Wednesday, 29 January 2014


My name is  SWAG EHI DIVINE IDAHOSA(Benin),Am a noble young woman who has had a lot of experiences in life and I have come to appreciate life as its a gift from GOD...I would say that my life is a story and a testimony to share..growing up for me?If you ask?I never had the best parental care but I appreciate my both parents for bringing me into this world....all I ever wanted is an opportunity for me to express myself,in the best... way I can.,because of the freedom I never had,so I became timid,bashful and I never believed in my I crave for exploitation in the wrong way and I got myself all messed up you knowing living a life i will call DIRTY.......Sept 9th 2011,was suppose to be my last day on earth,but God showed himself strong and delivered me from assassin,the man pulled the trigger but nothing happened to me,then he ask?who r you?what is your name?and were do YOU come from?I told him my name is Ehimwenma(EHI in short) he asked meaning?I said my Head,my destiny is Good.,Divine?I said,means from GOD.,Idahosa I said I will listen to I begin to explain theses names to him?his phone rang,and the caller asked have you killed her?he replied she is cut d story short.....he told me my names are powerful and there is something about me.that they sent him to kill me,but right now,I will be leaving this place alive.and of course It happened he left and then i thought he spared my life then but later got to understand God did....this is just a tip of the iceberg,God has really given me a Good head.......I became so insecure and traumatised for a while.,I thought the life I once lived was speaking against me.I never knew God is rewriting my story again......I was NOT perfect,I wanted to be free,I wanted to be loved,but I sought in the wrong hands........I tried to leave the life I wanted,but it didn't work,........Yes, I have once cried,I have been betrayed,accused wrongly,Raped,heartbroken,Name it?....But now I have become a voice of HOPE to the HOPELESS. I met swag p early 2012 a friend of mine gave me her pin and rehabilitation began for then i needed my relationship with a guy so bad that was what i added her for self but the story changed as she warned me to stop having SEX with the guy and focus i began to obey finally the guy left but i had swagp always saying allow him go for life,Swagp you told me if i know who i am and what you seeing that God has claimed me i wont be sobering over a canal relationship and asked me to quit everything sin that if men cannot bless me i should die of hunger hahahahahah i stopped and truly oh hunger came but from no were financial blessings came one way or the other until finally Swagp came to Benin,and when she shared her own piece of her cake and said we can do it. I told myself that if she can Stand out?then I can.,life might NOT really be that fair to me,but having an opportunity to see the dawn of a new day,that day i STAMPED PURITY AS MY WATCH WORD and the solution for me to be happy is just to pick up my broken pieces and stand out,and come out strong......swag p,became so much of inspiration to me,Swag p got back to Abuja and sowed a seed into my life as if she knew i had no food then in my kitchen that day i said in the whole of Benin na we de give prophets this one strange o i was too happyyyyyy.I secretly admired her Grace,and always pray that one day I will affect lives like she does and she said Divine you will do exploit.I lost her contacts swagp too de change bb,but I didn't lose her vision,I didn't lose her prayers,her grace,and her words of encouragement....i didn't want to look for the contact because it was clear i needed to find my destiny myself and told myself when i will look for her i would have crushed the devils head,changed my destiny with my hands and Gods Hands and she will be shocked. I then walked on the glorious path she had laid in my life before we lost contact,and after a year of disappearance from Swagp i looked for her contact and added her and as i promised the devil swagp will be shocked she was and guess why? Today am happy for what I have become,Am gonna share some PICS with you all,if I can stand up for change?Yes u can......what has God called you to do?what is d vision you have been given to fulfil?2014 is a Glorious year for greater Grace,let's do this.,because I believe in U...i run an Evangelism Outreach Stand Up Secondary School for Jesus and i go from school to school like one Army on the move for God same me Divine Who tot man can make me,Swag p came and with the Help of the Holy Spirit changed my mentality ...i die the day i go back to that dirty world i came out from. in this life called 2nd chance for me so much love,happiness,care opposite of what i didn't have then i found it loving GOD..who told you,you cant change your destiny if you don't like the Shape you can o...just focus on God...don't want to End this epistle without telling you that when i sent swagp the pics she was in heavy tears in shock like my God i saw what it looks like when a soul is saved and heavens rejoice and guess what she said Divine please send me your account number and in less than 12hours GBAM got an alert that moment i was asking for help from Above again God heard long as you with God help will always come from Above...finally am a student of BIU (Benson Idahosah University)300L waxing strong in the Lord. Swagp God will Bless you so much kind, soooo funny and down to earth ,when you always shouted at me i still stood strong because i knew it was for my change that You wanted to see ...Finally i Give my Father allllllllllllllllllllllllll the GLORY ,HIM ALONE DID IT ALL FOR ME.....the pics below.

                                       Few different schools have reached out in Benin.

Friday, 24 January 2014


SWAG UYAI (lagos): SwagP, i have been through a lot in 3yrs afta graduation sob sob sob and have been delayed going for Nysc. My result wasn't compiled, issues here and there it was clear it was spiritual,i became a Swag sista ending 2013and you keep declaring the next i wont be left out i believed,then I attended Shiloh 2013 and told God that 2014 I want to smile and rejoice from January to December and forever.So I keyed into the  Seven Days night of praise with all my heart because 3years delay academically had to be broken in 2014 o, the last day Swagp you declared the praise tagged MY SEASON HAS COME, i dived into the prophecy and danced like never before and I believed it was Settled and Done, woke up this morning and went about my day as usual then saw your message and keyed into the 6hrs Prophecy and behold 6hrs afta exactly 5min afta 12noon i was too alert and sure this was it checking the time knowing this 6hrs wont pass me lie lie,exactly 6hrs after 12noon i just heard bim bim i got a text and the text read this is your  CALL UP NUMBER congratulations you made it name came out,you going for Nysc next badge *fainted* i danced and danced blessing God, yes it worked 3yrs delay ended in 6hrs imagine omg. God bless you swagPooooo, please pray for me and bless me and thank God with me and for me, . SwagP God is good i praise Him and Give Him allllll the Glory. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


My name is SWAG ANN(Abuja) I joined the Swag Sistas fellowship last year my friend Swag Nonye invited me for the meeting and introduced me to Swag p though i have been chating with her and Swag p you always tell me its Settled and Done you don't care how many years have waited to Serve.... I finished school in 2010 my mates have served but they refuse giving me my result. Swag p i remember during one meeting when we closed i got to you and you said my result would be given to me.we all joined hands and prayed I kept on standing on the prophecy,in  november 2013 i didnt miss out the mystery seed and tied it to just one desire my result what ever is delaying it should be crushed...This year Swagp you told me its my year of complete story ,i remember when Swag Nonye told me about you ,she said i believe God will use her to end this misery and i believed and yeppiiiiii  my exam officer since 2010 just sent my husband a text saying congratulation come and pick your madams result omg my husband called and told me i saw the text ha this is a dream I was so happy the journey really ended oh as a Swag Sista. swag p thankz for all your prayers you told me my result would be ready this year 2014 and it has come to pass. my long awaited prayer request has finally been answered, you told me not to give money again thats why its been delaying trying to use man that i should focus on God ,if God cannot do it let it remain undone na so i just obey focus on God in less than three months have known You Swagp God showed up as you prayed along with me oh may God bless you.... thank u lord i celebrate You and to You i give all the Glory. Swagp please wanted my baby boy to celebrate with me dont crop him out pleaseeeeee hahahaha .*dancinngggg* God has done ittttttt..

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


my name is swag queen a bonified swag sista oh,i just finished the praise we all did plus the spiritual exercise swagp asked me to do after which I was to see her to pray on some things for me o,I had finish since but to see swagp  until yesterday she said queen see me 9am today,which I did oh,Got to swagps house she prayed on the items and I said swagp am tired also about this joblessness,I want to be able to bless you immediately you replied queen just having the heart to want bless me is enough that God will put it in my hands,she sprinkled the blood on me and anointed my head INSTANTLY still in her house oh,were I served the boss sent a message 'madam how much do you want us to pay u:Oi was confused den he said there's a JOB 4 u how much do you want to be paid,see the organisation by 12pm*fainted*' omg He answered me instantly ave waited 4 a job#:-s and just instantly this message came by 12pm will be running there and when am done will gist una the remaining. Cheiiii I saw God in a different realm today oh. Swagp you prayed from your heart for me and God answered,thank you so much and the gift you kept in my hands b4 I left your house I say God bless you so much and all I can say IT CAN ONLY BE GOD.
 Okay guess you all read my testimony via bc i wasn't happy i troubled swagp that i must be blogged,i kept sending messages that please blog me oh because have told the devil you will see my pic and testimony on swag sistas blog....well well were did i stop i told you all i was to go back at 12pm right yes i did and the boss said well a staff is living and they needed a replacement and at that same minute Swagp was firing prayers for my job guess i flashed hes head,he said queen rang on hes head and he thought instead of a replacement a new person let me bring back an old person who already knows the job and i was the one wow not because i was over qualified than the rest but the Grace of God was speaking already...and so i was told to resume on Monday yeaaaa i gat a job, swag sistas remember when swagp told me to be dressing every morning like am going to work and dance still work break time and continue still work closing time it sounded funny this was in December 2013 but i did it and January 2014 has answered for me...and less i forget my salary on point well discussed without argument now i can be a blessing *yessssss jumping up* this can only be My God of INSTANTA'''" love you so much Swag p and May God bless you and finally i carry all the Glory to God because it can Only Be GOD.

Sunday, 19 January 2014


SWAG TOBI( uk): Swag P... God has been faithful. You remember when I called you from Norway about the fear I was having during my internship. God blessed me with a great opportunity to serve there o and fear over took me. I could not focus; an awful feeling like I was incompetent for the project. You said to me to let go of the fear and work. I prayed so much and you prayed with me and I felt that change. It was drastic. D fear was gone and instead I was told how impressed they were with my work omg. I knew it had to be God because small me couldn't have achieved all that. At the end of the project; I had so many great comments from the people I worked with and emails flew around back to uni how impressed they were. I told you about it and before you went to Shiloh we had a discussion and you went with people's requests to the ground...i keyed into that trip with all i had like all then and said i support the ministry and your going to pray for everyone...and only thing you said TOBI LET ME GO AND COME hmmm.When you returned you said to me that TOBI YOU WILL BE CALLED BACK TO THAT OFFICE TO WORK WITH THEM. ha i was silent for a while oh because me Nigerian called back to such place. Swagp you said that was what you heard from God about me and you hear am well,that you know your God nothing is impossible that you cant give God and be stranded He is going to break protocols o that i should watch hmmm and I said Amen.Guess what oooo people /in funetic/ hahaha i got an email that I have been invited to come back again to the place. Invitations for different presentations that I am even having to pick .. this is amazing swagp how am in tears now HE honored me ,gave me more than my seed Swagp,you told me let me go and come back thats because until you hear you wont speak and when you got back God spoke, and it came to pass sigh. This just has to be God. I am getting called just as the Lord God revealed it to you Thank you Swag P. May God continue to use you as his mouth piece,may you always be called at the front,swagp you wont understand people are shocked how it happened but only i understand that it was Grace all the way. Emi o mo ooo(2ce) i dont know were to thank God from ..Hes done what i never believed can happen to  me from FEAR to GREATNESS in career wow. Thank You Lord i will Serve You For Ever. All GLORY BE YOUR NAME.


SWAG FAITH: Swag P...., God rewarded me 4 keeping 2 instructions and 4 believing in Him as you announced the seven days praise . I was experiencing low sales and orders in my new business outlet, it got 2 a point that I wanted closing up the place,hmmm say 6th day you  buzz me up and we began the chat in all you told me faith you will shine and you will dance,i didn't even tell you anything and very unlike you to buzz me o,you wont even read person chat for yearzz talkless of having a chat swag p hahahaha but that day i was lucky yeppii n you declared and i received ..didnt even tell you i was doing the praise and you didnt ask. well swags that was it thinking of closing my shop before the praise began sob sob. 7th night of the praise came, I engaged in it although I sometimes praise sleepishly because I am usually very tired when am back, sometimes I praise lying down but my heart was always connected. God answered me and showed up. Since the period of d 7th days praise night till now I've neva had a beta yesterday in my business. D sales is just 'WoW'. U told me this is my year of complete story and i will shine and dance Swagp if you see the turn around in my business like it was invisible to people oh see the rush huh huh huh since you declared that to me it has always been on my mind and I'm so conscious of of it and truely i danced omg like my God i have seen what people call instant speed in business,a place i wanted to close now am searching for a bigger space .... 2ndly my phone got bad and I asked got 2 either give me a new phone or to help me fix d phone for me as swagps brother testified o. Less than 48hours God fixed my phone for me without stress. I return 2 give God all the glory. This is indeed my year of Complete Story. Its just d beginning. Thank u Swag P. ..and i give God all the Glory.

Friday, 17 January 2014


SWAG ARINADE: For a while now after my separation in  marriage have been looking for a way out either to do Business or relocate,was in s state of confusion. Then my Mum runs this asooke business in d house and It's not moving have even been tagged a lazy woman because I wasn't bringing customers since it was handed to me.hmm.i have been so fustrated and didnt know what to do the i met Swagp and when we spoke i understood life in another realm and gained comfort.Last year Ended dont want to say but i give God praise and also being at the lekki swag meeting for the blood of sprinkling,when swag p sprinkled on me she said your season has chnaged and i grabbed the word firm and the year Ended. This year 2014 I told God that something has to be done I can be a daughter of d most high and suffer this much shame frustration and unfuilment that He should rememer me and the word He said through Swagp that my season has changed and i was sprinkled by the Blood..january has started I started my endless night prayers and Swagp you now declared 7days midnyte praise wow i entered the dance o no retreat no surrender ...i followed all what the praise was tagged for and on the last day was YOUR SEASON HAS COME i jumped and dance that night and asked God for help in the shop and when i was done i slept with joy. swagp ooooo a woman called my phone when day don break and asked if I Make asoke for weddings and engagement I told her She can come to my shop.when She eventually did I hosted her nicely and She started picking my goods one after d other I was shocked I asked her madam do u want to resell She said no I like them It's all for me. Glory to God and shame to d devil this woman bought infact almost all my goods in the shop,the shop became empty ,She said She will come back the next day to pay I was still in shock She came and paid me my fulllll cash no shaking,bills what 000,000  and more clients are just calling and Coming to my shop for asooke and engagement this is too shocking am thinking of going to buy goods quickly because the rush i cant explain.indeed my God heard me and saw my praise,Swagp i ask God for one thing to multiply your days and make you great here on earth,i have never taken your instructions for joke ooo i see it as an oppourtunity to be Blessed.; haaa God bless u for me ooo,my mummy is in shock self too how over night someone buys almost abi the whole goods that has been sleeping there and looked like not even a fly comes in to price omg,wow Am blessed the praise dance and God has turned my cast down to happiness and joy.ATOFARATIBIOKE... my dependable God.

Saturday, 11 January 2014


 SWAG KIKE: Swag p help me praise God o he has shown himself again o........last night around 10pm I pinged swag p and told her my cousin was past her due date for delivery and now shes not having any contractions and d baby's head was already upside down...... I was so worried because the pregnancy didn't stress her at all but why was labor not coming...... swag p hmmm in her ping calmly told me before 24hrs the baby would be delivered and mother will be her words mother alive arrive and alive in 24hrs then she told me to praise and dance until 3am and I said ok..... by 1am I got up to praise and sincerely I couldn't even praise because I was so down and worried I was just playing music and praying in my heart for God to come and prove Hes word from Hes vessel Swagp true o because baby has over stayed o and no labor still... After a while I picked up my bible and read throughg the birth of Moses before I slept off...... lo and behold the GOD of Swag came through o...... my cousin put to bed weda labor or no labor it was defeated by prophesy around 1pm today healthy and less than 24hrs as swag p declared o using the name of JESUS...... tarararara this God too much o..... Thank u JESUS...... may God bless u swag p and grant u heaven's best in Jesus name...i give God all the Glory o . amen.


SWAG PAMELA: Swag P! My God has done it again ooh... You remember I called you on the 2nd of January and when you picked you shouted who be dis! (hahaha). I was crying and shouting, "I'm in trouble Ma! Please please oh". You said "Ehn, trouble?" and laughed. I was wondering, because I just added you in December 2013; I was wondering which kind pastor de ask who be this with loud voice and laughing at me! You now said "Oya talk. What is the issue?". Still crying I said, "I don't know what's happening to my planned traditional marriage... My fiance and his people were supposed to come to our house for the introduction, but as I'm speaking to you, everything is on hold, he couldn't even withdraw money from the bank oh! Every time this wants to take place, they keep postponing it and then my people on the other hand would be busy saying all sorts of bad things. That they will  disgrace their "would be in-laws" because they are not happy with my choice... Plenty plenty things oh. It is looking like spiritual blockage. Whenever they plan to come, they end up not showing up. This is the main reason I added you up on bbm to join faith with me ooo because another date has been set , today is the day and it's about to happen again". When I narrated all this to you, you said, "so that's why you crying?" You hissed and laughed. Its funny now. Well you paused and said to me, "they will come this evening as we speak, you'll do your introduction ceremony and you'll smile... God will do it! If the bank likes, let them close, let there be no money and let the car breakdown! All I know is, this evening, they will come". You told me to continue with the cooking and other arrangements. That I should arise and shine for my light has come today. You asked me to clean my eyes and praise as I arrange, that you stand with all authority from Above, and whoever has been stopping this ceremony will go confused now! You declared and said unless no be God call you, whether na 12 midnight they must show today! For all you know, today no go pass me by. You said you silence every negative intended speech my people wan throw for my husband people and you declare dumbness for them sef!!! (hahaha) It was too funny though I was still crying, but at this point I had to laugh. Praise the Lord!!!! Swag P, they came on that said date and every mouth went dumb! Huh? Nobody could say anything bad to my fiance and his people oo... They all ate and drank and married together and everything went well, all to the honor and glory of God!!!! My God be praised... Thank you Swag P for your words of faith and prayer. May God bless you abundantly, amen!!! My fiance and his people are still coming next weekend for the final traditional rites, (choiiiiiii) before the traditional marriage ceremony and I know that my God that has started this good work in my life will perfect it for me, in Jesus name! Amen!!! I don marry go ooooo praise God kie four times i have arranged like this oh swag p and they didn't show up and i was laughed upon this fifth time it was going to happen but the God of swagp heard my cry,oh thank You so much God thank You sob sob sob.*dancing*

Friday, 10 January 2014


I'm  Swag Ladi, I graduated from kogi state university since 2012 and suppose to go for service 2013 with my mate, all of a sudden the story changed, a course that I wrote the exam appeared missing, script for 14 student and I was included,and in the process the strike commenced,and was told they can't do anything till after strike,  because of this issue so many things happened in the dept which brought about the dismissal of 3 lecturers ...n I became scared. When the strike was called off, they were not able to do anything  till this year 2014 since 2012 o kie,I came to the school on Monday and was told that the dept will be having meeting on Tuesday to finalise on our result,i have been praying and fasting on this issue, so on Tuesday after the meeting was told they did not come to any conclusion due to the fact that the HOD is not feeling fine and can't free us with out his approval,Hmmmmm it was bad, cos the batchA name for nysc has been posted, so I kept praying then yesterday a friend BCed about SWAG blog and the 7night of praise I picked interest and I copied the pin and sent swagp request, don 't know what came ova me and I started telling her about the issue n I dont use to disclose any problem of mine easily like that,but after i did she did not say anything and am like which kind pastor be this just hear story say hmmmm i kept calm, I became too worried, only for her to ping me at nite  and just asked when is the next list I told her and she said DONE you will go,who ever is stoping me from serving clears road now, that was all swagp said oh and am like no binding prayers self but i don read plenty testimonies so I keyed my faith, she said I should join the praise, and I did, all through the night before 1am self, I praised, I danced, I clapped and I worship,Swag Sistas wow,this morning I was reading and my mind just skiped but i didnt shake because have been saved with amazing Grace, I then pinged one of my lecturer he replyed,Immediately I dressed up and ran to his office, he said u actually have a great God. am a SWAG ohhhhhh n I couldn't hold the tears, "tears of joy" he said your result is APPROVE after all this years, that the only person that is always opposing the result did not attend the meeting and when they called him, he said he is in the hospital  hahahaha thats really clearing the Road as it was declared, that his head is pounding they should go on,and they finalised it. God am still in shock how i just added you Swag p and am testifying over an issue that the devil was tormenting himself not me. My peace has been restored,torment is over ,swagp you declared using the name Jesus,you tagged last night praise Favor night, indeed all this answered for me,have not known you not up to 48hours but God used you.  i can say it loud you are a woman of GOD. Am so thankful dont know what to say but GOD DID i give God alll the Glory.too happy..................


SWAG NIKE(uk) : cheiiiii swag p…February 2013 my friend applied for visa to be renewed, however after sending in the application they refused it . Then my friend took the embassy to court despite the fact that they mentioned there was no right to appeal. However Gods divine intervention made the court case a success. Then my friend thought it was over but the long wait started as they refused to send the documents they had approved ,I was on your neck Swag p to beg God,I can remember one day you said you wanted to pray for me and I should kneel down were ever I am omg I was on the road close to the station and I did if you see people looking at me both white and black like I was mad hmmm only if there knew how this visa mattered to us I knelt with one hand up for like 5mins there,and you said for this I have done not being ashamed of God this visa and documents will be granted for my friend because it was going to almost affect alot of things,we faced God like never before,I did praise everything even decided to sow from uk to the ministry on this issue and that day you told me Nike you have touched Gods heart just calm down you kept declaring day by day until 2013 passed but you said IT DOESN’T TAKE TIME IT TAKES GOD. 2014 came and you buzzed me 8th January 3days back we Spoke and You asked me how far and I said Gods word will come to past and Swag Pastor you said it will come and you decreed and declared in anger that you frustrate them now this was in the morning that it has taken unnecessary time that now now now visa out choiiii I believed seed couldn’t have gone void and you said it wont enter a year of wait and I felt the fight was over , swag pppppppppppppppppppp omg wake me oh huh huh this cant be magic its INSTANT GOD that same day we talked in the afternoon in the night hours of same January 8th my friend called and said he got a call that they had sent the document and visa granted,I jumped like never before like film trick I danced and rejoiced ha swag p have known you for years from home the moment God called you I believed because I was a partaker and this that you joined me to pray I was sure that God will show up and He did and truly the wait didn’t enter a year has declared we are so happy now and peace has been restored wow devil delayed almost a year but God showed up same day few hours I believe my God and swag p God bless you and finally I say all Glory to God because indeed it was You oh God that did it allllllll.Whew!!!