Monday, 24 July 2017


Swag P ehn
I Got a job oo
Swap P I remember when you prayed for me at the 1st tour
And you said that job is mine
SWAG P it had happened ooo
The way the thing came ehn
I remember writing at the back of my bible that I want an amazing mind blowing Job that will shame the devil
Even as I was writing it I believed half ooo in my mind I'm like anything aha I will manage
But I still write that request .Though Swag P the Job will make me relocate to Benin because they offered me Benin Post
I believe it's God that is sending me there Swag P
I can't even explain it
My prayer point at the beginning of the year is that I will not be jobless for one day
And it happened like that
Before I finished my NYSC .they extended my contract to 6 months
Lemme tell you that I am the first person to have a 6months straight contract
You said it that protocols will be broken on my behalf😭😭😭
Six months is supposed to expire in September and then the job came Same company
O Swag P ....when you said there something special that God has for me ...I have experienced overflowing grace this year 2017, Finally I know that there is a God..all my work contribution towards the tour has paid off...out of the little I was earning....I still struggled to pay my commitment in the Commitee. SwagP,I remember how you told me,God will return my giving with a permanent Good Job and Yes God indeed returned my giving well well. Oh Swag Sistas i am so happy ...Benin Swag Sistas am coming to Join you all lol. SwagP,❤You will forever be blessed and lifted.
God has done it
I am settled
Your one and only SWAG PEARL  (Jennifer's sister)
I and My Sista who brought me to SWAG ..Love you sis.

1. Get salt and a glass of water ,put the salt in the water and drink. ..we are the salt of the lets own the earth. MATT 5:13a.
2. 50 Thank you Jesus for the testimony you just read.
3. Get the certificates and raise it up and call all the Place you wish to work and say thank you JESUS as you call them out. eg Chevron -Thank You Jesus
4. Sprinkle salt on every certificates,business card or instrument of work and declare i am the salt of the earth so therefore from this day i possess all that is fertile on the ground.
5. Write down the Jobs on a paper and place untop the certificates or Cv,business card etc and Sprinkle salt again ontop....(put under your pillow and sleep)
6. Do 10 mins praise dance thanking God for what He has done tonight....
7. After the praise ....Declare : I declare I(put ya name) before the next 24 hours my job,business breakthrough will be in my hands,and if any man or woman tries to stop this door from opening let blindness be their portion and death take over...(BE VIOLENT)this will last for another 10mins.
8. Then Sleep nor just chat or do Ig or anything with phone so just alert ya love ones...or you switch phone off...nor watch tv oh....
9. Now you will see the Glory of God manifest in your life...if you Believe all you have Done as the salt of the earth....John 11:40
10. Send down your Testimonies and CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSS....for the Jobs,promotions,salary increase,contracts,business increase etc.
God bless you and i agree with you all
MATT 18:19


Dont forget to tell God,you need the Job to  be an instrument in His kingdom.

Never take Gods work Last.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Goodmorning swag p.Swag Sistas,My name is Swag Omo(Swagpz makeup artist abuja) and I have a testimony o.God granted my student visa to the US and I am so thankful....I have been following all the instructions ,I dont miss at all o and the day of the interview I was scared but the interviewer didnt even ask me much questions and granted me the visa despite rejecting most of the people in front of me, but i was given because am a Swag. I know God that has started the good work would grant me the financial means to settle my fees in Jesus name...I trust Him..God bless you SwagP and am glad i met you...The blessing i get making you beautiful has began to manisfest speedily ...God bless you again and again oooo.


INSTRUCTION: Say 10 thank You Jesus for this testimony.
Then Open the page you want your visa to be stamped and place it on the Visa picture on the blog.
Now call forth the country Visa you want and Say 50 Thank You Jesus for the visa...make Sure the passport is still on the Visa Picture still you are done...
Leave the passport Under your pillow and sleep...
If you have just been regetted, go and reapply Fast.

DECLARATION : I declare no man living will ever rejet you...No matter the Embassy,your visa is settled in the name of Jesus...Receive your Visa.


My name is swag sugar,  I got to know swag p and our amazing sisters through one of my friend swag Annabel,  she was just laughing while reading a message from swag p and I got interested, she said is her pastor,  in my mind I said no be all those pastors wey dey ask for money be that so, lol. But I had the courage to add swag p and we started chatting,  I fell in love with her way of advising us and her zeal for the things of God, so I connected sharply.  The tour came and I had to go round except international.  And by the grace of God I sowed and also partook of the planning of all states even washing plates in all locations , made sure I served food, and I remember swag p blessed me in one of the city and said my desire will be granted with her whole heart as she saw me serving food she declared that nothing will stop that which I have followed her around to find and I screamed Amen . Swag sistas that period ,I had a bad relationship and I told her, she just told me to forget about him and put my trust in God for a better settlement and I obeyed and begin go round all states for the tour,as SwagP say no be my husband be that from above. When my husband came and I accepted him,I felt so much peace but the devil tried to misbehave, and things was now going bad,  God brought another tour  "it's my Turn" I knew that tour was for me,  even though I couldn't attend, I sowed a seed towards it,  believe me after that Seed, oga begin to behave extraordinarily serious, he said baby let's start planning our marriage jor, what are we even waiting for, Ebube,My turn don reach indeed oooo Me I just knew finally na really my TURN. Things started going well for him,  he hit a big contract, favors from everywhere. In fact God just dash us our marriage money just like that,  as a swag am begging everyone of us to always plan our tour together,  don't think you are helping God, you are helping yourself to go forward wen you plan God's tour, I always make it a duty to put God first. No matter how broke I am I must sow the little I have for the tour. Some fake pastors even said I should pay money according to my age to be married,  so many lies from the pit of hell but swag P when I just tell her all this she laugh ehn and shift my brain for me with Gods word and she said God's plan for me is to be gloriously married without paying anyone and I should watch the God of Swag. Swag sistas the only thing I wanted so much was to be married and I was ready to go violent. The money wei I transport go round all this state from Lagos..benin..abuja..port...benue...etc hmmmmmm e nor loss oooo,my God nor rob me at all and making sure I planned with all the states I was going to. SwagP I even remember when you tell me say e don do oh..Swag sistas this journey no easy ,I told swagP it had to be God giving her all the power oh to go round . ..Haaaaaa but make una see me today...make una see me as God Just do am for me. Last Saturday Ended this marriage saga oh lol..
I have come back to show myself to God and to you all that Indeed the God of SwagP answers Prayers. I never gave up on this ground and my God found me ....Praise God.
SwagP,anything wei you want ,God don give you double ooooo... Love you mama.
THANK YOU JESUSSSS.....See you all in Lagos Swag ,I DE enter road DE come give this testimony Live.

 God lead us through the journeyyyyy
When we where counting down lol
The pride of the me ooo
The only reason she photo bomb na because she introduced me to Swag Sistas Ministry...oh God bless you my friend...
 Loving me in a traditional way lol
 My mama, my pride, she saw this God
 God made this day beautifullllll
 The vow.....oh thank you Lord.
 It has to be God ooooo
 Am his the bride.,am a SWAG
 My husband, my world, Gods own man for me...
 God , waiting for my world...Can't believe this...
The bested may kiss me husband chaiii choiii

The mystery that broke marital delay in my life...
2nd Tour 2016...
It manifested Last Saturday
Every mysteries answers to Faith and believe on this Ground....

INSTRUCTION : Give God 20 Thank You Jesus for this....
Then get your bible write down when you want to wed the date,raise it up to God and give Him 100 Thank You Jesus....
And carry your mantle,it will serve as hair net tonight...
Sleep with it.

NB: You can tell love ones to pertake.

DECLARATION : I prophesy ,as long as Gods word remaineth,what you have written will never return to God void. I decree and declare every wrong relation comes to an End Now...
in Jesus Name........AMEN.



Hallelujah! AND HE HAS ROLLED AWAY THE STONE! Good day swag sistas ,my name is Mandy(port) I've come to testify about what God has done for my family just after the porthacourt tour . Early this year my mums name was submitted for retirement, before her time. She tried to rectify it ,wrote to the board but to no avail, she started the process of the resignation . I came for the tour in ph from uyo against all odds and I threw away the stone. Swagsistas the way I threw the stone out with all my strength because Enough was Enough ,my family has gone through enough being stagnant. When i threw that stone i felt a release and believed .Well after the tour ,SwagP said Mandy come help me through out my stay in port at the hotel ,wow like she knew I was thinking how to make it back to Uyo because  I couldn't go back that late oh. Hmmmm Every night I layed on that bed I connected like never before and served with my whole heart oh. SwagP left on Monday and I left back,and on Tuesday night swag sistas, just the next day,the man in charge called my mum at 10pm that he couldn't sleep and asked her to please visit the office very quickly oh  the following day. My mum did and he said they're going to reinstate her back, not only that but with a promotion letter at a platter of Gold and apologised for everything oh. Swag Sistas, this God is indeed a good God. The Lord also came through again  and  my brother passed his exams and was inducted on thursday as a medical doctor. I can't explain it in less than a week just as i came out from that meeting.. ROLL AWAY THE STONE, just see family testimonies . SwagP, by this time two years ago we didn't have tyre talk of car but I and my siblings surprised my mum with a lexus on her birthday. My dad did something he has never done for my mom after rolling away the stone .., lol, Many things to thank this God for .we had given up on a lot of things as a family, but after the tour ,God indeed rolled away every stone in my family ....come see family speed nah omg. SwagP, God with never forsake You. Swag Sistas i have not been paid for almost 4 months but i made sure i pertook of Gods work and make una see how my God don roll away stones from my family ,indeed He doesnt take and folds His hands. Blessed blessed blessed am too happy and excited.

INSTRUCTION :Do 10 thank you Jesus for this family and  Now raise that certificate up and thank God for your new Job and promotion , do 50 Thank You Jesus...
Now declare 10 times...any man sitting on my Job or the Job of my family...experience sleepless night tonight and send for me in the morning...
Put your certificates under your pillow and sleep.

DECLARATION : Men will return all they have ever stole from You...before the noon of tomorrow...

Thursday, 6 July 2017


God's Promises will never Fail
Dear Swag Sisters, it is very important to follow spiritual instructions from your Man of God, or in this case, our Woman of God. Even though it does not make sense at the time or perhaps you do not understand it, just DO IT.

At the beginning of this month during the 7-8pm prayers, Swag P asked us to get Ribena (the blood of Jesus) to anoint our houses, bed sides and cars. I was not home at the time, but I made up my mind to do it. I ended up getting home very late that day at about 11pm and by the time I settled in it was about 12midnight. I was very tired but decided to still take the communion. After taking it, I put it around my bed and front door but to walk down stairs and put on the cars I started contemplating... first I was tired, second I started thinking was there any need? after all I am covered with the blood already and that extends to all my belongings... what if my neighbours see me pouring stuff outside at 12midnight, what will they think of me?.... those were all thoughts that kept flooding through my mind. Then I was like Swag P specifically mentioned cars (and that we should declare that it will not be stolen or hit) and if I am to obey I must obey fully and not half way..
Sisters that's how I dragged myself outside and anointed my Car and Hubby's car and declared as instructed. Not knowing that the blood will speak for me a week later when armed robbers stormed my compound.

It was June 11th oo (Swag P's Birthday) after doing the prayer for her and the ministry at midnight I joined the hallelujah challenge praised God and went to sleep. About an hour later, my husband woke up suddenly and said he is hearing gunshots. He got up to just check around and the next thing I heard him scream and run back. They were in my house already... they took some valuables (tv, laptops, phone etc) and my car Key....we thought they had left and stood up to check around when I realized my car key was gone. Immediately doubt came in....
thoughts like 'is it not the car u annointed dey don carry go?' Immediately I started declaring that my God does not lie and that the blood should speak for me... not long after the armed robbers came back oo asking for my husband's car keys... my sisters, key that was in plain view, both us and robbers did not see ooo... suddenly they left.
To cut the long story short... they could not drive my car out because we saw the key outside (on d floor in our compound) when they had gone. Even the phone I use to chat with Swag P, they took it but it fell from them without them knowing because we found the phone outside on the floor.

They took one of my neighbour's car, drove it outside the gate and the car stopped (keep in mind I also anointed the front of the Gate). They abandoned the car and took off... my neighbor came out and jejely drove his car back inside.

These robbers did not come to play oo (they hurt two of my neighbours with machetes) but God showed up for me and my family.

The Devil is a liar and will forever remain one.. I pray that God gives us the grace to always yield to Spiritual instructions in Jesus Name...

I thank God for his mercies and I am confident that what they took from us will be restored 10times over...

INSTRUCTIONS: 12am :  Please get your blood ready and sprinkle round your house and if you have a house help or any one helping you at home ,sprinkling on them,then before you drive your car tomorrow please Sprinkle on it...and declare the blood of Jesus and send back every evil wind out of your life and Family....anyone sick please sprinkle the Blood on them.THE BLOOD OF JESUS WILL SPEAK .

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


My name is Swag Arume(Port)
Swag P good morning,God surprised me yesterday oooo.I have not given my time or resources to God like I have done in d past 1month in my entire life before ooo. Concerning the success of Gods work in Port Harcourt (The Swag tour) i have pushed myself that My last card is what I budgeted for the PH second tour 2017 and I gave it all. swag sistas what God gave me is way more oooo.I just have this feeling that something big is about to happen more to my family for stones to roll away from my family in all area I said to myself then I have to plan His work ohhh kie May God bless you Swag P more than you can ever imagine...And continue to give u a word in season!!!!!! Swag Sistas indeed God is not a robber oh see what God blessed me with...
I never expected this kind of financial Blessings..Indeed the mantle and my planning Gods work and answered for me...
I and my husband,cannot wait for Saturday Live ooooo indeed Stones have began to Rollllllll....I was blessed with 0,000,000

Ask yourself how much did she give God that He returned it to her in a measure that she is so shocked about.

INSTRUCTION : Now place your atmz,check book,business card,business name ,what ever stands as a link to finances please bring it place it on that check and say ...God I am a witness to this financial blessing and I decree just as you did for her OPEN THE DOOR OF FINANCIAL BREAK THROUGH FOR ME.....
Now if hubby is not around ,write his name on a paper ,write my husbands financial breakthrough now and place on that Testimony
What will happen Now will be transference of favor and uncontrollable financial breakthrough....
Alerts will begin to flow and debts will be paid...
.Apply FAITH.