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Swag p I am back with a loud bangggggggggg. Indeed my God is BIG and he does BIG things. I don't even know where to start because I am too excited right now. God has embarrassed me from all corners and I am astounded. From the mystery basket I picked Habbakuk 1:5 which says 'Look among the nations and watch - be utterly astounded!, for I will work a work in your days which you would not believe, though it were told you'. Indeed it has come to pass. My fellow sisters I resigned from my last job in September just months to my wedding due to undue stress,.everyone thought I was mad. At some point I began to doubt my mental health. Oct,Nov, Dec passed not even a mistaken interview invite. I continued this new year. Finally I got a lead for a Federal government job and was asked to apply for a position using a link which I did. During the lagos tour I came out and testified,.2weeks later I got an email that I was to be recommended for a different role later in the year. I was …


My name is doctor Deola(Ilorin)
Iyo yo yo yo okaka...
God is indeed faithful. Where do I even start from?
I quit my job shortly before my wedding with the hope of getting a new one in the place I was relocating to. I had done the exams and was shortlisted for oral interview but to release list became a big deal for the management. I should add at this point that I felt I would clinch the job easily because of my contacts. But the devil decided to put up resistance against my career and certificates. I discussed with Swag P (God bless you real good) and she gave me bible passages to pray with. Then bc for 58 nights of praise came and I obeyed. Let me at this point laugh in the face of the devil HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA because I serve a living God, the God of SWAG ministries world wide, the mighty man in battle, Jehovah Sabaoth etc. Swag Swag Sistas don't joke with some things you see repeatedly in your dreams please I have carried SwagP along with all I see.  I have repeatedly se…


My name is racheal (Abuja)
Dear Swag P, good afternoon God's very own, I just wanna testify to God almighty for turning things around to favor me even when I've lost hope.You know I told you about my guy that we're supposed to get married. Swag Sistas,I got engaged on this ground after 2015 second tour . July 18, 2015 my fiance gave me the Ring and the wedding was planned for December 2015. Swag sistas i began to plan until my fiance called and said No money we should shift to April 2016 and that was the End never heard from him . My mum was devastated because she had also began to plan when finally it looked like a major break up had happened ..I ran to SwagP,and then you told me to allow him, don't call, don't text and all that but just relax and praise God, I obeyed.Swag Sistas ooooo since 2015 to 2017, He came back with all seriousness and then he was suppose to go for a course for 4months and when he comes we do the traditional and white wedding by August but…


SWAG STEEZ....My mother has been sick for a while now up to the point that she couldn't walk. My folks and I had planned to move her back to Nigeria but we stalled as we were not satisfied with the level of medical care provided here.
My mother went into a critical mode and brother rushed her to the hospital.  She is been at the hospital since and I hadn't  heard from her.
Yesterday, I saw your message asking to pray for our mothers.  I prayed for her. Swag Sistas i prayed like never before ,Meanwhile,before the bc my left eye has been twitching so bad (any time it twitches like that I get bad news) and
I woke up at 12 midnight and called my brother so I could talk with her. She told me how she slept and died so many times and the last time it happened, (Exactly the time the bc came and i began to pray)My mym said she heard a voice say "there is hope" and she woke up. My mother is 76 and that's the scariest thing I ever heard her say...Like the prayer called her…


Swag Sandra(Lagos)Swag sistas,God save me Indeed...Saturday was a friend's wedding in festac. I didn't want to go infact my car refused to start for a strange reason but I ended up still going and my phone got stolen in the same wedding. I arrested the person who catered to my table because he was the only suspect. The matter dragged at the police station till I was told to go home and come back to the station while the boy was detained. My friend helped me call an uber cab. This was at 12midnight. I trust Uber cabs so much that I usually just sleep when I'm in one but as I was preparing to sleep off in dis one, my spirit told me to wake up and pray this prayer: "God protect me from ritualists and kidnappers. And anywhere evil ones have gathered in my name God plz scatter them, Amen" Immediately I said that prayer I felt my eyes open and the sleep disappeared. I noticed that the cab driver wasn't using the Google map address that I gave him but he turned it …


Swag P , I prayed , against any woman, troubling my family, my mum always says she sees a woman, for years now, troubling her, in her dreams, we feared that's why she wasn't married all these years. She lived with her wicked aunt that ruined her love life because she wouldn't join her coven. Last year, when you sent prayer request for witches to remove their hands from our lives, I prayed for my mum to be free, I prayed for her to experience a good life, void of satanic attack that she had always experienced. This year some days back,When you sent the prayer again, for God to bring down every Jezebel omg,I was in church for our night of increase, I asked God to seal the deal and I knew she was free,Prayed like never before and knew I and my mum were free. Swag sistas ooo, Swag P the love of my mums life is back! After 32years of pain, sorrow, hardship. Tears blur my eyes as I type this, not tears of sorrow, but tears of unexplainable Joy. The same man that, that wicked wi…