Friday, 31 October 2014


Good evening my swaggalicious Pastor with the mighty sword,my name is swag ify(lagos),come and join me sing hallelujah, jehovah jireh has done me well, come n join me sing hallelujah jehovah jireh has done me well,hmmmm were I wan start from,God has been good to me n always come through for me. We moved into a new apartment last year but a lot of things was wrong with the house. I wasn't comfortable @ all n I was disturbing hubby dat we needed to move out even if we don paay 2yrs was as bad as if I go out when am coming back I will be depressed that am going home.Moist dey spoil everything for house. My friend told me dat there would be a vacant flat in her building since may and I like her house. So na so I strt to pray abt getting the house it was part of my prayer point @ d last swag meeting. When u said 25pple should call that u will pray for them. I called n you said d finances n the house is settled. You said midnight praise n put your request under pillow I follow your instruction. finally when we were not expecting 2wks ago house was free. Money wasn't available but you told me it was SETTLED. Even when the former Tennant tried to bring in another person, because I am saved with amazing grace God block those people way. Devil brought different ways to block the way but God came through for us. The landlady wey increase the rent God touch heart to reduce it.I remember telling swag P I need to find favour in the landlady sight she said DONE. I sure say Swag P tire for me that period sef.*ROTFL*. Agent wanted to bring someone behind us but because of Grace and favour my Father who art in heaven came through, I ping swag p say people with money don show oh for the house and she said trust God na, no body will enter that house if not me .House is our own now o, landlord refuse collect anybody money because my mid nyte praise had to answer and waited for us to get our money and God provided yeppi am so excited people go wonder say naa cos of house I dey testify but they won't understand. i  know from this house am moving to the one I will build. Chai my pastor God's anointing will always be with you. I thank God for you oooo. Grace, favour, open doors will be your portion always and to God who always give us what we ask, swag sistas cheii I don enter blog three times since I come June swag sistas meeting, I can't wait for sunday nov 2nd too excited.  Thank You Father!!!!


My name is swag tosan(benin), I got swag p BlackBerry pin from a friend, swag Ejura. I never chatted with her, I only read her messages ,until wahala come=)) , my husband had a girl in the uk then (yourba) .He was always on phone with d girl, chatting or calling, I was very worried, I talked, nagged but didn't  work. I had to tell my family the  problem,cos we were always quarrelling and it was so clear the girl had taken over my home ,my mother came into issue and settled us, but the chatting and calling still continued, but at my back this time . ,i noticed testimonies on the blog and swag p messages to girls to leave married men alone=)) , I pinged swag p for the first time fast o , we chatted, I say them don thief my husband o hmmm,she said what never dem nor fit she said cheiiii na my area of specialisation be dis oya fast do this one, Inshort I was already laughing as she responded was too funny and  she told me to get her pictures and go and print 10 copies and pray for 21days ,get Ribenna blessed it into blood and do  blood of sprinkling on those copies , for divine separation that if your husband don't separate from her and come back to he's senses then the blood no de speak pass Abel own but if really it's the blood that speaks more than the Blood of Abel then make I Watch God separate them fast . I started it oooo. Not up to10 days of the blood wei I de pour for her picture nor be even sprinkle I say pour.  I noticed changes in my husband, he started praying with me at mid night huh ha(but I will pray general prayers then sleep) na that time he go hold me tight =)) at the time am to battle 12am , once he sleeps off, I Don move small small like crook make e nor catch me, I go do my own personal prayer assignment wei God instruct with the pictures and the blood of Jesus, before the End of the 21 days ,cheii my swag sistas o everything changed, ,he start to follow me go church ,someone wei nor fit waka with me because of that strange woman because a man wei go receive call, chat with girl for your front without caring you go know say you mean nothing na but the story changed he became the  man I use to know. He begged me with his family and friends oh them group self gather , he wants to take me anywhere he is going to, And promised never to go to UK again and stopped every plan and said it again I will never go back to UK unless with you my darling wife  , but I formed a little oooo =D,kan de pose, de do yanga, cross leg they say see how beautiful I am tell me, he say Haa my wife you beautiful kie pass that stupid girl, he say that girl stupid o she wan take wetin nor be her own, I had to laugh but needed that pose Before accepting his apology. For my mind I say hahaha you nor no wetin I don use that strange woman ten copies of picture do for midnyte at 12am as you de sleep, the blood wei speak pass Abel don separate una forever. He no de aware say I be swag I can't be intimidated anymore, you do me I enter into mystery wei my darling dearest swag p go instruct from above make I Do. I was so happy, I saw my home restored over night even became sweeter than the previous. He disconnected all means of the woman reaching him and I was treated uptill na with  Love oh choiii. What the enemy planned for bad don favor me wella. I was too excited and couldn't wait to meet swag p and Then in june 2014,i saw swag p for the  first time,the meeting was so wonderful, you go laugh tire with all seriousness and pray make swag p nor ask you question, the meeting was so deep and it was on understanding yourself 'purpose' it was so prophetic that after the meeting I was high in spirit and ran to her  I told her with faith that God is going to do three great things for me before d next swag meeting in October and I had written it on my mystery seed envelop and she asked what I said "FRUIT OF THE WOMB , MY HUSBAND AMERICA VISA AND MY APPOINTMENT  LETTER) and she grab my stomach and cursed barrenness and decreed in Anger saying You womb listen in the name of Jesus Open forth I shouted a big Amen to it, my husband and I wrote our prayer requests and our mystery seed which I brought He's own for him, I was too sure. Swag Sistas the  next month July una hear Swag sistas the next month July I missed my period,after three years (3yrs of waiting)  my womb opened, we're I never go,extent doctors go talk Deir lie lie talk but just meeting swag p, Gods own vessel face to face the next month I conceived omg, e nor End there oh my husband finally get the USA  visa wei be de impossible until he decided to use the mystery seed as he's own agent dis time and God do am. I attended this October meeting in Benin but shame nor gree me kan talk testimony imagine how can I hide such blessings so after the meeting I run go give swag p the testimony, omg swag p almost ate me raw for not testifying I explained how shy I am and she said what about the appointment letter I said that one still pending and I want prayers, she say no need since you nor go testify I said no way swag p I go enter blog by force and she called all the swags some who were still around and asked I testify and I did and also to all the women expecting and I had peace and she decreed my letter will still happen 2014 and am still expecting my appointment letter in Jesus name ( It will still happen in 2014) because I have testified and God has answered 2 then am too sure the third request will be settled and did I gist you am putting up my papers to go and meet my darling husband,nothing separate us oh, someone who was processing uk visa to live me do you turn to Usa visa and am doing my own process na. I shout Only Ghost fire to any strange woman wei de your marriage as dis one flee from my road same shall happen for you all married women in Jesus name, just follow swag p instruction kos na God de tell her to tell us am so happy my baby is kicking and shame don de catch all those people wei de help me count years wei I de expect belle ahahaha . Watch out for part 2\=D/ , God bless u swag p, love u ... not up to 6months I become swag story don change, kie this ministry God sid don here well o. Thank You Father, Thank You BaBa.

Thursday, 30 October 2014


You all remember this : It is the 27th day of the month of October, Proverbs 18 vrs 10 confirms it that The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.‎


I, ........... (Your name) Hereby declare this faithful morning‎

1. My family,  I and my well wishers are safe and secured in this season
2. Every arrow of accident (domestic, local, foreign, road) shall not strike us down‎
3. Every evil and wickedness of bloodshed shall not find rest in my family and my abode in Jesus name‎

4. Every danger in the air, ground, sea or underneath the ground is not my portion nor my family & generation after me
5. The curse of "PREMATURELY" is cancelled in my life, my family and that of my well wishers‎
6. That seat of DESTRUCTION & altar of WASTE raised against my family, I and my well wishers is commanded to catch fire now IJN
7. Every vehicle of stagnation & demotion placed for my family & I to board shall carry the senders even back into the grave instead of us‎
8. All that is mine is safely SECURED & ASSURED this week in Jesus name‎
SHOUT THIS: there shall be no LOSS. I shall not be BEREFT nor BEREAVED. My parents shall not be made to sorrow because of me. I will not SORROW because of my siblings or children; my GLORY & TESTIMONY shall not be cut off. I am SECURED in CHRIST MY LORD & GOD‎
Good morning, This week shall be better & greater than last week in Jesus mighty name.

NOW MY TESTIMONY : THE NAME OF THE LORD IS A STRONG TOWER...on Monday swag p declared this title and made a prayer for us cancelling death for families and accident and all manner of satanic agenda..although I did not see it quite early but later  because my mobile data was off..but I must thank God am part of that declaration and I thank God families was mentioned by the Lord of host, because the devil planned it but God averted it by the spoken and written decree of SWAGP. At noon same day , while I was busy at work a call dropped on my phone it was my sister I picked up and she said guess what that a car left the road With speed ran into the compound into the house and how it stopped it was clear God has did O.. I was amazed because I imagined what if someone was stepping out of the house at that point or we were playing or the children were playing in the compound ..what if, but God in his infinite mercy changed the story on my kneels thanking God because he has not left me or my family..SWAG p decreed and it was to the shame of the devil..SWAG P pls don't stop declaring and decreeing over us..your a mouth piece of God..Gods spirit is in you to speak at the right time over us and we are most grateful..we love you..thank you Father for making us to celebrate and not to cry to think I just testified I got a job after 2years on the blog last month oh, you stupid devil
wanna do your own but my God pass you.. Thank You Lord. swag Cynthia Abuja


Swag p, I saw the hand of God, swag sistas I have seen Gods hand o in my mata sob sob sob. Swags Sistas I advised you from my heart every bc from swag p should be read, every instruction should always be followed because it has saved me from weeping. On the 27th swag p Ended the prayer Bc with ''SHOUT THIS: there shall be no LOSS. I shall not be BEREFT nor BEREAVED. My parents shall not be made to sorrow because of me. I will not SORROW because of my siblings or children or my Parent; my GLORY & TESTIMONY shall not be cut off. I am SECURED in CHRIST MY LORD & GOD'' I prayed that prayer point as if it was only personalise to me and felt peace in my spirit.Swag Sistas My dad had an accident days bak after the doctors had stabilized him n helped him gain consciousness..xray was done and found out he had BROKEN RIBS  and INTERNAL BLEEDING  and DIFFICULTY IN BREATHING...he was deteriorating so the doctors referred us to a specialist hospital yesterday at gwagwalada...but before then I called swagP and told her what was father was at the point of death,its not a joke the breath was living him, it was scary ...and she began to prophesy without asking for stories just three words repeatedly ''Oliva  no death ' I told swag p, I had prayed the Bc so  she kept saying 'Oliva No Death' and finally said NO death will be recorded in my family . it's been settled from Above  and asked me to put salt in water and wash his feet very fast and a glass to drink, praying psalms 123 and 124 as he drinks ...I prayed for my father amidst ,tears didn't stop rolling from my eyes  and when I was done they left for specialist hospital...then I remembered last week Thursday during the salt mystery we danced for our parents and swag p declared loudly ''NO MOURNING' and it's celebration time so being tensed stopped and
 all I did was wait at home. About an hour  my mums phone rang, my heart almost flew out of my body even though I knew it's was already declared, No death', I tried to ease drop the call. Now Swag sistas sit back and listen to how I physically saw Gods mighty power the same one He used to divide the red sea. My mum in shock looked at me and  said they had reached the hospital and where on their way back home..when they came back I asked what happened and they said the specialist doctors said he had no case, RIBS INTACT, INTERNAL BLEEDING VANISHED and last Xray Condemned. The Doctors asked he should go home with shock for their face because no how they had seen the previous xray after the accident and ran all their test and xray again so they just gave him drugs to take...\=D/ I was so he settled down in the house my dad  called me and said after I washed he's feet,gave him the water and read those two psalms instructed by God's own vessel swag p that something strange happened on their way to the specialist hospital that  he coughed out HEAVY MUCOS with BLOOD in it...and he felt  relief instantly like he began to breath well, every pains disappeared, he began to wonder, he sat up right and strength was back, he should have even turned back himself but wanted to fulfil all righteousness by going there but he knew God had disappointed the report of every Xray done on him, he knew he had felt Gods touch and wasn't surprise when he was asked to go home. Na so  I just began thanking GOD oh praising Him, telling Him my father has been Saved With Amazing Grace,for me I knew it Was going to happen there was not going to be death after I spoke to God's own vessel since she had declared from Above. The Bc was clear I had gone before the devil planned so he could not win in he's stupid attack on my papa...checked on him some few minutes later and he was fast asleep breathing accurately well...I can't thank GOD enough...He really cannot lie. He brings to past every declaration He declares. God honoured my family as I remembered Him I was a Swag and obeyed instructions. Swag p, celebration is all you will ever see with your family,The ministry will keep recording greater testimonies. How an xray result became void over night after the salt mystery and the oda instruction, it's truly Amazing, Its clear "Gods Hands" did it All. Death was destroyed the psalms spoke and I have come to say thank
You my Father. My name is Oliva (Abuja) WoW.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Wao!! I feel like shouting...... My immediate senior broda. has dis issues with my mum. A. Spirit possessed him using my mum's face against he's. So each tym dis spirit comes he will do all manner of tinz to dis old woman. Dis last one he did dat made my most senior broda to take him 2 SARS, he. Locked my mum in d house for 3days no food no water and was planning 2 burn down d house with my mum inside buh only d cottons burned, d wood refuse 2 burn, so sum1 alerted my big bros who believes in handling issues legally bcos of he's profession, and so he arrested him n took him 2 SARS. He has been in sars for over 4months now, he's only frnd who refused 2 give up on him took up d pains of going 2 bail him buh bailing without my elder broda's approval is going 2 be a different case all togeda. So we started begging 2ru my step sista, this my brother was has refused 2 give his approval is been psychologically n emotionally affected with all dis issues oooo he has completely loosed weight. I remember d last tym I spoke 2 him abt dis issues he said it gives him heart attach. As I spoke d doctors said he's sugar level is high and so many other issues, my mum on her own side is been traumatized looking vry dry n unable 2 eat or even sleep well. Sistas I could not concentrate on my exams n presentations, once my phone rings my heart sinks inside and I will run 2 d toilet n start purging. Bcos they keep calling me 4rm sars dat he's health is deteriorating. I decided not 2 pick any calls 4rm my glo line. Yet I had no peace. After he's 3rd month there my elder brother gave he's approval 4 he's release buh he said he won't be part of it. He's frnd went there they told him 2 bring 40k meanwhile a woman of God has taking 30k 4rm my elder sista to pray out dat spirit on him Chai . We managed 2 raise d 40k in 2weeks and he's frnd went there 2 bail him. The man keep turning him down until he meet their boss who said he will grant him bail with 100k choii!!! My head stand gban... gbann..... confusion wanted to kill me o, like I became dumb. .Since all this been happening not told swag p even though I saw her in June. Oh my swags I met swag P through  my fiancĂ©  that was during her last visit 2 ph buht since then I've been very reluctant buzzing her on anything we just do normal pings . I will only read the testimonies and say Amen to  my self and situation,which can stupid thing I de do. The testimonies I've been reading ehhh I no fit hold back Again ooooo I had to Buzz Swag p O
and through her my same fiance who's the lagos PAs broda got a miracle job for lagos, so why was I holding back to speak out instantly I bind the spirit buzz Swag p and told her everything and about the 40k to 100k. She said tell the guy to go back there with the 40k they will collect it,i said its the over raw boss saying 100k, she say na God put am for the position so let him go back. I called hes friend, he said huh no they go think am mad, I told swag p, she said tell him I command he goes back na so the guy go back oh, they were wondering and politely asked him to come next week na so they de always say next week until e enter 4months, well I buzzed swag p again told her and she said b4i go see her my brother go don de release she no care  how.. Swag sistas something happened Ur indeed a blessing 2 our generation Swag p .hmmm on thursday I asked swag p for the PAs number since we don go give 30k to a pastor which was stupid my broda don sleep there 4months make I sow for the meeting but now I didn't have any dine, because after reading so many testimonies I understood a lot did the same so am to sure it will bring my broda out and  I had nothing but I said to myself when dem give me moni to go back to skul I will sow the seed from dia na so God see my heart ,just as I was about to use the fees, my phone beep na so I look ALERT huh my friend send  me moni and said led to do so and didn't know why, I was so shock and I said myself be like magic oh, fast I sow d seed swag
sistas same yesterday as God preserved my fees and brought it He's own way because really Its He's meeting , I buzz swag p sharply told her what I just experienced she said wow omg your broda will be released b4 d ph meeting and said Inshort watch GOD. Same yesterday O, it has happened as soon as I sowed that seed, few minutes as the friend went back with that same 40k it was collected and my brother was released. This is not a joke, you see how God said a closed mouth is a closed destiny, the moment I decided to open my mouth my brother was released, kie In short I caused the delay. Any body that knows about Sars will know that for them to call you to come and pick up someone in their custody with their credit self after saying he's friend should come next week ha  it has to be a miracle. Swag p please can I scream aloud now? HAAAAAAAAA. Meanwhile my broda was released with the same 40k they have been rejecting just as swag p said go back with the same money it must be collected. Inshort people are listening to my testimony.  God were do I thank you from,my lips can't
be enough..but firstly lord I want you to bless and enlarge SWAGp's life and ministry and let there be more testimonies Amen. Swag p may God blesss uuuuu O. Father I bow before you and say thank you.. it's been 4months my broda was locked and in less than 3days I encountered your vessel, you brought out my like dis wen one woman collect 30k to pray nothing happened (please I warn you all don't pay for prayer na Fake). THANK YOU FATHER AM HAPPY!my name is Swag Favor( porthacourt)

Monday, 27 October 2014


 Chaiiii! There is God oooo. Swag sisters can you girls remember when I testified about my baby daddy coming to see him for the first time in 3years and I asked you to pray for reconciliation between my dad and I?hmmmm it has happened o.For the first time in 3years, my dad called me asking after his grandson,how I was doing and said I can now be calling him as I like and we will fix a date to see. Swag sistas  this is a man(father) I will call and call,he will ignore my calls and won't reply my messages.I gave up o.but today,the God of SWAG P showed up o.I still can't believe it,my dad who hasn't set he's eyes or called me in 3years, and we are in same town called .i have followed all spiritual instructions on this ground, said Amen to all Swag p's declarations. The first day I met swag p and told her all she said unless God no call her, my same papa will be the one to call me and yes swag sistas My dad did. I became a swag last year October and approximately one year, it still happened for me I never gave up because as long as swag p as declared it using the name of Jesus it will still happen, just believe and be patient. Thank God o. Thank you swag sisters for praying for me. SWAG P you are a vessel to be with .Na God go bless you his hand maiden. God bless you ma. Lord indeed You are my Father who has Restored me the stone everyone rejected. Am too happy, tears cannot stop flowing am to glad because I know every suffering and struggling as Ended finally. 3 years trauma ENDED TODAY,this last theme IT WILL STILL HAPPEN 2014 as answered for me. Am glad to be a swag p, and the world will hear the ground in which GOD favoured me. my name is Ann Amuche.(Abuja).

Sunday, 26 October 2014


My name is swag mary based in ibadan. Since late early 2008 my menses suddenly started slowing down until it stopped. And for close to six years I was no longer menstruating. I visited several hospitals where I was told that I had polycystic ovaries. I spent thousands of money, met several prophets and other places yet nothing. Recently in July a friend introduced me to swag p and she directed me on prayers along side with my fastings and that was when it all became open and the doctors started a fresh series of tests and they said I had I prolactin and that the pituitary gland in my brain was producing in excess so I had to go for a brain MRI scan. There I called for an immediate 24hrs miracle and said God I want my head to be just as u created it to be and Swag p declare nothing will be found andd the doctors will be shocked. So I did the MRI. spending 45minuites in the MRI machine was a full 45 minutes of praise and Worship. And God put the devil to shame the results showed that my head was just as God created it. And so I was place on a drug which am to take for 2 months before repeating the prolactin test. So i packaged my mystery seed along with my prayer request from the period i started the medication. Then i buzzed the benin PA that i also wanted to send money to support the meeting so she sent the acct details which i sent money to. I kept following up on the blog and keying into any of the testimonies related to my desires. I told swag p everything and my intentions to attend the benin tour instead of the Lagos one which is closer to Ibadan. Yesterday morning before the benin meeting I told God that I wanted to be the first to arrive at the George idah venue and that I want to also join in cleaning and preparing the ground for his vessel. And God heard me and so I was the first to arrive and others came and we cleaned up the place. I also told God that I don't want to return to Ibadan the same and I wanted my testimony to be the first on the blog after meeting his vessel.Swag p I laid my eyes on you yesterday for the first time and I could see God in you. You were as beautiful as I saw you in my dreams and at every point I felt like running to hug u but I restrained myself. Swag p after the feet washing, the cursing of every sickness and delays, the veil and the sprinkling, I knew my life had changed. Even after the meeting you laid your hands on my stomach and prayed for me and I knew that was the final battle and I kept thanking God cos I knew I would menstruate in less than 48hrs. To God be the glory, I arrived  Ibadan this afternoon and lo my menses has started after almost 6yrs of waiting.   Father how can I say enough thank you. God is forever going to be praised,And swag p also just took the purity covenant and God showed Himself. Awesome God. Swag Sistas swag p looked into my eyes and said you can't come from ibadan and go back the same so I curse your menses to FLOW and yes yes yes am seeing blood. Swag p I have gone every were, different prophets I repeat, doctors and in 6years nothing happened..just attending Benin swag meeting yesterday make una join me sing Halleluyah oooo.  Haaa there's God with You Swag P... Chaiiii.. am almost shouting my roof off. Father bless Swag p for me, yesterday the meeting I felt fire, I laughed all through until I forgot I hadn't seen my period and yes yes yes IT STILL HAPPENED 2014. Thank You My God for I am speechless... hmmm. ssob sob sob sob

Friday, 24 October 2014


My name is Swag Obehi (Lagos) I slept off yesterday  evening and I saw u swag p  in my dream. You  were seriously praying for us(ladies) and u were reading from the bible in a strange language. . We opened our bible and tried to read along but we couldn't, then a voice said only God's anointed can say what u were saying. I knelt down and thanked God for sending you to us... Hmm swag p u're not ordinary oo.Now I understand the dream clearly cuz u were not in one place, there were different gatherings of ladies and you kept moving from one room to another, And I remember after thanking God for sending u, I thanked him for keeping u safe and for ur safe flight . U passed me when I was praying like u did not see me, u went to another room where some other ladies were gathered and u kept ministering in that same strange language . Swag P, seeing you in my dream, was the best thing that has happened to me in 2014. .you have been so amazing,and God has really used you towards my life. Can't wait to see you again Nov 2nd. *Hugs Swag p * God I thank You so much For putting Swag p inside my sleep,please do it again and again hahahaaahah.

TESTIMONY : Last time in June you spoke about purpose and I took it deep. Resigned  my job and started my fashion house.. you even said the Name before me and I was shocked 'purple buttons'. You said before I see you again everything will be set. Swag sistas to start I was so confused as to were the finances will come from. Last month buzzed swag p and she declared it must come to reality before I set my eyes on her and shea she told me in June nah and new helpers will come. I believed... and wisdom came I had to tithe on the matter on the ground because I was to sure it will open the doors, my God less than 78hrs, finances began to troop in, partners calling, and before I knew it,even helpers who had forgotten me began to call saying they were led to bless me. Today everything is set, am a CEO of purple buttons, an employer of labour. PURPOSE FOUND- PURPOSE PURSUED - PURPOSE ACHIEVED. 'watch out for my designs on my dearest sweetest swag p's body soon. ... Thank You my Father.. Indeed no one is born Empty, you only need to PUSH and realise who you are. Swag P waiting for your Book to bring me more light...I love you swag p Blessed. Thank You JESUS . *dancing*

Thursday, 23 October 2014


My God! Jehovah Alpha who does not deny his children what is rightfully theirs has done it again. I graduated from Ahmadu bello university with the help of God because I faced a lot of challenges in school that graduating at the End of the day was because HE LOVES ME. I was to go for my NYSC August this year but unfortunately I could not because  of Jamb number issue hmmmm. I was worried though, I was not the only one denied of the right, some of my friends kept crying and complaining,some where willing to even go through underground as they call it ,that's working it direct from NYSC. But I said God I thank you because am alive,some of my mates we started schooling together but they could not complete it because some had health challenges,some because of school fees but I was able to complete mine and my result is great so why bother when God has settled it for me and being a swag separates me from all of them. My dear swag sistas I then calm down and waited for the next batch which is this november batch, I did my online registration only for all my friends that we did together plus the ones I even registered before them got their call up number leaving me out first thing I said was no oh,my God can't forget me,knowing have been saved with amazing grace no way I must go this november. That faithful sunday a friend of mine called me and said hers is out and if I have seen mine? she knew I registered before her and she had gotten hers, so she had to call and ask me. God I felt tears coming out from my eyes but I heard something inside of me saying run to the ground,run there,today is sunday, and so I did,took my hand bag and guess what am not even based in Abuja but Kaduna . I was able to meet the meeting even though I was late, swag p was shocked to see me. After the meeting as we were about to say the grace!I said God remember me through your vessels mouth. Instantly  swag p pulsed and asked who came here sad and depressed I said me and I told her everything and how the list has ended. She looked at me and said Ended ehn ehn okay for my side nothing the end unless I de inside so therefore your name must find way enter and swag p  prayed with me and declared that within 21 days i'll receive mine,that If God really told me to run down to the Ground then I should, 'WATCH GOD' O YES! I believed and said a very big Amen, another person in my shoes will look and say swag p, the list has been concluded but as long as I was standing on this ground then I was ready for the miracle so I said another Amen.We finally said the grace and  I left,it was clear the question Was due to the fact God had settled me. I kept Waiting and
Doing 21days count down. my beloved swag sistas, less than 21days, God shocked me oh, Cheiii  I received mine,how the name came out I can't explain but I know I have received mine and am all set to serve my country Praise master Jesus \=D/ all Glory to God and swag P thank you  for standing on the gap, may God continue to bless and strengthen you in Jesus name friends are so amazed like few weeks to november,after it was over, my name still came out and they concluded na God do this your own and I replied yes the God of SWAG. Thank You Lord and as i speak my friends are itching to be on the ground and am so glad for i know God will amazed them. My Lord indeed You love me.Thank You so much JESUS.Swag Jossy kaduna


Swag p, I told you on Wednesday that my kids were sent out of school you said everything new is coming and i said Amen and didn't feel sad, so that day my husband applied for another loan despite d plenty we don already get for head. So I told myself , I must contribute to the feast/tour,since that swag testified on how she gave her all and same day she got alert,knowing that testimonies are for you to follow same principles for same results were e concern you and that testimony concerns i and my family so much , so I sent the money to Lagos PA , I pray better prayer and I felt good with myself because i was able to be a part of it for the first time and the last tour kie i had to.So he got it on Friday , the full money wasn't approved , but before then I don go check for another school close to us , I was led o ! Because since last year wey we pack come here I dey fear say the school go cost. Got there very affordable,compared to the last.  so I took Dem for exam , they passed , we paid on Friday \=D/ ,them don enter school back  Jesu ose o .
PART 2 : Since last year my husband has not been CONFIRMED at work because uba were he was working before , he had to stop for a while , so car loan wey we take , we had to stop paying , and when he was asked to bring reference from last employer , uba said until he pays up before he gets reference , na so o ! We come take apply for immediate loan from this new office to pay uba , so a big chunk of his salary was to pay loan , hmm , now uba has given the reference , the new office says they need his certificate, my husband remember say he never collect from UNN, so h e applied , and we started watching. I buzzed swag p and all she says another new Door and confirmation will still happen 2014.So yesterday my husband called me and said I HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED,I screamed and was dancing shouting it still happened oh 2014.Swag Sistas guess the new door? I told swag p,he was being congratulated in the office, He asked and they said he had been promoted , this was October 2nd ,. But he didnt get any official notification because he wasn't confirmed , u see devil, but swag p said that letter go de in hand before Nov 2nd, I believed O. so as he got confirmed ,. Na him Dem faya am with the OFFICIAL PROMOTION NOTIFICATION LETTER effective October 1st.Swag P ,. Why won't I be happy,when I told you about the debt,you said God will open a door that will allow you pay it all that I should dance which I did and guess what again my fifle Hmm , the promotion comes with a brand new car , and off course ,. Significant increase in salary , so therefore we can begin to pay up gbese , what does that mean ooo! My prayers of being debt free before year end has been answered. Ha just as I sent a contribution with the little I had because I was ready to starved for swag meeting lagos to be great,i heard that instruction well and a delay of ONE YEAR BROKE, THE NEXT DAY HA! Chai ! See God o .Why won't I call u my love ? U swag p encouraged me , told me to be calm , because I almost wanted to kill myself with depression but you said Ruby leave me alone and watch God 2014. Thank you so much , again for being a shoulder . God will continue to use u to reach out to people , thank you ,and swag p you can't deny it oh you are my love. HA I have seen Gods power oh, I have seen it. The type all the swags use to testify about I don witness am..God has taken my family from nothing to something. family wei them go drive your children go house from school, now it can never ever happen, life has changed over night. God doesn't rob oh make I follow una talk am. In the mist of my depression and confusion, I decided to sow towards the meeting and God opened the heavens in my house hold. Haba ! I know how much I choked swag p and my God answered me. Swag Sistas, a woman that will think of the next meal ,will now sit at the back of the car (madam) hahaha story don change, wei all my enemies, una go witness the shine too for my body choiii,i never saw all this coming but swag p told me I see a new door that will shock you ooo, true true e shock me. My God o ti se fummi oh.on the previous comment swag p said,GOD said she should go on dry yesterday and He will do the impossible for swags and so shes going on dry ,i keyed into it well,i said i was a part of the impossible oh and yes , yesterday was my turning point as oyibo de talk am...swag p when you said check previous comment i de run fast because the prophesies are so deep that one must not miss reading and commenting.
My shame for Glory. IT CAN JUST BE GOD. Thank You AbbaH Father. Swaggest Ruby (lagos)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Swag (ODUFA US) this one sweet me o.  I dey ask God when I go give my own testimony see now am on d blog ,good evening swag p about 2 weeks ago,  I pinged you telling you about some money order I sent to somebody in another state here in America , the woman sent a text that she had received the money which is $10,000 and after 1 week hmmmm, I received another text from her saying she did not get any money order 'WHAT' 10,000 dollars I sent and she acknowledge am, Truely money is the root that makes human beings becomes a thief.  na I say God what is this? I told her but you sent me a text saying you had received it, she denied it I ping swag p fast o cant joke with that sum of money, telling her all what has happened o. Hahaha it's funny now oh, swag p just replied 'the woman na thief ' she didn't reply again, I waited oh and was confused like swag p the woman na thief na wetin go bring the money back. Later I buzz she she said ehn ehn firstly I should  trace it ,call offices etc, as I was tracing I said to myself dis woman nor go give me prayer point o. Then later Swag p said, odufa you know what I see wayo here all this tracing nor go do anything oya enter prayers. I started prayers at mid nite via instructions when I was done for days. I went to post office to see if they can trace,they  asked me to wait for 30days before I file a report on the money order,i said ha by then the money go don enter voice mail na. In my confused state, the holy Spirit spoke to me   and instantly I pinged swag p ooooo asking  when be the  next mystery seed,she was even shocked and said tour never start na odufa and said October just began . she told Benin is 25th of Oct ,Lagos,port Benue, and  Abuja Nov and she said were u wan join Abuja or Benin na I say Benin ooh at least na were i come from ,say the rest far na, she said okay I should wait until that day, I agreed but had my plans, I ran dat same day,found Swag p's full name on facebook and sent my mystery seed ooooo through western union and said if swag p like she fit go that date go remove am but for me na today I de do am, and when I was done I said oya mystery seed go and bring back my 10,000 dollars and I was calm. I sent a message, ma have sent my seed, she even asked who give you my info I said facebook and she said did I not tell you it's not time, and I said swag p please, I was too led oh and she said let it answer for you, for its a mysteries that breaks the devils neck, I shout Amen oh. She said sleepless night for that woman, confusion and if she no de careful death, huh swag p no oh if she die who go pay the money, please abeg oh sleepless night good ahahahah. MY GOD no de robbbbbb at allll ohhhh dis our God is too much' JESUS' I say few days I mean few days oh the woman call me, you fit hear from her voice like koboko flog her say please am sorry I got the money I confess say I receive am na him I send swag p this message for bbm 'swag p evening that money order wen I ping u say I send to somebody wen the woman tel me say she received and after she come tell me say she nor get the $10,000 hmmmm I don call God alll nite for days ,sow my mystery seed before time as location no be barrier to be part of am, if I nor de in person, my mystery seed go speak for me and GOD ANS me oooooo , the woman sent a text now now that her neighbour don see the money ,na so I tell the woman thank you. Like I needed to thank her oh for repenting if she like make she say na mad man see the money as long as there's a seeing. I was so happy oh for someone who has decided she didn't see that amount of money as greed set in and later called back to say she's seen it, haba it can just be God na. My sweat someone will take over night no way. Swag sistas am so happy and blessed.. been away for three years and before I left swag p said I will my grass will be green and Truly it has, said I will get a good job even without papers yet and this God nor fail and to think an Email I have been waiting for since May,came forth the next day o after I sent the same mystery seed, just that dis money own wan turn my brain. I am so grateful to be in this family, I follow all bc's, testimonies, etc which makes me feel present all d time and God hasn't failed me. Swag p my God will give you a bigger Dance and swag p abeg my book oh I must not miss out location cant stop me ,if una no put am on line but i know in Jesus name we go fit buy am on line.Amen.. Father to you oooo be all the glory. Thank you Lord, for indeed You are agood GOD.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

IT HAS BEGAN..........IT WILL STILL HAPPEN 2014.............


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Monday, 20 October 2014


Swag Lauretta: Good evening Swag p. Wow Yesterday you declared that before 19hrs we will get any message or an alert we are waiting for, hmm, 1 man at the top at NCC that has been wanting to sleep with me just sent me text yesterday that I should send my account number  as that he heard am getting married, so I fired prayer on his head during prayers yesterday on the ground  and  this morning I got an alert from him :O this is someone that have been pursing me oo, wen never dash me money  before because he said unless I sleep with him, and Swag p you said God will make men favor us even though they don't want to and now just like that he asked for account number  and sent me money that am still shock at the amount and said its for my marriage.Swag p to think you prayed and said God will provide every money needed for those getting married from sources they never dreamt of and yes, God has showed Himself.  God has started restoring o, PART1 .

PART 2 : swag sistas you won't believe it just as we were about to say the grace, swag p began to declare and she said Stoke must disappear in every 1s home now and she sends the arrows of stroke back to sender. This I remember well you said the body that wasn't moving will begin to move in less than 6hrs and I ran out and  told you my father had partial stroke and  you told swags sistas  to pray for me, after the prayer, swag p  declared that any part of the body that Was not moving before in my dad's body would move now, hmmm swag p, my dad could not move his left leg. To the extent that they wanted to take him to a specialist hospital, we were to declare 1pm, I no miss am at all oh I declared for my dad, swag sistas. People oooo they just called now now o, they said the leg is moving now ooo \=D/ no need for the specialist hospital ohhhh. Yesterday was my day even though I was almost getting so angry that swag p refused to give me chicken from Egbes birthday because I had no testimony yet for October and harassed me so deep that I almost ran out of the meeting, but ha it's only a foolish person that will live a gathering were God dwells, so I sit don for there and see my testimonies. Its clear the devil was trying all means to get me distracted because of chicken kie, swag p abeg for this I will buy you 5 chicken and roast it, fry it, pepper it for you to eat it alone, you deserve much more my darling swag p.  Am so happy stroke has gone back to sender O in less than the 19hrs which was 1pm today. My papa don de waka.  My God is indeed is not a robber on this ground oh, am too happy, He's honoured all my mystery seeds, I came single and my marital destiny opened, my promotion came at work, finances all round for my wedding, my destiny turned around as I became a swag, my God indeed is here with us all. Am so happy for my dad, too excited I will run from bank work on thursday to come share dis testimony live o. Praise Jesus, swag p may God pour you more oil and greater heights for you ooo Cheiii am dancing non stop. I have seen the power in cursing a curse back to the curser(if any English de like dat) , which we did yesterday on the ground as me I cursed all this stupid stroke tinz. My Father My Lord all I just want to say is ,THANK YOU AND ALL GLORY TO YOU LORD.


My name is Swag Suzy(Abuja) . I have a 6yrs old daughter, and she was recently diagnosed of Anaemia. Just on Monday 13th Oct,the attack came but this time around very serious. We couldn't sleep all night and day,she can't walk,talk properly,eat,pass out Stool uncontrollable and had severe Muscular pains all over her body. The worst is that her heart was beating loudly to the hearing of any one close and she said it was painful too.Swag Sistas I and my family watched my child struggle to survive.   The Doctor at this point said she needed blood transfusion quickly if not their enemy will cry and she should be taken in for proper test. Swag p, she couldn't stop crying. This went on for 5days,until my dear friend Swag Aguye introduced me to Swag p.As soon as I added her all the way from Abia. I told her my child is struggling to survive right now and she said huh Omg, and I asked for her number. Immediately, she prayed for her on the phone and spoke the words into her ears, I could hear this woman of God's voice sound teary as she spoke to my child, calling her name so loud and rebuking  death, screaming and shouting JESUS, this one no way the devil won't take, when she had finished ,Swag p asked me to use salt and water to wash her feet,give her some in a glass cup to drink,see me running in confusion, when I was done swag p gave me like 5 chapters of the bible all in psalms  and asked me to open her ears and read them all inside also personalising them with her name to her hearing.. she declared instant healings and drop the phone. Unless this didn't happen to me I could doubth the story but swag sistas am so much in tears, it happened to me, I witnessed Gods miraculous power through He's vessel Swag P. Praiseeeeeeeee the lord!  After some minutes,swag sistas minutes oh, I didn't say hour .i had done all as instructed,as soon as I read the last scripture out of the 5 into her ears ,my child stopped crying huh ,she asked that she wants to  get up and sit,Jesus someone who has not sat up in 5days.she said the pains were disappearing little by little omg  until it vanished right before my eyes . Then she smiled for the first time. Doctors arrived in shock, only to conclude she needed no blood oh and asked what happened. Swag p said Jesus Blood will speak and it Spoke oooo the blood wasn't given to her again and my child is Soooo fine.We don de pack our load go house .my God after 5days of torment in less than 30mins of being in contact with Gods vessel,we don pack our load the Go house. Hahaha i can see how all the doctors de look us with shock as we de pack go.. Swag p, am short of words.. I just added you with so much fear and instantly typing my testimony with so much JOY. I pray for you, even though have never met you that God will never allow you to mourn, He's used You to save my child via He's word, I say God bless You. Swag Aguye my God will reward you for giving me swag p's pin o. God I thank You, am so Happy and just as you say Affliction will never arise the second time.   Thank you Jesus.



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Friday, 17 October 2014


Edo:Inu me gha ta Ijesumen uwese ...Inu me gha ta,Inu me gha yere,Inu me gha ta Ijesumen uwese,Inu me gha ta uwese .... Translation:it is with my mouth I will use to say thank you Jesus,it is my mouth  I will use to remember what He has done.   I'm swag Faith(Benin)Amazing swags our God has done it for me o,I'm overwhelmed,I keep smiling to myself,feeling like a super woman now o,imagine smallie corper like me,barely two months I'm boasting of two awesome jobs(oil company things),English & literature graduate with one yeye result like that o,but as swag p say, my result will not be a barrier to my career o.  I have always wanted to share my testimony on this glorious blog o,now that I'm actually doing it,it feels like a joke o,on the 4th of oct was the day I wrote down my testimony song,I pinged swag P to tell her and I asked her to pray for me for something I'm still very much believing God for which I will testify soon and also told her I had written my testimony song and kept she agreed with me and said it will manifest in few days from now and I will use it, I said Amen. Any way,I'm sharing(in first lady's voice)another great testimony,when ever swag P says re-bc,without thinking twice or waste time I do it and she will say Watch God ,and whenever her Bc enters my phone,I stop whatever I'm doing to read it,even when I'm having that "interesting" gist with someone,@ that point in time d person go just dey talk 2 him/her self without knowing,I was having my private time with God on the 15/10/2014 when swag p's Bc came into my phone as I was about to round up,it was as if the  bc message and prayers was for me alone,God used her to give me more prayer points,from my kneeling position,I stood up n started saying those prayers violently,from standing I sat on the ground and then again on my kneels,until I had peace in my forward to the morning which is yesterday,  I pinged swag P and told her my testimony is cooking up o,that I'm getting ready for an interview(oil job) that after the bc God don Open door.  she replied"yepppppiiiiiiii Naa ur job go there time don reach to use dat your song and God go even surprise me more "na so I take go o,before I finish for one interview they called me for another one(oil again)   Cheiii I say na the surprise be dis o ,na so I run go o,my sweetest swags,the other interview was done inside a banking hall,it was like a joke,myself and the oga kpatakpata was gisting and laughing as if we know body before,my sisters na so I take get the job o,as for the other one they promised to call,i say na English dem speak kos they must call me, I be swag ,which they really did the same evening,they asked me to come on Monday o to resume ,I quickly called a friend we went together if they called him,he said no o,he in turn called his friend that one say them no call am too o,na me smallie come get the call,the thing now be say I don confuse for which one to take, two oil jobs on the same day haaaa dis can only be the God of Swagz,while I'm waiting on God to direct,I just want you all to join me in thanking God o,if my body
is full of mouth it won't be enough to thank Him o,also to u my dearest swag P,thank u ma,May ur oil never run dry,the gate of hell will never ever prevail against you in Jesus name,Amen.swag sisters watch out for part 2 "oti se funmi.....oti se funmi......"


Swag Sharon (Abuja) Swag P ooo.... you accused me of only English English today ooo in LET US PRAY ..toh testimonies Don start for my end too \=d/ as God saved my mum and brother today from being robbed..... remember you asked why I wasn't at the meeting and I made mention of my mum been around and all of that!! Well, mum left today Thursday back to her base delta state with my brother and they went with the public transport and she said they met armed robbers on their way back and they were many but God shielded them all from the robbers and they are home in peace  and good health as well ma..... Now Swag sistas hear the insight of this testimony. When my mum and brother was on their way, I was on the ground which I prayed for them and took the blood for every one of them. We had cursed everything we could curse on the ground,took the blood and said the grace. Now immediately the Grace was said as we were about to go, Swag p began to shout No arm robbers, she was screaming so loud as to let the person who has almost reach the gate hear, we were all shouting Amen Amen, she said they will even come but will not see any of you or your family, she then said Inshort for your sake they won't come, we were all shouting amen from different angels, swag p began to shout I say no Robbery attack again so loud, you would have wondered what's going on oh after the grace.  Swag Sistas not knowing God was already saving my mum and my brother from such, he heard swag p's prayers and honoured our Amen.  He ,God said His own He will protect and order our steps as well Swag P. . Thank God in heavens for safety ma..praise God I was on the ground for the ground and praying and God was fighting my own. This is  just the beginning of many more positive testimonies to come Swag P.I just called them to check up if they were home and she told me all....I am praising God and thanking him alone for this Swag P.... no loved ones nor friends of ours shall die in this yr 2014 ooo IJN, Amen. Thank You Lord.


My declarations daily is that I am the ransome of the Lord  And God redeemed me from fish bone today Thursday . I ate lunch in the office around 2pm and swallowed bone,I was very uncomfortable about it,and I had a premonition that Swag p prayed for me and it came out,so when she sent d message for Thursday that we will do the blood of sprinkling today I new it was a Sign for me and I started declaring that the bone will not enter my system but I will vomit it out. When we got to the ground the message was arise and shine for your light has come, hmmm I keyed into the word so deep. During the word, rain began to fall so heavy but we still stood there seeking God. When we were done swag p said there's no need to do the blood of sprinkling again because God has sprinkled on us via the rain , instead we will drink the blood. Ha I was so happy oh and I said to myself this bone must be flushed out. She said what ever is dwelling in our system that has refused to go, watch it will go now. Haa I knew this was it. I was the one that drank the blood last,I washed my face and feet as well, because I had said to myself for no reason I will drink last . After the blood, declaration came and we left.  When I left the  ground it was still there, I was uncomfortable and mentioned it to the sista  I gave a ride too and she said use Eba, I said Eba ha the blood is more powerful na. I remembered well swag p said, the Lord is saying what ever we came here with will not go home with us and I believed so this bone won't . Swag sistas, bearly 20mins when I left the  ground after I said that to myself I heard the holy spirit say the blood has spoken for you now cough it out, I obeyed and instantly the bone came out without no struggle. This is something I have been trying to cough out since 2pm oh, I have been sacred self because I have heard about bones being stuck in ones throat, mine was there and I ran to the ground par took of the blood and I have the bone in my hands, I couldn't believe it and I had call swag p fast oh and I knew God had delivered me via the blood . Swag p, am so happy. Thursday is a moment not to miss and I am freeeee. There's power in the blood. Swag p I pray for you that God will guide you in all that you do. Swag sistas ,fish bone in my throat for 3-4 hours haba and it is settled for me .Jesus I have come to give you all the thanks, because you have redeemed me by your blood.  . This is just the  beginning of me shinning to the Glory of His name..... thank you father.  Swag Clemtynna.... (Abuja).
The blood that speaks more than the blood of abel,helped me flush out this demonic bone .

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Swag Taiwo (Warri _) Good Morning  Ma, am just too happy and glad . Just few days I was lamenting that how can I not be on the blog that God should please intervene oh. I reminded God I have never missed any Benin Love feast since it began and I have partook of all mysteries and drop my request. Swag Sistas am tired of people making promises and failing, making me feel I have a spirit that prevents people from waiting to help me..   Yesterday, swag p's red flower read don't hope on any man if not God will turn He's back, instantly I repented I knew it wasn't a spirit, it was me forgetting God is my only source and I repented instantly.  Hmmm am smiling from ear to ear, I asked someone for money since Bc such a long time o and story after another for it,when I know he's able to help . I just stopped talking about it generally. When that Bc came, I told myself never will I remind a man for help and wisdom came from above instantly. Same day still Yesterday  I pinged Benin PA that I wanted to be a part of sponsorship for the swag sistas benin program in my little way,with all I had as little as it was  and needed her account,she sent it to me  . I did the transfer to her instantly and about 1hour later ,just thanking God for making it possible to be a part of He's work, Swag sistas this may be too shocking oh, heard my phone beeb... huh I got his alert same helper that has promised since decade to help me ,i was so surprised, I opened and opened the message. The amazing thing is that I had stopped reminding or talking about the money for a while because e don too tei and I decided to Use God and when I did he helped me go and knock on the heads of those helpers who has forgotten me. Am so glad I didn't giggle and obeyed my spirit because I was too sure there's no way I will plan Gods programme and he won't plan my own . The amount I still de touch my neck because God doubled it in a manner that I can't look for cash to do things for now oh..Am so happy, indeed no seed goes void on the ground. I gave the little I had and got more than the little I had times 000 chei.   E be like say e come finally get chance to go bank as the knock enter. Hahahahahaha. Its clear I don't have the spirit of disappointment, Inshort that spirit no de exist , it's just wisdom needed to break forth and I caught that light.  Me so happy I fit do backdive.I know it's only God that can do such . Swaag p can't wait to see you in benin 25th Oct o, because those meetings, Gods presence makes it so powerful. I love this ministry and Jesus I thank you for making me a swag, I remember the first time I ever attended the meeting,  swag p  threw me out because I refused to pull my dark shades, no body told me , I was about to get out when I felt huh devil you are a liar oh, I remove am sharp sharp and at the End of that meeting, less than 6hrs I had a testimony. Devil is a Fool. Well am so happy and am a rich gurl na lol. Who is the doer of all this for me, IT'S MY GOD. Thank You Jesus For SUPPLY.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Jehovah Now Now. My Sweet Sistas, am Swag Tochi (Abuja) became a swag last month, was also present for the mystery of the sand last sunday and it was tagged latter restoration which I keyed into it . When we were to say the grace, swag p said God is paying debts this week and who ever is oweing you must pay and declared DONE, I jumped and said Amen, because that's exactly the miracle I needed on that ground.   This week is my 2nd week of the Swag meeting. My hubby has people owing him and being the restoration week, I decided to relate to Swag P today at about after 12pm.i told her about the people owing and they are not even picking their phones. My husband has been calling all day.  She said "phone praise"that was all and didn't chat again . I was a bit confused because, I didn't know what she meant by 'phone praise '. I asked her again, bearing in mind that it's fruit of the womb day, she said ,"Praise with his phone"and please leave me alone today na wombs am targeting to be opened from above and she needs no distraction, sso harsh  but I scattered smile  and said okay. I sharply gave my hubby the instruction and we praised together, my husband dancing with the phone which I joined oh . As soon as we were done, I was so alert because I knew by this instruction all was settled. Swag Sistas this is not magic but real  . Not too long o at 3pm, my husband  said one of the people refusing to pick their calls called him that he should come pick up his money ooo and he should please come very fast .The way the man sounded and was begging my hubby come pick he's money I could feel fire from Above burning he's head oooo  \=D/ \=D/ \=D/ . I have been praising and dancing since. Am like, "is this for real, does God answer this fast? I thank God and also this vessel He uses, Swag P- God bless you mightily,alot of times your instructions sounds so funny and the mistake one will do is not to abide to it. May your Cruse of oil be full continuously. Chukwu Gozie gi oooooo!!!!!!


 I am SWAG Ann(ABuja).This week Swap annonced 'WEEK OF LATTER RESTORATION' I grabbed it . Well I was introduced to the ground by my kid sis SWAG Tonia(Benue) .I had lots of issues.I kept disturbing God(a single mom,no job,no business,my dad disowned me cos of my son,my baby daddy abandoned us)and so I moved in with my mom.. Then one faithful day my kid sis said Ann, take this pin, meet her and let God favour you. I added swag p and we talked and after we chatted I really felt great oh, me that was so depressed, a lot of laughter made me so light that I began to hunger to come fellowship with the swags. I tried to make the meeting but no finances and I opened up to swag p why I had not made it she so screamed and said find yourself here, going back won't be an issue. So I tried and was able to make it to the ground, this was in october 2013, after the preaching that day swag p held my son and declared over us and said he's father will look for him. Swag sistas we have done all the prayers and fasting but for once I believed so well. When the meeting was over I so remember, swag p put some money in my hands and said I sow this seed into your life for restoration and peace with your family in Jesus name and I said a Loud Amen. I  Went home so happy and all the way through I kept thinking of how playful swag p was and the sense of peace I was feeling, also a pastor sowing seed into my life I just met, Inshort I sensed God Himself did it all. I came the next Sunday I was there  @ the visitula venue in maitama and Swag P announced her going to England that week I was so sad oh, I raised up my hands and said swag p, as am just meeting you na him you de travel so, swag sistas even laughed but I knew what I was saying, and she replied I am not the God you seek.. seek God my presence or not your case don settle. 2014 came swag p asked if the man don come I said no, that he's not interested for 3years he has not even seen the colour of he's son, she laughed and said that guy na joker, if he likes let him enter hole, he must come out and see this son.That God will arrange the meeting. I have been waiting and 2014 almost over, I charted with swag p some few months, giving her all the gist and how he's not showed up and year will soon End. She replied sharap , stop looking at the end of the year but I still stand 2014 will answer for you, that man go come out of the hole and your dad must settle with you.. I believed. Swag Sistas, Abandoned for three years, chased out of father's house and father has not spoken to me in three years, my own dad and living with my mum with my son, whose father has not set eyes on us in three years. How frustrating can that be. When I became a swag Words heal me and all I do is praise and wait as declared. Hmmm now this is the surprise,  recently when my son was diagnosed with hydrocele and needed to undergo an operation,I was asked to contact the dad to seek his consent .I did that reluctantly knowing he will never respond but to my surprise,the God of Swag P shocked me oh.he showed up,swag sistas am crying now. MY SONS FATHER SHOWED UP AFTER 3YRS of not knowing his son or were I de .For the first time swag sistas,he held his son in his arms so tight, even me I kept pinching myself to be sure no be dream. All I was saying was Cheiii Swag p ooo, your God no de lie oooo .Even my mum her voice was so shaky because we have waited 3years and we couldn't believe our eyes . I kept reading testimonies and commenting, declaring It will happen for me in this 2014. I don't care if it's taken 3years but it must, I am a swag (saved with amazing Grace) when ever am commenting on the blog there's always this joy and peace like I was writing mine. Well as I was saying, My son's dad promised to assume responsibility for his son to the best of his abilities and followed me to see my pastor, Oyechum nyo mu pastor yum ,make I repeat for my Idoma language . He apologised to me and my mom and to my pastor ,no this is too amazing, let me repeat what I said,   Ot'ano dudu lunma.k'oje ko la lo ya ma lohi ni! Hahahahaha .I never expected this even though I have been praying for it.  I remembered that was one of my many prayer points as a Swag and I didn't give up knowing as long as I be swag I go testify .I remembered how I always wished my son  had a father in his life,now it has happened just when the last tour is about to begin Tagged 'IT WILL STILL HAPPEN 2014 ' swag p, it has happened for me oh. I remembered REV 12v11 so I am overcoming by the powerof my testimony. I know God is answering my prayers one after the other. please Swag sistas please pray for me next is  restoration with my dad which I know still in 2014 I will get a call from him.The God that surprised me will surprise every other in Jesus am so happy the wait has ended.As a swag never you loose hope keep believing and buzz swag p and just hear IT IS DONE...#Ancient of days ,as Old as you are Old as You are,You can never change..Ancient of  Days as Old as You are ,As Old as you can never change#In so much tears now..Swag p my God is the only one who can reward you,no Amount of money i can pay for standing on the gap for me. But I ask God today to make you shine in this world. Thank You My Lord You alone I glorify ..No one did it but You. THANK YOU FATHER .Amen.SWAG Ps PIN : 2B245FA6

Monday, 13 October 2014

JER 32 :27.......

Singing, "Come and join me sing alleluia,my God of na na na,  Jehovah Jireh has done me well....." my name is swag pam (abuja) Good afternoon Swag P!! Hmmmm....come and join me sing alleluia, Jehovah Jireh has done me well oooo....Swag P, you remember I testified about a job I got last 2 months....hmmm, so they later sent me mail that they will be sending final mail to those that made the final list for the  interview.....I said God this can't end like this cos I have even testified about this job, so I have to receive that final mail as well for the interview . Then the  waiting started oo since last two months it was clear I have been forgotten, I got sooo worried and anxious, I had to go to the blog to read testimonies and comment day by day . One morning I pinged Swag P and told her my predicament this was like late September oh , she just answered that I will receive the mail before 20th October  ooooo,i said huh why another month but I said Amen and began to wait. Na me the run first for morning go read and comment and when I do I remind God that He said I will receive a mail from them b4 20th October oh ,swag p said weather they don select or not as long as I don blog am say  I must get the job, they must remove person call me back,and she does not care if it's 2months ago , and that I pamela  should Watch God....swagsistas, Na Na God, as I run go read testimony, comment, now oh,   I said let me check for that my mail haaaa guess what?  I just got the  mail now now now and guess what? I'm starting training, 27th of OCT. God don do am again for me oo. I return all glory to God. Swag P from the bottom of my heart, I say God bless you !! May never know no lack in ur life in Jesus name, Amen!THANK YOU LORD.

      THE LETTER : Good Morning

You are invited to the training seminar for the position as field research officer. On successful completion of the training, ensuring that you have performed well, you will be given the position of Field Research Officer.

Please make certain that you are able to commit to the project for the duration of up to 4 months.

You need to ensure that you have your own accommodation in the State Capital of the specific state that you are assigned to. This is where you will be based.

As BrandWorx is with Stanbic Bank, we encourage you to open a Stanbic account so that you do not experience delays when we make payments to you.

You will be allocated allowances for your travels to the training venues. Those of you that do not have accommodation in the Lagos or Abuja can request an accommodation allowance. This allowance will only be afforded to those that do not have accommodation in these areas. We will notify you closer to the time as to the Training venue.

In order to produce ID tags, you must send your full name, a good quality photograph of yourself and a photograph/scan of your signature. You must also send through your banking details in the following format. You must provide all details as listed below otherwise we will not be able to make payment to you. You must make sure the details are correct.

Account Holders name
Branch Name
Branch Code
SORT code

Please also send your correct contact number.

Confirm whether you will require accommodation allowance during the training seminar. Please do not take a chance with this as I will consult my records and if you have requested accommodation funds whilst not needing to, you will no longer be invited to the training

All those residing in the Southern States will receive training in Lagos and those in the Northern States will travel to Abuja for the training.

Abuja Training (27 to 31 October)



Swag p! I can't stop thanking God oh. #singing#Ancient of days you can never ever fail as old as you are, you will never fail Ancients of days as old as you are as old as you are you can never fail#... my name is Swag Joy AKA SALMA I want to thank God for visiting me today yesterday on the ground, for the past months I have not seen my period and I know, I am ok am not pregnant I have been worried about this issue because  I know it  is not normal, today after the mystery of shilloh sand I prayed to God to take away any affliction in my body and as we were rounding up swag p said prophecy time and she began, over there as soon as I said God remember me, swag p just mention my case that there is some one here that is having problem wit her period that God will restore that period now now.  I keyed into it instantly ooo my sistas, I was feeling pain in my tommy something just told me your period has been restored. when we got to the car I told my friend swag cynthia that the case of the  period the holy spirit revealed to swag p  is my case ooo. we talked about it and I told her I know my God has settled it,because as long as I per took in that mystery with faith, even when some swags were doing shakara to drink, I almost swallowed the whole bottle and now am feeling pains in my stomach so it's a settled deal and she screamed Amen . when I got home I wanted to ease myself only for me to pull my undies and hold and behold ooo my period has been  restored ooo . My whole pant soaked with blood to my car sit, it was like someone be the hold their enemy blood oh, I didn't even mind, I didn't run into my house oh I cat walk de go, I know people fit the wonder I didn't care, was just jumping and singing. SwagP may my God in heaven bless you may your oil not run dry as you pray for us, my God in heaven will always grant you your heart desires and God will not forget you, I just want to say Thank you Jesus. . E still be like dream ,instantly as it was declared on the ground belle start to turn, period start cheiiii, GOD DE GROUND O no be yesterday I know self, GOD DON DE SINCE DAY1.... I de look pant de look mirror de look myself... de look millennium look swag p... de look swag sistas.. DE LOOK GOD wei DO AM FOR me... #singing# He cannot lie to me.. mysteries look foolish but E DE ANSWER. .. thank You Father.


Swag P. Hmmm. I am overjoyed. My name is Swag Tobi (UK)  This morning I chatted with you on another topic and I told you that I was going for my pratical driving test at 3:08pm today. I have done it 7times already no luck. Since 2013 April I have been trying,  Very frustrating when you try something so many times and it just doesnt work. Driving fa. I have spent almost 3000pounds on top of lessons and test upon lessons n tests. It made me feel like I was incapable of just driving in this UK. The last two previous ones I went for this year I informed Swag p. Even though it didnt go as planned due to my fear and anxiety which swag p warned me about but She  kept on encouraging me and saying God will do it,i must drive in this uk this 2014. Sometimes swag p jokes  and say swaag Tobi you don be Abraham Lincoln 7times but he still became president,so I should relax it will happen. Swag Sistas... He did today, GOD did it for me .Swag p said at 3pm, you and the Swag sistas will pray for every one to be restored. All the devil has stolen he must return. Then I knew I was going to pass it cos where the Swag sistas  agree nothing can stop it and to see how God did it the time fixed was the time the Swag meeting will be going on . I was so confident during the test which lasted for 40mins that I felt I wasn't  the one being tested as God had taken over and who will dare test God. I dropped fear and anxiety all which could stop me and rebuked the Devorer as I was driving. When it was over the instructor screamed  I passed . 8th attempt and just as swag p said , na the devorer go get tired all I know at the End you will get your licence. I have learnt never to give up oh until that miracle happens. Swag Sistas now see what God did,Imagine the woman examiner said she wasn't meant to be d examiner o.Dat d person dat was meant to didn't come so she came in for the first time on a sunday .Hmmmm. It was divine intervention. If the person who was suppose to come had arrived yepa but God changed the case for me and Brought a woman who didn't know me and was her first duty and she wanted to start with a pass not refusal. I just watched as she spoke and I told her it was my 8th trial and she smiled and said..your time came. Swag p, I didn't know when I gave her big hug o. Thank you Swag P for your prayers,my one and only funniest room mate in university and thank you my Swag sistas  for interceeding Restoration  for me all the way from naija. I wasn't there for the mystery of the sand but I keyed into it. God You settled me when it became I won't let You go unless You bless Me. Indeed It still happened for me 2014. Oshe o Baba.