Friday, 25 July 2014


Swag P,its my turn o!I told u I must testify. My name is Susan, God has done for Me what 10 million naira cud not do.Remember I told u of my health wen I came back from d hospital in d US.The doctor said I should go for scan after series of Xrays,test etc.He said he saw stones in d kidney not my kidney God forbid o, He called plenty bad tins wei you fit get intant stroke due to shock hmmm doctors may God forgive some of una,but I rejected dem .When I told Swag P,She just told me stop the panic,ok now Susan put salt in water bless and reject what you don't want  and drink.In my mind,i said dis Swag P self,just like dat? But I BELIEVED .After taking it i felt relieved and told her and she said all done disappear as you go back you go know the report to believe because you go shock the doctors and decreed it is settled from above And I was so happy because I believe.. swag sistas Today,i went for scan as instructed I go back and check, The doctor open eye you should have seen he's face haha confused and said Susan your kidney is intact, Gall bladder superb,everything is gone,ok I know I believed oh but was wondering salt and water and just it's Done and settled and e disappear all chei, God You 3much.Wetin Doctors go wan use millions operate my enemy na so God use titini Salt and Glass of wara.  i'm completely healed .My God is Faithful. May d good God i serve bless You for me Swag P. I'm d happiest person on Planet earth. God I thank You. May all glory be ascribe unto u mighty name.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Am swag Quincy from ph city. July 6 swag P was in ph, I was on my way to the venue but spent so much time on the road cos of traffic. But I still made it. Swag p taught us, did oil sprinkling,prayed for us and with us etc.In fact I for one really enjoyed my self. She asked us to choose a prayer partner, share our prayer point and  pray for each other. I told God,that this prayer point that I have told Cynthia my partner, il call or ping her to share my testimony with her in less than 14 days. At the end of the day, swag P asked of my name, and I told her,and I added the one that disturbs her a lot. And she smiled and said whenever I see your ping ehn and smiled again. She said you must testify or I kill you. I laughed and said yes ooo I must testify.she gave me the blood and asked me to sprinkle in my house etc. I did so when I got home. My brother almost finished the ribena. For some days I have been telling swag P about my brothers Visa application. She replied It is done and settled. I kept saying that  I want to testify on Tuesday oooo. By the grace of God my mum renewed her visa  last week.My brothers went for their interview, In fact the consular officer was gisting with them,she stood up and was describing if the bigger boy pounces on the smaller one ,etc they were all brothers found favour in the sight of God and man.  They were granted usa student visa today, am so happy because my brothers were  denied visitors visa twice last year after the meeting swag p said sprinkle the blood on their document that this 3rd time that I have met her in this season she's so sure that God has settled the case of my brothers. This is a pic of me and my brothers last year from ph airport to lag for one of the interviews that we were bonced.I thank God for putting smiles on our faces today. I pray that God protects,preserves and provides for my brothers as they go to study in Jesus name. Amen. God bless you swag p for praying for us and with us. The last thing you said to my brothers just before they entered the embassy was go and be victorious and watch that he's midnite praise no be for waste. My lil brother is 15yrz and did this midnyte praise with all Faith ,he said when I told swag p I was scared she said dance and it worked. I was so impressed, he even used the dance as a point of contact for he's other brother and God didn't fail him. God bless you all. Am so thankful. I thank God that my coming to the ground was not in vain,my mystery seed didn't go void and the blood of sprinkling has answered for me. Am so happy and swag p even from the hospital you still had time to pray with my brothers and decreed on them, I really appreciate you and God will fight your mums battle. I say to God I love You and You Did this for ME.

Friday, 18 July 2014


my name is swag Ubola (abuja) truly if u trust only in God all u seek will be done my older brother applied for PTDF scholarship about 3yrs ago and was waiting anxiously for them to call him but no show until he got tired of waiting. he went ahead to do his masters programme at UI came back and was still not satisfied in fact he said it was a waste of his time then he started applying for scholarship with other universities abroad to no avail then last week i went on a 9 days novena prayer asking God to visit my family and as God would love to surprise his children, also I was so sure during the love feast every mystery was going to ans for I and my family. Hmmm this is to instant a  family friend working at ptdf just called him and told him he has been short-listed for September batch so tell me if its not God who or can it  be?after 3years of waiting, swag p you will always say calm and watch God,Hes still in this business so stay calm this testimony go come and again July is your family month of dancing and you decreed and declared IT MUST HAPPEN ,though it was hard but I trust the God we call on. Even when I prayed for your mum I felt a release in my spirit that God was going to repay in a big way and this omg it's the biggest way, am so happy. Huh did I forget to say apart from the scholarship during the duration he will be paid monthly allowances kie waiting is not wasting at alllll.  i will bless the Lord His praise always on my lips. swag p God will never leave your case unsettled as he as chosen you as a vessel u will continue  to move in exceeding grace.

Thursday, 17 July 2014


I have come to return all glory to name is Swag winie from abuja.i join swag sista through a friend in May 2014.The first day i came for the meeting was on a sunday and afta the meeting,swag p said to me are u having problems . i told her the problem i have is to get a job,that i have been trying and nothing seems to work& she said to me JUNE wont pass u by&i said Amen. Then i started going for bank examination and oda interviews,after all wat i will get will be"ur exams was unsuccessful" hmmm! once i see the text i will cry my eye balls out in my room.i kept coming...during the love feast which i participated i gave my misery seed&i cried to God and said just like u told me in Mal 3:10-11, Jere 32:27,Jere 29:11, Lord if u know i am of ur plan,then prove urself to me.well,with prayers,faith&hope i kept believing God. Then some bank interviews came up again i still went cos i was call and after everytin i haven't heard from then,i pinged swag p she said "CALM" i reply ok. Then i friend working wit anoda firm called me &asked if i will want to work with her firm that there is an opening,i told her wit immediate effect LOL! then she told me come with ur CV and dat particular day interview was going on so i went and i was interviewed and after all they told me we will get back to u i said ok,i went home and continue my mid-night prayers& my prayer point was,Lord destroy the activities of WITHCRAFT in my life dat brings failure at d verge of breakthrough. i waited for anoda two weeks no show i was sad,depressed but kept believing God,i said God let the month of JULY not pass me by without a job o! and that my misery seed should not go I chated with Swag p again that have not been called and she said to me Calm, who ever is stopping you from celebrating about a job that they will be cleared now now now kos e don do them and I said Amen.  GBAM# the God of 24/7 showed up not too long after the chat, i received a call and was told come pick ur employment letter,i was like:O na dream i dey so,i told d man ok. so i went&my letter was given to me. Now i am thanking God cos the yoke of Joblessness of 2yrs and 9months has been broken truely Swag p no be mouth that gathering the speak and break yokes ,my God sent the devil on exile and proved,himself in my life, swag p you always told me shea you be swag calm down,when I even told you negative reasons some pastors said to me, you laughed so well and said ehn ehn abegi live all this stories, me I don tell u say calm watch God,you go see say no devil strong reach GOD and yes NO devil. i return all glory,honour to him cos he deserves all and to swag p,thank u for standing with me,may God continue to use u as his vessel to heal&deliver people.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


I wld like to thank God for healing me 4rm blood pressure,contray to da plans of satan,am Swag Anna abuja, I heard my baby like 3mnths ago was tld I had a pregnancy induced hypertension dat my BP was like 161/110 merely telling me dat made  shocked and depressed at da same time cuz I never cld imagine me a whole me having such,none the less da day da Doc tld me, I tld him to his face I reject it nt hypertensive,he laughed at me, dat I shudnt take my drugs,however I collected da drugs and started it to da point dat I started feeling worse due to side effects 4rm anti hypertensives,I was refered to see a Cardiologist,I rembered last week swag P put up a request dat we shud pray for her mum,and immediately I saw it I keyed into it cuz I believe in da power of intercession immediately I started to pray for her,and I tld God as I pray for swag P's  mum I recievce my healing,on da hand I went to see da cardiologist first thing he said when he saw me stop those drugs u are nt hypertensive, I looked at him in shock,he said da day I saw him shud be da last time I take dat drug,I knw God was speaking tru him,even though I doubted I had to resist da devil and held on to God's word everyday I kept speaking da word to my body am nt hypertensive and I also changed my lifestyle, to da glory of God been off any medications for 2wks and counting da BP has been in da range of 110/80 I wld like tank God cuz he hears and answers,above all when we intercede for others God moves for us.\=D/ To God be da glory..satan can neva steal our joy

When Jesus say YES nobody can say no(singing n dancing,pls join me).My name is swag Quincy porthacourt  swag.By the grace of God I got to know about swag P and swag sisters from swag Nonye in may 2014. I sent swag p a bbm request, after she accepted. I introduced myself. The next thing I did was to send pictures of my sister in the hospital to her, and I asked her to  please join me in praying for my sister. And she asked what is wrong with her and I said The doctors report was that her kidney were not working and her liver was swollen. I rejected that lie from the pit of hell. Swag P said,God forbid. Devil de mad. Devil na fool.How can all these happen to her and why? I cried and disturbed her to please join us in prayer,she calmed me down,she said the kidney and liver will work. I shouted Amen.She said she was too sure.I told her that my sister is the youngest in the hospital the other patients are 80 years and above. Swag P asked me where is ur sister? I told her arizona. And she's like does she have an anointing oil?Am like as it is now ehn I don't know and she said We have to act fast. She asked me to anoint my sister's picture and wash my feet on her behalf (my sister is far away)and do blood sprinkling . During our family  midnight prayers( we do midnight prayers in my house everynight)my mum n siblings did what swag P asked us to do. I believed that God will heal my sister completely, I told my father in heaven that there shall be no kidney transplant,my sister will leave the hospital before the day the doctors said she will be discharged and go back to her children. Our friends and well wishers  in the Lord joined faith with us. And the mighty man in battle  answered our prayers,praise,worship,fasting and thanksgiving and praise. I asked swag p  what it will take to be a swag sista and she said am one already I was so happy and God did it. my sistas organs have been replaced with new ones spiritually and back to normal as i carried out all spiritual instructions given to me by God,thru He's vessel from a distant for my sista. be to God.when I look back at my sisters pictures I sent to swag p,in her hospital bed and dialysis machines all over her.i just thank God and worship Him..indeed swag p you are He's mouth piece...the white doctors are still shock hahaha.IT CAN JUST BE GOD...also I speak healings in the life of your mum swag p.

Sunday, 13 July 2014


My name is Swag P hmm don't know were to begin from but I will start from the middle also I won't be able to proof read so ignore the typo . Firstly I will say the biggest error in ones life is not to know God to an extent were you have rights to ask Him a lot of questions or be qualified to ask Him questions and explanation. You can't ask Him questions when firstly you have not attained friendship with Him,remember Abraham was He's Friend,thats why He could ask God questions before sodom was Destroyed. .well I decided to do dis intro so you will understand at the End why I began like that. Journey began June going round states until I got to Port Swags in July, stayed in my hotel when I was done went to my brothers crib, parents around because bros child's naming ceremony had just taken place so met everyone. Hmmm I saw my mum and noticed that she was pale due to the strange cough that just began some months ago but tor saw drugs and felt calm. Day by day noticed she wasn't eating well and was weak. I knew omg this was an attack o because how can you be coughing and all the test you do shows negative. What kind of cough is just on d throat no pain in the chest or anywere,have been praying before my tour for her and also swagsisters. Last monday my mum couldn't walk when we said you have an appointment in the hospital,so she was carried entered the car my Dad began to cry'my wife my wife' am like huh why you crying and he said you not seeing what am seeing your mum. I said I am not that's kos i see great healings so we branched my brothers office before taken off I came down to go hear what my dad was telling him and next thing we looked to the car mum was waving my bye to my bro and I said mum is saying hi,he just looked and took he's face away I was wondering why he didn't wave her back o but busted  and we left for Madonna hospital and she was wheeled from one place to another did test and the doctor said give her bed rest but she refused so we went back home. oh how I began to stay up praying from 12am-4am and the next day I heard the holy spirit tell your mum to stop all drugs so I woke up and said no body should give mum this drugs again and told my dad it's killing her stop. She's not eating well and you give her almost 8 antibiotics ,someone who has not been eating,she becomes so weak and shaking legs so we didn't give her on Tuesday we took her to go collect results and back. She was in the room same Tuesday evening and us at the palour watching the brazil- 1-7 march,I ran inside the room to call some guys to come see but saw them staying with mum as they laid on the rug while she slept only one answered and 5minz d oda one came and said please come and see mum she wants something but can't here her we got they mum was dabbling and couldn't hear her, if you put water in your mouth I will hear you speak self but couldn't hear her. Dad rushed in ,we made her sit up and GBAM teeth joined together and couldn't open, so I ran to my Blackberry  and sent the bc To pray for mum then ran out barefooted out of the house to the street screaming my mum can't die oh since i was born,i have never seen her without her rosary and bible,she's always in mass morning and evening even 12pm from office God never she can't that was the evidence I had at hand..I even mock her and say shes more in her church than Mary oh the mother of Jesus ,becos You said bring Evidence  I was screaming praying people came out and next I jumped into a mud of water and said David used ashes so I use this, I prayed wow inside that mud,my only tot was omg mum won't see me on my wedding day and my babies she always say your baby go fat ehn i go chop well before i carry them hmmmm and I said please God..bro ran to go call doctors and speed out and immediately mum's face and lips were five times the size and I said no way I ran back called the friends of God, Mama Abioye said BLessing stop this Anxiety and I said mama Okay she declared, Bishop Aremu commanded that night and others so I was sure and stood according to matt 18:19 with them, I prayed and didn't stop until I heard mum jack back with Heavy breath and I knew God was answering even the Swag sistas and I heard the holy spirit say my child you were around for this moment and I said thank You. They stabled her and 5am transferred her to another hospital..oh how I remembered b4 we reached the previous hospital she
had said I can't make it and my papa shout I REJECT IT SAY YOU WILL MAKE IT and she Repeated it and by this time I was inside the boot of the car I refused to be inside,stop wondering it's a jeep boot haha. So we got there almost past 7am due to the annoying goes slow and immediately they tested mum had no sugar in her so sharply glucose was injected into her and strength was gotten, I kept firing prayers, even In Madonna if you see how students watched as I prayed..ha I didn't send I was running from one junction to another. After the glucose,they took her for blood cleansing to remove all those antibiotics there oh,then guess what mum's blood was checked and no blood. The doctor said this is strange there have been no blood in this body for almost four mouths and exact time when the cough started and she couldn't eat cos she will throw out. And I told him have watched my mum serve God since them born me, take communion everyday of her life so I guess Jesus Blood stood for her. And immediately na so They gave her blood and said she needs another and she needs another hmmm I kept saying God but why you been wan disgrace your Name,please I don't like that kind play o (Am He's friend I can talk). My mum is eating now, my mum can pray now and fight back with me in prayers, even as I blog from the hospital am excited and still asking God to take this strange cough out from were it came,so she's fully herself and am too sure He will do it, because He brought her back to Life.

1.On that same evening bro who is addicted to going to gym dressed up entered he's car to live and next thing comes back inside and says I change my mind not going I even made mockery of him and said rain go Fall. (if bro had gone how do we call doctors and mobility)

2. The two guys were in my dad's room gisting and one said let's go and stay in mumsis room and they got up went they and laid on her rug,when she saw them she wondered why! But slept back ( What if no one was in the room how will she call for help)

3. When I went to call them both only one followed. ( the devil even tried to use me again to call them out of the room to come see match that I no de watch b4 or concern me but God still left one behind)

4. The barracks doctor was praying in her house when they went to pick her and the Holy Spirit said give the woman you going to meet Sugar drip ( she was connected to a source how will she not know what to give Without hearing from the horses mouth)

5. Got to Madonna Hospital a nurse who was to go home that day didn't go and can't explain why, she was the one who told us about this Revon hospital and it's been the physical help source ( if she had gone who would have told us)

6. Same time junior bro in lagos called and said he saw my mum on white walking pass him as soon as he prayed ans closed he's eyes and shouted Mummy (he was in the spirit and was able to alert mum to get back to her body)

7. Sis child 4yr old woke up ran to her mum's room and said mum let's go pick nana in the airport and take her to the hospital and said nana told her to come pick her now,immediately my sis entered prayers and asked her to pray for nana before they go and she said 'God bless nana don't make her to be sick again,let her get well soon) even though her child cried so much dat nana will be tired waiting ( Even a little child knew mum's spirit had left  and God honoured her prayers)
                                        Now the question is whose report will you Believe? I fought this fight with all I believe in a JESUS and God heard me He can hear you and give you all you want.He has showed me Hes with me in my journey and I am happy that indeed am causing commotion in the Enemies camp thats why he tot to attack during my tour haha he has not seen the worse ..I know I will live this hospital with mum and all test reports shall shock the doctors the second time for I stand to say MY GOD IS NOT A ROBBER..HE has given me back my mum and I say thank you My Father how I love You so Much...and devil just to announce SEPTEMBER COMING IS THE LAST TOUR FOR THE YEAR and all Swagz Sistas will be set free and testify more greater things in their lives hahahah so start planning now because I will disgrace you all over again..and to You God I cant stop being YOURFRIEND.


Friday, 11 July 2014


He has put a song on my Lips! And Set my feet to DANCING!!! What an awesome God!!! My name is SWAG Jennifer (Jey).During Lagos Swag meeting, after the program, blood of sprinkling, mystery seed,fervent prayers, etc, I went to meet Swag P and told her about a lump in my breast, that was to be operated on. First of all she said 'go and remove it na' then later, she stared at me and said but.... *pensive*my  God can make this lump disappear na before the surgeons go come near you ? So she 'chook' her hand inside the breast was to funny swag sue (lagos PA) was eye opened and swag p said remove ya eyes a lump is about to disappear was to funny right at the venue o, and said ...'the surgeons won't find the lump, that It will dissolve! As I send this message, i'm on my way home! The theatre was ready,the surgeon came for final test, before the surgery, NO LUMP! They  press press the breast, NOTHING!!! Shake the breast sef, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!.they confuse because them check am before as they went to dress and get ready to Operate they did not see the lump and I remembered God's message to me from swag p that before they operate they will find nothing , prayers have been answered, Dancing resumes! Thank you Jesus!! I love you Swag P for all the prayers and support, and your mother is totally HEALED! Praising tonight for your mum. wow  indeed our God is not a robber o ..because the money to remove the lump no be here..but God knew I had just Dropped my mystery seed so I cant waste finances,the devil cant steal my finances ooo. It can only be God.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Come and join me sing alleluia...jehovah has done me well Oooo...My name is Swag Ire(Elmaz) from Benin.I entered school in the year 2006/2007.when i was in 100l, the exams I wrote in,some of the results came out as absent so I went&filled absent case form,after doing that,the grades of the absent was released and I then submited it to my course adviser. Unknowing to me,he sent the same result with absent to senate,without filling in the absent with the grades I submited&he didn't tell me.I just finished my 200l in flying colours when I was told that I was supposed to re-do my 100l,based on the results my course adviser gave them. this was already when I was entering I had to go back again and start from 100l again,imagine that,2years gone .so I graduated in 2012 and was doing my final clearance,they started telling me I needed a particular document&i told them,I once submited such document but never got it back and I also told them,they should check my records online and they would see it all.even the person that cleared me,when I 1st entered school,said he cleared me,the computer room,said they have my details online,all other reasonable bodies in my university said,its not supposed to be an issue,that I have all my documents,but did the person in charge listen,no he refused to listen to them. so that was how me and my parents,uncle were running up and down,bring this,bring that,bring this.i have been fighting this issue since 2012 to no avail,2years went by again with me fighting this issue,my course is a 4year course and I have spent 8years on it...And later I got to be introduced to Swag P's blog by Swag Ann(Benin) late this year 2014. After reading all the testimonies,I told her to give me Swag P's Bb pin,which she did.And I told myself,I too shall testify.And I narrated all my school problems to her(Swag P),she then told me its done and settled&that I would go for service this june 2014,I still always pinged her 2pray 4me&she would tel me,my God is not a robber,its a done deal&i would say Amen &continue prayin. I attended the Benin swag and was present last month during our swag meeting and it was our love feast day&blood of sprinkling and the mystery seed. The prayer points about our destiny and life,was woow....swag p prayed about us,realising our purpose and achieving it&she also prayed about anyone holding or blocking our destiny,to be destroyed and many more powerful prayer points&she commenced with the blood of sprinkling&when I was touched by it,within me,I felt it strongly,that my time of testimony has arrived and 8years delay must End now,so last 2months my former course mate pinged me&said she saw my name among the names pasted out for NYSC&i told her are u sure,because its not supposed 2happen,because I was still not cleared,so how come my name is among abuja list,so I then went&checked myself&yes it was my I told my parents and my uncle who were handling the we were still working on it&i told swag p,hmmnn,u said I would serve June whether the devil or the person in charge of my case likes it or not,see oo,my name has been misteriously added to the list for JUNE as declared before march as I added swag p when she asked when is the next batch  &she laughed&said,God would finish the work he has started. so I still started praying and we were still working on the issue,then last week I was told to bring my file for screening which I did&it was 2b sent 4screening the next day,so I pinged swag p immediately and told her to pls pray 4me&even in my haste 2get to her&tell her that d next day was d D-day,I pinged her&when she finally replied me,d 1st thing she said was,don't send me RED PINGS EVER again&i said okay please don't be annoyed am too tensed &she said its done&settled...And today 7th July 2014, I was called from my school that I have been cleared Oooooo after 8YEARS ....Praise the Lord!!!!..Swag P,God bless u 4me Oooo..Everybody,help me praise this our God of imposibillities Oo..I am ready 4service now,one secret as I was baking cake for the feast I kept declaring as sweet as this cake, will be season be sweet because my God is not a Robber and am a SWAG,but I on my own decided to go for november batch,so I can have time 2prepare&work my service state also..(See me I can now even choose when and when I want to serve Oooo)..indeed my testimony has arrived via the blood of sprinkling,my mystery seed  2day indeed my God is not a ROBBER ...Praise d Lord!!!!

Friday, 4 July 2014


Kie I be Swag ifeoma From Lasgidi, Dis kind God oooo I neva see him type oooo,dis kind God ooooo,blessed be your holy name.Blood of sprinkling is working wonders.How can I thank you,all knowing,faithful Father just on sunday Swag P u made me recount my testimony dat was on the blog @ the swag meeting n @ d end I said I hope by monday I will be testifying about the promotion in my office you say you seal say Yes e must sure happen by the name of JESUS,  hmmmm Guess what? As testimony come this morning na so I run go read rejoice even comment join o and I say I must testify na so I dress go work immediately. .swag P e don happen as I rejoice with people wey dey testify see my own DANCE don come kie in less than 6month when I get that work thru this ministry na So them don promote me to supervisor my God, me wei borrow clothes, hair,shoe go interview because I been get nothing kie na me be dis as I become SWAG .What a mighty God will coming back oooo with more testimonies my mystery seed is speaking this was one of my prayer point wei I write put join .God go bless u yanfu yanfu my swaggalicious pastor with a MIGHTY SWORD.He used you to bless us to speak the word n his words manifest in our lives.God bless you.


  I have a God who Never! Never! Fails. I am Chinenyenwa, I met swag p from a bbm friend called swag  kike a benin Swag. I call swag p from time to time and all she says is " it's settled "=)). One fateful day I decided to call her and narrate my life ordeal to her and guess what? She still said to me, "Chinenyenwa it is settled ". I said to myself ok o this lady may not really understand me X_X. Now, I called her sometime in June to tell her to pls pray for me that I want to get pregnant, my only son is almost 3 yrs and no signs of another baby coming. I got pregnant, was happy but after 4 months, I went for scan and discovered the baby is dead, so we had to remove it. Since years past  i have tried with my husband to no avail but I know my God is never late! I needed to join my faith with someone in close contact with God, that was wen I got swagp 's pin and she prayed for me and gave me some bible portions to read. What she told me was Chinenyenwa don't doubt my God, you will be preggy in 3 months and I replied wholeheartedly "amen!". I have been having funny feelings lately so today I went for a scan and was told i'm pregnant.... praise the Lord!!!!!!!! I said Praise the living God, the God of Elijah, for he has triumphed gloriously, the horse and it's rider he has thrown into the sea! . The lord who has used u swag p to bless me, u who the heavens listen to, may u swag p never run dry, the good Lord will always renew and refresh u with anointing to do exploits for him, amen!oh Lord for this testimony I give you all the praise,i spend my time always rushing to read people's own and celebrating with them on the blog, knowing when you dance with others you also shall dance, well it has answered for me what more can I say if not IT CAN ONLY BE GOD and I Rep SWAG.

Thursday, 3 July 2014


My name is swag Oke(warri). I became a swag sista thru my sister( Snowy). Jst before May ended, I discovered I was pregnant. I was ecstatic becos ds was small me that doctors told I couldn't get pregnant without having a surgery. But my God proved them wrong. Barely 2months after our wedding I became pregnant and last year May God blessed us with a lovely son. Na so I dey oh before I say jack another one enter(our son jst turned one).    Then 2days before d d swag sisters meeting in benin last month, I went for a scan. The report started that there was a foetus in the womb but there was no cardiac activity. This means in medical language that there ws no life in the baby the baby was dead I refused on and couldn't wait for the meeting in 2days time. I came to d meeting dat day with a burden in my heart, I told God it was either He settled me or He settled me. I intended to see u after d meeting and pour my heart to u but then to see how God works as if you knew you asked me to hug all d expectant mothers and @ dat moment my faith took over because you saw me pregnant and that's to say my baby is alive to transfer to those waiting for children as the meeting was going on.,I proposed in my heart that d blood must speak for me and so I returned to warri on a mission ..i had dropped my mystery seed with faith that my baby comes alive so it stood as a seal for me with God.. I took the blood with them and started speaking life to my baby..swag p when you sprinkled the blood you said anything dead come Alive now ..that was for me I grabbed and claimed it I was too happy that day going home,When u declared the 5days of throwing back arrows I did it with judiciously, telling God that it was finally my turn to testify,yesterday I went for another scan with d confidence of a swag and swag ps declaration from above that everything dead come alive..and the same scan confirmed that my baby is alive and well hmmm come and see shock for the whole doctors eyes ... I return all the praise to God who confirmed the words of this servant. Thank you swag p for been an instrument in d Hand of God. Your words boosted my faith and gave me confidence,may God increase ur ministry. \=D/ *music* this kind God oh, I never see Your type oh, this kind God oh blessed be Your Holy name...lord indeed you are not a robber mystery seed answered for me a proud awaiting mum to give birth to my baby.