Welcome to 2013 - Our year of foreign currency (Uncommon Glory)

Welcome to 2013 our year of Foreign Currency (Uncommon Glory). By God's grace, we all made it to see this beautiful and glory packed year. I believe that there is so much more testimonies and blessings in store for swag sistas.

Taking a little trip down December 2012 after the last meeting, I went for Shiloh 2012 tagged 'Double Portion' it was very refreshing. While at Shiloh I found myself longing more for God, wanting to love and serve Him more. I decided to join the sanitation  unit; since I belong to one of the branches here in Abuja , that was a way of showing Him how much I loved serving Him. It was a great experience working with the old women and feeling very young amongst them. They were few younger ones too but all from Ota church. I thank God for giving me the grace to work with them it was great, one most challenging moment was when we had to wash the mobile toilets and when I got there with the other ladies, at first I almost collapsed while still thinking of how to do it. A young girl, walked up to me and said ''aunty indian, abeg hope say you no go join dem because you resemble oyinbo''. The whole crowd laughed and began to call me Indian. Then  I heard a voice say ''if you clean the mess in my house, I will clean the mess in your life'''.Immediately I looked up and saw the excitement on the faces of the young workers in the sanctuary unit - both boys and girls, fighting and struggling to wash the mobile toilets, because there were just few and everyone wanted to wash. There's a belief that there's so much blessing in washing the mobile toilets at Shiloh. I forgot the Indian name and joined them, there was surprise written on the faces of the people staring at me and when I looked at them, I smiled and said to myself, ''in my father's house no one labors in vain''.
The activity lasted  a whole day, from 8am  to 10 pm.After which I had my bath and returned to my Hilton bed to sleep (on the hard ground under the tree....hahaha).
I had a striking testimony before I left Shiloh......I was tested for chronic Helicobacter Pylori (Peptic Ulcer) but before I left the ground it had disappeared after a strange severe bleeding which started while I was cleaning the toilet and lasted about three days, after which it seized and all symptoms of the ulcer disappeared. I couldn't believe my eye's .God saw my service worthy and healed me. I took my healing as a sign that all other prayers had been answered.
Most importantly I left Shiloh camp with an anointing of exploits ready to come, pass it on to the swag sistas. 

Oldest Sanctuary workers at First John Toilet, Ota

I was still contemplating on washing the mobile toilets
About to start washing with them

Hooray!! Finally got the courage to wash, and I had fun
After Shiloh I headed for Redemption Camp, I felt like Moses who walked for 40 years through the wilderness.But when I arrived redemption camp, the feeling left me. I almost fainted and began to beg the Lord for strength. How on earth did I think I could do this alone without asking God for the grace to cope. I had just finished from Shiloh, not slept, tired but at the end of the day I finished the race and received double anointing. At redemption camp, I tried to join the sanctuary unit ,but was not allowed .But later, the head agreed. I noticed the over aged women were carrying their buckets to flush the toilets by themselves.I was not comfortable with it so I took it upon myself to help them carry the water and flush for them. OMG!! I still hear their tiny voices in my ears blessing me. My stay in redemption camp came to an end, I packed my bags which served as my pillow at the auditorium, where I slept close to my chair on the very front row to always secure my sit. When I left the gate finally I heard a voice say, 'you will manifest.'


  1. Halleluyah, God is awesome, am so happy 4 u sis. Your testimony has touched a soul... Tnx


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