God's Promises will never Fail
Dear Swag Sisters, it is very important to follow spiritual instructions from your Man of God, or in this case, our Woman of God. Even though it does not make sense at the time or perhaps you do not understand it, just DO IT.

At the beginning of this month during the 7-8pm prayers, Swag P asked us to get Ribena (the blood of Jesus) to anoint our houses, bed sides and cars. I was not home at the time, but I made up my mind to do it. I ended up getting home very late that day at about 11pm and by the time I settled in it was about 12midnight. I was very tired but decided to still take the communion. After taking it, I put it around my bed and front door but to walk down stairs and put on the cars I started contemplating... first I was tired, second I started thinking was there any need? after all I am covered with the blood already and that extends to all my belongings... what if my neighbours see me pouring stuff outside at 12midnight, what will they think of me?.... those were all thoughts that kept flooding through my mind. Then I was like Swag P specifically mentioned cars (and that we should declare that it will not be stolen or hit) and if I am to obey I must obey fully and not half way..
Sisters that's how I dragged myself outside and anointed my Car and Hubby's car and declared as instructed. Not knowing that the blood will speak for me a week later when armed robbers stormed my compound.

It was June 11th oo (Swag P's Birthday) after doing the prayer for her and the ministry at midnight I joined the hallelujah challenge praised God and went to sleep. About an hour later, my husband woke up suddenly and said he is hearing gunshots. He got up to just check around and the next thing I heard him scream and run back. They were in my house already... they took some valuables (tv, laptops, phone etc) and my car Key....we thought they had left and stood up to check around when I realized my car key was gone. Immediately doubt came in....
thoughts like 'is it not the car u annointed dey don carry go?' Immediately I started declaring that my God does not lie and that the blood should speak for me... not long after the armed robbers came back oo asking for my husband's car keys... my sisters, key that was in plain view, both us and robbers did not see ooo... suddenly they left.
To cut the long story short... they could not drive my car out because we saw the key outside (on d floor in our compound) when they had gone. Even the phone I use to chat with Swag P, they took it but it fell from them without them knowing because we found the phone outside on the floor.

They took one of my neighbour's car, drove it outside the gate and the car stopped (keep in mind I also anointed the front of the Gate). They abandoned the car and took off... my neighbor came out and jejely drove his car back inside.

These robbers did not come to play oo (they hurt two of my neighbours with machetes) but God showed up for me and my family.

The Devil is a liar and will forever remain one.. I pray that God gives us the grace to always yield to Spiritual instructions in Jesus Name...

I thank God for his mercies and I am confident that what they took from us will be restored 10times over...

INSTRUCTIONS: 12am :  Please get your blood ready and sprinkle round your house and if you have a house help or any one helping you at home ,sprinkling on them,then before you drive your car tomorrow please Sprinkle on it...and declare the blood of Jesus and send back every evil wind out of your life and Family....anyone sick please sprinkle the Blood on them.THE BLOOD OF JESUS WILL SPEAK .


  1. His blood will always speak for us. Amen.

  2. Indeed my God is not a robber,Thank you Jesus for your guidance and protection

  3. The blood of Jesus christ will speak for us all. It is settled

  4. Thank you Jesus!!! You alone is worthy of our praise. Hosanna in thy highest.

  5. Thank you Jesus, it's all settled y

  6. Hallelujah. Thank u Jesus for this testimony.the blood of Jesus speaks for me and my Family. Glory to God.

  7. Thank you Jesus.... May your blood uproot every thing that has not been planted by you in our lives n homes in Jesua name Amen

  8. our God is great

  9. Ever faithful God. Receive the glory in Jesus name. Amen

  10. Amen ....I send out every Evil wind in my life and families life in Jesus name amen ....

  11. He alone deserves all the praise- swag Tonia

  12. Lord Jesus your blood will speak in our lives.

  13. The blood speaks. Thank you Lord


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