Monday, 14 April 2014

MY STORY DON CHANGE ................ALL NA GOD DO AM,MAKE YOU NO GIVE UP.......tarraarara

Good morning swag P,my name is SWAG IFY from lagos, this testimony should have come since january but my. Bb got spoilt but I promised myself that as soon as I got anoda one I would testify.I put to bed last year November 18th.I had cs.came out safely like you told me swag p i remember baby alive-mother alive my baby was fine and so was .we were sent home on the 4th day.2wks after the surgery part of the incision got infected, I went back to the hospital they said it was nothing it would go that I should be coming for dressing everyday and stopped me from taking antibiotics that I should just take vitamin so I dey go for dressing 2wks no improvement. I will seat down and water Will be driping down my so so cry I come dey cry but the word baby alive-mother alive was all i stood upon.I now asked my God that with my first child it wasn't like that.even one of the nurse at the hospital wasn't comfortable she agreed I should seek another opinion.I finally found my old doc that delivered me for my 1st was the doctor who now suggested I to go thru another surgery on the 28th of december and like you said then swag p it was settled.Make you come see where this baba God triple much,in his time he really makes all things beautiful.That same december a friend ask me to send my cv she works in a recruiting firm n she had a job that suit my profile, I sent d cv nonchanlantly. Of which the company I was working for had placed all of us on compulsory leave without pay since october I wasn't bothered then cos I was former company still never come back.January 20th I was called for 1st interview,hmmmmm me wey just born wey neva fully recover,I was fat my clothes didn't fit,inshort i didn't have anything coperate outifit to wear.moni wasn't der to buy new set to wear nothing. I look up, look down wanted to give up hope but I told God if this is your will make a way. Swag P from the hair on my head to the shoes I was wearing none belonged to me...the only thing I wore that was mine was my undies.I was wearing my best friend clothes,fixed my cistas weavon wore her shoes.I told you swag P that I was going for an interview you told me it was just a chat say interview na formality and so it was ooo,long story short I got the job.Remember you had told me when you asked that 25pple to call you on phone i  did and you said you see employment letter for me and my hubby and that I will find you and testify. Things are looking up ooooo swag P this my baba God too much,two weeks ago I went for an interview for wan berra aviation company and I believe that am moving to another company soon. me wei borrow clothes, devil i get enough na am a swag,you couldnt take my life mumu because you see all this good life God won do, my God fast past u .God of miracle na my baba ooooo.He is really a convenant keeping God.thank you for your prayers swag P,may he continue to bless you and may his spirit never depart from never give up oh story de change if you believe God and also believe Him vessel . its God that did it all.

Monday, 7 April 2014


SWAG PETRA(lagos):The prayer point I picked from the mystery seed was about me giving thanks to God cos he has placed everything. I can't remember all  . So I finished unversity last year then traveled for internship to brush my French. I came back and got a job in my cousin's fiancee's office. Later on I was frustrated by she and her hubby till I left there sob sob sob. After 3 weeks I got a job with an online company. I had just started in December... I was the last to come in to the swag sisters meeting then in december when we had the BLOOD OF SPRINKLING, you still prayed for me and After 3 months I was made head of customer service still without nysc. And the last swag meeting I was late again. I remember you were washing someone's head and u just shouted my name again. Yea I was late again you washed my head and said u were waiting for my testimony and I laughed cos in my mind i had a testimony after the december blood of sprinkling in lekki hmmm not knowing another was coming  swag p ooos after the head wash got to my office the next day... At this time my office was looking for customer relationship manager. I wanted it but wasn't qualified so I just stopped dreaming about it. Anyway 2 weeks after the swag meeting they were tired of interviewing people for the role and got me to step in for the interview and wow a new begining i got it not even qualified for the interview but swag p you said something must shift every one who came qualified for the interview shifted for me remeber i have not gone for nysc o . I was still trying to manage the first promotion and this came again. I was weak and I am still going to serve in june abi july I don't know sef. I will just keep giving thanks as the mystery basket said. Ehen pls can I come late again so I get that mystery prayer hahaah no will be early in june dont want to be embarassed... God is great swag p please keep encouraging us my God will decorate you ooo plenty plenty plenty. We shouldn't look down on anyone, the Lord can use anyone as He has choosen me for this job . My cousin and her hubby are shy when we talk about work now because over night God has take me way far...after i was fustrated out of their office and a SWAG and God changed my story yeppiiiii. PRAISE GOD! devil is a LIAR....ishhhhhh.


I am SWAG JUMOKE, Maybe some of abuja swags will know me, I am the very thin,frail looking jumoke that joined last year march after I had a devastating broken almost marriage... After everything was ready for the wedding,dates,clothes,wedding gown etc few weeks to the wedding oooh All of a sudden, the guys father sent me an sms that they are not interested in the marriage again that they had a dream, Wowwww. It was as if my whole life crumbled,in short i died ,i was gone ,i almost took my own life,the shame and embarrassment ,how can my husband to be father tell me he had a dream that the son will not prosper with me oh that our destinies no be the same and hes pastor dream am too say if he marries me sickness and affliction will fall in their family huh huh huh, am a child of God swagp ,i was so young to understand it all,friends my wedding gown was right before my eyes,day and night i had dreamt and smiled about the D-day,money spent every one on standby. My friend jay in lagos introduced me to swag p fast oh she said go there you will be amazed, the first time swag p saw me as i was entering o she said my downcast spirit is annoying her hmmm how she knew i was amazed, I smiled inside of me that this pastor doesn't know what am going through..then she said to me  2 things that struck my heart, she said 1) If only God can show you what he saved you from in that family you will be dancing. 2) She also said the guy that will marry you wont take 2 weeks to know he will marry you was shocked o.  swag p you said i should live them that this same year thats, 2013 God will show me Hes God that i will meet someone and everyone will be ashamed... when you spoke to me that day,alot have been consolling me but swag p when you spoke ,i saw life again and thanked  God for a new begining and life came back,swag p said wear your best dress ,i went home and began again ,started eating and adding weight,smiling always people were wondering weather all has been settled ,but no...swag p you said for me to attract Gods blessing again i must live worry and anxiety and quit this thinigbeku look hahahaha......Okay lets fast forward the story September last year same year i was to marry, I met another guy through my friends younger sister, Amazing is the word to describe this my sugar poraro, wonderful family and truth is that he made up his mind in less than 2 weeks as the  prophecy came so i began to praise. swag p on my Mystery Seed thats all i wanted a seal in my marriage and no more father dream talk hahahah this second time... March 2014,while swag p was on swag sistas tour my honey moon came to Abuja to give me a gorgeous proposal and i got Engaged it was my ring swagp put up on her dp. My introduction is next month and wedding before the end this year. Secondly, after Swag p said we should praise God in the middle of the night, I woke up and praised God. Sincerely, this is amazing. I got to work and by 9am I got an email of exceptional promotion at work from MD,prior to that they told us no promotion in 2014 because the organization is not making profit so I didn't even think about it anymore. I am promoted to the next level and right that evening I got another text for an interview with another financial institution with great salary hmmm all for me ,swagp my seed has spoken and still speaking. kie Me oooooooo. Just this same me. I am in awe of Gods wonders and God used Swaggest Swag p to speak positively to my life. I am more than grateful to God. God will never ever leave you and u will bless and save the whole world....GOD OF SECOND CHANCE IF AM TO SPEAK I THANK GOD THE FIRST NEVER HAPPENED OH BECAUSE I HAVE THE BEST NOW WITH GREAT i know dissapointments is for greater appointment, if i remember the dream that man and him pastor say they had then i cried but now hahahahha i use to laugh because its too funny hahahhaaha....oh GOD YOU DID IT ALL AND I SAY THANK YOU.