Sunday, 31 August 2014


My name is Swag Tessy (Benin) Swag p during the 3days praise night,on Friday of it,you said we should pray against robbers in our home and environment and Sprinkle the Blood around which I did as instructed. Hmmm , just last night, robbers came to our house,broke d padlock of one of our tenant padlock,though they were not at home,they left and went ahead to rob an old woman just 3 houses from my house continued but didn't near our own door which to people it was a huge surprise, indeed the blood protects and my praise had built an invisible fence for my family am so happy and excited,inshort how I raised the prayer point, one will think I knew thieves were coming hahaha but I have a God that reveals to He's vessel to warn us befor time am very happy, indeed I have witnessed the real definition of a miracle Today. Instructions from this Ground is never to be toiled with as foolish as it may sound for indeed there's danger if one refuse to obey am glad I always do.   All I can say is Thank U Jesus,and to swag p,more Grace for you are a blessing to us all DAT believe and do what comes out from your mouth. I want to be able to share the testimony of my marriage soon which am so such I will on this platform. Thank You Jesus for Safety. Thank You Lord. Amen  . *glad oooo *

SWAG OMA (Abuja) swagp good evening  I want to praise God for what He just did ohh yeeeeee am shaking . indeed it is good to praise ohhhh and obey further instruction .my brother was just attacked by armed robbers on his way home na na na 30th August huh  and one was asking if Naa Dis guy, one of them said no ohhhh so they just collected his phone and left. I want to bless God DAT it was only his phone oh they took and also because  they will  not care if is mistaken identity asfar you look like who dem de look for o, Swag P, God showed Himself oh, because He instructed we pray against robbers Ha, because they would have killed my brother ohhhh thinking it was someone else. I just bless God oh. indeed there is power in praise and instructions being led by God that we should pray o. Devil you are a fool oh just two weeks back I testified how they said its not possible for us to marry in my enemies family and generation and Swag p declared that 2014 that door will open and my elder sista just got married last 3weeks and we blog am  na him devil one bring death after celebration, No way, I say no way am a SWAG, saved with Amazing grace and for this it rubs on every of my family member. God saved my brother at gun point oh, you people won't understand Scream praise God with me oooo chaiiii,last Sunday swag p you said no mourning oh and yes it has happened my God has saved my family from mourning and I know in exchange IT'S CELEBRATION TIME. Swag p you are Blessed, I just loved you plenty, fine woman hahaha, and to GOD I kneel b4 You and Sing #what shall I say unto my God all I have to say it's thank You God,thank You God,thank you God all I have to say it's Thank you God. HALLELUJAH

Friday, 29 August 2014


Thank God o my name is Chinenyenwa(Nnewi) , I participated in 3days praise God. This evening I came out from the bathroom as I finished wearing my clothes I stepped out of the room to go sit in the sitting room. Na so I hear my husband shout "baby, baby where is our baby o, there's fire downstairs " I didn't hear him clearly so I started going to where I heard his voice only for us to jam @ the corridor, he was carrying our son and he told me to carry him and run downstairs that there's fire burning somewhere downstairs. I managed to carry Emmanuel to run downstairs to meet my friend and neighbor nneka. My car was the nearest car to the fire, in short it was so close that I said No the blood of Sprinkling must speak now because if you see the fire it will take just God to quench it.. I said the Blood must speak now and immediately God gave my husband the courage to drive the cars to safety. Lemme stop here  we r all safe, everyone, all my neighbours and their babies and husbands the shock is who put the fire off, am not shock it was God. This the second time am on the blog , firstly God opened my womb and now this am just too glad. This swag family has been a source of joy to I and my family. Swag p your prayers has never gone void, I remember when you said chi 2months from now You will be pregnant and yes even I couldn't  believe I had missed my period, this God indeed He's not a Robber, and tonight  just after few days we finished the praise and the blood, Devil tried but he failed and so he will always fail. I thank you swag p for allowing God use you,you strength will not fail. My Father all I can say is THANK YOUR because you were the fourth man in the fire for my family and the whole neighbours. Praise God.

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Cheiii I don enter this blog in a grand style  *dancing*Good morning ma ,U remember I told u about my marriage ,My traditional marriage ,My elder brother said he cannot follow me 2 my father's people with the man that wants to marry me . He did not want me to get married because of what He gains from me,its been hell, delays and frustration and I was also going to loose this moment of my life.  , I don't a have father and mother when the going was tough, I met one of my friend tonia who said I should not worry about any thing, she then gave me your ping ,ha Swag p you said my wedding will finally na hold that you declare two months from when I added you the wedding go come to place after you prayed for me, you ask me to go to the  village,i was seriously wondering why o but I obeyed. As soon as I got to the village interested to see the reason Swag p said I should come wow From no where another of my brother just came up and met me and said he will follow me down. I was too shock because no one has ever attempted o, I know that was God working ,After your prayers I just felt relief because I believe in the God of swag p, to cut the whole story short to God be the Glory what look like a mountain has come and has gone oh ring don show my hand and date done set for the white. to tell you only that my brother stand for me but I was happy because the Holy Spirit was present and the traditional wedding was great*dancing* ,you are really God sent.  I aways look forward to your bc you always pass a message any time u send your Bc,Am 4 ever grateful to God almighty and  swag p for her prayers and counselling trough  this period of time .Am inviting everyone and I pray for all swag sista that you are next..what God has ordained no man can change,it can only be GOD,that's why I give Him all the Glory. MY WEDDING INFO:
Join us in the celebration of our Love as Egharevba Cynthia & Eboh Oghenetega Anthony share their vows in the present of God and men, on 13th of September 2014 @ Constantial Hotel, Airport RD Benin City, Edo state. Time :10:00am. Colour of the day.. white and yellow. Swag p your prayer for me fought the demons and brought fought these celebration through the help of God. Love you mama
I AND MY SWAG HUSBAND                                                                                                           

The time has finally come.. yea  it's my turn yeppi. God is indeed awesome I can't just imagine. This testimony was just right after THE SHIFT MOMENT. God opened my marital destiny instantly less than few months I got Engaged to God's ordained man for me. Truely a thither and a giver can never be left out in Gods present. Truely you can't bring the ark of God to your house and Blessings won't come, I guess it all began there when the ark of Swag Sistas was laid in my house and office, I asked God in return for so many things which He did and after the Shift Boom the ring got into my fingers. Am so glad I belong to such Family, were God dwells. As long as you are spiritually concious God will visit you. Times I taught GOD was silent, Swag p will always tell me Naya, God is working in ways you cannot see,and I took every word and today am inviting you all to my Wedding. swag Sistas awaiting I declare you are next.  MY WEDDING INFO :
Join us in the celebration of the holy matrimony of Mina Georgewill and Lt. Fubara Tariah. Traditional marriage ceremony,date:11/27/2014. Venue: plot 13 Walter akpana layout, mile 4, port Harcourt .Time :1pm. Bibife ceremony follows by 5pm at 23 salvation street , off ada George .White wedding ceremony, date:11/29/2014.Venue : Living Faith Church , dline, port Harcourt, 10am , reception immediately following ceremony at Viontel Hotel , stadium road, phc. RSVP: Precious Opara : 08068209059


My name is Swag Anic (Abuja) I want to thank God for saving mi from a robbery attack. Earlier today Swag P gave a word to pray against armed robbers around us i thank God I prayed against it. I was in a taxi from area11 heading to Zone 2 when from nowhere I saw a guy standing beside my cab he put his hand into the cab and almost reached for my fone I just called the name of Jesus and immediately I screamed 'JESUS' the guy took to his heels the most amazing thing is that I have heard such incidents and no matter what they will still take all from You but mine was different it was like the guy saw something more than me in the cab and I guess JESUS who was sitting by my side, if you see the race he took was like he instantly ran insane really grateful to God for everything and for sending  Swag P into my life,shes continually been a source of inspiration to me...May God continually bless u and prosper u in all u do and Dear God I thank You for saving me tonight and also not allowing the evil ones find me and sending Your Word of instruction through Your vessel Swag p. My Father I thank You extremely too much on Sunday on the ground it was also declared no evil one will see us wow, indeed it's a Big testimony for me because most of the time such is being planned by the taxi man and the thief but You covered me early hours of the morning before it occured, I appreciate You my God and I say Thank You. Never take the Red-flower for granted and indeed this 3days of our fast and praise spoke wonders*hugs*

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Good Morning Swag P! I am sooooo happy Remember I have being asking u to pray along with me for a speedy processing of my green card application right?. I need to join my husband oh! Well, the US immigration said they couldn't find my file and we had to re-file. God is working it out and infact, He has done it for me, He has put the enemy to shame. This matter had seen all of 3years oh 2011! I will cut it short here: The application was approved and I went to the embassy to pick up my visa and the very mean and unfriendly woman who attended to me refused to give me the visa. I was very, very sad for a long time. We decided to try again and were told the original file was missing and could not be found anywhere. , hmmm! Almost unbelievable, we had to gather documents all over again and got a new US attorney who was suprised at the whole drama and delay. He reassured us that he was going to get it done. We started in Jan this year, I joined Swag sistas in Nov last year oh! I shared this matter with Swag P in March and she told me in her usual way....; "it is done with a hug!"i never stopped coming to the Ground because she says keep coming you never can tell if the day you don't come is you own Sunday that hit my spirit and I never stopped. March was our SHIFT TIME and That was all I asked God to do and Tag my Mystery Seed to it and I knew it's Done. JUNE came I chatted with Swag P again to please pray with me about this matter  and she texted back to say"DONE" and said as long as you were on that ground during the love feast in JUNE again and pertook of the Blood of sprinkling I will experience Speed and my mystery seed which I dropped again, will break that delay and I screamed I believe . I ceased to be impatient and relaxed about it. My husbands faith had being stronger than mine sef. Lol! Anyway, I prayed about it at midnight in June, July and now again. I relaxed and claimed it big time!!!Swag p the result and Feed back I got today in this season of one request,my sister swag komphie helped me submit mine which you signed original copy collected by you,i asked God to frustrate the US embassy and pull out every missing file, and it's been under my pillow which I have been praising. Hmmm my Swags, Well today I asked the attorney handling it and this was what he sent to me oh!...after 3years of DELAY...

 "Great news. I just spoke to the staff member, Ms. Toni. She said your application is in the California service centre. She said they FOUND the original application. And they are reviewing the application. They gave her 60 days to receive a response, which should be 1 October 2014." #fainted#

Omg were did the missing file appear from after 3years. No no no this is too much. The result is the feedback that I got today oh! I believe that just like Swag P proclaimed today again as I told her that "I will be joining my husband very soon make I start to pack my Load IJN!" Enough of him shuttling to NIGERIA  and USA  haba!lol! Swag sistas I am so happy. In 3years we don try tire until my Seed became a Mystery, God showed up for me amongst pretty women a group I call 'were God no de forget person' Praise be to God! Swag P  May God continue to strengthen you physically and spiritually IJN. Thank you very much indeed for your prayers and words of encouragement God bless you a million fold IJN!and to my BABA GOD who directed my steps to the ground by my lil sista swag Komphie ,and He put a dance in my shoes I want to say thank YOU with the whole of my life, for Indeed it can just be You,who did it all. All Glory to You my Father and I say a BIG THANK YOU. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Good morning swag p, someone I'm owing in thousands  has cancelled all I owe him completely, I hav even lost count of how much I owe him n last week we agreed I wil pay at d end of d month but today he said its written off completely, I'm so so grateful to God cos was wondering how I wil pay off my debt wit dis issue of my boss saying he won't pay for the site jobs I did for him. I'm so so happy, just after d first day of the 3 nites of praise n dance ,my request has been settled and I know more testimonies are coming. I thank God and I'm so grateful to God. God bless u real good swag p...

SWAG Nancy   (Abuja): Wanna give you my testimony oh!!!  One of the people my dad did a supply for paid today. I remembered what you shared on Sunday that if you were told to call for a meeting on Wednesday fast between monday and Tuesday(wow sunday is a day not to forget was too deep). I told my dad to join me in fasting today ( which he did) since they promised him Wednesday and they paid today o, swag p they couldn't sleep last night because these debt was so due to be paid . P.S I am doing 3 days fast on my own not dry o! \=D/ \=D/ \=D/ . Am so happy and grateful to God that was He's own request wow, God is Amazing. Swag p thank you for knowledge on how to go on a battle before time, God will give you more wisdom. Wow praise GOD!!!


Am swag Olajumoke(Abuja): I want to thank God for making me go through those difficult times ,it made me appreciate the customized package God has given me now. My Advice is that whatever you are going through at any time is to make you a better person and to make you stronger for someone else. I thank God for Swag Jay in Lagos that made me know Swaggest P, God will continue to give you pleasant surprises. .first day I got to swag meeting you told me your heart is so sad and that God has saved you from something rejoice and 3months He shall restore that was in 2013 almost the end of the Year. I was so shock because at that point when my wedding dress was ready few days to it, the boys parents said no more wedding that I will bring back luck I was devastated. But swag sista God restored in 3months and now am getting married and am inviting you all,how the mystery answered for me, same will happen for every single swag waiting to be married. God brought me the best man that I praise that the first one didn't happen. WEDDING INFO :
Join us in the celebration of our love as Jumoke Omowemimo and Ayodeji Olatoke share their vows in the presence of God and Men on 13th September, 2014.  Church venue is Cac Oke igan( Behind stadium) Akure 10am, and reception follows at dt Thomas Church Event centre, Ondo Road, Akure. Engagement is on the 12th of September, at Oyemekun grammar school hall.  Time is 12pm. Colours of the day, friday; purple and champagne.  Saturday; Peach and teal green. .. You all are invited.. I
thank you so much God and your vessel indeed you sent her to Us. Swag p when she consoles you 4get all problems and rejoice. My enemies are ashamed na,or friends wei laugh me before you all are invited hahahahahahaah.

My name is swag lauretta(Abuja) am so excited to invite you all for my day because in few months ,what men thought it wont be possible in my life ..God has slapped them on the face.I remembered when i joined swag sistas last year all i desired was to be married so every request of mine carried that..i never gave up on that ground..and i understood giving Hes own vessel will make Jesus ask me for the remaining 9 and everytime swag p will tell me lauretta my God wont let every kindness you show me go in vain and yes God proved Himself on the last mystery seed of the year in octorber with the mstery of feet wash the ice got broken i got engaged to the man of my dreams and promoted instantly at work..being a Swag is the best thing that has happened to me and i want to thank God for a sucessful wedding because i know He has done it,swagp when i gave, you always told me my wedding will happen on a platter of gold that people will sow into my life yes it happened is it my elder brother thay gave me more than half of my wedding budget and other ones let me just stop here.Today i pray that my God will do the same for you all.MY WEDDING INFO :
Join us in the celebration of our love as Lauretta Momodu and Hosanna Uwague share their vows in the presence of God and Men on 6th December, 2014. Church venue is Mother of the Redeemer Catholic church airport junction warri 10am, and reception follows at PTI hall pti road warri, Delta state. Engagement is on the 5th of December, at PTI hall off pti road warri. Time is 12pm. Colours of the day, friday; blue n silver Saturday; Red and Gold.

Monday, 25 August 2014


Sunday 24th of August was an exciting day with the swag sistas, I enjoyed every bit of it. We started very early and ended almost past 5pm thanks to swag sistas who never want to go home o. Well as we all know we were told to bring our one prayer request before the praise starts and we all did yeppi. Was so cool we submitted and I had to sign original copy collected by me while they keep the other one, it was amazing knowing that am going to give it to God, this type don't need to go to all directors or perm secs, it goes just straight up to GOD. The whole idea is that God has to answer or I will be held responsible for not forwarding the documents. So dear God please approve all which I know you have.
We didn't really talk much yesterday I just ponded on the issue of one being depressed, having fear, anxiety, and worrying. This elements are the most dangerous ingredients to add to your life. Hmmm how you know this ingredients can keep you stagnant for ever if you don't remove it out of your soup. Those are the Devils ingredients which keeps God away from answering our prayers. To God it's like you have prayed and worshipped Him, the only thing He needs you to do is to use the ingredient of FAITH AND PATIENCE and also spice the soup up with PRAISE, but Mbano you will instead put worry, fear, anxiety, depression inside hmmm no wonder it never taste nice and your face keeps getting rinkled.some you add the ingredient of sucide to it hahaha as i always say no black man easily commits suicide ,even though e de eat stones.If a white gurl whose a swag tells me that i would be so scared but not a black swag ,as i know a white girl can commit suicide if nepa takes light while shes watching her favourite show.So please quit that ingredient fast becos e de VESS GOD . the tot alone shows how wicked you are.As God not done anything good for you?well you try that hell room one awaits you. Okay joke apart don't get to the point of thinking suicide,because your future is greater than what you see now.Stop using your today to end your story kapish. Okay if you say you trust God and have prayed why those satanic ingredients it's like telling God yea yea have prayed but not sure you can do this for me. Tara He moves to a place we're all He's ingredients is being used. A Lot of your request should have been answered since but no na you de use ya hand delay am after you go de say 'God why me ' na me be this wei you 4get' or swag p I dunno why God hates me,meanwhile you have not registered a good state of mind for God to come in. *straight face *well well as I said we settled with this, okay less I forget I advise we try to drive all the negative people wei we get as friends, especially those wei get same challenge with you wei no the tell you make una pray to God about am but go tell you make una go drink beer to forget ya sorrow,run from them.
Yes Swag Elani was the sturborn swag of the day, jumping from one place to another reason I shall keep my mouth shut only those present knows the reason why, hmmm hmmm. We all prayed and confessed positive things to ourselves and took pictures and as you know it American girl known as Swag Nancy always infront hahaha that's good, I can be that kind of person, No inshort am that kind of person. what shocked me on the ground was that I asked which swag sista will join me on the 3days dry fast journey,they were all looking at me, I was like huh nobody. I asked mayb they didn't hear kie no one raised her hands up, just because I said addition we shall praise 12am-4am they ran,well I have no choice to run along and stand as a point of contact for you Swagz.
We had wonderful testimonies by Swag Oma, swag patience, Swag I wanna, and a comfort word by swag vivie who said the word for today was just for her and she feels great and happy.  Well my advise is when you have prayed ever prayer you know how to pray ,Just know He's able. He's working in ways you cannot see, He doesn't sleep or slumber so just rest in He's love and praise and wait. IT WILL SURELY HAPPEN.

Ok them Swagz! You all WATCH GOD and I gat your originals, submitted already. 
Swag p and Swag mandy we know her as Swag rihana who looks to dazzle us with her fashion EVERY SUNDAY..beautiful woman I call her.. ok I was taking a solo pic when she ran inside *not smiling*

Thursday, 21 August 2014


My God can never fail, My God can never fail. He is the same forever . Swag Shirley(Abuja ),God I thank you for all you have done. Just yesterday I called Swag p, I said my younger siblings are having issues with their studies here in the UK. They have a good foundation and have always passed their exams. My sister who is doing her masters was asked to resit a module in her first semester . She didn't reference properly. She did the module and yesterday she received a mail saying she failed the module again and has to resit it with attendance . This is someone who is writing her dissertation and planning to come home in October because she got a job with CBN. I told Swag P hmmm she so laughed and said shirlee, una no know book,in short it made me start laughing me that called with so much sadness and she said Shirley , you are a Swag na, go and read psalm 35,tell her to do so too. The enemies will not waste your father's money the second I asked them to read psalm 35 too and I praised God and said it's painful but I give Him all the Glory for my sister's result,chated with swag p almost before the 12am we were asked to ask God for one thing,swag p then told me shirlee don't be shocked you will hear it's a mistake and I said Amen o, it is all to God's Glory( e no easy to talk that kain thing oh, to praise God for failure) told my sister to read the bible passage . Hmmm. God answers prayer oh. I told my sister to send a mail to the tutor taking the module. She went to see the student supervisor and the lady told her am sorry, it was a MISTAKE. Omg just as it was declared WHAT. Told her  Your script was sent elsewhere . How? Which kain talk be that. The lady brought the script out oh. sister scored 70, she got "A" oh. I just want to thank God oh. I give God all the praise for this testimony and I pray that everyone who have been denied their rights because of the word "MISTAKE " that God will restore back all they lost in Jesus name. Amen. Swag P, may God continue to bless you abundantly, swag p make my sista gist una her self haaaaaaaaaa...God i just say thank you..una no go understand...

Swag Lisha(uk)Thank you for your prayers and  having faith in me even when i had little or no faith. I started my masters programme in September last year in the Uk. A few weeks into my programme  I was given my first course work. I wrote the course work and forgot to attach my bibliography and i  also dint reference well, I totally dint understand how the system works. The results came out and my paper was held for plagiarism and I was asked to re-write the paper. I cried my eyes out but i ended up writing the paper again last month. So yesterday I checked my student portal for my result and realised it had been pasted and I failed the re-sit. I cried because I was sure of what i wrote. I wrote the paper very well and the lowest grade i have had so far was a B, so how could i possibly fail this re-sit that was held just because i dint reference well and i dint attach my bibliography. My sister told me she spoke with you swag p and you told her to pray and read Psalm 35 and tell me to do so too and praise. She told me to praise and read the same psalm but of course i dint praise I just couldn’t in the state i was but i read the psalms. I just kept telling myself I was finished because i got a job offer last week and with this problem,  I was definitely going to miss the offer. So first thing this morning with no faith I had a bath and went to school to see my student adviser but was sure to hear it was a MISTAKE as it was declared. Immediately I got there she told me to give her my ID card so she could check for my script. I gave it to her and she came back with my script apologising huh that it was a MISTAKE on their part and they dint find my script initially. I couldn’t believe what i was hearing i looked at my paper and realised I made a distinction (an A) in the course. i was so so happy i just couldn’t believe my eyes. The fact is that some of this issues they will tend not to correct themselves just to keep the high esteem so you will just resit but my God of PSALM 35 had fought over night for me. Every now and then God does things to remind and prove to us that he is God. I am a living testimony and I am forever grateful. Swag p indeed praising God in all mood as you instructed should never be taken for you big time and see i know book i got an A*tongue out* and all THANKS TO MY GOD..devil wanted me to miss my job,he tried to use man to drag me back but my God slap them all hahahahahahahahahah am so happy...YOU MY GOD ANYTIME ..ANY DAY.


Hmmm mama I do not know how to thank this God o I don't even know how or where to start,my name is SWAG STELLA (PORTACOURT PA) let me start with my testimony part one, I got ur pin during my pop nysc in Abuja. I became a swag but in ph, when I met my mama as I fondly call u in person  u told me Stella u must testify I said amen by then I was jobless , u came to ph for SHIFT n u said it's my time for SHIFT and we did the mystery mama u told me my job is settled in two days I got a call to come n pick up my appointment letter in Abuja with a government body.Just two days after shift ooo Haaa I no write exam or interview .it did not end there o my pay was back dated to January\=d/ I never talk that one finish I got posted to ph which they normally don't do cos am from there and live there but in my case they posted me there and made me a desk officer  and am assisting my director Kai Jehovah just dey embarrass me with blessings am so speechless all I can say is thank u lord n thank u mama for being a vessel for Gods use. Part 1b, during Shift program I told swag p what is going on in my relationship all she said was forget it live him no be the man for you and I said ha mama and she said I don tell you Stella live that relationship and before I set my eyes on you in June, God go send your HUSBAND,that I must clear the road so he comes, I don't use mamas instructions for joke even though it's hard so I obeyed and left the relationship fast Without looking back. I kept my eye open and June came but I was too sure that he will arrive before I see mamas face as God told her to tell me.  hmmm some weeks to our June meeting God showed that he is God after mama told me that the next time she will see me i will be planning my wedding and it came to past . The man showed up oh, when he came I knew, mama said as he comes he will say marry me, she said he will love God and he will have something to do with oil, swag sistas he showed up and said too me 'I want to Marry You' I didn't need to say let's know each other better because every clue was accurate,sharp sharp he don start to talk to my mum like everything was looking like film , let me stop here cos my testimony part2 is on the way. All I can say is it pays to be a swag sista my life is a testimony,lost my dad and bad belle people think my mums children will amount to nothing even me as first born,their eyes are up to see if marriage go sure, mama knows my story in deep and she told me Stella,you go give them your invitation card to your wedding with a man wei go restore all the kankan worm don eat , swag p my mama God bless u for us may the oil on ur head never run dry for picking me up from that pop in my lost state n showing me that purity pays God bless u and enlarge u. To God be all the glory n adoration. I love u till Christ comes. Testimony part1c: during May I had to prepare for our June meeting I said God my mama can't come in June and sort her hotel, I emptied my account to make sure of her accommodation n our cake,wasn't ready for any delay o cant wait for no one,i know what am looking for so was ready to carry any cross . My account read zero but i was not moved i was too happy has ever. After the meeting which went well in the room mama woke up from sleep and  said stella u can't give me a roof n lack hmm Stella u r blessed, unless God hasn't called me ,you emptied your account for Gods work,just as this cake you payed for is sweet ,you will experience sweet things and that man must ring you,i laughed and slept off so happy because i had sown into a fertile dear that was when my marital destiny opened i am too sure because i felt a release.. Some days ago after mama asked me of my ring,i said hes not given me oh but hes talking to mum and have met hes family ..mama said huh na wetin i ask you be that .mama repeated the question stella wheres your ring then i answered he has not given me,mama kept mute and shouted stella its time,its time stella and i shouted Amen . Okay i read testimonies and know God oh but this is amazing as i dropped the phone next day he came and got me engaged I got it now,mama were are you i got my ring now .I swag stella your porhacourt PA got the ring ,mama God honoured your word.Being your PA has changed my destiny,connecting from you has changed my story. God did this for me in return as I did all for Him..i look at my finger every every second because my fiance said there's no need to try to know you, I knew you when you were organising your fellowship,going up and down,saw your interest and then i concluded no wrong girl has time and interest for Gods work and your pastor didn't just choose you to assit her guess it was led by God. so it was enough for me to engage you in less than three months..even before i spoke about purity mama,he had told me sex wont happen until after marriage and i told him am a SWAG and told him our mandate he was shocked.mama told me when God sends the man,he wont even want to see your body and yes yes yes so it was .Swag Sistas my wedding is December 6th*crying*dancing* mama OCTOBER just cant wait to jump on you...I got my ring. God did it all !Father You did it all! Am excited everyone guess what? IT CAN JUST BE GOD...


My name is swag nancy(lagos) popularly called American girl by swag p yeaaaa. I met swag p during the shift moment in march through my dear friend and believe me i enjoyed all the moment and knew i was on the right ground. Well after sometime found myself in Abuja just visiting but i didn't miss any Sunday fellowship with my sistas. Firstly how i wanted my masters result came to pass just as i wanted this was written down in my envelop in march and also one pressing issue my relationship which had lasted years hmmm.My man was supposed to come since last year o as planned to Nigeria to see my parents finally but it's been one delay after another and it wasn't funny.i Sent Swag P a message because the date kept changing to months, and I was growing very impatient because his company hadn't paid his income for a couple of months. Swag P said no delay anymore that his company will pay and he will come that i should believe nothing will stop him all will be settled ,i believed and during the love feast in june,i was so connected and in my envelop i had written this issue and faithfully i connected to swag ps prayer with the mystery seed and i felt so much peace wow i see stars#in funetic#shortly after the love feast via the blood of sprinkling which speaks speed answered just accurately.He called me and said tickets have been paid for and he came in this month of August from the UK and as soon as he saw me, he asked me to be his wife and I said yes ,you don't think in this kind of situation and collected my diamond ring sharply. He said he couldn't wait a day longer. We have been together for over 7 years and my family and few close friends are like "finally" lol but i knew as a swag and faith on the ground what seemed after 7years like it will never come ,came 4months as a Swag Sista. Truly we have been saved with Amazing grace and Swagp i find you Amazingly friendly and funny and that's just the people God sends with Hes word. . We bless God because we know that delay is not denial and when I was worrying and complaining Swag P set me straight. And it all worked out for our good because his boss even gave him spending money very unusual in UK ,haha ,he was paid all he's money the company owned him and also money for dash join,its clear God was in support ( which I collected the money) lol. Swag p, God bless you immensely and enlarge your coast.God,I have always known You are always on time father..and i lift up my hands and say i worship You God and give You all the GLORY. #singing# wedding plans have began ..details will be alerted to all my sistas in a twinkle so wear your dancing shoes for 2014...God all the way am out.muah

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


This our God is so wonderful and faithful,He keeps his promise and do what he says he will do. Am Swag Bee(benin),immediately I got pregnant  my man changed o it was like ha the devil tested my faith by making things go wrong oh he just left no were to be found . I kept buzzing swag p,she doesn't reply me well,i cried and cried,I was being maltreated so bad to the extent, I planned on getting rid of the baby because I didn't know how pregnancy will make a man change until he's no were to be found. While I was still in my tot  then came swag p's red flower saying 'Don't Abort that child or you die along' I was so shocked because I knew it was for me so I didn't think about it and  I was confused and depressed. I added swagp tru my friend swag tina,so when she came in march I narrated the whole story to her, swag p looked into my eyes then touched my tommy and said just because of this baby I pronounce everything settled,your husband settled, marriage PEACE,your life will be full of praise and this baby no harm shall befall her and that I should focus on God and live man alone he will come back and said IT IS DONE .i believed and was so happy like a rock fell of me . Things went really well after that he came back I was so happy and told swag p o we were happy, but d devil came back to tempt me again,this time it was worst. He left and I couldn't reach him on phone hmmmm.  I was really scared,i told swag p she shouted I should leave him alone that things will get better and also live her nah . June Swag sista came I payed so much attention and swag p called me out gave me a plate of food,asked how far I said worse o, you smiled and said watch God and touched my tommy and said this child God has claimed no man fit stop the child's destiny I said Amen,my mystery seed I held up to God to settle me . Oh God my testimony is too long o. Now this is the reason am testifying When I was suppose to give birth passed oh every one wei even get belle before me don born and the ones we got pregnant same time had given birth I didn't know what was happening to me oh not even labour or anything ha people don start to look me self. I asked for swagp's number she gave me. D devil took my attention elsewhere I didn't call. On d 9th of Aug I pinged her to tell her that I haven't given birth and people are beginning to ask questions that it's not normal o. Swagp said I should write some verses on a paper which she gave me and put it on my tommy to sleep that in 24hrs I will give birth,i did all she said read d verses she gave me placed them all on my tommy  if you had entered my room that night you will think something is wrong with me but there's nothing like obeying o. I slept that day like never before oh with so much peace because have not been sleeping which was like an attack when I woke up the next day morning swags next day o I started having labour pains and I was rushed to the hospital and gave birth @12:49pm not to long i got to the hospital like d Hebrew women just as God declared thru Hes vessel in less than 24hrs oh just placing psalms on my belle,wetin the delay me to born go 12 feet under ground and disgraced my enemies who don mock me .if only them know say i be Swag. ... My God is Great and mighty God!!And to crown am up over night my hubby returned and has changed to a better person for me,if una see love and support like it was clear the devil had hes plans oh as i speak naming is on monday,i de pose de tell people shea i tell una my swag p say na the End go matter say my pikin na joy no be curse.Am too happy and too glad.i cant wait swag p to bring my baby for the last tour in OCTORBER  so you go confirm Her swag hahahhaha. God bless and keep u for us swag p family and my baby girl we say we can never live God.when people don de gossip your belle you can imagin the shame ,let me dont talk because God has silence my enemies and fought my battle am so excited and happy and theres peace in my family this can only be God who settled it i know why swag p kept praying those prayer points over my pregnancy. IT CAN JUST BE GOD.. chei Amen


My name is Oluwaseyi Shobowale(lagos), am so over joyed because of what God has done for me thru Swag P, here is my story. I got married on the 8 of december 2012 and the chase for the fruit of the womb began...after a year my tongues started wagging and my cousin decided to take me to a place she never disclosed to me, on getting there it was an herbalist and they did all their juju things and I was told to bring 45k for the necessary things, told my cousin I couldn't do it and all hell let lose then I got Swag P's pin from a friend this year and I shared my problem with her in her words "if u dare go to that place u will be in more trouble ,you will regret for the rest of my life, rather take that money double it ,shea you be wan give babalawo 45k so double that money and give it to any church of ur choice then go to the market and start buying baby things". That advice was so hard to obey o but I did as she said in pains the glory of the all mighty God just yesterday I collapsed at work, was rushed to the hospital only to be told, Madam u are pregnant. I told the doctor its a lie stop lying to me den I tried another hospital same thing. Swag P the good Lord u serve will never leave u.....u shall continue to be a source of joy to all other women out there praying for the fruit of the womb,you said to me 2012 -2014 too small for God I should do as said and Watch God am too happy and just to glad, guess those wei say na babalawo Go BOW for my God as I refused to go and I was almost tormented about not going after swag p don tell me say you will give that money and look for a child more than the years of the amount you go give fake man and I stood my Ground and He didn't disgrace the way I had boasted in He's name, swag p said if God can't do it let it be left un done and oh how I boasted repeating these word to those who cared to ask,OCTORBER. I can't wait to testify how MY SHIFT HAS HAPPENED ....thank u and God bless u real good #dancing# Singing# jumping# OsHe...

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Swag p omg, You remember that time I told you I was applying for US visa? And you told me OMO you will be celebrated when you arrive there, and you will get that visa and people will see my work and look for me and I said Amen. Well it didn't work again, cos I got robbed in a taxi. Lost all my documents. CAC papers, passport, phones, laptop, digital camera, clothes and many other things. I was in shock! Didn't know what to do, because I just applied for the visa, awaiting the govt organisation to tell me the next step. Sadly the day I was robbed was a day before sallah break, and federal high courts were even on strike. Something tried to get me to be bitter and question God, because honestly at this time I was broke!!! No money. I started saying God why me? Do I forbid hitch free blessing? I wanted to ping you and inform you, b ut I changed my mind and said (SwagP will start praying again. I nor get power for all this casting and binding hahahaha). However, I rebuked the spirit of bitterness and began to take everything with an attitude of praise and gratitude and kept reading the red flowers and declarations which was clear God was with me on this, I stood still for one thing the prophesy swag p said that I OMO will be celebrated there and my work will be noticed by all, it was god who gave me the message so that must happen . I did everything necessary to get my documents back but it was taking longer than expected. Then the executive director of the organization sponsoring the trip, called me when he got back into the country. He was furious that I didn't let him know personally what I was passing through. He asked me to package my products that one of the staff would take them to the exhibition in America. He even sent his driver to follow me to my store and wait till I was done ha God in action oh because I remembered God that my mystery seed had to speak for me, I dropped it will my whole heart for my business to turn around so I knew God was on this one . The driver waited for almost 4hours, took the box and left. The next day, they called me to their office, and gave me a brown envelope, saying they are sorry but I should managed the money as a compensation for missing the trip. It was 500k huh ha huh somebori wake me up. I decided to also ask the director for a favour and asked him for a laptop if they had any old one. Today he asked me to come to his office, I went there, he gave me the laptop on a platter of Gold indeed I remembered one Thursday I ran to the ground just to plant my thithe and swag p you looked into my eyes and said no man will rob me Ever and yes no man because my God began to restore all that was stolen free of charge , and also my passport is out from immigration. I believe God doesn't make mistakes!God doesn't rob a SWAG! Everything that happened  is for a reason for me to see He's hand and tell me He is the one who celebrates He's children not man. I didn't go physically to America, but belois my business name has entered America with my clothing and I believe God will send me big buyers that will make my machines know they r machines. Also I got a laptop, a need I have begged God to provide since and I also got cash to tend to my immediate needs!!! God is good. He opened the door, and no man can shut it and Swag i pray for you today that God will decorate you and to God i say a big thank Youuuuuuuu!!! Hallelujah

Friday, 8 August 2014


swag p oh ehn ehn I don show blog! Mystery seed don enter for the most important thing wei de make me worry kie , Naa so them talk say we no fit marry for my family DAT we get spirit husband, another pastor say Naa inherited family bondage even my papa agree say late marriage dey him family but I refused to accept DAT. I joined swag sisters last year and I told u everything and u said OMA u and Ur sisters too fine for any of those rubbish wei pastors dey talk DAT I should watch wat God will do say when them just see yellow people dem go conclude hahaha wow swag p you changed my mentality that day and I stood strong,theres something you told me, you said even thou it's true in the family as long as am a swag and have stepped my leg on that ground,i and my sisters have been seperate from that lie lie curse and I said I BELiEVE.I can remember one morning I pinged u almost in tears DAT my dad woke me up saying he did not sleep all nite due yo d fact DAT he was thinking of wat his friends asked him. they were like how can he have 3 beautiful educated working girls and non is married, DAT gave my poor dad sleepless nite. .which I told you and you said wow na now God go disgrace that man wei go ask your dad,that kind of question. You declared, I remembered u saying OMA b4 d end of Dis year if Naa God call you to lead swag sisters DAT there must b a wedding in my family I shouted amen. swag p God decided to honour his word with my 1st born ohhhh, I would ave bin sad if Naa me marry b4 am. swag p my sis who has a 6 yes old son at home Naa him young bobo come say him must marry cut d long story short they came for introduction and i told u abt it and u said good, traditional wedding done -white wedding done. .to God b d glory last Saturday was her white wedding and I thank God cos God gave my sis wedding as a birthday gift to my mum ,she turned 50 a week b4 d wedding was a shock for all family members,to us no be shock because it has been declared no curse of the land can affect my family and I stood strong. Were do I dance from because I know the Door has been Opened am too glad. Last love feast that was my deep desire for God to confirm he's word before 2014 Ends,that they must be a wedding in my house and yeppi it came to past Suddenly. Swag p I pray for you today that God will give you a testimony that will shock the world. Jesus indeed the blood of sprinkling spoke for I and my too glad! My darling sister am so happy for you and I wish you all the best in your marriage, you shall be fruitful. Thank YOU JESUS. *dancing* #come and join me sing hallelujah#


I really want to thank God for everything especially for his divine healings,am swag kareema from kaduna,and was present at the love feast all the way from kaduna. I have been sick for weeks now,it all started with severe abdominal pain which my friends rushed me to the hospital when we got there the doctors gave me injections and drugs we went back home,the following day it started again in the morning so they rushed me back again,when we got there doctors asked me to go for scanning which I did and took the result to the doctor . When the result was out the doctors said my large intestine was a bit swollen,hmmmmm I said the devil is a liar,after giving me drugs we went home and immediately my right leg began to hurt and swell ,so I passed through pains for days then I pinged Gods vessel and she typed HUH and told her about the scan and she said OMGREAT GOD,it was funny o the response , swag p you said how come I said had typhoid didn't know then ate some fruits that triggered it. You said kareema removed that crying Dp now and sharply I did and you said doctors report na lie make I praise God no how report go change and healings go take place  I said Amen and Obeyed. After the praise went back to the  hospital yesterday because the pains kept increasing and the doctor said I should go and do another scanning I went did it and he said after seeing the result that everything is normal oh from what he saw first,at the end he wrote another drugs and advice me to go for prayers because its beyond the hospital ,medically I am alright. I came back home, started reading testimonies on the blog and using the healing ones as point of contacts  and began to pray casting and binding any spirit of affliction in me,threw Arrows Back and slept off  having been sleeping for days and stood on Gods declaration that I will be healed totally  and when I woke up I felt  no pains again instantly from both the abdominal and leg pain,swag p I want to thank God for His healings and your prayers,God bless you and luv u bigtime! Don't know what the enemies planned but my God who has said thou they shall gather and must scatter,fought the battle for me over night and put my enemies to shame. Father I say You alone I give all the Glory too. Thank You Abba Father.

Thursday, 7 August 2014


 Swag Ifueko(Abuja)Praise God!Indeed He answers prayers. The rent from my flat in Benin has been due since first week of June. The son of my tenant who was to credit my account started acting dubious. He had been given the money,but he was lying that he wasn't guess he ate the money .Even his sister in Abuja promised to pay,but started posting me for months o. Finally,she stopped picking my calls. I got upset on saturday,august 2nd and called Swag P because I have been praying . Swag p told me to praise from 12 midnite to 1am,and prayed ehn and also declared that there will be no sleep for them until I am paid and gives them 1st week of August, they must pay that money..if God be on the throne, swag p from your voice I knew it was done because before you left abuja, you declared they must pay and when I told you, you screamed huh they never still pay that money .I did the praise that night and slept. I went to church on sunday,and during the communion service,my Pastor declared that August is our month of praise, I was so amused because thru the instruction from above thru swag p I had started my own praise and I smiled and say God knows everything before time.I was excited,so I repeated it on sunday night again  and praised on monday .At almost midnite on tuesday o not in the day ,I woke up to check the time on my phone if it was time to praise. I realised that I had an email alert from my bank .I wondered what it was because I didn't transact that day,and behold,it was a credit alert for 100k from Benin. I was amazed choii first week of August as it was declared. I thank God because it could only have been Him. There is a balance of 32k,but I know it is coming with speed yes our month of SPEED. Swagp let God be protect and increase you and give you more wisdom, kie my mind has rested o because I needed to pay for accommodation which was almost getting late but God showed up just in time yeppi .Thank You Jesus

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


My name is swag mimi from Benin, I met swag p through my cousin swag oke. Two days ago my mum complained about chest pains but yesterday it was very serious. She couldn't breath well or talk well either every one tot it was going to be over, because the state of the pains and suddenly she couldn't breath , I told Swag P about situation immediately as I called her ,swag p pursed for a while,i was even scared about the silent then  she asked if my mum is there with me in the same house, nd I said , Yes. Swag P instructed me to copy out Psalm 124 and place it on her chest; which I did even thou I was wondering the mystery and then something miraculously Happened, Swag sistas I was glued to what will happen o with that psalms on her chest then before I knew it the pain stopped, she turned and started talking o  and moving wow and the breath came back as it should be, for that moment my mouth was wide open and it done on me the moment swag p was silent when I called and told her,she wanted to hear from God what to do and He told her and I obeyed the instructions and in my very eyes my mum stood up, stronger than ever before with no pains. Pains which we have been battling and confused about. Instantly I took her to hospital to run a test again and to my shock ,The doctor checked her and said she was fine and every check up proved she was accurate, omg I was dazed,this wasn't magic, this was God in He's word, He says everything will come alive in With He's word and swag sistas, God didn't Fail. Thank God for his mercies and permanent healing on my mum's life, am too happy you all won't understand the state she was that's why am so pleased. Thank God for his daughter(swag p) and his anointing upon her life. God bless swag p.          

Monday, 4 August 2014


My name is swag Gloria(US). I was introduced to swag P by my friend swag Tina (lag) in June. Recently, I ping swag P and told her of my father's illness. He couldn't talk, or feel his right side. My mother said she was scared cos she has never seen my dad like before and it was strange to me cos I spoke to my dad, 2 days earlier and he told me he is battling with his health, that ever since he came back from the village last month that's when he started feeling that way. So they took him to the hospital on Sunday and I told swag P. She told me to tell my mother to put salt inside water and bless it and give him to drink. I called my mom and my mom said she will do it the next day cos they want to do test on him in the morning and he can't put anything in his mouth. I pinged swag P and she told me she shd use the salt water and wash his feet and prophesied that were ever stroke is coming from it runs back to the sender that as soon as it's will regain Himself Back for God is on the throne. I called my mom back and told her, she said ok. And i was crying cos am very attached to my dad and I was saying to myself and praying that I want my dad to see my children and enjoy the fruit of his labor. Then, I called my mom 2 days later and she told me she use the salt n water to wash all over his body and instantly  he began move and cross his right leg and he is trying to move his hand. He is smiling if you say something funny and he speaks one one syllable word which he couldn't do anything before the instruction and prophesy . I pinged swag P to give her the update and she said in 48 hrs my father will be back on his feet. 48 hrs neva reach but I believe God that has he has spoken thru his servant so shall it be. Swag sisters, pls pray for my dad full recovery and I believe God will not turn his back on his own ..for even my mum is still shocked at the instant progress and Yes God has proved He's word.. Dad is doing so well very fast.

Another testimony I am excited abt, my hubby is a special education teacher with the state govt and they did a massive lay off below 15 yrs, which affected my husband and he was layed of , though he got another job immediately, but wasn't happy cos the pay of the new job was low and the distance is far and building a rapport with new set of people will take a while but He still accepted it sha cos bills dey to pay. I read swag P msg that said make we try praise dance small before we sleep july 31st -1st August, truely when I got the bc I knew it was for me and I keyed into it and the Declaration for August our month of Speed and I danced and slept peacefully. went to church continued the praise dance and said God am a Swag do something with speed that will shock I and my hubby. Choiiii swag sistas after the praise oooo the next day my husband got a call from his former job were they layed him off that they want to hire him back with his complete experience ( seniority matter for obodo oyibo) and with an increase in salary WOWZ. How amazing is that? So shocking office lay you off come call you increase salary men it can only be God that honored the praise that was instructed we do for speed. Who says there is no God. I am so grateful to God for my friend swag Tina who introduced me to swag P. Na so God dey use pple bless person o. There is nothing I want more than to be in his presence. As I have started with these testimonies, so will I continue to testify the amazing power of God in my life. # swagforlife, #amazinggrace, #loveswagP.

Saturday, 2 August 2014


My name is christy(Abuja).my mum has been managing her diabetes and bp for some times now,but recently d condition got worsen.she started complaining of cold,along side wit d bp dat is high n d sugar level was also high.we hv been to different hospitals in abuja but no hospital has been able to understand the condition of my mum ,due to cold but d cold refuses to go,my dad had to buy a heater to circulate heat in her rum but to no avail.we keep rushing her to d hospital every now n den. Her conditions was weighing me down so I pinged swap p on Sat and told her d problem.she told me to put salt in water n pray deep into it that God does the things doctors cannot do that my mum will experience God as soon as she drinks the water and it's settled and Done that the next check up go shock every one,Believed and asked God to prove He's word from He's vessels mouth and restore my mum's health and before  Wednesday,as she goes for her check up as declared the report will shock the doctors,every cold will run and bp back to sender. .so I gave her the water and salt. we checked  her bp b4 she went to hospital on Wednesday n it was normal wow and she wasn't feeling dat cold any longer, I had to ask her well well, swag sistas this issue has taken us to different best hospital you can think of oh, couldn't understand mum feeling cold in her bones .The report we got from d hospital wen she got back on Wed was dat,it was an acute malaria dat was causing d cold but all dis while series of  test were conducted on her and they didn't detect,it was acute malaria.thru d power of d salt n water(2kings 2:21-22),as swag p asked me to do,they were able to detect what d problem is and truly cold and bp pack their load Run...i give God all d glory,cuz my mum is feeling better now. May God continue to bless u swap p and I give all Glory to the most high,who has saved my mum and gave me a dancing Song. Thank You BaBa.


My name is Swag Jennifer (port) Swag P,God has done it ooo and changed d evil report of d devil.u know I told u I went to d clinic to get d coil I fixed for family planning removed but after checking me he said it was missing that he can't find it that I have to go and do a scan, he checked and checked ehn that he became too confused because it Was unusual, it's so easy to remove .i was scared pinged you and you said use d blood tonight and go forth its done were ever it has ran to it will be found instantly that the blood will speak for me,i was so sure because my mystery seed will not bring sorrow to me .i did as u directed believing God 4 a miracle,after d scan went straight to d hospital didn't want to delay,saw d doctor entered d theatre and d doctor checked me and was amazed o at what he saw only a miracle could have done this the coil was there same place he checked and checked like he was gonna faint, I smiled because the Blood had answered for me, well  it was swiftly removed with little or no pain and no complication as against wat the devil planned.indeed God is faithfull that's why I call him Jehovah, overdo.God bless u swag P and bless ur ministry as well kisses to you muaaaaaa .


Good day 2 all d Swag Sisters,am Swag Rose. I stay in Lag, am suppose 2 have given this testimony b4 now. It all started even before my hubby got married 2 me. He once told me that all through his life. He has been trying 2 travel out,all 2 no avail. Any time he put his papers 2 travel 2 any country something will jt happen 2 destroy d whole plan. Then after so many years he decided 2 establish in Niaja. So recently after our wedding,he decided 2 give it a try again,dat was  just early dis month. So he went 2 Immigratn office with his previous passport,he wanted 2 renew it. So after d registratn dey opened a file 4 him and took d old passport,den ask him 2 come bk d next day. My Swag Sisters.. Can u believe it d next day he went dey by 7.30am and frm dat morning dey starting looking 4 his file till 4.30pm,his file went missing. And the lady working dey said since her 22yrs of working in Immigration such thing has neva happen 2 her b4. So Wen my hubby called and told me what was happening immediately I started praying and then I called Swag P. After telling her what has been  happening she laughed and  prayed and also agreed together after the prayer  she told me dey will see the  file and d passport that who ever is stopping hubby from travelling since many years na today that person will know there's a God,that I should just go sleep it will come out. I then told her with out d old passport he can't get a new one, she said ooo this girl please live me which new one, didn't I say he will find it, and said please madam my head is full am by my mums bed in the hospital and once she has spoken I should rest becos na her head is full to be repeating things, it's so funny now becos I went huh at the other side of the phone and fast I say please am sorry and swag p said I hear you go sleep and then told Swag P I believe God  . Then I called my hubby by 5pm he told me he has left d place, he is know coming back home, wow was so down casted I called swag p again and told her he's left and they didn't find it. Swag p said but I told you this passport will be found what is it,i said he has left and she said Watch GOD, it's almost 6pm Watch my GOD in action now and I said Amen ,Swag sistas oh my GOD, do U know by 5.30pm d woman called my hubby and told him she  found d file and his passport in their boss's office,she can't tell who took  dat particular file rapped it with robber ban and hid it in that office that it was too strange for her . We couldn't believe what happened,but all I want 2 say is Thank U Jesus,called swagp told her ,she said MY GOD NO DE LIE wow.I know He dat has started this good work will Complete it 2 d end. It can only be God. Thank U Swag P... God will continue to bless U and Ur household Amennnn.


My name is Swag Queen (Abuja) when God closes a door he surely opens another. I've been complaining to Swagp about my place of work and how I close really later infact I realised that I was spending 12hrs of my time at work which was really stressful, the funny part was that I was basically doing nothing during the extra time I spent. Swag p told me to pray then talk to my boss about it which I did. When I told him he said he doesn't care that I must close when he closes (and I'm not even his secretary) when I got home,swag p said dance 4 night and so  I praised God. The next day my boss change mouth to favor me, he told me I could close by 6pm. I was still working there but I was unhappy, an opportunity came for me to attend an interview which I did very well. The MD of the company was impressed and said she will get back to me, I waited and waited but no call, text message or email. SwagP told me that I shouldn't worry that I'll get the job that before the devil tries to get me stranded, God will amaze me that I should go and dance again that that job I must be called back and so Finally after a month I got a call on thursday that I had gotten the job but the salary was a little less than my current so I told myself I wouldn't take it,  instead of calling them to decline the offer, the Holyspirit told me to wait and also if I tell swag p I know she will say huh you better go and start there and grow so I didn't decline. . Just for me to go to work On friday o when I got to my office I received a letter that my employment had been terminated. I have never been given query whether written or verbal. It just stated they cldnt afford to keep me there. Thank God I didn't reject the other offer so I called and I was told I can resume the following week wow I now remembered when swag p told me, before the devil tries to get me stranded, my God will shame them kie Am so tripped.. God's plans for us are of good and not of evil to bring us to an expected end. God knew I was going to loose my job so he had another waiting for me so I wouldn't be stranded,i came to swag sistas Witout a job and swag p told me every morning I should dress like am going to work and be dancing,  go for break and continue until work closing hours which I did and in fews weeks I got a job and just as they tot they were sacking their enemy,God had arranged another Hahahaha, am very pleased to be part of SWAG SISTAS. Please help me to Glorify the Name of the Lord and Thanks to Swagp who kept on praying and declaring for me even thou it was the period when her mum was so strong in the hospital ......Thank You Lord!! Starting a brand new work on monday yeppi all Glory to God, am not surprised I had a change of smell before swag p left for June TOUR* wink*