Thursday, 31 January 2013

MY GOD is good ooooooh!!!

SWAG INIKPI: I Got the Job ohh

Swagalicious you and this your God ehhh.The interview I went for yesterday, I got the Job oooooo.
This is barely a month that Airtel, my former place of work shut down operations in Lagos. I told you about the interview and you said ''go and return with that job on the spot'' and I did.
Before you told me that I will not look for a job, that the job will just come, I believed God. Choiiiii, God is too much ooooo.
Thank you Swag P, you are truly chosen.

I am still expecting my second testimony(winks).....He promised me double portion, so I am expecting it.
This my next level is too much ooooo. This God of speed, I cannot thank you enough.
Next levels all zaaaaa wayyyy.
This midnight praise fire is still going on, I cannot thank God enough, God bless you more. I glorify God.


Swag P, I sent you a chat about a girl that had cancer of the bone marrow out of the blues (sad face). She did the first chemotherapy,''Godmotherapy'' that's how I call it.
The first one was successful as we kept praying for her. After the second one, she become very weak, God gave her strength and after the 3rd one, she suddenly lost her sight.
I cried that day and confused. I just said to my group member's that we should just praise. Something told me in my heart to tell you and I did, and you said before 48 hours she would see and truly we got good news less than 48hours that she could see and she also read the prayers that were said on her behalf.
God of wonders did it for us and we are trusting God, that she would get a new blood and swag. God listens to you even the blind saw before 48hours as you said....GOD IS TRULY GOD



I graduated in October 2010 and completed my NYSC June 2012. Permanent employment where I served was already secured but the devil decided to strike and the company where I served said they could not retain me again after I had filled the employment form.
I met Swag P, through  my foster sister. The very first time I spoke to her she told me things about me and my relationship I was indeed marveled and I said to myself "she is indeed God sent".
I have gone for uncountable interviews, will even get to the final stage but will be rejected. The last interview I went for was with Globacom got to the final stage and the offer letter that was handed to me turned out to be a void effort too..
It was soo painful that all my friends that  submitted CVs with me were given offer letters and to this date, Globacom has not called me.
I cried endlessly and decided to call Swag P she told me that God had a better plan for me that maybe he wanted to send me to NCC or another communication firm and I believed and stood firm with faith and she said 'watch God.'
The unchangeable changer manifested himself and gave me a job where I least expected. It was with another communication firm just as Swag P prophesied that her God will do it. To Him alone be all the glory. 
Swag P, God bless you and to you God you are the only one I give my glory to.Thank you.
Me Jumoke can now wake up, get dressed and go to work.  it can only be God.


And they brought him to Jesus and they cast their garments upon the colt and they set Jesus there on.
And as he went, they spread their clothes in the way.
And when he was coming high, even now at the descent of the mount of olives, the whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works that they has seen (Luke 19:35-37).

PRAYER 1: Father, I worship you because you are the King of glory.

PRAYER 2: Father, I don't want to be only a spectator of your miracles,I want to be a participant and beneficiary, remove every obstacle on the way of my glory and let my glory rise today.

PRAYER3: Father, beginning from today, let mighty works be common occurrence in my life and ministry.

PRAYER4: Father, take me to the next level of glory in my walk with you and let my life be a portrait of one who carries and radiates your glory.

PRAYER5: Father is the last day in the month of January,expectation not enter the new month, Father, I thank YOU because today I shall testify
                                               THANK YOU FATHER.

Jesus is the Alpha,
The Alpha and Omega  X2
Oh I praise him for he is Alpha,Alpha and Omega.
Want to be just like Him,forever and ever X2.
Oh I praise him for he is Alpha,Alpha and Omega.

*****************************PSALM 37:4*****************************

Wednesday, 30 January 2013



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For five days now we have not had light and swag P put up a testimony this morning and I keyed into it and just now the power was restored.
I am so happy for your GOD.



Hmmmmmmm, I am just speechless. Fasting and prayers truly work.
God has provided our rent. I remember when I was soo worried and confused and swag p kept encouraging and praying with me.
GOD of the eleventh hour has remembered me and my family.
Swag P, you are truly God sent.
Thank you.


Its the 3Oth day of January,today is the last, but one day before the end of the month.
I decree and declare over you and your household that in the name that is above all and every other name that from to day you will:

 Call unto God and He shall answer speedilly.

You shall cry and He  shall say Here I am.

For the rest of this year,God will continually guide thee and your family.

He will satisfy your soul in this economic drought and make your bones fat.

In the desert of life,you have found yourself a spring of 
water,which faileth shall come forth to satisfy thy soul.

Your light shall break out of obscurity.

This season,God will give unto you,in his infinite mercies a divine idea that shall raise up the foundations of many generations.

God will honor you and he will make you to ride in the high place's of the earth but everyone that shall raise up there tongue in judgement again you shall condemn

God shall bury every soul obstructing your advancement in the depth of this month and they shall not come out of this month with you in Jesus priceless name. And all believing souls please say a big AMEN.


Do not give up,its not over,
but if you give up,then its over
Believe in your God,
He comes at the very end,
He is a sudden God,
So don't give up.

Monday, 28 January 2013



When I joined Swag Sisters, Our Swag Pastor was talking about dry fasting and the spirit spoke to me and I decided to go on 3days dry fasting. After which I got engaged. Since then its been series of testimonies of financial blessings and protection for me.
We started planning our wedding and I asked God to favor us concerning our accommodation, God did it for us and we got a house in a way we didn't expect it; it was a blessing and the provision was beyond our expectation.
God has truly being faithful we did not have to ask people for assistance yet He provided for us. Due to tight budget, I decided not do Asoebi. My friends and people around said I had to do it. I was in the office one morning and got bitter in my spirit and asked God to provide for me so I spoke to Swag P, and she prophesied that God is a God of dying minute and God did show up beyond my expectation in 6DIGIT'S through my dad's friend.
I just can't thank God enough He sent helpers when I needed them most and I also want to thank Him for making me meet Swag P 


Wow, our first meeting for the year was on the 20th of January. It was great. I felt or I saw Gods shower's.

 The meeting started at 3pm as usual, but hmmmmm, just a few kept to time but the others came at about 3:30pm. I was soo excited to see every one including the new comers, so, I decided to ignore the late coming ''hahahaha'', usually I  am known for....'' why you coming late''? ''You were trying to be beautiful''? "u coming late and you do not  have a testimony, oya abi you have? hahahahahaha.

We got into worship and went deep and deeper. The next thing we noticed was that RAIN began to fall and I was like '' huh huh'' does it RAIN in January?. Immediately a Swag Sista began to sing

We kept singing at the top of our voices and the rain kept pouring. OMG, BLESSINGSSSS. I  opened my eyes to see more Sistas. We hugged, smiled and all sat down.When the talk began, I saw joy on their radiant  faces. I was dazzled at the numerous testimonies that were shared and I smiled and said ''oh God give them more''.
We did the mystery of the sand, it went very well and we prayed at about 4:30,and closed by 5pm. And I remembered a Swag Sista, was just coming when we were saying the grace and she was like ''huh swag p nanana" and I was like 'no, we are here from 3 to  5pm, and  we are  out of here. Only our love feast will keep us till 6pm (I said that with a straight face ''hahahahahahah'').' Moving on, we said the grace and as usual  took pictures (both old and new members), and left joyfully.

On reaching home, my family friend asked if the meeting held. I said it did and she said it was  so fast and I said yea I get home 7pm or after 7pm in 2012 but  its 2013.Well I hope it continues. I thanked God, had my bath and slept. The next day I remembered I had not transferred the pics from the camera, I called my family friend and asked him to give me camera so I could transfer the pictures I took with the swag sistas and he looked at me and said "OMG, gosh I mistakenly deleted them.'' Haaaaaaa at that moment I went blank, I started hearing imaginary bee's humming and I asked him to repeat  what he had just said. He repeated it and I fell on the bed, saying ''you've killed me, those were the pictures from the first swag sista's meeting for 2013" and he said sorry and I replied ''sorry plzzzzzzzzzzzz go look for my pictures,'' check the camera bin (even though I know deep down that no such thing existed).

I went out and it kept ringing in my head, I could hear his voice saying "Aunty Missy sorry I deleted it," every time I hear his voice I blank out the more ''hahahahaha'' so I remembered Swag Cheche also took some picture's with her phone, I pinged her so fast but guess what?........Guess, hope you guessed right? Wellllll Cheche had only the picture's of the new Swag Sisters, I became weak. What do I do I had to collect that and use. Have you ever taken a picture that you know you can never have again? Then it somehow gets deleted; yea yea it happened to me. OK let's say you go out and accidentally you take a picture with Joyce Meyer on your phone just to show your friends and you mistakenly delete the picture '' hahaha'' or your phone formats itself. Well I thought I had gotten it off my mind but as I was typing this story, he walked in and I asked him again,''nere where are my pictures'', and he said ''OMG Aunty ***** (don't want to write out what he called me) your pictures are all gone." I looked at him and for the first time I didn’t go blank, I have given up and moved on.

 Hope I  have spoken to someone who is frustrated about something you have lost in the past, please wake up from it. There is going to be a greater one to come I tell you because I know in 2014, our first Swag Sister's meeting  picture  will be larger and our kids will be in the picture too'' hahahaa'' I mean it God gives us the best when He restores. You are so blessed, love you all muah……………

A few pictures I could get from yesterday's meeting
Me (in Light Blue Jeans) and first timers of Swag Sista's Meeting

Swag Sistas (Sorry the picture is blurred)



My life has taken a purity shape and I am grateful to God. I used to believe my destiny was in the hands of men and I needed them to take care of my needs; not until I started getting frustrated about life and almost giving up.  
A friend of mine gave me swag P's pin and she accepted me,when we began to talk .....OMG, my mentality was diverted immediately and I realized that I belonged to GOD and Him alone is capable of giving me all I desire.
I wanted to drop out of school, but after my day-to-day with swag P, I want to live again and this time with God by my side. I am going to finish strong in my school knowing God will see me through, just after my transformation, I had this experience: there is this very wealthy divorcee I met few years ago, he is always traveling to the USA. Somehow I lost his phone number and did not bother to look for it. I got a call from him saying he was around and I went to see him. He showed me things he bought for me and I refused to sleep with him.
Anyway,looking at the gift's I still left because I stand for and preach PURITY.
I told God I will never commit fornication any more, so if I loose the men and their gifts, I know with time, God will make me richer.
So I am ready for God and His blessings this 2013 and by this I should also be ready to obey His will and follow His  rules. Swag P, I am so so happy I have found a road that leads to my destination of fulfillment.
I am sharing this testimony to inspire every girl out there, especially those reading this, that there is hope in the Lord. Swag P has helped me realize this and I am ready to strive to become a virtuous woman and I am a lot happier now. Purity is an honorable virtue please hold on to it.
Men do not make people, instead they destroy our destiny.God make's your destiny beautiful.
Thank you Swag P, thank you my God for giving me another chance.....Purity truly pays.
I told Swag P my experience and she said for what I have done, God will surprise me and I will experience His provision; I keyed into it. Last week I went for my outreach meeting to tell them I was going to host them but I had only 16k. After buying what I needed I was left with nothing and I reminded God about what Swag P.
The next day,a friend called to say HI,and I was murmuring, he asked if something was wrong with me? I said I was fine and he said he remembered I told him about the hosting and he asked how far the preparation was coming then I said I was tired joor. He said it is OK. The next 15 minutes, he came to my house with provisions, and he said there is money in my wallet take 20k and leave the rest for me. When I checked, he had only 24k.I took the 20k. I was shocked.
My God is real. Thanks a lot Swag P.
2013 is indeed my year of possibilities.



During the computation of my degree result, the exam officer made mistakes and this resulted in my being given a 2:2 instead of a 2:1.
I did not know this till it was time for NYSC. I got to school and asked the man to cross check, he refused and I went back to Abuja praying with my pastors.
God ,then made it that the school senate rejected my result and asked for my original WAEC result and that was how it was corrected.

However, On the 1st week of January this year while chatting with my friend she told me that my certificate shows a 2:2, that she saw it on the record when she went to pick her's.

I got worried and prayed and told Swag P about and she asked me what I wanted her to do. I told her I wanted to go to school to pick up my certificate and that I did not want any errors on my result.
She said it was DONE and that I will come go and come back with no error in my result.

When I first got to school, the lady in charge of collection could not find my certificate. She asked me series of questions and instructed me to check the same book my friend had mentioned and I saw the 2:2 that my friend said was on the book. I remembered Swag P had said no errors, I held on to it with faith in God.

I took the book back to the woman to complain but before I could say anything, she said she had found it and that she saw it where they kept those for 2:2 but that they made a mistake and actually wrote 2:1 on the certificate.I picked it up same day. No ERRORS on the certificate.Thank God and thank you Swag P, for letting GOD use you.


Laugh Out Loud

.......When you dress half naked, you look HOT HOT.

.......When you are fully dressed, you look BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL.

Remember hell is HOT HOT, and heaven is BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL.

Lol,have a blessed day.....hugz&Kisses.

LUKE (1:30)

And the angel said unto her,Fear not,Mary:For thou hast found favor with God.(Luke 1:30)

PRAY 1: Father,I praise you for gift of love,
                 2:Father,send me a messenger of good news this month.
                 3:Father,grant me the favor that will cast out all  my fear of tomorrow.
                 4:Father,today,let me find favor before you and before all  men

I receive my miracle today,today, X2
I will never go away empty handed,
I receive my miracle,today,today.


Hope you all had an amazing weekend cause I did.
My french classes and driving school snatched my Saturday away from me.
And YES I was in church on Sunday,hope you all also went.


-The God of my fathers will bless you this week.
-Every obstacle before you must part before you this week.
-This week shall be a peculiar week, peculiar blessings will locate you this week.
-Your feet will step into strange blessings this week.
-Every area of your life will be answering to you minimally double this week.
-This week is your week of double blessings.
-All your enemies/opposition shall be judged this week in Jesus name amen.
-Every evil thing hanging in your home must be smote into pieces this week

In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


2013, what a great year. 2012,ended with so many prophesies for me. 2013 has just begun and God has already begun His good work.
On Friday, January then 18th Swag P put up a testimony and I called her to celebrate with my Swag Sister. Before we ended our conversation, she said that because I called her, that in 24hrs someone will bring a very big job for me.
It was not up to 3 hours, a client I worked for previously sent me a message asking me to bring my bill for a 10 year old party and for 500 guests.
The next day, another client called for 150guests. The parties put together will earn me more than what I have ever made since I started my event stuff. For security reasons,I won't put out the figures here(Ene laugh's).
Swag P,God will increase your anointing and continue to confirm every word that comes out of your Mouth.
You are a blessing to my family.


2013, is indeed our year of foreign currency. I just want to bless God for using Me as a vessel of importation and fulfillment of his promises. I believe greater and better things are in store for us all. Enjoy Swag Fati's testimony.
Much love,
Swag P.

Swag Fati.....Where do i begin ?do i call this a story, testimony or Shock?.....hmm mm I will call it a ''shocking testimony''.
God, is indeed faithful.The midnite praise really worked for me.
On Tuesday,the 16th of January, I had a chat with my very own Swag P.....yo-hhahhahah and she said God was going to give me a shocking testimony that I will not be able to explain.

Oooh well, I paid for a 3 months visa and kept praying to God. I decided to go and collect it. By faith to my greatest surprise, I was given a visa for one year. I knew and remembered that I applied and paid for just 3months.
I can not begin to explain the kind of DIVINE MISTAKE that must have happened but I know its God, and He is indeed faithful. Thank You Lord, thank you Swag Sisters and thank you Swag P.


Its the 23rd day of January. Revelations 12:7-10, spoke about the fight/battle in heaven over the office and being the commander in chief of the armed forces of heaven.
From today,I decree and prophesy

- Over every installation of hell.

- Over the advancement of your destiny.

- That today the host of heaven will rise, stand and fight on your behalf in Jesus mighty name.

- That every distraction over your life postponing and delaying the manifestation of the hand of God over your life will attract today the anger of Jehovah.

-Your divine light and destiny shall never be buried under human feelings and emotions.

-Every traumatic situation sharing your time with God is hereby addressed.

-Every plan of the adversary to siphon your testimony by mere wordily temporal treasure which will make you loose his divine blessings will today be addressed.

-Your accuser will be cast down to the pit of hell.

-The devil, will never gain ground in deceiving you from your destiny.

-Your victory over your adversaries will be announced from today and its news shall spread abroad.

-You will not loose the divine presence of God this season in the Mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ.

Good Morning and have a blessed day.




We are celebrating our very own Aunt today as God has added a year to her life.
Fireeeeeeeee, Aunty stay alert while angel Micheal brings your gift from heaven today.
Enjoy you day Aunty, love, hugs and kisses from all Swag Sisters.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


A Testimony from JOANNE:
I bless and praise God for his faithfulness. I was praying and asking God to help me facilitate my admission into a school in the UK, which will help me procure a scholarship.
I just heard about Swag P today and how God has used her to work wonders, so I decided to get her contact and speak with her. When I added her, she told me she usually do not like her black berry pin distributed, but something in her spirit told her to accept me and she went on to tell me that God has uplifted me and in 24 hours, I will get my testimony. I claimed the prayer with faith and said to myself that the 'just shall live by faith' and true to her words, in less than 3 hours, I got word from the university giving me provisional admissions and I know in my heart already that the scholarship is mine. I quickly spoke to Swag P and she confirmed that God is a wonderful God.
I feel so blessed and I know God has worked His wonders through her........Praise God!!

TESTIMONY TIME....Amazing Grace.

BUKKY.....Swag P, I have gotten a job with British Airways media as a secretary for their reporters in Lagos.God is faithful and never slow in coming through for us.Praise the Lord with me...I will be paid in Euro's.God is so faithful in He hears our prayers.
I saw you in Lagos last year and you prayed and placed a seed in my hand,and you said it will increase.My mom,did the interview and was given the job on the spot.And my husband can not stop thanking GOD.No more joblessness Swag P you are blessed.
We called you every night,as you said,washed our feet prophetically and everything has turned around.Even my husband has been lifted,every dept paid.It can only be GOD.
I am productive outside of the home front.I am now an added asset  to my more a dependent.

GOD,is sooooo faithful and hears our prayers.I also believe in the word regarding relocation because our place is too small to start a family.I trust God for expansion and relocation to our own home,no more landlords,no more rents.
May GOD, bless your ministry Swag P.


PRAYER 1: Father, I praise you because you are the LORD OF HOSTS.
PRAYER 2:Father, today is the day you have made,and all that you made was VERY GOOD(Gen1:31), therefore, I declare that today will be VERY GOOD for me in all areas of my life.

My God that fetches water with a basket.....My God of impossibilities,you have done me well and i say thank you for i know today is going to be a great day filled with testimonies for me and my family.In Jesus name i pray,Amen.

SONG: Praising the Lord O my soul,
            This is the day He has made,
            Praising the Lord.
Enjoy your day people....I love you all.

Monday, 21 January 2013


I graduated from the university in 2006,and have been searching for a job.I lost all hope because,i thought my case was a closed one.In September 2012,a friend of mine mentioned Missy to me and asked to give her a call,that God is really using her to bless people.
When she mentioned Missy, I asked if it was Missy the dancer,as she was known way back in the days.And my friend said yes ,but that Missy is now known as Swag Pastor.Out of curiosity,i collected her black berry messenger pin  and chatted with her.She told me a lot of things about my self-things that only my husband and i knew about ourselves.She told me about situations I was going through in life and i was shocked beyond words.
I knew God was with her.She told me that ''Margaret,you are not a waste,your certificate is not a waste,that God calls even the unqualified and makes them qualified''she asked me to watch her God turn every delay in my life into celebration.We started praying together and i started attending the Swag sister's meetings.As Instructed by Swag P,i  did two weeks blood sprinkling and at the end of it i saw a dead bat in my house.

I was in so much shock because,there was no way a bat would have entered my house.This happened towards the end of November and she kept saying to me that before the we resume our Swag Sister's meeting for the year 2013,i will get a job.
To shorten my lengthy story,yayyy!!!! to God be the glory,i got an appointment letter on the 16th of January 2013 ''tarararara''from a Government organization, asking me to resume work on the 21st....OMG.
I just want to thank God for he is indeed faithful.Four years of waiting,has come to an end,through the help of the blood of Jesus.


Chai!!!!My life is a huge testimony ooo. After the mid night praise,God changed my story.
I really want to thank you my very own Swag Pastor.God truly used you as a channel for my break through.You are a true friend and sister.
Even when I had not met my husband,you called me on the 15th of July 2012 and said ''Ann,what were you doing in my dream?'',that I saw you and your husband in my dream,and that it was going to be a wonderful wedding.I said a big Amen.
I got into a relationship,that looked like the enemies did not want my happiness as it was always one horrible issue to the other.It got to the point that i lost faith and hope and decided to called Swag P my sister to pray for me on phone.Swag P laughed at me when I called called and i was surprised because i was crying and all u said was that your God is too much,that not even the devil can stop him from marrying me.I wondered and said hmm mm i have lost this battle.But after you gave me courage and asked me to do the mid night praise which i did like never before.
All this happened towards the end of 2012 and Swag P ''Ann,watch my God'.'On the 11th of January 2013,he proposed to me.For every shame i went through,God said i will give you Double Portion blessings....My God is still writing my story.May the good Lord continue to bless and increase you Swag P,Amen. 


2013 has barely stated,and God is already showing himself awesomely.I have received so many testimonies from different Swag Sisters to the glory of God.
The list of testimonies is endless. I will keep putting them up as time permits.ENJOY

I got married in 2009 and since then till date,have never been pregnant despite all efforts.I met Swag P at the end of 2011 through my husband.By the end of 2012,i made up my mind to open up to Swag P.
Swag P, told me that in 2013,I will carry my own child,she also said i should not loose faith,and that we serve a living God who is too faithful to fail.On my own path,i kept believing God for the fruit of the womb.I keyed into the mystery of the salt performed by Swag P on a Sunday ,and we stood in the promise of God in 2Kings 2,20-21 and also participated in the midnight praise as instructed by Swag P.
On the 14th of January 2013,I decided to send my faith on an errand.I went to the hospital to take a test since its was declared that before we resume our meeting in 2013 i will be pregnant.And after the test,my doctor confirmed i was pregnant.I can not stop screaming for joy,It can only be God almighty.
Thank you Swag P for being a vessel of Gods blessings.


Hope Everyone is having a blessed day.I am having a very busy day and thought to steal some time to run here and find out how you all are doing and to leave some testimonies behind.My God truly reins...I adore him.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Welcome to 2013 - Our year of foreign currency (Uncommon Glory)

Welcome to 2013 our year of Foreign Currency (Uncommon Glory). By God's grace, we all made it to see this beautiful and glory packed year. I believe that there is so much more testimonies and blessings in store for swag sistas.

Taking a little trip down December 2012 after the last meeting, I went for Shiloh 2012 tagged 'Double Portion' it was very refreshing. While at Shiloh I found myself longing more for God, wanting to love and serve Him more. I decided to join the sanitation  unit; since I belong to one of the branches here in Abuja , that was a way of showing Him how much I loved serving Him. It was a great experience working with the old women and feeling very young amongst them. They were few younger ones too but all from Ota church. I thank God for giving me the grace to work with them it was great, one most challenging moment was when we had to wash the mobile toilets and when I got there with the other ladies, at first I almost collapsed while still thinking of how to do it. A young girl, walked up to me and said ''aunty indian, abeg hope say you no go join dem because you resemble oyinbo''. The whole crowd laughed and began to call me Indian. Then  I heard a voice say ''if you clean the mess in my house, I will clean the mess in your life'''.Immediately I looked up and saw the excitement on the faces of the young workers in the sanctuary unit - both boys and girls, fighting and struggling to wash the mobile toilets, because there were just few and everyone wanted to wash. There's a belief that there's so much blessing in washing the mobile toilets at Shiloh. I forgot the Indian name and joined them, there was surprise written on the faces of the people staring at me and when I looked at them, I smiled and said to myself, ''in my father's house no one labors in vain''.
The activity lasted  a whole day, from 8am  to 10 pm.After which I had my bath and returned to my Hilton bed to sleep (on the hard ground under the tree....hahaha).
I had a striking testimony before I left Shiloh......I was tested for chronic Helicobacter Pylori (Peptic Ulcer) but before I left the ground it had disappeared after a strange severe bleeding which started while I was cleaning the toilet and lasted about three days, after which it seized and all symptoms of the ulcer disappeared. I couldn't believe my eye's .God saw my service worthy and healed me. I took my healing as a sign that all other prayers had been answered.
Most importantly I left Shiloh camp with an anointing of exploits ready to come, pass it on to the swag sistas. 

Oldest Sanctuary workers at First John Toilet, Ota

I was still contemplating on washing the mobile toilets
About to start washing with them

Hooray!! Finally got the courage to wash, and I had fun
After Shiloh I headed for Redemption Camp, I felt like Moses who walked for 40 years through the wilderness.But when I arrived redemption camp, the feeling left me. I almost fainted and began to beg the Lord for strength. How on earth did I think I could do this alone without asking God for the grace to cope. I had just finished from Shiloh, not slept, tired but at the end of the day I finished the race and received double anointing. At redemption camp, I tried to join the sanctuary unit ,but was not allowed .But later, the head agreed. I noticed the over aged women were carrying their buckets to flush the toilets by themselves.I was not comfortable with it so I took it upon myself to help them carry the water and flush for them. OMG!! I still hear their tiny voices in my ears blessing me. My stay in redemption camp came to an end, I packed my bags which served as my pillow at the auditorium, where I slept close to my chair on the very front row to always secure my sit. When I left the gate finally I heard a voice say, 'you will manifest.'

Swag Sisters' end of year party 2012

Thanks to all the swag sisters who came around last Sunday, the 25th of November 2012, for  our last meeting for the year and also made our love feast rich, exciting and inspiring. We look forward to many more gatherings and more powerful testimonies and an increase in our outreach in 2013.
Below are a few pictures from the event.