Tuesday, 30 September 2014


INDEED MY GOD SHOCKED ME !!    Swag Jessica from Lagos  In June when Swag P came to lagos for the meeting  and told me my purpose will stand I took that word and held on to it and started sourcing for funds to shoot my own movie because am an actress. I got two investors and one gave me the money while the other promised to give me the week of my shoot once I was ready....so I believed and last week Monday I started calling him that I needed the money as I was starting shoot next week Tuesday being today (30th September ) and all of a sudden he stopped taking my calls I kept praying and believing GOD But by Friday I became more worried and almost loosing hope so I pinged my Swag P on Saturday evening and lamented the story of my life and told swag P that I needed the money by MONDAY,and I believed my mystery seed will speak for me before she comes Nov 2nd.....as usual Swag said "Calm down" "GOD WILL SHOCK YOU ON MODAY" i just keyed into that prophecy and held unto it strongly and by yesterday MONDAY  evening the guy was the one pinging me and asking for the agreement.... kie this GOD ehn... \=d/ he has a way of honouring his children.... the guy asked me to send the agreement to him this evening and I did and taaaaaaarrrraaaaaaaaa\=d/ less than 20mins I got alert of the money,no be small money oo....millions ooo and the funny thing is that he agreed to my own percentage even though it was below the percentage he wanted..GOD of Swag P honoured and shocked me on the same MONDAY I asked for.....GOD bless and continually honour You for me Swag P.... Now I am starting my shoot on Wednesday. Swag P am a  Superstar in d making . I was scared to leave  what I was doing and pursue my purpose but you told me Purpose found - purpose pursued will be purpose achieved. Am So glad as you declared before you come my own movie will be in process. Swag p am so happy the devil wanted to disappoint he's own enemy but am a Swag and God showed up. God bless you so much swag p and I give all the glory to GOD.

Sunday, 28 September 2014


SWAG IYE (Abuja) wow Someone gave me swag p's pin. Though I've been communicating with her once in awhile. Last sunday was the  swag meeting I've ever attended. Your broadcast last sunday made me jump up living all things that makes me not have the chance. The bc said those looking for the fruit of the womb and it was also the mystery of d salt meeting .I  had two desires the fruit of the womb and a job. I have been searching for good three years but nothing.   Swag P. God has blessed me with a job after attending last Sundays swag meeting, And that was my 1st time of attending am so blessed am still in shock, you declared that jobs will be gotten and what ever is delaying via the salt it is broken I screamed a Loud Hallelujah, guess the swag next to me will be wondering wetin the happen.   Then you said people will be called for an Interview and the Job will be instantly declared to Us, I believed and had faith ,I shouted Amen  .Swag sistas choii  I was called for an interview on wednesday, just as declared ,there and there I was told to resume work on Monday .I almost went blank with amazement oh after three years over night I now have a job. I began to say no be salt I de put for food all the time and realised there is power in He's name via the salt wow. Am so happy, I know this is a sign that my babies have come also in my womb.  Thank u so much for your prayers Swag p. God is indeed faithful. I said to myself, God must also give me a  testimony because I spend my hours reading others peoples testimony on the blog day and night and keying into it and my God didn't fail me. Am too excited and Happy, indeed that ground speaks mysteries that answers. Baba thank You so much. Am glad to be part of the SWAG FAMILY. Did I forget to say it's a very good job, good enough to make me forget I waited for a job for 3years. My God indeed opens greater Doors. Thank you again and again My Good Lord. *dancing *

Friday, 26 September 2014


SWAG TEJI(lagos):  I follow your bc's well oh Swag P, when you sent a bc about praying for our parents against death, I had been praying for my mum and has not stopped. Swag p ha ,My mum fell in the bathtub while having her bath today, I heard her shouting Jesus and ran to the bathroom only to find her flat on her back, I started praying , I said God You said we should pray for our parent and I obeyed,swag p declared no death or accident and I believed and said Amen so nothing must happen. I then examined her, to God be the glory she had no broken bone or fracture which she was amazed because the sound of that fall that I heard hmm even her was surprised and that's because I went before the devil, I was already on my kneels day and night praying for her and God honoured my voice by saving my mums life,alot of stories have heard about people who fell inside a bath tub how they die or have spinal cord issues but with that kind of heavy fall ,my mum came out not even a scratch .Tell me is our God not the Best.,no instruction should be ignored and I have learnt that   .I thank God for using you mightily Swag P. God bless you ma'am can't wait to see you nov 2nd in lagos During IT WILL STILL HAPPEN  and to JEHOVAH OSHE GANNN, thank You father.

SWAG OLIVIA(air hostess)(abuja) Swag p that mystery of the salt worked for me o....my menstrual cycle has never been stable and I dont usually ovulate before I even see my period this has been a burden to me and when I went to see the doctor what he told me made me almost faint,in short I fainted .He said ovulation Siemens is meant to be colourless and odourless, also  its as clear as water and any woman who doesn't ovulate wouldn't give birth because that's her fertile period. I began to hear my heartbeat in my stomach so loud and since then it's been like that. Swag sistas God showed up. On sunday after swag p,preached on good health and other testimony of what  mystery of the salt did on the ground for swags sistas, opening of wombs etc . when the drama of the woman with the issue of blood was acted, I instantly keyed into it for  my own  healing. Hmmm  before  I drank the salt water, I prayed about it so hard , told God I want to ovulate before my period and see the sign because it's been a burden for years. All my mystery seed request carries it and I keyed into IT WILL STILL HAPPEN 2014, and just last night  as I was about to bathe, I saw the ovulation discharge on my pant as clear as the one doctor Explained to me,something I have not seen in decade omg . I freezed  ehn and jump up with a loud shout. Finally and I know everything about my menstrual circle has taken accurate shape back. Am so glad, swag p you told me I come from far every sunday and that God will not live me like that and yes one greatest desire I had, God has fulfilled it for me on the ground and am so happy. Swag p God will take you to heights. It can only Be God who has put this joy in my body. Thank You father, I Honor YOU.
SWAG Pz PIN : 2B245FA6

Thursday, 25 September 2014


Swag Cynthia (Abuja) ; They said we won't marry Swag p, but my God is not sleeping o. My friend Swag Nini took me to the ground and that day i was opportuned to drop my mystery seed and cried out to God for i and my elder sisters...this was during the march feast and you washed my head,As you washed my head you pulsed and said Every marital curse broken,i was so shocked because i have never told you anything before and that was my first time meeting you ..I screamed Amen. i was so happy and glad..swag p now said this year she sees marriage for me self and i keyed it for my sisters too. Swag Sistas Truly there's no curse that goes back with you if you locate that ground because am a witness cheii after the experience of YOUR SHIFT MUST COME in March ...two of my sister wedded within the space of 1 MONTH, swag sistas TWO o Haba, isn't God a God of Speed as Swag p will always say my jnr sista married in the space of one month and today she's 6yrs in marriage with two kids and she declares IT'S POSSIBLE for you all. Yes oh I agree swag p too possible because God did it in my very eyes. The men were so in a hurry like ehn, My sistas were even shocked but me I wasn't I knew I had gone to drop those stupid curses for the senders that day and God showed swag p Marriage. Truly if God has shown Swag p that means He's ready to act, as she says all the time. God doesn't reveal and sleep. My mummy  and daddy  use to cry that  they have been going to other peoples marriage and none of theirs is married,the sad thing is that you will see the tears, people will ask them all their girls when is their own they will return with shame hmmm...but after that faithful day, I partook of the mysteries ,two sisters wedding done happen in space of 1month wow  and guess the sweetest part of this testimony  the third is fast coming up which is (me)\=D/ \=D/ \=D/ ,As I speak now I got engaged,i kept gluing my eyes and celebrating the marriage testimonies and thanking God and remembering Him of what he told swag p on the ground to me and connected to the marital veil mystery. The whole village de confuse hahaha,another sweet part my introduction is Saturday and all preparation will be concluded this year 2014....before now five matured girls just de house no marriage but I tell you now. Three of us in one year married haba if it's not the God of SWAG. Swag p that's why we never play with your bc or neglect reading and celebrating a testimony even my fiance doesn't joke with the prayers...Swag p always encourage and tell you, even if you say am 50yrs she will say you so young,God is moulding the man and no curse can change He's plan. Friends truly no curse can change He's plan, na my family make me know say Marriage is too possible nobody can stop it not even a strange woman or man..or you need to do is meet the right vessel to declare on you. Wei all those lie lie pastors wei don tell us and even my parents say Spirit husband no fit allow us wei them de today hiss. I heard swag p for her preaching she say nothing like that stupid talk say no man fit STOP GOD PLAN FOR MARRIAGE. Swag p may God water your life with greatness and wisdom,may you live to declare He's works, thank you ma. My God of speed that's what I call you, you have indeed wiped the tears of my family and put our enemies to shame and big disgrace, I bow before you my God of speed,I say Thank YOU! Thank YOU!! Thank YOU!!!!...SWAG Ps PIN-2B245FA6

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


swagP G'morning oh,am Swag palmer(benin). Swag sistas, See how God set confusion in the midst of robbers that came to my mums house last night hmmmmm just immediately after I finished chatting with you swag p and asking for the benin swag sistas meeting Event so I start to bc as I always do,you told me were to get it from and prayed.  I slept off then just to wake up by 4am this morning my cook was telling me of how she didn't sleep that for over one hour she was seeing someone's torch light on, the person just kept walking along d window sides of bedrooms/ parlour and me I slept off in that same parlour o,my business money and valuables all with me,  na so God confuse the person only him waka come na so only him climb stool when we leave outside jump fence commot without breaking in or stealing anything outside. My mum said maybe they came to just survey I told her, God Forbid oh that they actually came to rob us and that last month we were told to pray against arm robbers entering our home and do the blood of sprinkling which I did and it had to speak for us oh,told mama that, But our God set confusion in their head and they left I rebuked the thought from her head immediately, she was so amazed I had prepared the house spiritually against robbers before they came hahaha,I went out and even saw the foot steps sef ,Me dat I always use to read Peoples testimonies and rejoice with them/mystery seed answered for me last night oh because have started speaking on mine before dropping it Oct 25th and I ask for family protection. The shocking truth is that for the past One week now thieves have been robbing seriously in the area o..them don enter all the houses,except our own wei them for conclude with. Swag p you said we should bc yesterday's testimony and spread Gods doing,and that God will also spread us to the world and I obeyed and am here this morning to testify,plus see as neighbours,street people de come look the event and praising our God,we seem like the celebrities of the day, never has it happened that robbers in my area come into your house,to your window and don't enter but it happened for us and that's because am a SWAG and I be don ready for them since via the Blood of Sprinkling. Am so happy, I beg you all swags, obey every instructions, believe and watch God make you stand out ordinary men. My mum is glad swag p and says God bless you so much for all prayers and I just want to say thank You Lord for what You have done for me, if say my business money go were I for begin but God you prove the Blood speaks and I say Osawese (thank You) BABA.

SWAG P's PIN :  2B245FAC

Monday, 22 September 2014


My name is Swag felicia(Abuja), On Friday at about 1.47pm I got a distress call from my eldest sister from Benin telling me that her daughter has given birth I excitedly screamed but my sister didn't speak rather she started crying. She told me that her daughter refused to wake up from the anaesthesia, they have tried their best but she is not waking up,what kind of doctors didn't they call to try to help medically but no way to them her enemy was gone. I was confused and our week was declared week of Grace Grace last Sunday on the ground so Immediately, I called Swag P and in her usual way she said NO DEATH and That she is SLEEPING.  That let God prove his Name because Her God never fails. So THEREFORE MOTHER ALIVE AND BABY ALIVE and I should not stop declaring it until the devil gives up and I did all the mysteries she asked me to do in faith believing God's grace will speak for me. God of Swag P is indeed alive and never fails. When the devil wanted me to ask where is my God? God showed up,. My niece has come BACK TO LIFE early hours of yesterday Sunday morning..since on Friday . As you declared mother alive baby alive has been answered. The God of Swag did it and it is amazing in our sight. God indeed proved his name and confirmed his word thru you. I had to travel to Benin in tears but when I got there I held onto your Words and God dazed us with the miracle of life even when doctors had given all up,guess thinking of mortuary for their enemies . The God of Swag P showed up at the right time. As you spoke MOTHER ALIVE BABY ALIVE is done. What could I say was to be shouting like a mad woman so loud and I didn't stop since Friday I have been screaming, Mother Alive-Baby Alive, every one joined, people were staring oh since Friday I kept saying swag p said God says NO DEATH..shes SLEEPING. We have a Living GOD in the house. Who is like Jehovah?. May His Name be Eternally Glorified in our lives. Doctors are so shocked, Now Both mother and baby are ALIVE and I want to return All Glory to the All powerful God of Swag who has never failed her and did not in my time. Hes Jehovah Rapha Jehovah Nissi, the Omnipotent God. If all my body we're to be mouth is not enough to thank Jehovah. Swag P I thank you for accepting the call of God to liberate people like me. May your grace and oil never go dry. I appreciate your concern,time and kindness you showed to me this period. I love and appreciate you mama.Mama thank you. May your grace and anointing never go dry. May heaven continue to honour you. I wish I had met with  you ever since before now. I am grateful Swag P. I love and appreciate you.  I am rushing to Abuja from benin, if I can meet the meeting on the ground now to testify of His Goodness. Swag Sistas it Truly happened for me in 2014, to think it was my Muslim friend who is a swag that brought me to that ground that speaks..swag p's bc that came no one shall mourn, I claimed it and Truly God showed up. .we have a lazarus miracle oh Fri- sun, just by the servant reversing the situation that she's sleeping, God proved that she was really sleeping..Am too happy. I will tell the world of the ministry SWAG,the whole family cant wait to meet you swag p, indeed God is with He's servant kie. *dancing*. IT CAN JUST BE GOD.oh JEHOVAH, I say thank You so much. No other power did this but yours. THANK YOU.
SWAG Ps PIN:2B245FA6 .............


Saturday, 20 September 2014


To God be the glory for His goodness to me. My name is SWAG Vivie(abuja) some months ago on the ground SWAG P, Said that there was someone whose menstrual period had ceased During the prophecy time and I came out(I had been battling hormonal imbalance for sometime ) and she prayed for me, she also prayed over salt and told me  put in water and drink for 3 days. I obeyed, and  I kept  believing and trusting God, I refused taking the drugs I had. I just kept holding on to God,s Words and promises. Sometime ago  SWAG P sent a BC about someone not seeing her period, I sharply pinged her that its me o, Swag p was so surprised she said didn't I do the mystery she instructed I said I did and am waiting, with a loud scream she prayed for me and in her usual terms she said it is DONE this time, and settled for life and said I cursed that mountain in front of  to be plain NOW!!!! I said a loud AMEN!!!!. To the glory of God just After the prayers being said into my health and I shouted a loud Amen, Swag sistas guess what?  my period that had ceased for over a year and six months started flowing No drugs, No hospital waka, No spending money(I had spent a whole lot for medicals and nothing happen o), No too much magana Just like that via the mystery of the salt,i had this request on my last mystery seed during the march love feast and connected again with my mystery seed during June not giving up because it must answer and yes my God has come down for me. 1year 6months I never saw my period not even doctors could help but as a Swag my God jumped all medical report and made the mountain in front of me PLAIN sob sob sob ,indeed it still happened for me in 2014 and many more testimonies to come. Thank you Jesus it is only you LORD. SWAG P may God Himself continue to bless you, honour and reward you in Jesus Name. Amen... LORD I give You all the PRAISE!!!!!

Friday, 19 September 2014


I am Swag Tsola (Abuja),i want to thank God for his blessings. Last Sunday the theme in Abuja meeting was dress up like you have gotten the job,i obeyed (even thou I knew I had a job but who doesn't like higher change). That Sunday I was even a point of contact for those who needed jobs.but God surprised me at the meeting on Sunday. Swag p made us see that just with the crying and shouting of GRACE GRACE the mountain in front of Zerubbabel became plain and she said pray what ever you want using GRACE GRACE zech 4;7. We did all that and i connected it to my job. When the meeting was over as we were about to say the Grace,Swag p stopped and began to prophesie then a prophesy came ,swag p said that God said someones contract will be changed that they are fighting for your case discussing it and in 48hrs you will receive that Email,i shouted Amen in shock because that was all my thoughts that day so i prayed and claimed it and had faith because I knew I had few months left on my contract to live the organization which fear don de worry me(in warri English). In 48hrs as declared o,after close of work my colleague called and said congrats Tsola I say for watin she say check your mail box,i read, it was a mail to the whole team,giving me another position. Wow wow I didn't see it coming,the shocking thing is that i don't have the qualification for that role self which is higher than my previous and secondly i just joined them,in a normal circumstances there's no way it should be me because the older staffs are there and have the qualification.,God shocked me and in a grand style announced me to the world without my permission. Thank you Lord!there is God on that ground and He shows up!all you need to do is keep coming and believing you cant tell when that prophecy will come for you and you will be at home..it will still happen 2014 is already speaking and on this same Ground i got this foreign job which i testified sometimes ago on the Blog..its our season and my mystery seed keeps breaking way for me,i cant wait for Nov 16th when we will do the same again. Am too happy and as a SWAG there's no doubt peace and Happiness has just be the order of the day for me. God bless you Swag p and i say thank You Lord.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Yes ooooo, My pastor. The Witch that swore we will never prosper just died of dysentery. This redflower prophecy is for me. \=D/,Good morning Ma, I don't know where to start from. The prophecy made me to cry this morning even my mum. It was God talking to us through u Swag P.I will make it short,because  the story started more than 15 yrs now. The witch was my uncle's wife, She took the land that belonged to us in the village, accused my Dad for killing her husband and then went ahead to  Poison my dad and he died. She told my mum that now my dad has died, she will continue till she is left with no child.She bewitched the whole village and tagged my mum a witch. All her children are illuminatti members.Her son sent us a message last year that since they have gone to 50 native doctors and we are still alive,That he was coming back with indian juju that will clear us up,We stopped going to the village, everyday we are fasting that most of us now suffer ulcer. Run come Swag meeting for the first time, per took of the  mystery. hmmmm He came back and died after getting to their house from the airport like as he reach their house .They took to social media Swag p, I can copy and paste one of their numerous post calling my mum a witch. They summoned the whole village and said my mum would swear if she doesn't kill people,We refused to swear cos it was against our belief,But, seeing that it would cost us to be chased out from the village as outcast, my mum agreed,on the said day,My mum said she would only take the oath,if they will take it along with her,All of us in our family and her family took the oath,Whoever has ever gone to kill, knows who killed or heard they would kill without saying it, will die within one year through dysentery. She refused to take the oath, stressing it was only my mum that is the witch that would take it. And the elders compelled her to take it. We all did. And just last thursday,the day we do LET US PRAY, I keyed to the ground and SHE DIED . With confession even, Now her corpse won't be buried. Cos its an. abomination. The whole village is calling to apologise to us for the name calling. Those that abandoned us are coming back with shame. We are like celebraities now Swag P. All the praise nite, and the one request, she has only been my single prayer request wei I put under my pillow . If u ask us to dance. I would write her name and be dancing on it. God has killed her,swag p you always say, God killed the son of  Pharaoh and He will kill again for us and yes Oh am a witness to this pronunciation  . She told my mum we won't marry. We got married she doesn't know I be SWAG( saved with Amazing Grace) , she told people we won't enjoy the marriage and our husbands won't have anything to give to us let alone, give our mummy. Now God has said through you again Swag according to your Red Flower : that she has given way and we should go and prosper. I am so happy. Shedding tears of joy. I can t say it all Ma. And forgive my errors, I can't control the tears from flowing as I type this..the joy I feel inside and my family hmmm. Swag sistas the ministry speaks, God is there, nothing goes void. If God says it through the mouth of Swag p it will always come to pass. . My name is Zich from Abuja. Swag p make God bless you in everyway oh and make your days be established...God i give you all the Glory..Your name will i and my family worship for ever....God na my Baba.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Swag P I was d lady my friend  told you about my predicament in a young marriage of 5years blessed with two kids and the third kid is on the way but i have never had a peaceful home. Its peace today n chaos tomorrow, thanks to my husband rampant infidelity but our most recent crisis was him ceasing my car key not minding i was pregnant,because I uploaded my husband pictures innocently and unfortunately for him, i got in contact with different girls who started chatting with me thinking I was my husband loo n behold dey were his girlfriends hmmmm,before now he rarely takes me or his kids to amusement centres because the wicked spirit makes him ashamed of his family,he had sexually deprived me since the first week of February ,he goes out without catering for my welfare when it's obvious to the whole world  he can afford  it. When my friend gave me swag ps pin, I was one leg in and one leg out because the past 3weeks had been hell for me, I was still in the marriage because of my innocent kids. I wonder why on earth I gave them such a father. He travelled to Lagos without giving me a dine for welfare not minding that i was pregnant,n thru out his stay there instead of calling me he would call the gate keeper, he was the one who has hurt me and yet he was the one singing separation. I was so ready now was just waiting for God to tell me leave the marriage,Everyone i spoke to had told me to run not even leave hmmm. When i told my friend i was ready to go. she said okay before you go meet my pastor swag p,tell her everything and if she say go then go ,but i knew no one will hear my story and wont tell me to leave.I blame myself why i didn't follow my spirit before i got married ,he treated me well and showed me love before i said yes i do Even though my spirit was not at peace but what will i do i have entered, so i was to bear it all but no i was leaving  ..i have been too sad in 5years.Didn't know were i would go but at that point i didn't care.,am just 26yrs so stressed looking pale. So i got swag ps pin last month and added her then I was in despair as I lamented n cried, and Swagp told me ,you wont leave that marriage ,all we would do is kill all the strange women around your husband using the blood and when we are done your husband will go everywhere with you and your kids and also sit at home with all of you.I said an Amen but haba its been 5years and what kind of prayer i never do but was just meeting Swag p and felt happy already.Swag p said bring all your fine clothes wear them and pose and show your husband the kind of love you never show am,i went huh she said i have told you and i agreed.Hearing something different was amazing and hope returned.Abeg don't tell your friends about your home if they are not vessels of God because they will help you reck it and marry your husband if care is not taken..She said you lucky ,you have not left for another woman and since i don marry i must finish the marriage. hmmm i said ma ,did you hear all i said and swag p said yes na and repeated you go no were. U told me, calm down,Later u said be STILL it's your home.So i went into spiritual mysteries instructed by swag p ,joined the praise and one day he came back so late ,i pinged Swag p she said give am food ,and if no food start to cook and i was like this hour of the morning ,she said do as i said and i obeyed and welcomed him and gave him the food,then Swag p said now give me hes number and i said ha she said give me hes phone number and i wasn't even scared as usual and i did..Swag sistas that was it the jinx broke instantly  and the next morning even me felt something had left the home because the house became light. IN 5YRS, My husband was home early last Saturday even b4 I got back from the market and  even when he told me he wanted to go n buy something he did so in a jiffy n d next minute he was home, though it was weird to have him home dat early I just hurriedly prepared dinner he ate, d next day was church he was home helping out took his son to the barbing salon by 10am we were ready for church n we left for church no am dreaming my sistas ooo ha , when we got back my husband was home through out very very unusual in fact when it got to 7pm he told me, he wanted to go out briefly I said ok but funny enough his buttocks was glued to d chair even after dressing up my husband who hardly sit at home to watch movies was watching movies yesterday and this morning he gave me my car keys without me asking OMG,do you know how many people don beg for my keys to be returned no way but me as a SWAG got back my keys on a platter of gold..for Christ sake i just met this woman of God last month and all the troubles of 5years has ended .Am treated like a new bride like if not that i was pregnant am sure another belle go done enter.I have obeyed swag p when the change come ask no question about the past.See as bad belle de peep at my family.Those who said my husband will not take us to buy chop chop and movies una lie,those that said i should live my marriage that no Hope you all lied.God was the hope and all He did was connect me to Swag p .I bless my friend who gave me swag ps pin and Swag p who made me believe that i should watch God and apply all love to my marriage no matter what and God will Honor my Praise and yes He did. i have to stop hear because my husband is calling me to enter bed room chaiiiI praise d Lord who has started this great n tremendous miracle will continue n perfect it and when i finish for room i shall cruise my car around.Strange women you all wasted your time because una no fit Win BATTLE with God.,He treats me more wit respect now ooo am still talking ,don't blame me ojare,There is peace in my Home..Swagp the day i see you i will ask you were you were in 5yrs o because just one month I got your pin ,My God has settled me .sob sob sob..thank you ma indeed no seed goes wasted on these ground.God has change my mourning into dancing..am a winner.God bless your ministry ma and am spreading the news and bringing more lost women to Benin when you come i cant wait..Coming with my darling lovely husband cheiii .My God You did all this for me..it was your power that did it all, and i have understood that You always come no matter how it may be...single girls learn from my story..but i wish you all a very peaceful home.

Monday, 15 September 2014


SWAG OLIVER (Abuja) I have been praying for my service to come through and believed as a Swag I will testify on that ground and swagP wow God has done it o and I was posted to a very good place but was told I couldn't get accommodation immediately and swagP accomodatiion is my major problem...i live in gwags and the distance to my office is too much and also financially it's nt advisable to stay that far n go to work at asokoro...who have I not asked for help from but all failed. I knew were this will End I ran to the ground and swag p prophesied that Someone your burden is Accommodation  well it is solved,and it will be free on a platter of gold, I was so happy and I shouted Amen and Believed.
SwagP good evening....how are you?couldn't come for prayers today had to come back to gwags.first n foremost I have been given a house oh free by the office haaaaa as it was declared ooO..Praise GOD also this week my man of seven years who left,abandoned I and the baby a year ago. Just after wearing the veil on the ground omg he came back apologising and says we should be family again, this is a dream Swagp after one year, God stepped in for I and my daughter and to crown it up, I forgive fast oh and as I type we planning a vacation trip to an island all of Us *dancing*...also I have been receiving favours everywhere I turn sote my garrison commander dey dash me money\=D/ ..most importantly I should have said this since but just thought to gather my testimonies....you sent a BC sometime ago asking us to pray 4 our brothers which I did 2days later my brother and his family were robbed in his house...the testimony here is that my brother is a very stubborn guy and knowing him as a lagos guy he would have fought with the robbers which could have led to them shooting him and probably would have died....i cried at first though thinking I didn't pray enough for him to even be robbed but later I thought better and praised GOD instead for keeping my brother calm o....Swag p you just a so nice thank you for interceeding for us and most especially Thank GOD for his many blessings. God as put those who don laugh me for one year to shame. I can't believe that It STILL HAPPENED FOR ME IN 2014,Indeed my God is not a Robber. Thank You my Father, thank YOU. *too happy*the power of the faith veil indeed works wonders o,my home has been Restored. .. IT CAN JUST BE GOD.

Saturday, 13 September 2014


Swag Lorea: Good evening, Swag P. God has done it as u said. My sisters-in-law and her family came home to 9ja on vacation,to go back became an issue because while they were here Bostwana government said no-one should be allowed into the country from West Africa infected country(Ebola)They were turned back by SA airline at the airport,they got in touch with the health minister in Bostwana who assured them he will take care of,he actually started d process and was to get back to them last week friday bt he didn't .They tried reaching him,he didn't pick their calls. We were all worried and panic sets in,because her husband was to resume work before sack sets in  and her kids school so I pinged Swag P,in fact I was crying self and told her the devil is at work oh my family is about to be stranded in Nigeria,swag p laughed and said lora why you de lie against devil now,that please it's not a spiritual attack it's laws set up because of Ebola so I should not think one witch is the one stopping them and she laughed and said"Relax your mind,they will leave this week"i said Swag p the minister is not picking if you see swag p hiss hmmm i was laughing self and she said laura please stop disturbing me oh i say they will commot for Nigeria Ebola or no Ebola..minister or no minister,they wont be found in Nigeria after this week and l shouted Amen i believe .That was all she said,I believe without any doubt cus I know God alwys honour your word Swag P. Hmmmm..just like that SA airlines called them yesterday morin that they should come get their rescheduled tickets\=D/.Bostwana govt sent the airline email to allow them to come ,see people that could not reach them, as it was declared they became restless and sent emails themselves and prepared the tickets wow .They left last night. what a miracle working God we serve. Swag P,God found you oooo ,God bless you and bless you indeed. :* ({})Swag P,u have no idea how much God is using u to bless us,and the fear of him loosing he's job because of delay ah holiday will become a nightmare Godd4bid o . I pray He Strengthens  you in Jesus name Amenn..It is  my time to shine n reign;;) testimony galore. Am itching can't wait to be at the last tour with my mystery seed to send on errand again oh, Still dancing over my husband's job he got after 5yrz and now this one, am so glad and all this can just be GOD at work for I and my family. Thank you heavenly Father.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


*music*\=D/  To you Lord be all the glory, daddy to you lord be all the honour to you lord be all the glory and adoration for ever more\=D/ *music*. My name is Swag Oluwatosin from Lagos bb name Oluwafunmilola. God has done it again, I prayed and also believe it was going to happen and God answered my prayers and did it for me I gave a testimony some months ago about my new job and how a guy left me with pregnancy that I don't have certificate ,how i go ever get job and how God did he's work,when I got intouch with swag p at that time I tot I was going to take my life but after my encounter with swag p cheii I loved myself even more and she said to me fummi this same year wei guy do you like this, this same year my God will disgrace him and I shouted Amen and held on to the prophesy. Now I have come to testify again, the day swag p said she was going to pray and agree with 30people on d phone and she gave the call time, I called late and swag p prayed and I believe it was going to happen has she has said and declared again,  I was so excited when she was praying for me..then the 3days prophetic moment came I keyed into it and when it was over before I will say jack robinson, na so i meet this guy in August through his sister and immediately we saw he told me is marriage he want but I didn't believe him @ 1st because of my past experience same day swag p bc you will experience SPEED and instantly I felt Peace. He called me one night and said I should go and meet his parent the following morning, I was shocked and scared because I don't know what I was going to hear there  and lo and behold when I got there his parent said he said he doesn't want a long courtship  and we should do the wedding fast in fact they said maybe we should do the wedding in November but I said No that December will be fine, haaaaa see me wey man leave with belle because I don't have a certificate ,God disgrace am give me job as declared for me and now choosing wedding date,swag p truly no seed goes void on this ground, my God has wiped my tears oh as I write na my introduction is Oct 4th and wedding December this is more than Speed,last two weeks sunday when swag p said it was marital day and a wedding veil was used to break delays,i keyed into it and believed that my time has come oh Oti se fu mi o(2ce),if you see how I was jumping reading wedding testimonies on the blog ehn you will tink am the bride and today my on as been set INSTANTLY, if I had not loved myself again after swag p abuse me hahaha did I know God had He's own best Plan for me but see me now SAVED WITH AMAZING GRACE, I beg you Swagz connect to the ground, don't miss swag meetings, call when swag p say call, follow all instructions and never stop sending your mystery seed on an errand because one day it will surely answer for you,thats all the principles I have learnt and followed being a swag sista and my story has changed, when swag p said it will still happen 2014, I screamed yes because it has Happened for me and I tell you all reading ,it WILL STILL HAPPEN, let me stop writing Ojare and get busy with wedding plans *oshe oshe o oshe o oshe ba ba * . Swag P may God bless u more for us and the anointing of God in u will never go dry IJN,cant wait to see you ooooo Nov 2nd I for don do intro choiiii hahahaha.. oh GOD You decorated my destiny even when men tried to cause me shame, you have given me my crown of Glory.. what do I say am speechless*I can only imagine* THANK YOU BABA*...swag 4 life.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


SWAG SUSAN : Swag p goodmorning o. My jehovah sharp sharp has done it again under 24hrs of his servant's declaration my people oooo . a very stingy ,greedy, Uncle of mine that finally agreed to settle some financial obligations for me that was due yesterday after months of persuasion o. He called me yesterday morning and asked me to stand outside my office that his driver was bringing the money to me. As i was waiting outside he sent a message that i should call him that something happened. With shaky hands o i called and he told me that for the first time in a long time,the money he kept for me sealed in an envelope had grown wings and disappeared o. To make matters worse he said i should sort myself out o that his hands are tied. I screamed devil you have always been a looser and now will be no different o. The people i was to send d money to had been calling for it profusely as if they heard i was relocating. Sharp sharp i called swag p and told her and she just yawned. She asked me some questions and i was hastily waiting for declarations on how to shoot this sudden enemy o. But swag p took her time to drill me well well. Finally she said Susan don't worry the people wont call you until the money is in your hands and that man will have no rest till he gives you back that same amount they stole, I was like Amen o even though if Truly such an amount got missing,E go hard make the person give again o . I no go lie i doubt am small o because how can i get it back after he said sort yourself out but it's been declared and I believed, swagp said just as the king couldn't sleep over modeccais  case this your Uncle will be restless ehn, He will re send the money and ask I Praise and forget depending on Man, My God will do He's work. Well i went about my normal duties at work,.got home and acted all normal. I went to bed early and did my praise at 12am with sleepy eyes. Around past 1am oh after the praise,  i woke up to see a message from him telling me that he was sorry he got tied down that first thing this morning he will send it over. I say na dream jare. Woke up in the morning and got 3 more messages (see restlessness working). To the glory of GOD and just as his servant declared i have received the money back (foreign currency things) and he is still investigating the one he lost o. To crown it all ,till now the same people that kept calling me for the past one week non stop have not called or sent me a text since it was declared so na me go call them like madam to come get their money in grand style, am so happy oh this money over two months as I just decided to forget to lean on man and praise,God took Over. it has been dragging until the declaration Came choiii  *dancing*. God bless Swag p and Thank you oh God because indeed your children shall see no shame but Praise, thank You Lord. *so happy*

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Swag Shirley(Abuja): My God is more than what people say. He is a great and powerful God. I just want to thank God for saving my life and that of Swag Nancy when we got hit from behind by another car after Swag meeting on Sunday. We were waiting in traffic and I think the driver's brake was bad and he hit us twice,we thought we have been bombed the sound was terrific . We got down and it's his own car that was damaged *shock*. Also, I want to say to everyone whenever Swag P gives a message we should adhere to it , before we shared the grace on sunday, she stopped and  she asked us to place our hands on the steering of the car if you are driving and pray against accident it was so clear the Holy Spirit was talking at that moment .swag p has never cut us while saying the Grace  , I forgot to do that, I got carried away by Suya I bought after the meeting. But God is merciful , it could have been a fatal accident, am sure this came as a warning to always obey His words. So I just want to say Thank God for protection and preservation of life. Swag p I pray God protects you also all the time, and I bless your name Oh LORD. Amen.


SWAG EFE (Abuja) To God be the glory for saving my life on Friday night. After attending my friend's birthday celebration, I dropped a friend off at home and as I was driving along that mabushi express road and missed my exit to kado so I can return back toward wuse2, I tried to reverse and the next thing I realized was I was inside the gutter o! I looked around, it was raining, checked my door, it couldn't open, considered staying in d gutter till day break but my tank was almost empty, I looked at my phones, they are new and I hadn't copied my contacts yet. I called my sister( not picking), called my bro(switched off), called another girl in my house(switched off), called two other friends, no response. I was confused for a short while. I was alone on the express way.  I remember I saw another girl I know at the birthday venue, to please send me her cab man's contact. Luckily she did and then I called the guy& he arranged for a towing van(that took almost forever to arrive). The towing van came and was giving his own evil testimonies of the car he just lifted from the gutter to maitama and how bad some other accidented cars he had lifted in the rain,in my mind i was too sure nothing not even a scratch will happen to my car ,God had to disgrace this van man o, then i decided  to start thanking my Saviour for sparing me. If anything had happened on that quiet lonely road, throughout my wait, not more than 3-5 cars passed sef who for see me talk more of render assistance? I finally left there around 4:40am. I was in AWE at the fact that it can only be God,when swag p said we should pray against accident i didn't fail to do so.. PRAISE GOD with me I did not sustain any injury and there isn't any single fault or scratch on the car it's literally unbelievable. God is amazing am so Glad.                      

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Good afternoon Swag sisters.... Am swag Sophia.... Just want you all to join me in appreciating this God that has always been there for us at the  very point of our needs... I had a burden in ma heart concerning my husband's job wch seemed impossible but this God has done it all\=D/ ...I told my sister(Mama T) about an interview that my husband was preparing for and she sent Swag P's contact to me...when I told Swag P about the job and how my husband has been hoping for a job since November last year. she prayed with me and said I'll come back with the testimony and I joined my faith with hers and I keyed into all her prophetic declarations,she said this case too small that the job na him own, delay don break and declared Settled and Done .... Lo and behold, God has done it\=D/ an interview that thousands came, but this undefeatable God...made it easy and perfected it with shouts of praise,my husband got the job in the mist of thousands oh na so God break that delay, our house hold we are just too happy.... To that Great God who has done it, may his Name, be praised forever, Amen...Swag p God will continue to Bless your calling and Ministry In Jesus Name,Amen.. it looked like it will never happen oh ,but God honoured your voice and I say Thank You my dearest Lord. *dancing*

My name is Swag Blessing(port)! Swag p sent bc some days back  @1pm IT WILL STILL HAPPEN RELAX.I replied Amen. At 3pm A friend of mine called and said to me please go and see how much the person i ask to pay in money to you paid in and lemme know I was so shocked. So i did just that ,got to the bank  I was like wow so God dey answer  like this? at that  time i needed it most it came to pass swag sistas out there  God dey hear us when we call on him. Still want to tank God for my new phone again o, i've been praying for a good phone that i can use to promote my make up business. Hum dat is how God showed me favour and from no were I was again Blessed with one...lastly hmmm swag p in port you asked  us to pray for a friend who desire what we desire most, I decided to pray for my. friend who desire to be married as I do, swag p so shocking that my friend is  engage now,oh it was so instant Just want to say Swag p  God will bless u for me IJN.  Amen ({}) :* I luv u. God gave me the best week Ever and I pray as I enter this new week I will experience all round testimony. Its only God that did all this for me i, Father I say Thank You.

Saturday, 6 September 2014


SWAG OMO (lagos) Good morning swag p it all happened yesterday o first testimony. I came back from work on thursday went to take my bath as I left the bath room to my room I heard something break on the floor I asked what was that and my mum said it was from the next compound and we all went to sleep the next morning as I went to take my bath I saw broken glasses in the shower and on the floor of the bathroom. That was when we realise that what we heard the previous night was the glass in the bath room that fell. Good allowed me to leave the bathroom before the glass fell cos it would have fallen on my head and glasses would have been all over my enemies body as if that was not enough on the 28th of Aug I pinged u swag p that my name was not added to the salary review and the Hr. And my boss that was working on it didn't add my name and when I told u, u said praise that night and see how praise will cause sleepless night for them all they go run put your name. I obeyed and praised for like 30mins. After the praise oh   yesterday the md collected the review from the previous boss working on it and gave another person to work on it, that they were slow and that he wants it to be signed that yesterday. Swag p my name was not only added on the list,my salary was raised to what I asked for, swag p you don't understand this is so miraculous oh it was the hand of praise and how you gave me courage that it will be added,even though I didn't know how because the list had been compelled but my God who only can write a thing and no man can change took over and changed the list wow am so tripped,even my colleagues are so amazed and I said am OMO and I was SAVED WITH AMAZING GRACE (SWAG) . This God is indeed faithful. Swag p thank u very much for everything. For the prayers. In this same  week. I got my UK visa am so happy, I keep my eyes glued at all testimonies knowing that I will be up soonest testifying and God has showed Him self strong for me, saved from a home accident, and to crown it all, my salary increased  and promotion . God I will praise You all the time for you are indeed an Instant GOD. Thank You Father and thank you for directing my part towards the swag Family am so excited for my story has indeed changed. Thank You Abbah Father.


Swag Laura(Lagos) Where do I start from,infact to cut the long story short,After the last swag sistas meeting in Lagos,I told Swag P,"my husband wants to meet her,so that you will pray with him".They have been talking on phone sha before now but never met. So after the meeting I went back home and came back with my hubby and kids to see Swag P,in the night oooo,not mindin the distance drivin back to the Island from mainland.Swag P was so tired even from her voice but still prayed for my husband,washed his head and Feet ,declaring the WORD,and she said next time I come to Lagos Jude you must have a testimony,She said jude unless God no call me your level go don change,She said laura and jude even in your tight corner I saw how you contributed your all to this meeting , and thats enough to move God, and said do you know what it means that you do all you can and make Gods programme possible,we just stared and she said the journey of wait is over and delay broken in my husbands life and sprinkled the Blood  .We both shouted AMEN.I pinged swagp and said you will soon come nothing has happened  and she said am not changing my words am meeting your hubby in a new level. Hmmmm  Truly,from nowhere an agent called my hubby after sometime about a job with( IHS)with juicy salary,he went for the first interview there were about four people for same position,after series of interview they were down to two. The final interview I was panicking and called Swag P, I told her they are remaining two and she said laura, wetin Kan concern you, it was so funny and said I don't disturb her on this issue that this is that level she spoke about and said relax it is DONE and SETTLED the job is his. Yesterday  Evening I got the bc Swag p said it will happen and yes he got the job. After  5yrz years of Delay since we got back to Nigeria even though little contract jobs comes off and on since we became Swagz last year ,God used you Swag P to settle this storm in my home. I love you to the moon and back, Swag brother(Jude)says wow!God is with you that in his life hes never experienced feet wash etc and he's mystery seed which I will always bring has answered for Him. We can't wait to see you Nov 2nd we have started arranging and planning for we know this is always a means to experience Open heavens, Swag p It can just be God,even the white man said to my husband your spirit is so calm wow *dancing*. God I thank you,it can only be you my LORD.  



SWAG PAM(Abuja) This year, before u declared 3 days dry fasting, I told you  that I was believing God for a job,After I left the insurance company early  last year and it's been one year no job, I started praying to God for another job. I prayed and prayed, until I got tired and discouraged....then, one morning  precisely Month of August 2014, after reading Swag P's bc about when last did u do something for someone in need, I replied her that I gave a widow my only source of living....US shoes i sell, I gave all to the widow to sell and use the money to start something for herself and 3 children....and Swag P was so moved that she declared upon my life that God will surprise me that for what I have done my heavens will be opened,that people don't testify because they don't give . And then, I said Amen. Still no job, then one morning after reading Swag P's bc again, I replied that I'm still believing God for a job and that I'm never giving up, and then Swag P replied that I'll get a job before middle of August....lo and behold, middle of August, I was called for 2 job interviews....hmmm, and it was like a dream, then I told Swag P about it and she said Pam Pam Pam go and get that job it is done. I claimed it oo. Well, after the interview, the waiting started until Swag P declared 3 days dry fast....so I sent her a message that I'm also joining her and she was happy to give me the bible passage Esther 4:16....so after the 3 days dry fasting + midnight praise & dancing, Swag P declared that my prayer request had been answered over the phone oo....lol.....and then I slept after d last midnight dancing and praising God, I saw Swag P in my dream, she approached me with a with sheet of paper in her hand and she called me and said Pamela where is ur name and I showed at d bottom list, then she shouted NO that it is now my turn, so she cancelled my name at the bottom list and wrote my name at the top list! Then immediately, some men carried me and I was screaming and suddenly a man wearing white all through came and gave me injection and said I should not be afraid, then I woke up and called Swag P immediately and she told me it was an angel giving me spiritual cleansing because fear took over me and swag p said WATCH GOD your job has landed on your table I said Amen. Few days later, last night  to be precise,I got an email that I made the list! I was over the moon.....I still am....lol....I finally got the job with an international research firm same day Swag said RELAX IT WILL SOON HAPPEN I believed. As if that wasn't enough, I got another email for another job interview!! Omg....God is indeed Jehovah Overdo. He is indeed Awesome God. Thank You Lord. Praise the Lord!!!! Swag P, thank u for ur soothing words and for all ur prayers.....get ready oo, cos my 1st salary, hmmm.....need I say more....I love u too much Swag P!! I'm proud to be a swag sista. God bless u big!!! And when I read what I typed now it's just a clear view that God was working in ways I couldn't see it was just left for me to go though some spiritual exercise and God showed up am so happy and I say My Father my Lord, I am so grateful..me that couldn't pay my fare to be at Swag sistas meetings, God has changed my story.. I love you God.                        

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Swag Mrs jenny(lag) : swag p God bless u, I mean real good blessings. Praise the living God, Alleluyah. I want to thank God and testify to the glory of God & shame of the devil. Testimony one (pray against robbers): my dad sent his staff to bring some important documents which he forgot and he needed to use it the following day, the staff Got robbed at gun point, they took his phone n some money but didn't harm him. I thank God I prayed after swag p's warning. *Phew* testimony 2: (3 days praise) I thank God I was able to be part of it, though I couldn't fast dry but I fasted till 12 n did the praise for 2 nights only ( slept off the first night). I asked God for two things, one is financial break through cos I moved into a new apt n I needed money badly to do somethings. Before this time, someone promised me some Money but there was delay and I wasn't happy at all, I only wrote one desire before but on the second night I included financial breakthrough and God shocked me in 000,000,000. I'm soooo happy, I can now do wat I intended to do and still have extra, (hehehe) I'm sooo grateful to God for hearing and inhibiting my praise and for sending swag p my way. I am testifying now, and I know sharing this testimony will bring the second request fast. I'm soo happy, u people won't understand. Thank you Jesus because I'm coming back to testify soonest for my other request in Jesus name amen. I just want to encourage us all, God is working even when we cant see it . Happy new month all! This month is the 9th month, our month of delivery of all outstanding blessings in Jesus name amen.