Monday, 29 April 2013


Jesus oooo my God has done it for me haaaa sorry jare my name is SWAG NIGS,well guess my name rings a bell am the swag who got engaged after we did the last feet wash before yesterdays own ,though wasnt present but got my request to swags ps house before i travelled.Guesss what todays my birthday and am just too happy for my God has given me the best gift ever.Firstly swag p the God that we call on bears me witness that since i became a swag everything began to work for me and since they said no one in my family can get married ,as i became a swag story changed my wedding comes up in July 2013 yepppi ....well this is not even the testiomony i wanna give for this one i cant just believe it even though am not surprise for my God is capable of doing great things....through out last month swag p kept hitting on the baren women,she calls them out to pray using swag adah who was looking for a child for four years and is now pregnant with twins from the same ground as a point of contact. swag p you didnt stop there you began to call out people who had sisters that are looking for the fruit of the womb,friends that we had,all manner of people that we knew that seeks a child,well i ran out my friend desperately needs a child shes been married for two years and has tried and tried medically but you know na doctors dont give children only my God. friends the last mystery of the salt we had i remember swag p surrounded us again using 2kings 2:21that God clearly Stated no woman in the Land will ever be barren so she began to break and break barreness in anger and i kept believing and with faith i caught all the prophesies and i was happy because i was sure God had done it for my friend.Last week tuesday i was in swagps house to give her my request and she began to pray for  me washed my feet and told me everything have ever prayed for this April it will all show up at my door step,she repeated it again and washed my face and said nigs it is Done go and return with all desires....My mind went to my friend again and i said if swag p has said April then its April for she only speaks as God directs,she will be pregnant and she hugged me and i left i was too April is about to be over and am like God you spoke through your vessel swag p and she never speaks if you have not commanded i kept saying all this,today came its my birthday and tomorrow April Ends and am like swagp you said in April all that my heart desire your God who is my God will answer me hmmm,well April is not yet over i braced up myself watching out of my window.....did i tell you today is my birthday and swag p puts up my picture and says God should give me a gift,Yes God has given me that Gift hahahahah guess what? my friend just called me that shes pregnant,she was tested positive,her screams and shouts for joy ..brought out tears of joy from my eyes and its unbelivable just one day for April to your vessel said oh God,it happened.After two years of marriage torment for a child you did it God ,You did it.on my birthday you gave me a gift which no man can give to me.Acient of days i give You praise.swag p your anointing will never go down,since i became a SWAG have experienced joy and peace like a river everything is God truely is using you and Hes with you in what you say..God bless you swag p and most especially i give all the Glory to GOD for your word is true no woman will be barren in the land ...He shamed the devil for my friends sake.IT CAN ONLY BE GOD ...*dancing*

Sunday, 28 April 2013


Praise God  am SWAG ADAH,this testimony sweet me choiiiiii, hmmm  I went to my office on Wednesday to get an important letter that have been pursuing since January 2013, I was referred to a woman and its been hell, I met her so many times and she keeps forming attitude and this got me so worried and frustrated she told me that she cannot give me the letter except I tell her in details what I needed the letter for and the truth is its so confidential and if i tell her she wont give me ever ,on Wednesday i decided to try again and same approach from her she diplomatically asked me to come back the next day as usual which is Thursday .I went home feeling sad, few hrs later, Swag P called me for something  else, I quickly told her what I was going through since i had not told her this matter, she laughed and said God will settle it, and that Thursday wont pass that I will get the letter she said power will change hands that for my sake that woman wont be the candidate anymore and said God has spoken, hmmm I said Amen. the following day, Thursday  precisely, I went back to the office, the woman was not there,and her boss referred me to another person just as swag p had commanded through the Holy Spirit that will happen kie , miraculously, i was sent to the man that has been helping me 4 months to get all the documents and pressing the former woman to give me the letter ,God made them tell my helper to write out the letter. I got the letter something that has taken for ever my spirit just told me you better report her to swag p to help you report to her God and i obeyed and just in 24hours the letter was in my hand kieeee God of SWAG never to late, am so happy because that letter  involves some cool cash in millions yeppppi. swag p God will bless you for me ooooo in short dunno to glad may God bless you so much ehn that you will be amazed and finally i give God all the Glory for Hes never late...God i thank you so much for you have not made my seed on that ground go void it keeps speaking....thank you Father.

Sunday, 21 April 2013


Hmmmm tell me why i will stop serving this God,never will i,some will say then why do things happen to You and i will say show me one prophet in the bible that the devil didn't torment but at the End comes out a victory.Well for me last night i praise God because after that accident the devil is still annoyed i look like someone that wasn't involved hmmm,can you imagine last night went to see mum because shes not yet discharged and also do some internal check up when i was done i decided to go from bed to bed Evangelizing and it was so great i and my sis in law to be faith.when we done faith left and i decided to wait abit,at about 9pm i told mum i was living,and i left i took a cab not knowing someone was in the boot and to think it was an old man driving and painted taxi ....well my door was opened and my bag dragged from me inside it was my bible,anointing oil ,my bb,my galaxy and some money and he ran away,i went back to the Hospital and the nurses were Amazed i wasn't harm,they said daily they see such but either they stab the person ,or kill the person but they have not heard they just take the bag and Run ..hmmm at that Moment i knew God had saved me again.Now the question is am i to stop serving God,NO WAY those things are replaceable and my God will do it for me...but my life is still intact to be able to spread the word.Funny enough when i had not given my life to God i didn't experience all this trials, now this tells me am a threat to the kingdom of Darkness hahahaha,Devil you lie for thats all you can take from me.God i thank you once for now am off communication until further notice hope to do a welcome back tomorrow and watch God miraculously replace those things for me as soon as its done please i will put in my info etc i will not sorrow over Earthly Possession NEVER,in my Fathers house there are many MANSIONS.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Am SWAG P, you surprise am up here on the blog yeaaaa some will say finally she has a testimony but That's wrong, theres no Sunday after every gathering I don’t have a testimony before the next Sunday. I tend not to blog them because I will take all the space since God does it all the time in my life so all I do is share it live with the swag sisters… But guess what? I want to share this shocking testimony with the world so you understand why God gave the ministry the name SWAG (saved with Amazing Grace) because apart from me always confessing the name like have been saved with Amazing grace, I didn’t know that I will witness the manifestation in that Name SWAG. It all began when my step brother lost he’s wife on the 3rd of April in Lagos after a strange illness while I was on my way to Ota bro gave me a call to tell me which immediately i heard Gina wont survive, I kept praying in Ota and that voice kept coming I had to tell the family what I was hearing while I prayed and truly she passed on… Gina may your soul Rest in Perfect Peace. Now my only worry was we will have to travel to the village which I dread so much, I have been to my village just once in 2008 and guess what it was for same Gina’s traditional marriage with my brother wow such an irony once went there to celebrate with her and now am to go there and bury her what a mystery but then HES still God………so After a week she was to be buried and I informed my family that I hear the Spirit so loud saying I should not go, Everyone thought I had started my talk again and since the hearing was for me, my family are aware I don’t like to go to the village so they were thinking am saying all this to stay back but who are you to lie against the Holy Spirit..I never talk until He asks me to, but I didn't stop to tell them what the Holy Spirit kept saying and saying, then my dad sent a message and said in he’s own Words*Judith and Blessing MUST come*when I heard it I said MUST okay am not going, my lil bro called him and said why must he say MUST, but he repeated it and said he’s instructed and that’s final, but I said I swag p will go nowhere I know the voice saying I should not go, Aunties called and said is it because he’s my step bro I don’t want to attend I said no I hear the Holy Spirit well, and they go huh they don’t understand, but truly how will they understand when not everyone believes the Holy Spirit speaks to He’s own na ,my kid sister called me all the way from England o and said she hears a voice saying we should all not go then she said swag p(won’t call the name she called me hahaha )I don’t want to lose you oh I got mad at her and said she should not bother me please nothing can happen to me and yes nothing .my mummy left last week Thursday we were to go together I said am not going so she left me and arrived safely, thanks be to God for that. I was so happy and glad until my sister told me she’s living on Friday and I said ok safe trip me no de go, but as soon as she dropped the call I said ha I can’t allow Judith go alone to that village oh I need to follow her and go and be doing fireeeee fireeee that was only my worry I had no choice and parked my things for Friday,Friday came and we Embarked on the journey, again I heard the Holy Spirit saying since you decided to go and I said please can’t let my sister go alone and He said okay then you will be on a Fast until you get to that village I said haaaa please but He said you MUST and I obeyed so I stayed on a fast, praying and speaking in tongues all through in short the only time I was not speaking was when I sleep off but as soon as I wake I continue until we got to CROSSRIVER…and immediately see rushing to eat then I heard the Holy Spirit say now when you are going back don’t Enter a particular transit car I heard the name and immediately told my sister she just looked at me and I could see in her eyes she saying oooo not again have started to hear things, I repeated it up to ten times o but she just kept staring at me and He said again give no Money out until you live, that warning was Great o because left to me I would have especially to the old women, so guess what we arrived just to let you know I was warned about my money, as we arrived and changed, some lady came to me and said I give her money she wanted to fill the drums with water for cooking huh huh why was it me, dad ,mum, sis and other people were there but na me she see Holy Ghost fireeeeee, before I will answer my mama answer for me say I no get and non of her pikin get, that next time the woman should ask her o, so mum settled that …on Saturday after the burial some men came to me to bring some money as it is a tradition when one dies,the family contributes don’t know guess for palm wine and all, I told them una no see my father outside or my sister why me, they said nothing, na me they wan ask I said okay I don’t have they pressed and pressed on it I almost gave in but I stood my ground that the God who is Greater don warn me, and my money won’t be used for all this traditional beliefs and they left but at night came back again until I shouted please make una live me. my friends Sunday came I said me am not sleeping in this village tonight that I must go, my sister said she too she must resume work and my mum said nope she won’t travel on a Sunday and I said even if its canoe I will go oooo am not waiting because the family is to all drive back Monday, So I won the argument and mum decided to come with I and sis, obi drove us to the park, obi is step bros close friend and since my brother was still weak obi was to drive and he did, can you remember that I said Holy Spirit told me not to Enter a particular transit but guess what that was where obi drove us to. We got there and met a very big bus but we refused to Enter and said we will enter the Smaller one so we waited we finally entered. when the driver came mum said hmmm Judith are sure this guy can take us to Abuja, I just waved at it then I heard the Holy Spirit say fast again and I said na mum is here na she has prayed and am covered so I refused to fast, when the journey began make una come see speed, not twice mum said why you speeding, but my cousin who was with us said my mum was confusing the driver she should stop panicking, so my mum fired prayers until we reached makurdi, the driver stopped to drop those going to makurdi and three people got in, something said oya swag p pray but mum began praying again and I said to myself okay mum don pray no need, but did I mention before we got to makurdi I had done praise and worship like with my tab using an earpiece you know when you sing with your earpiece you won’t know if its loud so I guess to some I was disturbing because when it’s too loud my mum taps me but I won’t reduce the voice, so back to what I was saying I didn’t pray because I felt mum had and I ate remember I was too fast. So we passed river Benue Bridge and mum who was praying that long had just finished,opened her eyes and asked if we had pass the Bridge I said yep and we began to gist but this time I heard it so loud SWAG P PRAY, immediately I kept all gadgets in my bag and took out a prayer book titled PRAYER FOR WAR FARE …..hmmm that was it as I opened the book to pray the next thing I looked up the driver had lost control, the car began to swave by itself very fast and the next thing everyone was shouting Jesus Jesus, at that moment I opened my eye so wide and said this eye won’t close oh never, my sister had fainted, I refused to close my eyes haaaaa naaaa even when the car began to somersault, inside me all I was saying is Devil you lie oh swag p you not dying to anywhere oh, then I said God when I went to the village I won souls for you, trust na I wouldn’t mind having villiage swag sistas but well I saw more than twenty university of calarbar girls who came for Gina’s burial so when they gathered and was crying I entered their mist and changed the atmosphere to Evangelism I began to tell them about Jesus and how they should understand their friend has gone but the question is what next for us, there’s nothing but to follow Jesus and close their legs, I did alter call and for that moment they viewed swag sistas pictures and said swag p you must come to calabar, that was it swag sistas calabar in existence praise God….now let’s go back the car is still somersaulting while you were reading what I did with the uni cal swags ,so that was what I was reminding God in my heart I won souls Jesus, remember that if I die how will you rejoice over one soul because that’s all I do for you ,but guess what while people were shouting Jesus, that was going on in my mind but outside I was shouting MY MUM WILL NOT DIE, because I believed I have shouted Jesus so much that without saying the Name Hes there with me, bishop oyedepo said ,you shout Jesus, oya Jesus what? Jesus good morning or Jesus thank you, what are you saying just shouting Jesus, He said confess what you want and what I wanted was GOD MY MOTHER WILL NOT DIE, couldn’t count the amount of times it did tumble but guess at ten I was out of count and into the middle of a bush and I saw the car heading towards a thick tree and omg it was going to hit through my side and mum was sitting close to me….okay did I forget to tell you when we got to markudi mum sat by where I was sitting and I told her no way I wanted my sit back and when she shifted I said oya sit there and she refused and said sit on your own sit hmmm so I the car was heading for the tree I quickly turned my back to the window so that whatever will hit me won’t touch mum so it’s better my back takes all the hit and GBAM that was it by my side the car was upside down it had stopped. I shockingly ran out thru the broken windows, looked up saw the driving running so fast into the bush imagine, just I swag p was out from the car, fastttttt I ran back to the car shouting my mum won’t die. I bent down dragged her out of the car through the same window, carried her to the road then ran for my sister, cousin, then the rest, ran back carried all our hand bags, dropped it and started shouting for help, people came turned the car since it landed upside down and brought out those I couldn’t get out, I saw blood all around, sister was bleeding, mum was crying her hand and me nothing yet. I remembered haaa I need this pictures for my testimony, opened my bag Galaxy wasn’t broken sharply I began to take pictures and as I was doing that some guys were murmuring…* she been de inside na the other said no oh so I helped them out and said yes I was inside and they said am so lucky oh but I said nope AM NOT LUCKY AM JUST BLESSED* and am SWAG P death nor reach nor even reach my family when I was done snapping the pains began couldn’t move my left hand then a senior officer of Road Safety Commission was passing by and said please am on my way to Abuja and I can only help three people to Abuja and he looked at me and said were you involved I said yes and he said okay I will carry you me that was standing and looking better than the rest, then I said please my mum and my sister then he said okay, My cousin didn’t mind she was concern about mums cry for pains so we left her behind someone carried her to makurdi medical were she got her stitches done, so the driver came helped mum and sis into the car and off we left this accident happened like 2:30pm,mum was in pain, sister was in pain and I was in pain but the shock of everything kept lingering then I heard the Holy Spirit say SWAG P you can’t die someone needs to be blessed on that ground on Sunday and for your sake non of your family will die, but next time don’t disobey me when I say don’t enter were I don’t want you to and I smiled and said Thank you God, we got to Abuja at 8:30pm straight to the hospital Emergency ward, mum couldn’t walk so the doctors did quick x-ray for us all, when the result came mum had cracked her ribs in three places, sister nothing just the bruises and me a little bit of my neck bone shifted.mum was Admitted but I and sis went back home at 2am and got back very early to the hospital and I was told I need to wear the hard neck clogs for a month and sister the soft one for two weeks and I rejected it back oh how do I pose with that on my neck and guess the doc will wonder what I just said and I looked at him and said am a pastor and this won't work he went huh you are a pastor I said yes forget the swag its SAVED WITH AMAZING GRACE, as I type have refused to wear the clogs, sister wants it but me I have my Anointing oil and each day the neck pain reduces and Dad thinks am not normal at that and am so normal….still at the hospital I decided to blog this with all strength……..all I want to say is it can only be God, the God who saved me and my family. God thought of the ministry SWAG and all He said angels run down and make sure no one dies. Am too happy to be alive, my sister and my mummy and never will I try to compromise the instructions from the Holy Spirit for any one not even my blood, He saved me because He has placed a ministry in my hands which must come to the point just as Paul said he had finished the race, it wasn’t time for me to say so, ehn ehn remember I was confessing what I wanted and truly my mum didn’t die He heard my prayers in the mist of Danger. How do I praise my God, I had swag rose birthday to catch up with and wanted to surprise her on Monday but there I was I couldn't Even type a happy birthday I know she must have judge me but I wished she wondered why and gave me a call, swag odufa who called my line all the way from usa because she had not seen the devotion which is very unusual, my brother spoke to her and he told me when I woke up, swag Juliet my PA from Benin kept checking on me for I told her the same day it happened since daily its her habit to always check on me and she asked all Benin swags to pray almost all the Benin swags began to call my line and sent pings which I couldn't open to read because for them it was unusual for her to just send a bc for them to pray for me. swag obeyi asked swag Juliet why my dp had not changed etc , some swag brothers did ping up to find out and kept calling but i couldn't pick…….but where are the Abuja swags who didn't notice my dp had not changed, there was no devotions and didn't wonder if I was fine,guess i have those who re bc my devotions and didn't wonder,so many say Amen to my devotion and in five days that had not said Amen and couldnt check what was wrong,well Even Jesus fed 5000 people and they still turned back hahahaaha who am i to be sad am so Happy….but guess what I am fine I survived, sister and mum did survive …….Thank you again oh God indeed all my family HAVE BEEN SAVED WITH AMAZING GRACE. Have decided to have a thanks giving moment on Sunday on that ground, and with anger filled in me to pray out Every house hold wicked person around our destiny, my God has promised He will put a Testimony in Every swags mouth, so we will be eating and drinking with joy and thanking God…….i hear the spirit He say Swag p I have five people to Bless on Sunday that even them wont be able to come out of the Blessings, Benin swags don't worry we will do the same when I come, Even if it means me running from the Hospital to be on that ground I will,the five swags God talked about must be Blessed….its my thanks Giving Moment,well i will have been shocked how possible it is when you carry your bible,and God uses you to break issues around peoples lives and the devil wont be annoyed and try to attack you not possible but guess what devil you are in bigger Trouble ………God i just thank you and Love you soooo much kia hmmmmm check out the car.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


my name is SWAG LAURETTA a crested Swag sista always on the ground each Sundays because i never can tell which Sunday can just be that Sunday that will End shame and reproach in my life and Family and am privilege to be Swag ps Abuja PA.we were Ten in my family we lost one making us nine am the 6th born in the house and i work in a Bank.....But this Testimony is not for me its for our first born who graduated 15yrs ago at the age of 20 and hes 35yrs now and has never been Able to get a job,i repeat 15yrs of delay,frustration and torment for him,hes married though with a kid,wife being the bread winner,Sometimes he asks me for money and i tend to give but every time i gave it breaks my heart remember i said am the 6th child and hes the first born so i always say God hes the one to be giving me now,when i began to attend swag sistas gathering swag p always say something your today cannot determine your tomorrow,so never ever judge yourself by your today so my worries Ended,for i know just as Joseph over night my brother will turn out a King.Swag p when you were living for OTA i handed my request to you and i believed this is the ground that will break that 15yrs joblessness in my brothers life*crying*i was so positive,You got back from Ota and said God has touched your mouth with another fire that no matter the issue,how long it has lasted will be broken haaaa i said oya oh God that means it can also break 15yrs joblessness in my brothers life.15yrz no job how wicked can this devil be but my God is bigger and i trust swag p the vessel of our Generation she always say i do not speak Unless i hear the Holy Spirit so i was so sure that it was over as long as i get to the ground on Sunday and was sure my family will testify to the goodness of God over our first got so bad that when i even hear people saying they have been looking for a job since two years i smile and say have seen someone who graduated at 20 and has being looking for a job and hes now 35yrs.swag p when you sent in the bc for the meeting and said its the first Sunday,they will be anointing and the fireee will flow i said even thou am in an aircraft i will jump down for i was so sure that is my Sunday and no devil will stop me,but guess what very unusual my aunt gave me her child to look after thinking at 3pm she will return huh wasn't seeing her break light ,4pm still the same,i said Devil you lie,i quickly jacked the baby o and entered a cab with her see the speed of the taxi and got to the ground the Faith was too much,i was ready to take the shout when am back home than let this Sunday pass me NO WAY. haaaaaaa as we were about to close Swag p just said the Holy Spirit just told me so loud and clear that a swag here for your sake someone in your family will get a job and the years of waiting is over*shock*that God will show mercy and it was Done.JESUS JESUS JESUS that was the word i almost missed it was for me,even swag p stirred at me because the Amen almost reached Gwarinpa,for when i taught of our embarrass i get when he asks me for money i needed to scream the Amen.swag p you said 3 days was to much ooo for your God to bring forth the job... everyone guess what less than 15 hours next day Monday being 8th of April my brother got a miracle job*someone wake me up*,not just an ordinary job oooo,correct job he was catapulted to Manager level just like that God made him jump over all staffs that have been there o and made him a manager,with brand new official car given to him,allowance more than 2 million naira, the salary na die,swag p you declared on Sunday and I claimed it,I said this is it,and my swag p this is it,this was it ,the miracle job has come,it came by the the renewal of the new fire in your mouth,in short all of us wei don de work since for house hmmm we nor reach my brother wei since 15 years no get job cos as we see am so na us go de beg am for money,because over night my brother became a Joseph,even all him friends wei don de work since no go fit compare,my broda wei neva work 4 15 years,swag p if you see the car choiiiiiiii,God has made him a King over all, truely Swag p just as you always say your today cannot determine your tomorrow,imagine all those who had name my brother useless,a waste etc they will come to hes door na hahahahahah.who say God no de that ground that means you neva gree tell God say i will stay purified but you will give me all i want because thats what i said.swag p you ask us to snap a pic 2 months ago and save it on our phone that we will use that picture for a net breaking testimony i never deleted mine because your words when spoken never goes void because you never speak unless the Holy Spirit instruct you,everyday i tell my self,you picture i will use you soon and yes thats the picture am using now for this net breaking Testimony,swag p God used you to break 15 years joblessness in the life of my brother haaaaaa how do i say thank you,what do i give that can be worth this joy,but i know the God we call on will Reward you for even accepting to gather us every Sunday to pray and declare into our lives.Finally i say a very big thank you to God for finally that Sunday was mine,i will never live you oh God i will praise your name for ever.For i have Learnt that never judge a man by hes today he might just be that King you will honor Tomorrow*Am still in shock*God you too much...............Never Late God.

Monday, 8 April 2013


SWAG BUKKY: I will like to start by appreciating God, for Hes always made me believe that I am special and He always has greater plans for me. My mum has been worried about us (my siblings) getting married , Feb 2011 I was engaged to someone but we had difficulties proceeding with the wedding plans due to religious differences, people kept saying to me to leave this guy because he had a temper and he seemed like he would beat me in future, I still held on, my mum refused, aunties, uncles, priests and pastors all told me to leave him that God had better plans for me, I couldn't become a Muslim, but I was scared that I may not find anyone better because it was like my last hope no one was proposing. finally in July that same year, he hit me and as soon as he beat me(see the slaps ) I just went on my knees in his living room and was crying saying "Thank you Lord" I was happy we weren't yet married and i left hes house that was the last time we saw, it was a horrible period for me, knowing that I had broken my engagement, I was so alone. Then I met someone else in may 2012. By this time my ex had married another person and she was even pregnant, someone sent me the picture, I broke down. But loved ones consoled me. i had a guy but was just more of a friend, never spoke about marriage and there was another who was speaking already*confused*. I met swag p no have known swag p since jss1 we went to same secondary school,swag p i remember you fati bum bum on low cut but cute hahaha,so on this issue i told her and she said send me the both pictures when i did she said the spirit said your suppose friend is your husband not the one proposing and i said swag p this one you choose o hes not even talking about engagement talkless of he wants to marry me,i remember swag p you said God never lies,since that day swag p did not let me rest,she kept saying, "Bukky, where is your Ring" she will ping me from no were bukky the ring,i need to blog this testimony and shame everyone who laughed at you over your ex it was almost choking me,even my mum wasn't disturbing me to be married like this,I always say I don't have one yet,and you will say why?huh and i will say don't know oooo,then one day she asked to bring my request (which was to be taking to Benin) I did and she said "Your ring is on the Way" that April wont pass me by...she advice me to always know that I have value and she sees greatness in me and close my legs for PURITY PAYZ i obeyed,after that meeting in southern fries hmmm i got myself back and realized i was greater than how i saw myself and believed no man can stop my marital Destiny naaaa, she asked me to pray some prayers at night and I did. hmm, low and behold last month before you went to OTA,i gave you another request again and you said bukky i cant go to Ota and come back without you being  Engaged o and i should not joke with you hahaha i said AMEN,you came back few days ago and i saw your status that God has touched your tongue with more fire which can set Ablaze the thickest Evil forest and i said God swag p has returned and she said when you speak through her it never goes Void. in short i was even scared of swag p pinging and asking because she always tell me things that makes me wanna jump out of a window so i was at a corner ,yes Swag p were are you*shaking my waist* GUESS WHAT? I got engaged this morning,this Monday morning being 8th of April. I couldn't believe this the same Friend you said was my husband God had shown you haaaa,God gave me a man that loves and adores me,a man after his own heart. I cannot express how thankful I am because I prayed to God for a husband, but he gave me a husband, a friend and a brother,my Request didn't go void .God i give only you the Glory,Swag p i want to thank you not just that but knowing you just one pastor who crave for all the swag who is due to be married to testify so Desperately,i cant believe my eyes,my mummy cant stop dancing,my siblings so happy,being a swag no regret at alllll............crying ,I pray the same will happen to every single lady seeking to settle. love you Swag p.MY WEDDING IS THIS YR .....2013 YEPPI AMEN.

Sunday, 7 April 2013


my name is SWAG VICKY,i know my name rings a bell.Well what God has been doing for me through swag p i cannot just explain it.Some months ago i gave a testimony of how in my office i was always threatened by my boss that he will sack me this gave me sleepless night etc,but God did it as swag p said for my sake my boss will live for me instead which i wondered what swag p was saying but believed for i have seen Gods Amazing power through you swag p,and did that come to pass ex boss left,the day they were to shuffle those to be sacked i had given up but that same day hours to the moment,a customer gave me millions of naira and i was saved..all this i remember swag p you said it on that faithful day i met you and we talked and prayed that God said boss will live for me 2. someone will pay in some money through me that will shock me and 3. i will be promoted hmmmm that day i almost touched your neck swag p,how someone in sack row will be promoted even though i believed 1 and 2 because it seemed possible but not number 3 because i didn't see the fact of number 3 but you said i should try your God and i said AMEN.well friends guess what number 1 and 2 came before the first quarter Ended ooo,never thought of the promotion oh since they are older staffs there and people shaking the bank than me that is always on sack list hahahah,swag p i remembered you said Vicky you are a Swag that qualifies you for everything cheiiii last week letters were to be given and i said to myself vicky you cant escape these one o just pack your load,when i collected my letter the sound of my heart beat could pass for a car horn,i opened it swag p Guess what haaaaaaaa am crying now like seriously am crying i read it....IT WAS A PROMOTION LETTER *shock*fainted*i was promoted two step ahead instead of a SACK letter huh huh huh even my friends were amazed and wondered how,and i just smiled with tears in my eyes am a SWAG SISTAS have been SAVED WITH AMAZING GRACE,so i do not walk with mans qualification but Gods grace,swag p i repeated what you said to me,before i started attending swag meeting i was yet to be confirmed in my bank,but my boss said i will have a sack letter instead and told me to live the office and called me worthless,i sat outside that day cried and buzzed you,and you told me for my sake my branch will find favor and i will be confirmed the day came and i got my confirmation letter instead of a sack letter that was last year and now again instead of a sack letter i was given a promotion letter 2 step ahead when i know am not qualified for even step 1,haaaa dis is a boat sinking miracle for me. i vicky from a mere Executive trainee to an ASSISTANT BANKING OFFICER.....sob sob sob this can only be the GOD OF SWAG SISTAS, Hes been saving my job for me.Swag p i have never given you anything before but yet God has been using you to give me plenty,thank you so much swag p and to God i give you alone the


Last two weeks Sunday was fun for us before i left for Ota. it was our blood of sprinkling day before then there were marveling testimonies from the swags hmm even swag chizzy didnt want to stop talking i had to pursue her o hahaha,we had couple of benin swags who came around and also new beautiful faces,we danced and prayed together,also pastor zik came around with the word on identity which was powerful.That day was something else never witnessed such presence of God on that ground ,we were happy ,guess one thing that was making us more happy was the fact Tola was bringing chicken to the ground hahahahaha na just kidding Gods word coming thru was exciting us.Tola did celebrate her birthday with the swag sistas on that day and i noticed she gat a new beautiful top on to grace the day hahaaha when i asked she said no oh hmmm tola that top was new.We ate,took pictures and praised God, theres something about belonging to a spiritual gathering ,God says when two or more people are gather HES surely with us....When God sees beautiful women coming together as one with so much Love to praise Hes name,He never lives us without a testimony.SWAG SISTAS gathering is one gathering i know God is always excited to be in.Watch out for us........for in us lies GREATNESS as we strived for PURITY and HOLINESS .i hope swag kate will allow me rest now since have uploaded the pictures Whew!!!
Thank you God...........You have done us welll yeppppi

HMMMMM TIS GROUP ...lips are sealed hahahhahah



Saturday, 6 April 2013


Finally swag lolus wedding took place on the 23rd of march 2013 and i was present there it was a great moment,i enjoyed every bit of it with so much joy and excitement.i remember lolu joined us as a single girl and on one faithful Sunday after the days meeting we got back the next Sunday only for lolu to testify that week didn't end without a testimony in her mouth and when we asked she said i got engaged,that God heard her prayers knowing she had written it on her request we dance and gave God all the Glory,HES doing wonders in our mist.Thank You .......God.