Saturday, 28 June 2014


Swag Oluwafunmilola-(lagos)Dis kind God ooooo,I neva see  him type ooooo. Dis kind God oooo blessed be your holy name where do I start from,wen I thot it was all over God lifted me.a year ago the company I was working with. Went bankrupt so everyone was placed on compulsory leave without pay,there started my journey into job hunting,series of interview n still nuttin dey happen meanwhile my 2yrs old relationship was giving me anoda stress,my supposed boyfriends mother stopped all plans of wedding becos I didn't have a certificate to get anoda job meanwhile her son was telling me that as soon as I get a better job everything Will be fine,my Friendd that hooked us up began telling me to leave d relationship but I knw hear as I don love up. I got pregnant n d dude abandoned me,I was carrying twins,him mama wey I tell sef didn't ansa me,I thot of abortion but was scared meanwhile I had dropped cv in a company done interview was successful but dey were delaying in calling me,i was worried cos which company wil employ a pregnant woman,na so last month I lose d belle i was too depressed not knowing God was @ its work.he gave me a new beginning.I became more depressed cos no work d small biz wey I dey do sef wasn't moving as I wanted my aunty I was staying with was giving me frnd told me to participate in d 7days back to sender programme as swag p instructed and  I did,she told swag p to talk to me cos I was losing so Swag P strt for matter,she say make I no lose hope cos it is settled. Just yesterday we were talking n she tell me say d Job was mine.sometime last week she prophesied dat 3 employment letter dey come,N jeovah overdo,the king of kings,d unchangeable changer,d one dat perfects all dat concerns us,prince of peace,the one who makes a way where there seems to be none,he made away for me n provided me wit a job,my employment letter was sent to me dis Wednesday evening to start next day as God send swag p say years of waiting for job is over as she tell me for Wednesday morning for same Evening God proved Him Word,can u see how God gave me a new beginning.Job don come oooooo better good job. swag P my shift has finally come n I know he will do more for me.thank u swag p for ur prayers n encouragement God will continue to use  you mightily for  swag sistas n may his light neva depart from u ijn.thank you JESUS. Bless u swag P and to God be all the Gloryyyyyy am so happpyyyyyyyyy...swag p ,God give me job for Atlantic Aviation oh ha nor be small thing ooo...kie am too amazed una no go understand e neva reach one year as I become save with amazing grace na so my years of waiting and shame End...God I am to gallant for Sunday meeting cant wait ..I must be there I know say the mystery,blood of sprinking go conclude all my story because march own answered to think just days as swagp prophesied that the jobless go get their job before she set eyes on us for June,indeed God is not a robber o I don start work yeaaa,I go testify live on sunday 29th of june wetin God do 4 me...praise JESUS.

Friday, 27 June 2014

BY HES STRIPES ..................WE ARE MADE WHOLE.........................................WE BE SWAZZZZZZZ

My name is Swag Amen J•(Benin)to God be d Glory and to the shame of d devil I came for your programme and I met wit u in benin,u saw me and said my health issue is settled and all dat concerns me and I said Amen...the shocking thing is that I didn't tel u o i was sick to my surprise went to see the doctors and confirmed the tumours in my abdomen has disappeared the same way they came omg the mystery answered for me and the blood and more and more and my relationship restored just like that hmmm Satan I laff u hahahahahhahahahahah*rotfl*i bless the day i became a Swag and all this i say thank You God,swag p thank you for being there for me and God bless can only be God..i give Him all the Glory.

I am Swag Omeyi! I serve a living God who has the power to preserve life. I am few weeks pregnant, I came back from work yesterday and started feeling cramps in my waist. I chatted with swag p in the evening and she said omeyi that baby STAYS o dis na june na pikin we de find no be blood o. I woke up to send arrows back and noticed blood flowing down my legs like a river I shouted my baby stays in Jesus name. I called swag p about past 12am as i saw it. we spoke and she prayed with me and told me to praise God for the two kids i already have,oh swag p how you shouted why i was crying and began to praise God with me saying God you gave her two kids how great you are etc,i told you the heavy blood like river ,for me i thought i had lost it but after the ministration you asked me to go and check the baby and said its Done. I went did a scan my heart pumping  behold the baby is there oo I shouted hallelujah somebody. It can only be God. *music* I am serving a living God his name is Jesus Christ he died and he rose n gave me victory hallelujah I have victory. At God's word through swag p my baby is preserved. God bless and increase his grace on u swag p, Amen.

Good morning swag p my name is swag Stella if u recall sometime ago I told u I had a miscarriage some time ago and you said no more miscarriage again so I believe then letter you sent a message of sending back every arrow of negativity to be send back to sender with using water to sprinkle round were one sleep so I did it and sent back every arrow of negativity in my marriage n my mother's health to God b d Glory I am pregnant again it was like it will never come yeppi am safe for June oh, MY SHIFT CAME ,i just confirmed it this week in the hospital.Now am too sure my mums healing's is settled. Swag p ,God blesss uuuuu and GOD i thank You so much............tarararara.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

IF NOT FOR THE BLOOD..................WILL I HAVE THIS TESTIMONY..............MY GOD IS AMAZING..................

My dear swag p,Thank you for your visit today to my shop in banex...i was led to ask you to please come,i even called you so you don't forget the appointment and you said you were busy but i should get ribenna ready because its more important to pray than to receive so i did as you instructed,you later showed up,prayed for the shop and did the blood of sprinkling,you sprinkled on all the girls in the shop and declared no evil shall befall any of us,you were so in a hurry that in less than 3mins you were out . ..Swag p I can testify to the miracle of sprinkling of the blood. As soon as you left the my shop. My hubby asked my sister to go to pick up his cloth from dry cleaner @ Emab. My driver wanted the car to go there but I refused with the excuse that there is usually traffic so they should just trek to the place and they went and came back. If they had gone with the car it will be a different story but the Blood of Christ saved them. It's less than a minute I passed the scene I was still in my car when I heard the blast. I got out of the car and behold smoke has covered every where. I bless the name of The Lord. Indeed the blood has saved me and my people ,swagp also i thank God for your life. my name is Claire Ken Asogwa.(Abuja).

Good afternoon Swag P. I'm Swag Lydia (Abuja)(one of the Idoma sistaz):) Hmmmm....I went with one of my colleagues to emab plaza to get a new phone cos the old one was giving me problems. I was to go yesterday but was so busy. Today we decided to go around past 1. We left there past 2 or so. We were both in a rush so we left even though we were not yet through with our purchase. An hour later  we hear there was a bomb blast at that very same Emab plaza! You prayed that God will order our steps & He really did!!! And this is coming a day before my birthday! Praise God!!!!!

Thursday, 19 June 2014


SWAG OKEVENO: (Benin) swag p, good morning. This is my testimony o, i've been waiting to giv my testimony like d others not known God has bn bombarding me with miracles..nd i would be an ingrate if i dnt testify... I know sometime back i tld u am nt where i wnt to be, you said i should PUSH nd dt i'll break forth (may 15th), i said amen .On fri (may 16th) i had a dream dt i got to remember n i dnt... rem my drms and it ws about a Lion not being able to devour me instead it left me alone, i saw its full form and it devoured somthn else nt me. I told you and you said victory and speed has come for you ,. On sat (may 17th) i dreamt again about getting anointed and wanting more. I didnt remember o but no p. So dat sunday morning i made up my mind dat i must go to church with my last money and tithe. So i just went to winners wen i got der i saw an anointing bottle at d altar den rem it was dat same church i went to in my dream cz i go to redeem and just felt like worshipping with them that day even when swag p's bc came and said GO TO CHURCH . Thank God we got anointed that day while i delibrately dipped my two hands in d bowl cz in d dream i wanted more. On monday (may 19th) swag p sent a bc and at ad end, she said have a blessed day i wished her same and she told me (u will make it watch God now) Amen. Na so this miracle start . I sent a bc about my biz with my info and someone from my past added me , didnt want me to know he was the one i avoided for 4yrs. To cut d longest story ever short. Without asking I was asked for my acc details and sent mi money, . On may 24 sent another money for my biz, if i cough they send money,if i smile send money, just like dat i'll be at home or work and people go de ask me say ( is'nt der somtn u want) ( dnt you tink u need this) e no de happy b4 oh.. veil of favour done enter by the anointing... I beg is it untill i win lottery before i go testify, indeed the throwing of arrows brought forth helpers to me and my worries for my fashion money has Ended over night.. swag p took my last kobo to church o. Am grateful to JEHOVAH fr connecting me with swag p. God bless you swag p ds is d beginning of greater tins for U♥ wow and my shift came before I saw you swag p again.. my mystery request in march answered ...God thank you takes just YOU yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .Swag p indeed just as your testimony read ...GOD HAS PROVED THAT BEFORE MY NEED WILL ARISE -HE WILL SHOW FORTH...bless Your Name God....

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

BEFORE THE NEED ARISED...............................GOD HAD SORTED IT OUT................HES GOD NA.

My name is SWAGP : wow do I get to blog my personal testimonies not all the time,guess so there's space for every one ! Meaning I testify every day and your testimonies are my testimonies too,but this I have to because it was indeed strange to me but am not surprise He's God..He does it all the time before the need arises. Well on the 15th of june during the love feast I gave a testimony of how my... tyre got punctured and I never knew but have been driving the car like that,speeding on high way etc. Okay for me it was a testimony,my friend who noticed it when I packed was shocked and said swag p your tyres are tubeless how come it hadn't less or something and you have been driving this car,like this is dangerous as in its torn. I got to the tire omg I saw it opened,scattered you can name it *shock*through out that day I was pondering on how come the tyre didn't go down like this ..tyre was torn and Scattered then I heard a voice,its the anointing and immediately told my friend its the anointing oil that spoke for me,every time I want to drive even though I anoint in the morning as long as I get down and want to drive again I anoint,my dash board keeps shinning at various angels hahaha..this part one of the testimony.
Now part two is Swag nelly comes up and gives a testimony on how thieves came to her compound and just her car wasn't touched,every1s battery was stolen etc then she said ,I even had swag ps birthday gift in the car and in my head I thought okay a perfume yeaaa or a nightgown yeppi but didn't ask just celebrated the testimony..before we said the grace I gave my own testimony about my busted tyres and everyone praised God for me. When the meeting Ended,swag nelly was waiting for me with her car outside and I said okay let me have it she said no let's go to your house..I said huh am tired please,she said am following you so I said okay and wondering in my mind which kine gift wei person go de -follow you go house, if this girl just says pray for me again I will blow her,We got to my gate saw about four swag sistas there before I could ask they shouted we came to drop titi and I said bera!just for us to look back we saw Swag Nelly coming with two tear rubber brand new tyres 'WHAT' how did she know I got my tyre busted(holy spirit leading) she said Swag p your birthday present, God laid it in my heart..and I screamed tyressssssss wow I was so excited because the mystery behind the gift, takes God to lead you to buy tyres as a birthday gift. she goes back in gets beautiful car sits ,complete set car foot mats, cleans the whole car and in 2minutes my car was pimped..she said this was what I wanted to give you Saturday night when you didn't pick. I asked when I testified about my miracle tires ,what was she thinking, she said swag p I was just smiling and also amazed and said swag p will be shocked! And for real I was Shocked.. and said those thieves would have died if there had touched your car because it was Gods plan and no wonder they couldn't even when swag nellys boot wasn't closed the previous night.This is clearly : BEFORE THE NEED ARISED -THE AVAILABILITY WAS IN NELLYS BOOT.. while I was testifying, God had replaced, Because I spent my day praising and being excited God has been by my side not worrying and depressing of how to start going to buy new tyres. what did I step on, who's the witch that wants to kill me, etc.. When you allow worldly things depress you ,how do you relate with GOD. Swag nelly laid it in her heart and God kept it in her hands..As we all watched her pimp, we all praised God!and the shock in Swag oyinbo, shirlee, tola, titi, zip, lilians eyes almost made me laugh because for all of us it was INSTANTA. God indeed You do things Beautifully God and I say thank You..and thank You for Making Me Your Friend GOD.

MORALS: Learn to praise and thank Him for just life, and all you think is not right around you all the time and He will put it to place and bet me you will experience BEFORE THE NEED ARISES ...THE AVAILABILITY WILL BE THERE/PRESENT..
yeaaaaaaaaaaa its just God.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Swag Susan(lagos pA). A very lovely morning to u swag hands are shaking as i am typing this because sometimes miracles can be dumbfounding. Truly God is good and worthy to be praised. 2wks ago a bank wrote to my GMD claiming a charge of 11million on our bank and blaming me (my name was boldly written in d letter SUSAN) for the issue they had, that made CBN debit them 11million naira. I was at work wacking my breakfast when the head of control sent someone to question me on the matter,after which i got series of mails from both control and legal,i almost died,i couldn't breath. I got home that day and slept off with so much fear not knowing what the next day will bring. At exactly 1:58am a force woke me up and i reached for my phone,lo and behold ur bc on sending arrows. Swag p i sent out arrows,bombs,fire balls,even spears o,.all kinds of weapons. The matter persisted in full force and i never lost hope i kept throwing,on the last day i ended it singing and dancing praises to God and thanking him for saving my Job. From the last day of throwing arrows till date i have not received one single mail on that issue. Just this morning 17th of June na na na my colleague told me that her friend in control department  told her that i have been cleared of all the accusations and that i should be commended for the way i handled myself and the Job:O. It can only be God o,.i was almost dusting my cv to dive in to the labour market and my God said its not his plan for me to be jobless oh have been saved with Amazing grace. Swag p you ping me and say susan weres your testimony i go disgrace you ..last swag sista you said no man will shift us and yes Swag nobody could shift me out of my job .my seeds has indeed spoken,bombs,arrows,hahahahaha,i sealed this job in january with my first fruit in 2014 on this ground. so you devil ,were you the come from to take my job you are indeed stupid..people are so amazed and shocked oh like i didnt go to any man for help,and its rear people get cleared like that o na sack straight, hhahah them didnt know 2am i be de throw grenade .Swag p may God bless u for us,all your encouragement and care towards us shall never go unrewarded by the Almighty himself({}) . June 29th,.i cant wait to see can just be God...gat my job.
Am doing yimu to the devil

STORM IS OVER............................INDEED REALLY OVER

SWAG ETHEL(England)Swag P....I want to thank God for God and for using you to boost my faith and spiritual relationship with our creator! It's been almost 2 years since I had my first child  and I have not seen the monthly period since then even after weaning the baby!! It's became a huge concern and I have had to undergo series of medical test and diagnosis yet nothing had worked! A month ago I tendered the complain to you and you prayed and asked that I put salt in water to drink (it wasn't a pleasant drink anyways)using 2kings2:21-22.. which was also accompanied with you screaming at me when u asked me if am seeing the period and I answered "not yet". You calmed down and said that I should agree that am seeing it by faith and keep happy to tell you that the period is now a physical thing after 2years of waiting, ITS FLOWING SO WELL...hmmm my God is too faithful.Glory be to our FATHERO:) & thank you for your guidance in the word of God: swag p muah* ({})

Saturday, 14 June 2014


. Na how I wan start swagP? my name na Swag Dinma from Benin Dis kyn testimony dey good 4 pigin. Thank God sey I follo do d 2am back 2 sender throwing of arrow. Wait first, make I first dance..º°˚˚˚°º skelewu º°˚˚˚°º \=D/ \=D/ . SwagP, u remember last week friday sey I ping u dey cry sey I dey get contraction at 15weeks pregnancy. Naim I com go do scan, d sonographer sey I dey dilate n I need to see my doc urgently make dem 4 fit tie my womb so dat I no go miscarry. SwagP, na with faith join with ur faith I sey I no go meet doc 4 dat surgery. D respond wey u even give me wen I tel u, make me more gallant in my faith,you sa lie lie i no go do surgery or miscarry make i throw arrow of miscarriage fast back to sender high high one say no way same my baby na testimony say make i gallant no shaking doctor report go change ,say i be swag. Na so I begin throwey d arrow of miscarriage by 2am. God, I sey God no dey fail im pipu. 2day, I com go do a re-scan to spy or peep if everything dey normal or yawa don gas, na so d sonographer jus dey praise me sey I dey really eat healthy cos my baby de bounce n de play with d umbilical cord n dat make i  pls stick to d diet I'm on sey everytin dey ok n good huh which diet na Arrow me throw i talk dis wan for my belly. He also confirm sey d service no dey like wetin dem say e been dey dilate oh see shock for their eye how ova nite my baby stay well. Swags sisters, ain't it Christ? Benin swags, shoooooo! no b God? Swag p kie God vessel..i meet you 4 shift time oh i no say my mystery request no fit turn to bad news na i be swag wit my baby. God bless u 4 doze words of encouragement and the  imediate back to sender you talk as i tell u . U're a blessing to ur generation. In all, I thank God 4 his sufficient grace upon my life. He alone is worthy to b praised. One arrow confirm am i go soon still testify more soon. Azonto \=D/ \=D/ º°˚˚˚°make una no de gree doctors report o chaii.


 SWAG NELLY: i cant stop praising  God indeed he has done what no man could do for me.l believe this month of June is for l and my family God has open our chapter.firstly swag sistas prayed for me about my family accommodation which God answered and gave them a good house which there have parked into,I testified abt it last Sunday & l told you people to continue with your prayers that it's remaining my job..and i put my laughing skills to test as Swag p taught instead of being depress laugh..for God had promised we will laugh..job 5:22. Secondly l finish my NYSC last year October and since then been looking for a job,l kept on disturbing swag p about it and she will always tell me nelly don't  bother ur self my God will do it just dont beg any man .one day she lamented that no one should beg any man or woman ,keep still and watch God,again i decided to just wait on God and beg no man,He doesn't bless a crowd but he blesses individual so we should believe its our Sunday.Swag P kept on telling me that my job is settled l will answer Amen & claim it with faith.last week Saturday swag p pinged me that she had a dream about me &  SwagTina my Friend in that dream she perfumed us with her perfume which it took her mountains to climb and get but finally succeeded  after spraying us,she brought us out of a gate where there locked us up.i was very happy and l told her that she will perfume us in real life to seal it up she said yes that she will do that on Sunday on the ground and change any spiritual bad odour thats causing delay for us and we both laughed. After prayer that Sunday l forgot & l went home around 11pm swag p called me & said  she forgot to spray her peff on me and she brought it...ha i remembered too and didn't care the time oh, i drove that night & met her in maitama she prayed for me,perfumed me & declare words into my life saying she doesn't know what the dream meant but lets do same as the dream..swag p you screamed that after tonight i will know God is fast that my job will come now that you too sure,and drove any strange body around me delaying my job and other things that in 24hrs make i watch...cheiii i went home that night very happy almost 12am na Violent o i tire hahaha. The next day being Monday no be Tuesday oh the next day MONDAY i received a call to come collect appointment letter i couldn't believe it until Tuesday morning when l went & collected my appointment letter to resume work with(FRCN) a Govt job for that matter, tears of joy is still rolling down frm my eyes .God l thank you for using Swag p to break down the chain & yoke. My Swag p l love you so much,God bless you. na today i fit type this testimony because happiness the weak my hands kie am too happy,indeed my march mystery seed request,my thithe on the ground answered for me MY SHIFT CAME,just before the love feast as declared if i no get testimony for june choiiii 30days i beat you to am ohhhhh,,it can just be God,thank You Swag p and THANK YOU GOD ..ITS YOU I GIVE ALL THE GLORY.


 Swag P oh......! Imagine!! God is just too awesome!!!! After the feet washing yesterday you declared 24hrs miracle. Hmmmm.....I applied for 5yrs Visa on Wednesday. Usually it takes 2 weeks for them to get back to you. This morning I got a mail that my visa has been approved!!!!!! Speed!!! Truly there is nothing too hard for God!you taught on Jer 32:27 indeed nothing is hard. As we left yesterday my sisters were like I should have told you about the visa but that was what I prayed about at the feet wash and I said it was already settled! God bless you oh my swag pastor! #2 days didn't even have to wait for the two days. I am one of the three Idoma sisters excited for the love feast on sunday because i have a major testimony to thank God for on my mystery seed and partake in the Blood of so excited wow...swag p God bless you and even though i and my sisters sizes was not there hshahaha i praise God for this testimony and am excited. i remember how swag p shouted the three idoma sistas make una try at least one of you testify for blog and we shouted Amen and yeaaaaa ,God proved Himself.. Thank You Lord.

   it was really a great time in Gods present were we understood how Big our God is using Jer 32:27. Hes able to do all always excited about the feet wash for i know its a mystery that commands speed.After that we ate one of my royal birthday cakes that served as communion..hmmm why were they also stealing my cake later on, i know them all hahaha and when we were done we went outside for the gifts i talked about...see pic stories...






Friday, 13 June 2014


The devil is a liar me swag PRISCA can Not just die like that,it all started the day that swagP asked us 2 send back all the negative arrows back to sender by 2am, I couldn't wake because I came back from work late & was so tired, that day I had a very bad dream my uncle died the following day I also dreamt that my hubby died, I was so surprise because I don't dream any how. That was when I took it upon me o,I do wake up 2am o and send back the arrows. yesterday, I close from church very late in lagos, we were planing to leave very early today of which we did, because of lagos hold up we were avoiding it, on our way back  yenagoa b/w Oro & Benin our tyre just busted, d car somasulted & went & enter pit & hang there, people came 2 rescue us thinking that we were dead, but to God be glory we came out safe, although we were not able 2come out ourselves people  helped us out, all d peoplle came out even cars stop 2 help us & they really help us indeed God sent them (may God bless them) people confirm that day b/4 yesterday an accident happen at that same point no body survive, we even saw d blood stain, my own case no lost of life no injury, we all came out safe them no know i don de throw arrow of death back to sender. SwagP God really send u 2 help us, may God bless u & ur generation 2cum IJN. Amen..thank you God.

Swag VEE(benin)D ancient of days stepped into my family house exactly 2am while I was returning d arrows of evil back to sender and saved my siblings and parents frm fire accident \=D/ ,dis morning I got a ping from my sister dat exactly 2am while she was reading in d living room she noticed d freezer was going off and on, so she thot it was normal light fluctuation,little did she know that d balcony on fire from d change over switch,plastic chair outside burnt,slipper,but d miracle is that d Generator that was filled wit fuel was untouched the fire stopped almost to it and how d fire stopped was beyond imagination,Our God is indeed a wonder working God. Swag p God bless u,hence forth am so taking d prayers that re #led# and wit -- seriously...indeed my God not a robber.that's my sister that was saved look behind her the generator with fuel and the white chair left hand view and up were the fire started it can just be God...we are proud SWAG


 SWAG UBOLA : So I had a testimony before 6hrz  If God be 4 me who can stand against me?Last year I g inducted into anan bt I did nt present d certificate 4 upgrading. I presented anoda 1 den dy sent mi a letter sayin it wasn't accepted hmmm I felt really bad bt I said God wil tk mi wia he has promised @ his own tym. Usually promotion is done 2ce in a year I had missed dem both bt I stil submitted my certificate n told God dat I don't knw hw he wil do it bt I knw he wil do it I began to attend swag meetings ,come see swag in her house, on my mystery seed I had dis request and Swagp u said settled. I started lookin 4 my file last year endin o n d last place it was seen was @ d chief registrar's dis was in nov.Dis year I told a frnd of mine (God continue to bless him 4 me) to help mi trace d file so I can join d jan batch 4 d promotion bt he jt kept 4getin.We wia tokin dis mornin n I asked him weda he ad seen d file he said no dat I shld give him tym den he went to his ofc n in 20mins he called n said he has gud news 4 mi n I shld come to d corridor my mind was tellin mi he had seen d file. Wen he came he said yes I ve seen it bt der is smth else I said wot, It was a qtn "wot power do u ve?" Den I answered just 1 n He's up above us all. Dats wen he told mi I've bn upgraded dat dy had emergency meetin n I was considered wit 6 oda ple I was dumbfounded den I found my voice n all I cud do was bles God 4 dis 1daful favour. My year of celebration has bgan to speak 4 mi! Swag p u shall remain blessed as always n beyond to tink dis morning I buzzed u on a different issue and you told me God wants to do something for me na na na I. Shld quit my worry:Omy promotion was even more important dan wat was. Depressing me <=-P . Swag God wil neva depart frm u in Jesus name! And Thank u GOD <=-P I still got a promotion when it had stopped yeppi.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

THE SHIFT IS STILL HAPPENING........................EVER FAST GOD..............

MRS NTEMUSE:My own shift has manifested! This shift happened in March as soon as the head washing was over in porthacourt i believed it all but its manifestation showed in this month of June after you declared on d 30th of May to all the wives #Team no barrenness# been married for a while and all i desire was to be pregnant so I keyed into the SHIFT MOMENT and I believed God for the impossible! Praise God for He's a covenant keeping Father! He's visited me and given me double joy for my past troubles think i woke up some weeks back and was quarreling hubby like Hes God but when Swag p said June i caught it fast  because i remember that was the first time i was meeting swag p and before i came i was led to do refreshments for every one for the day not knowing if it was allowed after we closed ran gave swag p honey beans she screamed what will i do with this but any way she wants to ask me what led me do refreshment before coming and i said i just taught were people gather they should be chops hahaha swag p looked at me and said what do i want i said a baby,grab my Tommy and said because i have given with joy,unless God didn't send her here ,before i set my eyes on her again my womb go open and YES it has am pregnant. Ave come to return the glory to God for He shall perfect what He's began in my life! And I strongly believe that no enemy shall not touch this one cos my Bible declares that affliction shall not arise a second time n so shall it be IJN, Amen!!! Swag P more honey beans for you muah.

SWAG CINDY(Benin) :i Was in a dream I and my cousin came to visit you Swag p , in the dream all she needed was a job and all you said to her was Uche your SHIFT has come...Some weeks after the dream she got a new job in a very good ICT company in lag after waiting forever,And before her appointment letter came I told her about you and the dream I had. she was so filled wit Joy and requested I give her your pin as soon as she gets a BB now she has one ..God is able to do all things ,i bless your name oh God and swag p God bless you.

SWAG TONTO:(ABUJA) I participated in d midnight prayer throwing the arrows back and on the 2nd day God answered me,I have being trying to get my certificate from my school since 2008 can you imagine 6years ago and to no avail frustrated about the whole thing but swagz when I did the prayers the following day I got a call from my school that my certificate is out,And that I should come I pick it up, this is so Amazing for me like am in shock ..truly if you don't obey spiritual instructions you will miss it oo ,thank you Swag p and I'm so filled with joy,I return all the glory to God and am not stopping the prayers until am settled maritally.

Yaaaay! Swag P. Remember last week Thursday, I told u I forgot my wedding book and some of my office documents in a taxi and I was soo sad that day wen we came to pray. You said to pray about it which I did and even thou no be phone u go find am . and that night I through d arrows by 2am and I asked my angels to please find my book and return it to me whosoevers hand it is in. And as I come dey read your ...last testimony this morning, you said " you you you, am talking about you better share your testimony and stop reading people's own. I come dey for my office. and I said to myself my own testimony will come i will find my property. I stepped out to go and buy something this afternoon. On getting back to my office, lo and behold my jotter and all my complete office documents sitting on my table wow shock o. That someone said dey should give it to me. In fact, am overwhelmed, I put my Angels to work and they worked. Thank you Jesus! My testimony has come cos it was a major concern all through the week o! I can't thank you enough Jesus. and thank you for giving me a pastor after your heart. Swag P. I love you!...Swag P. Swag Stephanie(Abuja) ooo! Because if u call me tundice nobody go know its me.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


my name is SWAG UFUOMA...On sunday June 9th around 3:10pm on our way from airport road when we went to buy nasal drops for Mildred my baby girl we stopped at exchange super market (paradisco) to get caprison for Mildred and mummy Emma wanted 2 buy shaving stick too, so we left Elvis and Mildred in the car and went inside when I came back out side the car was moving slowly I quickly rushed inside to try to stop it at that moment I was very confused that I didn't even know what I was doing again. mummy Emma was shouting with fear that I will hit the fence all of a sudden,remembered i was a swag oh and swag p has said from God no Accident and no death of a sister for me it was my daughter oh and immediately the car stopped on its own. Till today I can't explain what made it stop, how it stop i guess the though of the Declaration sent Angels at work. If not for God what will I be saying now, what if the car rolled to the road before i came out of the shop and another car on speed hit it with Mildred and Elvis inside...God forbid back to sender. Hmmmm God is really on our side because that Sunday morning was the first time I actually sent back the 2am arrow to the senders. i just bless God for saving my daughter and mama Elvis son...God bless you Swag p and God i praise your Name.

my name is RUKKY and I got your pin from my very good friend jey! On Thursday last week after I told my friend Jennifer about my mum's BP situation she told me to add you (swag p({})) on bbm and talk to you and as soon as I added you and told you about mums health bp issues you asked me to wash my mum's feet with water just as JESUS washed the feet of the disciples and speak healing on her, after wards check d BP instantly when i finish which i did . that day has soon i was done i checked her BP came  down oh from two hundred and something to back to 175 first with every check kept going down it was like magic oh,huh something we have been battling sinceeeee but no its miracle. Thank you very much for all ur encouragement and prayers Swag p cant wait to meet you, my mum's BP has stabilised and she's about to be  discharged from the hospital! I threw arrows of sickness, death and BP last night and 2day Friday in less than 24hours she's being discharged! God b praised her operation(which will be successful because we serve a faithful GOD) will be done this coming  Friday. Am so happy the BP was a stumbling block to it but God has cleared the way yeaaaaa so happy.Bless you Swag p and BABA OSHE. 

GOD has been too good to me o 2 testimonies o inshort my heart is too filled with joy. My name is swag Kike I kept sending BCs about coming to abj for sales as I deal in Hair extensions and one day swag p pinged me and said I will sell greatly I said Amen and I came to abuja and wow GOD kept to his word o each day I kept selling almost double the previous day o... Before coming... to Abuja I was in serious financial mess and battling depression .Secondly I made a transfer to another department o and everybody kept telling me that I need to know someone before it will click.... But I pinged swag P and she asked me what department do I want I told her and she laughed and told me it is Done.... I was happy because I don't joke with what swag P says at all o.list came out my name was there and given the department i want ..students were so shocked. GOD is doing wonders through this woman o GOD bless u swag p... U always ping me at the right times and just drop one line of encouraging comment.... Dose times ehn I will just smile and say kai GOD has sent dis woman how did she Know I needed someone to encourage me.During the last visit in Benin you said I will be dancing wen you come in june swag P I'm learning new dance moves o I don dey ready wait u mystery seed in march as indeed spoken for me and sending Arrows back to sender .Thank you Jesus it can only be GOD

Swag Shirley: Swag P, I am so happy oh. After throwing arrows last night . I threw the arrows on my finances and other things back . I woke up this morning , prayed and got ready for work. I went to greet my dad in his room, and he goes how are you? I said I am fine. The next thing he said is do you have your account number off hand? I said yes. He said let me have the number and he did an online ...transfer of money to my account. I was surprised a lot of thousands o , na so God dey work ? just like that oh. I am grateful to God Almighty because He has broken the arrow and made the mountain standing on my finances plain and I have faith that God will put more testimonies in my mouth in Jesus name. Amen.Swag P , thank God for me oh. May God continue to bless you and the Swag ministry. Amen. Thank You Father.  

SWAG WENDY---Yayyyyy \=D/ Swag P I've got a testimony finally!!! Remember one of the things I mentioned to you yesterday was that some of the people who bought my goods haven't paid... well this morning, I got a call from one of my friend who I gave some of my goods to help me sell. She called to tell me that someone has bought one and he's going to send the money. My joy is that, what the guy bought is the expensive of all the goods I bought to sell. As if that's not enough o, this my same friend called me few minutes ago to tell me that I should expect an alert from her any moment from now for the stuff she bought from me. I'm sooooo happy! Cos before now I was so broke that if you turn me upside down, coins will not even fall. Last night I took a step further by praising and worshiping God from 12am -2am and when it was exactly 2am, I started throwing back arrows and one of the arrows I threw back was arrow of delay in the payment of my goods. God has proven Himself MIGHTY! I am so happy and so grateful to GOD. Thanks Swag p for always encouraging we ladies and making us realize that with God, we can get a solution to any challenge we may face. God bless you real good, and may His glory continually radiate through your life IJN Amen. I know for sure that before this week is over, God will grant me all my requests \=D/


Monday, 9 June 2014


My name is swag Karol.I became a swag sister late February this year 2014 and there is so much to be thankful for. I should have shared this testimony before now but i wanted it to be complete.I remember when i 1st communicated with swag p, i was preparing for my introduction and there was alot of issues from all angles. Bearing in mind that i come from a family where weddings isn't a regular occurrence and the few who have attempted it do not have very fantastic testimonies plus the fact that it is always done half way. I had long b4 now prayed against this negative family trend were women in their thirties are still single. At the point of our intro,money ceased abruptly from all angles. Quite strange.We had to shift the date twice. When i sensed we may likely shift date again the 3rd time cos of financial constrain,i became abit worried and mentioned it to swag P. Because at this point, my folks were beginning to ask if the man in question was for real if we had to be shifting intro date like that.Swag P just said; "your case is small, wash the feet of your man thats first day i told her all the family stories about no marriages and didnt want it to happen for also i had pass my twenties. Swag p said wash all you don't wanna see from your fiances feet". That Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and told them to go do exploits n i same. I did as was told and i was really in great shock when my fiance called me just the following day that i should come and collect money to start some arrangement. Money that was long over due at his office just got to him the following morning. Now after our intro, we started preparation for the wedding proper(which was to take place 2months after). Just when preparation was in top gear, my fiance got transferred out of PH to far far north(the toughest of the crisis north). As if this was not enof there came a prophesy(from a family friend n her prayer group) that marriages have been sold to witchcraft in my family, n there is a plan to disrupt the wedding becos there was a seal that ladies in the family wont get married..And i am trying to break that evil covenant so we all have to pray. My mother began to panik.. They asked that we organize for prayers in my village where they need to buy anoiting oil and some other items to do covenant breaking. The oil needs to be prayed on n the bottle broken right in front of my family compound. They also said that even if i succeed n scaled thru the wedding that death was around the corner so i have to buy some items to pray on and take me out of the death trap. Infact,the whole prayer procedure sounded funny n i wasn't into it at all.Well to cut the long story, i again told swag p and she laughed ehn laughed so hard  and said tell them you no the pray all those kine procedure prayer,that i should tell them when they do the jazz i was not born so they are talking to the people that were on earth then so me naaaa with heavy laughter o,say were them break anointing oil bottle for bible and said Jesus has given us the authourity to speak back say this pattern to local hahaaha then swag p screamed and said, carol  you will get married and stay alive. Let them dare they will see the SWORD. Met swag p live in porthacort oh how i didnt want the SHIFT meeting to come to an End,on my mystery seed i had written the success of my marriage,head wash seperating me from my fathers house and when we were done i walked up to her and said i am the karol she smiled and said wedding girl and she then asked me; oil and blood which is more potent? I replied blood, and she asked me to do the blood sprinkling for the days i would be home for my tradz till the trad and wedding day. When the wedding date drew close, my fiance's boss denied him adequate time to travel down for our wedding or he can shift the date(after all preparation has been done o). I again ran 2 swag p n she said to me "no man would stop your wedding from holding, It must take place on the date u have chosen".And i shouted Ameen. Behold, we got married on the day we chose ,how hubby appeared for it was just God the enemy kept fighting and God was using swag p to give me boldness,the wedding was a huge success, weather was perfect and everything turned out well. I want to return all the glory back 2 God and also thank swag P for her patience with me all thru the period i was disturbing her . God bless n increase u sis. ..them still the shock for villiage well i live them to their shock as i don carry my hubby waka alive the go house..shame devil shame you just an empty threat....MY GOD PASS you...Am marriedddddddddddddddddddd it spoke for me my mystery seed ..swag p ,,God indeed is with you and all Glory to HIM...May answered for me.
Only believe God's prophesy over u and if for some reason negative prophesy sounds real, speak and take only what u like to happen to u...being a SWAG has been my best  experience..SWAG for life.

And so we lived happily ever after

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

NA SO THE STORY CHANGE................EBUBE YOU ARE AMAZING .......................

Finally my shift has come! my name is MANDY, Swag p you remember that I was always disturbing you about my fiance financial instability,and the jobs and contracts he was engaging in which was not turning out good like he was never called..swagp for four years hes earned nothing have been the one standing through  the help of God but i know my bible says its a man that will take care of a woman not the other way round so i knew change must come...last year i became a swag and has never been absent on a sunday because swag p you always say the sunday you sleeping at home might just be your sunday..and i made up my mind that i will never miss unless i travel and God has helped me keep my vow..have never felt down when swag sistas testify i was sure mine will come for my fiance, i knew because since i became a swag my finances has increased from strength to strenght in speed am too happy. swag sistas during the  march mystery seed sowing gathering,you asked me to bring him along to the ground which I did,and my "sisters " we all layed hands and prayed for him for business breakthrough and he brought out hes own mystery seed personally and dropped in the basket,after then we began to wait i knew SHIFT MUST HAPPEN..swag p you kept singing shift must happen before june i believed o OMG last month,you buzzed me and asked me how was my boo and I answered fine and you said 'how fine?I replied "we are still believing God for a change,you gave me a smile..then I said Swag P me self don tire..o!🙈 but you laughed and said "I know how it feels.." then you said again, "Watch God" just last two weeks Sunday after the gathering,..He came around to the ground to pick me,and he gave you a hand shake. immediately you 'said" That contract you have been seeking for,they will call for you..chaii ,i have never told swag p hes seeking contracts even him o so we looked at each other and smiled i knew its DONE.. just the next day,his friend called him from porthacourt and told him that they just won a contract of one oil deal there in porthacourt..Indeed,God is not a robber and I just wanna return all the glory to him..for the mystery answered for him..have never failed to be part of it because i know God will change our story and yes after four years of extreme stagnancy in hes life got broken and i tell you that contract will cover the whole four years delay am too happy and to crown it all my mother inlaw shows me so much great love this is my desire and it has happened ...oh God were do i dance from just thank you Lord,swag p am so blessed to be a SWAG. MY GOD IS NOT A ROBBER.