marriage.Swag p before you left for benin with our request i came to see you and brought mine,you opened and shook your head and said Ubola your request still carries this issue of your friends i said yes and you said if God be God which you know Hes God you wont come back from Benin and non of them with testify i prayed and kept believing.Swag p before you left for Benin love feast you did feet wash via the Blood and again we brought our request,for i knew it cant go void when i deeped my leg into the blood i felt this was it and it was done,and you said you have fasted for three days no food no water and Jesus said if peter had fasted he will be able to cast the demons ,so therefore you have waited three days thats to say what ever demons you speak to must go,ha i stood gallant o,and as you were praying you said "I CURSE BARENESS FROM THE ROOT EVERY WOMB SHOULD BE OPENED"in all the prayers this one i shouted AMEN like thunder.swag p i was at the communion ground yesterday and you said this communion is able to destroy bareness if you connect with it and don't eat the cake as cake but as the body of Christ,i didn't eat it as cake i connected and said now i must hear good news from my friends for this is it. my swag pppp were are uuu let me hug you oooo,God has answered,dunno weda to cry hahahaha,my friend who has waited for seven years fell ill just like that oh  started shaking she thought she had sudden malaria since her mind can never go to pregnancy but she said let her just do check up with her kit,she did it GBAM ..showed POSITIVE huh she cleaned her eyes and to reconfirm well well she went and did blood test waited there for the result o chai POSITIVE again,she called me today as i have commanded after yesterdays gathering i must hear good news haaa dis God is Amazing I just shouted thank Jesus who has heard our prayers n request you will think am the one pregnant swag p with the shout,He has opened the womb people tagged barren and put them to shame,Her husband has been treating her like egg ooo since he saw the result instant peace has been restored in her marriage,Even till this morning I was still telling God hmmm do something o the year is going,U remember God you told swag p before this year ends they will hear cry of babies,I sharply claimed it for them o,I just bless God for his faithfulness,He has answered one remaining two that i believe they will all testify before this year is over.Do u know the most incredible part? She was treating typiod and malaria not knowing she was carrying her bundle of joy oooo,until she decided to do the kit test out of abeg its formality but my God cleared her doubt and she knowing have been telling her how as  a Swag have been standing for her on our ground she called to tell me as soon as it cleared her shes PREGNANT,ubola your God has answered you for me,that those who mocked her for seven years hahahaha the disgrace will be too much for them,swag p with gratitude cheii am proud to have connected on that ground,proud to be a swag sista,because indeed it rubbed up on my friend shes been Saved With Amazing Grace.i give God all the Glory,cant stop screaming,how grateful i am oh God,for Him alone i bow before and i say thank You oh Lord,swag p indeed you never speak if God has not asked you too,for before this year actually ended my friend is pregnant,the one that got me mostly disturbed seven years was like seventy years of no hope anymore but God proved Himself,and i pray shes carrying triplet,swag p everything you seek for God will give to you,Lastly i say Oshe baba ......*dancing* ..SWAG PS NEW PIN : 25B00B63

Sunday, 12 May 2013


Praise God for what he has done for my friend. My name is SWAG DINMA, some days back was really scary for me and her family we thought we had lost her, in confusion my spirit moved me fast to tell Swag P to pray for my friend who had just been operated on because at that moment swag p you flashed my face hmmmm and i know your God never fails you.my friend had brain surgery to remove brain tumor. I was scared because not only was it a major surgery, but it was done here in Abuja, Nigeria. She was unconscious for  couple of days like she went into Coma and God sob sob sob, I had to tell Swag P to pray for her. She said it is done speedily and settled that shes just sleeping and will be awake soon am like didn't swag p hear shes in coma which sleeping and she said Dinma your friend will wake up and she doesn't care how many days shes been sleeping and immediately i noticed swag  didn't want to use the name Coma so i took faith and said ok my friend is sleeping and will soon wake and talk to every one,Swag p you repeated  IT IS DONE and this gonna be on the blog because as we type shes getting ready to wake hahahah sounded funny but indeed it happened .To the glory of God, my friend is conscious now and even talking after days of not even  shaking, the fear was too much wow,God answers to what ever we declare on earth and refuse on earth i was so amaze because it was instant . She will soon be discharged from the hospital. We are so happy.swag p you Blessed..... Praise God!

Friday, 10 May 2013


SWAG OBEYI: swag p after the love feast on Saturday my brother was kidnapped in porthacourt and we were asked to pay 40 million or nothing else,haaa i called you immediately oh and told you everything and you said my Family cant cry after the Feet wash via the blood i had just taken part in, because it stands for every family member,and i said i believe and you said it was Done that my brother will return and 10 kobo we wont pay any kidnapper ,i believed so well because you so much spoke with authority and commanded from the north ,South east and west were ever he is he must Return that you INVOKE  hes release  by the Blood of Jesus i was so convinced and shouted Amen.My brother is 36years old who have waited so long for Gods blessing and just at the point he finally got a job in an oil company and just started they don thief am lie lie.The next day after the prayers with you swag p the Kidnappers called and dropped the money to 10 million and if we are not fast they will chop hes body and sell the parts*fainted*immediately there was this boldness in me and i said to myself i have just washed my feet with the Blood in it and swag p said the God she serves will get my brother out without a kobo so i wasn't moved which was very surprising,i believe the God we serve as a swag sista. so i pinged swag p told her, i remember she laugheddddd and said obeyi please this case is already close your brother will come home and i should not disturb her because shes so sure she will blog the testimony and also your God will kill them all tomorrow unless you not called oh but by this time tomorrow you will see your brother...,i was like ok *with fear small* swag p buzzed me the next day and asked has he come home i said no but the money has been reduced to 2.2 million you laughed again and said it will soon enter 5000 naira but mean while my brother will be home and without a penny i said Amen.All i was thinking was someone who just got a job,got a car and about to wed,and all we will hear they thief am ,its not possible oh,so God confirm your word in swagps mouth oh,i was there live at the love feast and swag p said nobody will loose their own oh i caught that prophesy well well hmmm,swag p i remember when we chatted on Tuesday you said obeyi enough of this kidnappers that from your belly you decree for the last time and give them 24hours to release him or your God will kill them and its settled ... i had faith because when God gives hours the earth shakes so God had said 24 hours,Tuesday passed,Wednesday will make up 24 hours shea ok i began to peep and peep on the road expecting to see my brother,because God don command through Him vessel and the next time i was going to peep Jesus oooo i saw my brother live coming home,this was like a movie as in i couldn't place the name to call what was happening the miracle made me dance so much like David and i got to understand why he was almost nude because i almost got naked as people watched me dance on the Road, Ogene huh huh how it happened self i nor just care all i know as God talk am kidnappers got confused in anger tie my brothers face Tuesday night drop am for road and as na night my brother had to wait for Wednesday morning *shock* without a kobo given to them,my God is ever faithful,thanks for all your prayers swag p am soooo happy,God bless you for me,to think when i left the swag sis meeting i had an instant miracle ...a new business breakthrough which swag p said she will blog oh ,little did i know a mega testimony was on the way again kie ...i don't know but i must say this if you play with the name SWAG you will miss it all..tap fast theres God there,Everything is working, Even my brother couldn't wait for this to be blogged as i told him about swag sistas sharply he said hes fiancĂ©e for port don be swag sista even before you will arrive there hahahahha,God i thank you so much and i will honor you for Ever,my God is too wonderful,am too over joyed...my swagger p hahahaha your God listens to you ooo very fast.CHEERS

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE..............................IT IS DONE...............

my name is SWAG OJOCHEGBE sob sob am crying this testimony is a relief in my life and marriage,have been married for some years now and no fruit of the womb tried all medical procedures but no result.well i have known swag p right from the university and truly if am to go by who she was i wouldn't even try to call her and say pray for me but i knew my God is the one that calls the unqualified.if He called Saul who later became Paul then its possible,He called Missy who is now called swagp hahahaha.Last year i  heard that swag p was in Lagos, i was ready to find her were ever she was not because i think shes God but if shes a vessel then she should please tell God whats happening because He said no woman would be barren why have i been waiting for a child,i called and called until she finally agreed i come see her at Apapa see running ooo,i remember swagp said ooo its you and all that was in my mind was that swagp is not time for reunion theres fire on the mountain and i wept and said it all.... swag p have been seeking for a child the surprise in your eyes that day even embarrassed me and you said you are to young to be barren we prayed and you washed my feet and said it is DONE and i remembered late Ginna your step bros wife went in and brought a new baby girls dress dashed me and you also used it as a point of contact,then i gave you my request because you were on your way to Ota to have a quiet time with God and you said my request wont go in vain this was in October 2013,Have been waiting, this year 2013 almost every day i tell swag p say a word to me each time i read peoples testimony on the blog..am so  glued to the blog that i always wait for the next and when i read i say God were are you is it not the same God that told swagp it was Done for my case,somebody hold me i wanna scream.....i Remember when you sent a bc last month April reminding the swag sistas you on her way to Ota they should bring their request on Sunday and its Anointing day with the oil you brought from SHILOH men i jumped up even though i was in Lagos i just sent a picture of i and my hubby,swag p said whats this? i said....swag p anoint the picture please and you laughed and said huh so funny and i said please just anoint it,for i was seriously down as regards the fruit of the womb and you smiled and anointed typing all the words as you prayed and you said ojochegbe your cry has touched God and before you are back i must be pregnant,then you said it was DONE and told me you poured oil on your phone as you anointed the picture,I felt peace within me  like something left me  for the 1st time and i knew this time years of bareness must die with the prayers that was said,two weeks later same April I went for test swag p am positive God has blessed me with that fruit I seek,and also same week i got an employment letter to work with  NAMA,Swag p!!!!God hand is upon you, Infact! When I heard of your  accident, I said its not possible now because you must anoint my twins so i was sure nothing will happen to you,wanted to send in my testimony but your phone wasn't available and today i got your new pin and couldn't wait to have the world see what God did for me through Swag p ...am crested a swag sista and truly i have been saved with Amazing Grace.i give God all the glory for He has slapped my enemies on their big cheeks*straight face*and my babies will see the light in months to come...in summary I AM  PREGNANT after years of waiting.... ..Na du gwa we ojo to du anyi lile ke du tu mi alu ...u ne nwu ku na du we te jenyu we le no.(Thank you God you have put a big laughter in my mouth what do i give to you than to say thank YOU)