Thursday, 26 September 2013


SWAG JENIFFER :GOD in indeed faithful January this year I applied to renew my US visa and I was denied because the last time I went for an interview I told them I wasn't pregnant while I was but few months later I had my baby is the US. So I decided to re apply this month of September, I told God that I had accepted that denial as my punishment for telling a lie the last time and I told him I wanted him to be faithful and show me his mercy be granting me this Visa. I told swag p that if I needed to fast all through for this visa that I would do it but she said all I needed to do was praise God because it was already done.
In August I went to the open heavens arena n visited the house pastor EA Adeboye lived for over 10 years on the redeemed camp and I was priviledge to pray in the room where he had an encounter (just talking to God) with God for about 36hrs or so. I told God that as I knee in this same room with my passport praying that whatever I ask of him he should grant me and I left there believing it was done...after then all I did was praise God instead of asking A day before my interview I praised and danced for 2hrs before going to sleep,
 but unfortunately when I woke up in the morning I started feeling all sort of nervousness, so I called Swag P and she told me that nervousness is a way of doubting and that I should go and come back with the God news and that a woman will favor me. I left for the interview praising God in my car even though the nervousness refused to vanish..
.I got to the embassy and was the first to be interview, I decided to be honest this time around and told them everything they needed to know, my interview was tough but @ the end of it the last word the lady said to me was " I appreciate your honesty" and she granted me my Visa. i remember Swag p words to me jennifer go  its a woman that will interview you and favour you and truely God didnt lie about Hes revelation.God is indeed faithful because even though we sometimes don't derserve His mercy, He shows us His endless mercy. He is more than enough!this is not just about this Visa but alot was at stake and God did it for me. Swag p for all the prayers and declaration i say thank you,God bless you and your ministry and to God You alone i give all the GLORY.

Sunday, 22 September 2013


SWAG LEE: Few months back i went to swag p and told her of my financial needs for my masters program, she prayed with me and said its done. Each time i call her she would tell me the same thing Lise its done. Last month i spoke with her on phone and she told me that i'll dash monies at the airport before i leave and that God will show up for me that even at the dead line God will show up. Three thursdays ago where we were instructed to close our eyes and envisage what we want then hold hands someone and talk to God about the person's needs. I did as instructed at the end of that meeting swag P told me that God shows up even at the end and that he'll show up for me,to be sincere I had cried aday before that meeting every were seems closed not even one naira brought time was running out and swag p just said lee I you flashed my face crying in a friends car and truly I cried in a friends car huh huh huh but after the meeting I understood to get something you must invoke the Blessings,I said to myself if its masters fee I need let me plant before I left I sowed a painful seed on the ground and I remember Swag p looked into my eyes and said LEE you will dash money to people at the airport I screamed away. Some days back swag p just sent me a ping and said release your heart lee for laughter now now you are about to laugh and dance........I obeyed and immediately Wow awesome God my friend gave me seven thousand dollars then another friend gave me one thousand pounds, yesterday i got a call from a strange number when i picked he said he had a message for me from a friend in PH, i called my friend in ph to confirm and he said its little i should just accept it and use it for my flight fare, i was given N200,000. The monies keep rolling in my God how can what I sowed provoke all this instantly..Swag p sob sob sob last week I taught I had lost my chances to got to school all of a sudden I have gotten more than I asked off. Yippe It has just begannnnnnn! Can't thank you enough swag P, you've always been there for me God bless you very plentyful......haaaaa am living for school 23rd yeppiii I beat dead line just fews days for it to be defiled God showed upppp happpyyy.. This is REAL REAL REAL and I remembered I held swag naya n swag telama I hope you two got your testimony because have gotten mine..God I praise your name ooooo ha thank you JESUS.

SWAG TOMI :wow this is so amazing I don't know were to narrate from,well last week sunday was my first time in swag sistas and immediately I got there I knew I won't go back the same...I had come with desires I needed God to intervene so fast one was securing of a contract for my mum and the other was for financial breakthrough that week. through out the meeting I was totally focused because I knew my first time here I mustn't come back with same issues I believed in the word spoken. Swag p you spoke on the state of our minds to receive a testimony, we rewore our crowns of favour accurately, and we dance , smiled, walked as we were blessed which you said we are so blessed when I displayed all my walking skills n smiles hahaha I had connected and expecting all I came for. Swag p after the salt mystery as you were prophesying you said someone here God will approved that contract for your mum huh I almost fainted because I had told no one and I shouted Amen with the others I was to excited then came the financial Blessings I felt and was too hopeful after we closed I was sure things will turn around and I will testify...swag sistas two days later my mum was contacted to bring samples of what she had to offer and the next day she delivered on the spot CONTRACT APPROVED omg when I got back home sunday I told her the prophesy and she joined faith and agreed with a big Amen and things turned around just coming to swag first time laying it on the ground God showed up,that didn't End remember I said I needed financial break through hmmm I was miraculously blessed in 000,000 same week if I didn't know how God works everything looked like magic but no God is an instant God, I can't wait to walk like am blessed again because am really Blessed, I believe in your ministry Swagp and I believe the mandate upon your life God bless you so much and God I will praise you for ever ,thank you God.

SWAG Billie :I just want to thannk God for what he has done for me, since last month I've been having financial problem but I trusted in God to make a way. I seat and cry in the office and stay moody most times all because of it, infact at a point in time I gave up and stopped believing that God will do it but thank God for my friend she keeps encouraging me,your morning confessions you send daily I read and just say Amen and say God please do something now. Last sunday I came to the VENUE(swag sistas meeting) depressed even the first time you said we should dance like we've been blessed I didn't move an inch because I didn't want to lie to myself I was not feeling bless lie lie hahaha but the 2nd time Swagp repeated it Dance like you have been Blessed, I did it reluctantly but when you said we should smile and dance I did it from my heart,I release myself because you said no one should dance with worry in our hearts and God will show up I obeyed and believes felt relief and knew I must testify to the Glory of God same week swag p hmm the financial problem has been fixed over fixed self,everything needed to do have been taken care off to the extent I could give out,how it happened can't explain but God provided in He's own way am just too happy, the devil just keep messing with our hearts but when you release yourself God shows up am proud to be a swag sistas ..God is with us.. Thank you Father thank You.

SWAG BEE: Swag p omg under d rain on thursday u asked us to say wat we wanted n' I screamed Accommodation, becos at dat point I had no place to lay my head any more in Abuja. I travelled on a journey and was jst coming back, got to were I was staying wit a friend and was told d room mate had arrived and twas not possible for me to stay there anymore.HA I was confused ! then just like dat swag p buzz me n' asked me were I was I said I was jst coming into abuja n' told her all that was happening,so she laughed n' asked me to better come for prayers, I was like huh didn't she just hear am in a state of confusion,I said swag p please am in a fix n' again she said better be on the ground, hmmm... wen swag p insist on something I know she has seen a bigger picture so In my state of confusion I got to d ground n' d ist thing swagp did was laugh at me so deep inshort I began to laugh too beco she said Bee,I tire hahah den 2ndly she gave me a bible n' said open now I feared God,d passages I opened were speaking about me n' my issue at dat point ha I was amazed oh inshort I concentrated n' then as we prayed rain started n' later swag p popped a Q"What do u want"as long as this rain is falling in two days God will show up I screamed ACCOMODATION n' she said its Done n' Settled,meanwhile mum my n' dad had come for a church conference n'were staying in an hotel,so swag p said I should go n' sleep wit them for that night I said ok,we all left an hour later swag p buzzed again were are you I said back to were my things were and she repeated go sleep with your parents I began to wonder why is swag p kin on this but I obeyed n' went, hmmm...swag sistas I got there n' behold after narrating my issue with mum,n' gisted her how I prayed under the rain when I was done mum said Bee,go n' look for a house I will pay, any kind of house huh I almost touched her neck because in short I knew God really speaks through people n' that was how same Thursday afta the rain I got back n' my Accomodation Torment was over! From were I least expected,this can only be God,Swag p I must confess you have been a helper n' so I pray for you today that God will give u a gift..Love u so much n' may God continue to bless u.I av learnt in the midst of issues never refuse to pray or be in a gathering you are supposed to be.God really provide shelter to the homeless..Thank U so much dear lord.I Love Uuuuuuuu..God really provides shelter for the homeless..thank u so much dear lord.I Love Uuuuu

SWAG NAGWE: Am testifying fot my sista but thts her picture used.Swag P! Indeed who so ever gets 2 talk or see you will never go back the same, you are Gods own vessel undiluted pure n anointed!!!!! Chai!!!! God bless you Swag p! Ma friend introduced me to you and so many miraculous things have happened in ma life, Mom and siblings,even my mum never stopped to attend Swag sistas until she left Abuja finally after God showed up for her in the court concerning her house they wanted to snatch from her in Jos, case had been going on but as she began to attend the meeting the case came to and End as my mum being the victorious winner of the case so thank full . I sent your number to my sista, she started talking to you and most times I see her testimonies as u dp, hmmmm!!!!!!! Yes this sweet wonderful God has done it again my sis's fiance finally came officially on saturday to make his intentions clear n gave her a ring because the matter was getting out of hand and she began to loose it but swagp you told her my God will r release it all for her that it might have taken years but this 2013 it will be sealed choiii we believed like fire. it is indeed only Jehovah over do!!!you all are wondering why am so happy okay will tell you It WAS said in my family that no girl especially my mom's daughters will ever get married, will not even see a man to engaged us talk less of wedding,it was said in our own very eyes and mum was there oh how I remember that day,the day I told swag p this she said curses are broken and only God breaks curses so therefore my family will be put to shame this 2013 kiee and truly God broke it ,yes He did. See today my sistas wedding by d grace of almighty God is few months from now,when I told swagp our ages she said we are counting for God we should all watch God wow this shows that the curse has been broken. Just want to appreciate you swag p may God bless u beyond human imagination.. God bless u swag p, I don't ever regret knowing you,you truly God's own vessel:'(:'(:'( this is truly what you said "i swagp dont just meet people for the fun of it,i meet people for a reason and only God himself konws" ({}) thank u soo much! May God continue 2 crown u each day freshly!!!!the reason I met you has began to to establish,God I thank you ,you alone I want to praise for ever, it can just be you oh can just be you.IT IS DONE!!!! IT IS SETTLED!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!

Thursday, 19 September 2013


SWAG SEKINAH: i met swag P through my niece Swag Cynthia in Benin,so one night i called  Swag p to help me pray for my hubbys political appointment which he has been expecting she didn't say anything she just said oya start dancing that I should dance very well which I did and immediately Depression left me and i was light and i knew something had occurred in the Spiritual.i began to keep in touch with Swag p,i will call almost five days before i can talk with her but i didn't give up i kept pressing in and we kept praying happiness was filled in my life,God had restored joy and happiness i understood Greatness is for me and my husband.

my best friend that I could vouch for come rain come sunshine gave me a shocker after telling her my relationship with a pastor which is Swagp and how we have been praying.she went behind me to tell my hubby that I was going to  church because I use to hide to church for prayers because we are Muslims and all kinds of lies against me that i was fornicating with a pastor which am always chatting with,and that's suppose to be Swagp which she knew it was a woman but why i was surprised one night my hubby came home he said he is giving me seven days to pack out of his house that he heard that am now going to church and the things I said confidently about him to my suppose best  friend,you know when ladies talk and seek advise my own went to say it all,so he said seven days i should pack out or he will give me court letter thought he was joking. Confronted that my friend because she was the only friend who knew I go to church that since I was accusing her for what she didn't say now she will go to my hubby to discuss with him that me am asking her why she wants to break my home because have been leaning on her about issues and my ex best friend looked at me and mocked me and said if she has my home instead of her to stay in my kind of house she will rather remain in her mum house and I told her, have been so saved with Amazing Grace and my God Will disgrace her,  The next day my hubby truly served me a court letter omg i was too broken,confused a divorce letter in my hand accusing me of all sorts i snapped it and sent it to Swag p and later I called swag P she said your hubby served you a court letter for something you no nothing about shea, ok her God will serve him a letter too and am like Swag p letter is in my hand oh and she said shea its seven days now wait watch my God,and said she gives him seven days too to love me like never before that  i should be patient and pray at this time I was running out of patience my blood pressure began to rise after some days I called swag P she said let's both embark on three days dry fasting fast that no marriage breaks beacuse of JESUS OH the Enemy has built a house in my hubbys head hahaha dont know what that meant o its funny now as i type that I should let her know when I wish to start I asked her if I can take my drugs and fruits because ha three days dry cant o  she said yes it was okay the day we started the fasting my customer from Lagos called me and said madam send your truck let's load  rice after selling return our money I was surprised because it was never possible weeks back was looking for were my rice money went to and how i can order to sell there was no money and i didn't tell my supplier oh he just made that call I called swag P again she said this is the beginning of greater things to come my way more testimonies are coming,but i thanked God still with a burden my marriage,by this time my husband sent every of my relatives out of the house, my helps and drivers, when i greet doesn't answer and wouldn't eat my food,i would cry my little kids will be wondering all in my heart how can my best friend do this to my marriage i called Swag p o by this time i knew Swag p was tired of my fears and she shouted keep greeting ooo and keep cooking and told me the wicked king in her bible ended up being nice to the woman so please shes not afraid am going no were i said but every time he says you still in the house i will throw out your things,hmm swag p said God too will throw hes own that i should live her lets concentrate on the fast and unless God de sleep my marriage will be terminated but as long as God is not sleeping and Hes sent her to tell me lets embark on a fast i should watch GOD, i said OK and was wondering which kine pastor be this straight straight straight no petting me small but i obeyed. people oh on the last day my hubby who was not eating in the house not answering my greetings for a long time gave the woman staying with us money to cook for him and later that night he came back home I greeted him and he answered huh huh *fainted* and we settled and talked i almost touched my hubbys neck because it was like he saw an angel on hes way home truly he did,and in my very before he was laughing and gisting with me like nothing happened as i speak till today we have not talked about the issue or the letter like nothing happened or like God wiped out every memory of the incident,i was scared oh called Swag p told her all but hes not talked about anything if i should and she screamed no oooo don't forget it,its swallowed up and its past and affliction wont repeat itself ,the enemies divorce letter is burnt with Holy Ghost Fire,like my marriage is still and greater joy restored and peace like a river before the issue,Every one has been put to shame,my blood pressure restored,business restored and in speed, I thank God for my marriage restoration and I thank swag P for her prayers,words of wisdom and encouragement it can only be God, pleaseeeeeeeeee beware of friends my marriage was almost ruined by the one we play and eat together,share life and experiences i have learnt and hope you learn too,guess marriage issues are normal sometimes and i don't think man can be of help just God and a spiritual friend,i almost lost my marriage and my kids but DIVORCE letter became LOVE letter all to the Glory of God and Swagp i have seen Gods hands through your hands,you are a wonderful woman God blesssss youuu and finally all praise to God and Glory to Him....drawing my cottons here want to go cook for my husband hahahahahahahaha, devil you must be stupid my God pass you.