Sunday, 17 November 2013


SWAG JESSICA: I came to abuja to collect my original result from my secondary school,which I did last week,so on Friday I had some goods to send to Lagos through ekesons transport service,I kept them at a friends place,her name is Zainab,so on getting there she called a friend of hers to come and pick us from the house,So he took me to the park at utako and I sent the goods to lagos,we got back into the car and he now said he wanted to go to gwarimpa,me Its been almost 6years since I have been to abuja so don't really know roads and my friend zainab stays in lokoja,she is doing her IT in abuja,So they started driving for long when I noticed we have already passed kubwa,I jokingly said "even if its benin we go don reach" the driver was like sorry that he missed his way,and he just started taking different turns and then after a U-turn someone just came out from the boot,slapped me and my friend,I shouted THE BLOOD OF JESUS and JESUS helped me,then the person in the passenger came to the back and started holding us,one helded my neck strangling,we now started screaming for help,they were on full speed,I was seating at the seat close to the road,so I stuck my head out of the window screaming for help at the cars passing by,I now managed to open the car from the outside becoz it couldn't open from inside,I jumped out of the car n fell on the road,immediately the car stopped,they stabbed my friend on her leg,and the three of them drove away carrying my bag,I immediately stood from where I fell so I wouldn't get hit by a car coz it was an express road,immediately people came,called the police,they were able to catch the driver of the vehicle but the other two ran away and then we went to the police station to write our statements and all,when the police opened the car they found machete and daggers in their car omg it done to me they were ritualist is mber month , Swag P ehn in short that Friday before I left I read that bc u sent about thanksgiving,dunno why I was happy,I just started singing,then the verse u sent 2kings 3: 17 that we might not see rain ,or the wind but our well will be filled with water for i and my cattle to drink my God ,I read for the first time,I dropped my Bible,picked it up again,read it,did for almost 4times oh,then I claimed it, I read and read& read; it and sent the verse to my mom.. omg it just done to me that the Scripture answered because i didn't not see the ritualist incident, i didn't see helpers to help me but my GOD SHOWED UP.Everyone was telling me that am very brave ,I told them am a SWAG ...Saved With Amazing Grace and  it isn't me but Jesus,I sprained my leg and have some scratches but its small compared to what would have happened if God didn't give me wisdom to act the way i did which i cant believe. Am based in warri when Swag P is in Benin i travel from warri to Benin and the last feet wash Swag p i remembered you said non of my journey will be in vain even accident or death will not befall me that i will see God in all that concerns me ,when you said all this to me which was different from all the others you said something to i didn't really understand but today its clear God went before this day and cleared my way and saved me a long time ago.Am very grateful to God..don't even know where to start thanking him from...Swag P still in shock,By d grace of God would b at swag meeting to give this testimony oh because few days i was doing moody that God you promised me things through the mouth of your vessel na i became said oh kie i repent oh Lord .didnt know you were planning a bigger thing for me,giving me life that no man can give if taken na him i say You never do anything haaaa God forgive me ,this 2013 You have done the miraculous in my life it can end na self kos You have ended it well for me,whats more important than life oh,if those ritualist had cut my enemy head na hmmmm .indeed God is with us in this ministry and i was sure being Saved was not going to be an unrealistic thing that faithday. o BaBa i so thank YOU,swag p i dont know the prayer to pray for you but all i know non of your generation will loose their life before time God bless you so so much. ma God thank YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. *shock*yea you cant find my picture well i requested after i testify live today it should be uploaded kie i dont joke with the red flower prophesy and warnings ooo from God through Hes own vessel Swag P,and SWAG PS NEW PIN 2894DC28 .

Thursday, 31 October 2013


SWAG ELA's: God has indeed been faithful. Finished my masters in October 2012 , and returned to Nigeria hopeful. I was so sure that a job would come. Little did I know that God had his great plans and was preparing to stand me out and motivate others around me. So my search for a job began! All through my masters I maintained a cordial relationship with God. Days ran into weeks and weeks in months, no job came, all my school mates at master’s level had jobs and my worries grew deeper, I attended job interviews, exhausted all the connections I had, and so I began to pray! I began to search deeper for God. My cousin (Unwada Ogar) introduced me to Swag sisters sometime in August 2013, and after it seemed like I had prayed every prayer I knew how to, I decided to attend fellowship with her one faithful Thursday evening. I was sooo depressed, I had cried out to God and it felt like the heavens weren't in my favor that was my first day and i can remember swag p asked you why have you been crying day and night because of job and i was so sure my cousin never told her about me immediately i knew God has seen me today o. After the fellowship on Thursday I came out and everyone prayed for me. I went back home having hope, and close to God. Then some three weeks back, I attended fellowship on a Thursday. Swag P just got back from Benin/ Lagos, and wasn't feeling too well. After fellowship I dropped her at home. While on our way she had to buy drugs, but the money she had at hand wasn't complete, so i to complete it fast o , she refused and I insisted, then she said she’ll borrow and give me back i agreed so she allows me add me my own i needed to connect anyhow, on reaching home she couldn’t come down from the car, she was weak and I had to help her into her house, We prayed together in her room, and she prayed for me saying as I had brought her home and come into her room God would bless me, tried to give me back the money i shouted No please swag p you didn’t know i was ready to ask God for my blessings to that seed. swag p you prayed for me, Whatever I wanted God would grant, she also asked that I sprinkle water which I got from a bowl in her bathroom around her room and on her saying the Blood Of Jesus as a sprinkled kie swag p you could hardly talk, I did that. While I sat with her it was about past 8pm now i was not bothered because something must happen, she said I should go into her bathroom and wash my face which i did and she said every veil covering any man or woman to favor me has been pulled away, swag p i remember your voice so low but you kept prophesying, she prayed with me. On reaching home that evening I felt relieved, Swag P asked that I sprinkle water around my room, I did that on getting home. She also prophesied saying whatever it is I was trusting God for would be granted by the end of October. The Sunday after wards was the blood of sprinkling, it was my first at blood of sprinkling, I noticed that as Swag p announced it, all the other swags present were excited, and I said to her what's this about, she said Don’t miss it. She asked that I brought the ribena on Sunday, while she was praying she said mention one thing you want God to do for you before the next time we meet, so I said by the next time I saw her, I wanted to be in my next level and my job. All I had in mind was a good job. A week afterwards; I had been going to see an Uncle of mine who was helping me out with the job search for several weeks. On that faithful Tuesday evening, after my uncle had left the office, I met with one of the contacts he had been , wanting to introduce me to. I told him my uncle had been trying to see him, and that I wanted a job, he said that he just closed employment that day and there was nothing he could do, that I should blame my uncle, who should have left him a note. Within me I kept saying, nothing is impossible with God oh am a swag and i have washed my face and partook of the Blood of Sprinkling, and while I was still chatting with the man he said, have been trying to see what I can tell the Board on your behalf, everything has left my power and I can't help you again. However he agreed that I should meet with him in his office the following day with my cv. On getting home, I prayed and told God to turn the man's heart in my favor that Swag p had said when next she sees me i will have that job that she doesn’t speak if she doesn’t hear so i knew this was it, the following day as I got to his office, he said he was restless all through, and I was the first matter, he attended to, he said he had forwarded my name and I would be posted to Calabar. He also said he doesn't know why he is helping me, because he had met with my uncle just once, and didn't know him, sir my face has been washed oh by faith i said it in my mind so you must favor me without knowing why, Swag p told me in October i will get a job and this is October few days for it to End , God will prove He’s word. As I left his office I was excited, but then again the thought of relocating troubled me. So I cried out to God again and said, Lord I thank you for this offer, I want to remain in Abuja, but let your will be done not mine. Later that evening I got a call from the man saying, he had two options for me in Abuja and one in calabar, so I made my choice for a branch in Abuja. On Thursday evening I got a call from the man asking me to come, on reaching there, he had a brown envelop, which he flung at me, my employment letter was contained inside, so I went on my knees thanking the man. And went straight to Church to praise God and ran to swag sistas to testify and tell swag p indeed the next time i saw your face my job was in my hands a parastatal hmmmm this is God. God is indeed faithful. He answered me when I least expected. When it seems like you have prayed every prayer that you know how to pray, leave everything to God and trust that he is working in ways u least expect. i believed in the ground and it answered for me takes faith and believing, am always excited about Thursdays and Sundays for i know God is there, am to happy omg, Swagp God bless you for your encouragement because before i met you depression had taken over but God used you to help me. Am so happy like God it can only be You, all Glory goes to You ...i will worship YOU forever and Swagp God will favor you. Thank You Jesus i have a good job in same month of October..................................yepppii    SWAG PS PIN 25B00B63.

Thursday, 26 September 2013


SWAG JENIFFER :GOD in indeed faithful January this year I applied to renew my US visa and I was denied because the last time I went for an interview I told them I wasn't pregnant while I was but few months later I had my baby is the US. So I decided to re apply this month of September, I told God that I had accepted that denial as my punishment for telling a lie the last time and I told him I wanted him to be faithful and show me his mercy be granting me this Visa. I told swag p that if I needed to fast all through for this visa that I would do it but she said all I needed to do was praise God because it was already done.
In August I went to the open heavens arena n visited the house pastor EA Adeboye lived for over 10 years on the redeemed camp and I was priviledge to pray in the room where he had an encounter (just talking to God) with God for about 36hrs or so. I told God that as I knee in this same room with my passport praying that whatever I ask of him he should grant me and I left there believing it was done...after then all I did was praise God instead of asking A day before my interview I praised and danced for 2hrs before going to sleep,
 but unfortunately when I woke up in the morning I started feeling all sort of nervousness, so I called Swag P and she told me that nervousness is a way of doubting and that I should go and come back with the God news and that a woman will favor me. I left for the interview praising God in my car even though the nervousness refused to vanish..
.I got to the embassy and was the first to be interview, I decided to be honest this time around and told them everything they needed to know, my interview was tough but @ the end of it the last word the lady said to me was " I appreciate your honesty" and she granted me my Visa. i remember Swag p words to me jennifer go  its a woman that will interview you and favour you and truely God didnt lie about Hes revelation.God is indeed faithful because even though we sometimes don't derserve His mercy, He shows us His endless mercy. He is more than enough!this is not just about this Visa but alot was at stake and God did it for me. Swag p for all the prayers and declaration i say thank you,God bless you and your ministry and to God You alone i give all the GLORY.

Sunday, 22 September 2013


SWAG LEE: Few months back i went to swag p and told her of my financial needs for my masters program, she prayed with me and said its done. Each time i call her she would tell me the same thing Lise its done. Last month i spoke with her on phone and she told me that i'll dash monies at the airport before i leave and that God will show up for me that even at the dead line God will show up. Three thursdays ago where we were instructed to close our eyes and envisage what we want then hold hands someone and talk to God about the person's needs. I did as instructed at the end of that meeting swag P told me that God shows up even at the end and that he'll show up for me,to be sincere I had cried aday before that meeting every were seems closed not even one naira brought time was running out and swag p just said lee I you flashed my face crying in a friends car and truly I cried in a friends car huh huh huh but after the meeting I understood to get something you must invoke the Blessings,I said to myself if its masters fee I need let me plant before I left I sowed a painful seed on the ground and I remember Swag p looked into my eyes and said LEE you will dash money to people at the airport I screamed away. Some days back swag p just sent me a ping and said release your heart lee for laughter now now you are about to laugh and dance........I obeyed and immediately Wow awesome God my friend gave me seven thousand dollars then another friend gave me one thousand pounds, yesterday i got a call from a strange number when i picked he said he had a message for me from a friend in PH, i called my friend in ph to confirm and he said its little i should just accept it and use it for my flight fare, i was given N200,000. The monies keep rolling in my God how can what I sowed provoke all this instantly..Swag p sob sob sob last week I taught I had lost my chances to got to school all of a sudden I have gotten more than I asked off. Yippe It has just begannnnnnn! Can't thank you enough swag P, you've always been there for me God bless you very plentyful......haaaaa am living for school 23rd yeppiii I beat dead line just fews days for it to be defiled God showed upppp happpyyy.. This is REAL REAL REAL and I remembered I held swag naya n swag telama I hope you two got your testimony because have gotten mine..God I praise your name ooooo ha thank you JESUS.

SWAG TOMI :wow this is so amazing I don't know were to narrate from,well last week sunday was my first time in swag sistas and immediately I got there I knew I won't go back the same...I had come with desires I needed God to intervene so fast one was securing of a contract for my mum and the other was for financial breakthrough that week. through out the meeting I was totally focused because I knew my first time here I mustn't come back with same issues I believed in the word spoken. Swag p you spoke on the state of our minds to receive a testimony, we rewore our crowns of favour accurately, and we dance , smiled, walked as we were blessed which you said we are so blessed when I displayed all my walking skills n smiles hahaha I had connected and expecting all I came for. Swag p after the salt mystery as you were prophesying you said someone here God will approved that contract for your mum huh I almost fainted because I had told no one and I shouted Amen with the others I was to excited then came the financial Blessings I felt and was too hopeful after we closed I was sure things will turn around and I will testify...swag sistas two days later my mum was contacted to bring samples of what she had to offer and the next day she delivered on the spot CONTRACT APPROVED omg when I got back home sunday I told her the prophesy and she joined faith and agreed with a big Amen and things turned around just coming to swag first time laying it on the ground God showed up,that didn't End remember I said I needed financial break through hmmm I was miraculously blessed in 000,000 same week if I didn't know how God works everything looked like magic but no God is an instant God, I can't wait to walk like am blessed again because am really Blessed, I believe in your ministry Swagp and I believe the mandate upon your life God bless you so much and God I will praise you for ever ,thank you God.

SWAG Billie :I just want to thannk God for what he has done for me, since last month I've been having financial problem but I trusted in God to make a way. I seat and cry in the office and stay moody most times all because of it, infact at a point in time I gave up and stopped believing that God will do it but thank God for my friend she keeps encouraging me,your morning confessions you send daily I read and just say Amen and say God please do something now. Last sunday I came to the VENUE(swag sistas meeting) depressed even the first time you said we should dance like we've been blessed I didn't move an inch because I didn't want to lie to myself I was not feeling bless lie lie hahaha but the 2nd time Swagp repeated it Dance like you have been Blessed, I did it reluctantly but when you said we should smile and dance I did it from my heart,I release myself because you said no one should dance with worry in our hearts and God will show up I obeyed and believes felt relief and knew I must testify to the Glory of God same week swag p hmm the financial problem has been fixed over fixed self,everything needed to do have been taken care off to the extent I could give out,how it happened can't explain but God provided in He's own way am just too happy, the devil just keep messing with our hearts but when you release yourself God shows up am proud to be a swag sistas ..God is with us.. Thank you Father thank You.

SWAG BEE: Swag p omg under d rain on thursday u asked us to say wat we wanted n' I screamed Accommodation, becos at dat point I had no place to lay my head any more in Abuja. I travelled on a journey and was jst coming back, got to were I was staying wit a friend and was told d room mate had arrived and twas not possible for me to stay there anymore.HA I was confused ! then just like dat swag p buzz me n' asked me were I was I said I was jst coming into abuja n' told her all that was happening,so she laughed n' asked me to better come for prayers, I was like huh didn't she just hear am in a state of confusion,I said swag p please am in a fix n' again she said better be on the ground, hmmm... wen swag p insist on something I know she has seen a bigger picture so In my state of confusion I got to d ground n' d ist thing swagp did was laugh at me so deep inshort I began to laugh too beco she said Bee,I tire hahah den 2ndly she gave me a bible n' said open now I feared God,d passages I opened were speaking about me n' my issue at dat point ha I was amazed oh inshort I concentrated n' then as we prayed rain started n' later swag p popped a Q"What do u want"as long as this rain is falling in two days God will show up I screamed ACCOMODATION n' she said its Done n' Settled,meanwhile mum my n' dad had come for a church conference n'were staying in an hotel,so swag p said I should go n' sleep wit them for that night I said ok,we all left an hour later swag p buzzed again were are you I said back to were my things were and she repeated go sleep with your parents I began to wonder why is swag p kin on this but I obeyed n' went, hmmm...swag sistas I got there n' behold after narrating my issue with mum,n' gisted her how I prayed under the rain when I was done mum said Bee,go n' look for a house I will pay, any kind of house huh I almost touched her neck because in short I knew God really speaks through people n' that was how same Thursday afta the rain I got back n' my Accomodation Torment was over! From were I least expected,this can only be God,Swag p I must confess you have been a helper n' so I pray for you today that God will give u a gift..Love u so much n' may God continue to bless u.I av learnt in the midst of issues never refuse to pray or be in a gathering you are supposed to be.God really provide shelter to the homeless..Thank U so much dear lord.I Love Uuuuuuuu..God really provides shelter for the homeless..thank u so much dear lord.I Love Uuuuu

SWAG NAGWE: Am testifying fot my sista but thts her picture used.Swag P! Indeed who so ever gets 2 talk or see you will never go back the same, you are Gods own vessel undiluted pure n anointed!!!!! Chai!!!! God bless you Swag p! Ma friend introduced me to you and so many miraculous things have happened in ma life, Mom and siblings,even my mum never stopped to attend Swag sistas until she left Abuja finally after God showed up for her in the court concerning her house they wanted to snatch from her in Jos, case had been going on but as she began to attend the meeting the case came to and End as my mum being the victorious winner of the case so thank full . I sent your number to my sista, she started talking to you and most times I see her testimonies as u dp, hmmmm!!!!!!! Yes this sweet wonderful God has done it again my sis's fiance finally came officially on saturday to make his intentions clear n gave her a ring because the matter was getting out of hand and she began to loose it but swagp you told her my God will r release it all for her that it might have taken years but this 2013 it will be sealed choiii we believed like fire. it is indeed only Jehovah over do!!!you all are wondering why am so happy okay will tell you It WAS said in my family that no girl especially my mom's daughters will ever get married, will not even see a man to engaged us talk less of wedding,it was said in our own very eyes and mum was there oh how I remember that day,the day I told swag p this she said curses are broken and only God breaks curses so therefore my family will be put to shame this 2013 kiee and truly God broke it ,yes He did. See today my sistas wedding by d grace of almighty God is few months from now,when I told swagp our ages she said we are counting for God we should all watch God wow this shows that the curse has been broken. Just want to appreciate you swag p may God bless u beyond human imagination.. God bless u swag p, I don't ever regret knowing you,you truly God's own vessel:'(:'(:'( this is truly what you said "i swagp dont just meet people for the fun of it,i meet people for a reason and only God himself konws" ({}) thank u soo much! May God continue 2 crown u each day freshly!!!!the reason I met you has began to to establish,God I thank you ,you alone I want to praise for ever, it can just be you oh can just be you.IT IS DONE!!!! IT IS SETTLED!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!

Thursday, 19 September 2013


SWAG SEKINAH: i met swag P through my niece Swag Cynthia in Benin,so one night i called  Swag p to help me pray for my hubbys political appointment which he has been expecting she didn't say anything she just said oya start dancing that I should dance very well which I did and immediately Depression left me and i was light and i knew something had occurred in the Spiritual.i began to keep in touch with Swag p,i will call almost five days before i can talk with her but i didn't give up i kept pressing in and we kept praying happiness was filled in my life,God had restored joy and happiness i understood Greatness is for me and my husband.

my best friend that I could vouch for come rain come sunshine gave me a shocker after telling her my relationship with a pastor which is Swagp and how we have been praying.she went behind me to tell my hubby that I was going to  church because I use to hide to church for prayers because we are Muslims and all kinds of lies against me that i was fornicating with a pastor which am always chatting with,and that's suppose to be Swagp which she knew it was a woman but why i was surprised one night my hubby came home he said he is giving me seven days to pack out of his house that he heard that am now going to church and the things I said confidently about him to my suppose best  friend,you know when ladies talk and seek advise my own went to say it all,so he said seven days i should pack out or he will give me court letter thought he was joking. Confronted that my friend because she was the only friend who knew I go to church that since I was accusing her for what she didn't say now she will go to my hubby to discuss with him that me am asking her why she wants to break my home because have been leaning on her about issues and my ex best friend looked at me and mocked me and said if she has my home instead of her to stay in my kind of house she will rather remain in her mum house and I told her, have been so saved with Amazing Grace and my God Will disgrace her,  The next day my hubby truly served me a court letter omg i was too broken,confused a divorce letter in my hand accusing me of all sorts i snapped it and sent it to Swag p and later I called swag P she said your hubby served you a court letter for something you no nothing about shea, ok her God will serve him a letter too and am like Swag p letter is in my hand oh and she said shea its seven days now wait watch my God,and said she gives him seven days too to love me like never before that  i should be patient and pray at this time I was running out of patience my blood pressure began to rise after some days I called swag P she said let's both embark on three days dry fasting fast that no marriage breaks beacuse of JESUS OH the Enemy has built a house in my hubbys head hahaha dont know what that meant o its funny now as i type that I should let her know when I wish to start I asked her if I can take my drugs and fruits because ha three days dry cant o  she said yes it was okay the day we started the fasting my customer from Lagos called me and said madam send your truck let's load  rice after selling return our money I was surprised because it was never possible weeks back was looking for were my rice money went to and how i can order to sell there was no money and i didn't tell my supplier oh he just made that call I called swag P again she said this is the beginning of greater things to come my way more testimonies are coming,but i thanked God still with a burden my marriage,by this time my husband sent every of my relatives out of the house, my helps and drivers, when i greet doesn't answer and wouldn't eat my food,i would cry my little kids will be wondering all in my heart how can my best friend do this to my marriage i called Swag p o by this time i knew Swag p was tired of my fears and she shouted keep greeting ooo and keep cooking and told me the wicked king in her bible ended up being nice to the woman so please shes not afraid am going no were i said but every time he says you still in the house i will throw out your things,hmm swag p said God too will throw hes own that i should live her lets concentrate on the fast and unless God de sleep my marriage will be terminated but as long as God is not sleeping and Hes sent her to tell me lets embark on a fast i should watch GOD, i said OK and was wondering which kine pastor be this straight straight straight no petting me small but i obeyed. people oh on the last day my hubby who was not eating in the house not answering my greetings for a long time gave the woman staying with us money to cook for him and later that night he came back home I greeted him and he answered huh huh *fainted* and we settled and talked i almost touched my hubbys neck because it was like he saw an angel on hes way home truly he did,and in my very before he was laughing and gisting with me like nothing happened as i speak till today we have not talked about the issue or the letter like nothing happened or like God wiped out every memory of the incident,i was scared oh called Swag p told her all but hes not talked about anything if i should and she screamed no oooo don't forget it,its swallowed up and its past and affliction wont repeat itself ,the enemies divorce letter is burnt with Holy Ghost Fire,like my marriage is still and greater joy restored and peace like a river before the issue,Every one has been put to shame,my blood pressure restored,business restored and in speed, I thank God for my marriage restoration and I thank swag P for her prayers,words of wisdom and encouragement it can only be God, pleaseeeeeeeeee beware of friends my marriage was almost ruined by the one we play and eat together,share life and experiences i have learnt and hope you learn too,guess marriage issues are normal sometimes and i don't think man can be of help just God and a spiritual friend,i almost lost my marriage and my kids but DIVORCE letter became LOVE letter all to the Glory of God and Swagp i have seen Gods hands through your hands,you are a wonderful woman God blesssss youuu and finally all praise to God and Glory to Him....drawing my cottons here want to go cook for my husband hahahahahahahaha, devil you must be stupid my God pass you.

Friday, 23 August 2013


Swag P were can i dance this dance ..but before the dance my name is SWAG MARY a Swag Sista not for mouth hmmm. In February 2013 my husband was introduced to Swag P through hes friend and in that same month February,Swag p told my husband that in the month of march she sees Speed in prosperity in hes life that no other month but march,the shocking thing is that march is my husbands birthday month so it was concluded God wanted to give my husband a husband experienced Gods blessings kie in that month of march as declared,the Land hes been trying to sell for so long a buyer came after Swag p prayed for him using the name of JESUS,same march he bought a bus.i saw God worked in hes life,then i told my husband that ha you have to introduce me to this person you always call Swag p,i was wondering the name hahaha fast my hubby gave me the phone to speak to Swag p and i was invited for the meeting,that was how i became a Swag Sista,from march to this august maybe i have missed coming to that group like five times,am always on the ground, Thursdays and Sundays with just one desire OH GOD BLESS ME WITH THE FRUIT OF THE WOMB. i have waited so long that its frustrating me,until my husband met Swag p he had a different mentality of asking me of hes children day and night and almost making me run so far but i held on,after he began to speak to Swag p he never says all that again instead he told me if God cant do it let it be left undone and instead he began to shower so much love on me,my wardrobe was changed,a car etc like it was as if huh he didn't care again oh and guess what i was now the sad one disturbing i must be pregnant,while him became my counselor huh too funny and kept telling me its God that gives lets keep praising God hahahaha,i began to feel sad oh that my hubby doesn't care about children again oh what has happened,until i realized he was working on the mystery of SHOW YOUR WIFE GREAT LOVE AND GOD WILL SHOW UP THERE FAST..he was secretly on a mystery led by the Holy Spirit and Swag p told him.Many Sundays passed,many Thursdays passed,i partook of all mysteries,salt,feet wash,blood of sprinkling,all we have ever done it looked like i was the only one forgotten sob sob,Swag p will scream Mary whats happening am tired of seeing your face,i will feel so Embarrassed,but didn't stop me from coming for i will rather receive all embarrassment for God to have mercy on me. i knew one Sunday or Thursday will be my day since march hmmmm its August now i held on,for swagp said God has told her all wombs will carry your babies this 2013 and am among now, Swag p i remembered you said as you wash my hubbys feet this year baby must Enter we believed. omg on the last Sunday in millennium park before we moved to our venue i  said God so we are moving to another venue and am not pregnant,just in my thought Swag Pastor said no one will take any desire to the new venue and prayed and prayed,then sprinkled our faces with clean water that was tagged new beginning,every one o e be like say na that night my baby enter*wink* i was not sure ,was even scared to go for test need no bad report,then suddenly this week Swag p declared three nights of praise that God had led her to inform people,wow i partook in it and braced up today 23rd of August to finally go for the scary test and that's how i left with my hubby to the hospital shaking,behold my test came out POSITIVE and was said am 2weeks pregnant,somebody wake me up,Swag p its Done as you always say yes it is,its finally Done i didn't give up,kept pressing i knew Swag p,God must use you oh to get my testimony because am going nowhere have been SAVED WITH AMAZING GRACE. i want to really appreciate my God so much.Swag Naya cheiii always on my neck am free from your shouts every time before i land you will ask are you pregnant?if you not don't come next week ,hahahaha i can answer your question now Swag Saya yes am pregnant sob sob sob thank you .Swag p you never stopped declaring for me,holding my hands always,
it looked like it was not possible but my God who said according to 2king2:21-22 after the drinking of salt and water no woman will be barren,yes we did that mystery and its SETTLED,wow God You the same God of Yesterday and Today,i give You all the praise,Swag Sistas my delayed has been broken,am not barren,theres God here ,theres God .Swag p how i love you and want to say God has given us you by Himself to Restore joy in our life and when i called you ,the joy felt ,you spoke to my hubby to buy me shawarama yes o he did hahahahah. indeed the mystery of show your wife so much love during trails really worked too. Thank you Lord.........................Swag p God Blessss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for it CAN ONLY BE GOD THAT SAVED ME.

Saturday, 17 August 2013


SWAG TSOLA(shelzzy)A prophet not recognised in her home meaning i and swag p live in same home hahahaha,For the past few months i have been having irregular prolonged period,then it stopped coming,after the first week in June I didn't see it in July, and also the first in August meaning I had missed two months. It got me worried,i did scans,tests but nothing seemed wronged even when am sure it isnt normal.I met an Hausa lady who advised some herbal rubbish,i took a dose but my spirit felt so uneasy like ha...,SWAG P stepped into my room that same night,i confessed that I seemed to have wronged God and i felt it so Deep,told her all the rubbish i spent thousands to buy feeling the testimony was taking to long since i have been praying so decided to do my own way hmmm.She said tsola God has forgiven you ,next time if God cant do it let it be left UNDONE and ask me to bring all the rubbish which i did God that night was funny,Swagps Scream alone got me tensed the sight of the things iyama,then she said tsola go and throw it out of the gate evrything not caring the thousands that was spent and i should Watch God men i rannnn with speed oh flung it all away from me, came back and knelt down and she prayed for me, she read a portion of the bible that talked abt salt in water and healing all infertility in women 2kings2:21-22,she prayed over the salt in a glass of water and I drank it,she said watch out in 48hrs, this happened on tuesday night by friday evening yesterday my period came it was too Amazing,i danced and Danced ,and that night Swag p said she heard the Spirit say dont enter her room very unusual,that made her even enter there and later understood the Devil wanted to hold me down,while i will secretly be taken those rubbish or keep me away from testifying since He knew God will use Swagp to save the day and indeed God showed up as she shouted that night Tsola for throwing all this WATCH MY GOD. PRAISE GOD, Swagp God bless you so much i have learnt that prophets should be recongnise in their home ooo and please God works, have seen it happene no man or woman can help change your situations just God,so go throw your own Rubbish away.,all my thanks to God indeed Hes a merciful God,Swag p, love you so much for your concern and its Amazing how God is using you ,God Thank You.

Thursday, 15 August 2013


SWAG OG: My God is Good, he's awesome, faithful and loving I can't help but 2 luv him more each day!!! ‪#‎dancing‬#two testimonies in one day ha. My testimony hmmmmm ok where will I start from,hmm. It all started january 2O13 during the 21days prayer and fasting programme that period I was so confused with life,didn't knw my left or right or know the next step to take in life! So I kept on praying for divine direction, help, connectivity.... Truly He answers prayers on the 15th of the fasting i was heading home from church ,God connected me to swagp, she walked up to me I was looking so tired, I was like ooooohooo all this girls that sells clothes won't stop disturbing me, she gave me her pin and blog site to check and get back to her she didn't tell me who she was but asked i add her or check the blog, I collected it and threw it inside my bag, on getting home I was so tired one mind was telling me to add her and check the site but I was so tired I just ignored it and forgot about it totally, ‪#‎its‬ always god to to be sensitive# I wasn't! After some months later i and my friend Swag Obehi who's based in Benin, we were just gisting and she told me she just left swag meeting, I was like whats the meeting about she explained to me, then suddenly my mind went back to to the bb pin and blogsite someone gave to me, didn't know it was the same person obehi was talking about. I quickly told her to send me pictures of the event, then I saw swagp on the pic I was so shocked because I thought she sells clothes never knew she was God's anointed servant, An angel on earth God sent to me haaaa when i was praying for God to connect me spiritually,He sent me ooo i tot na cloth seller not my fault swag p you were to swagged up hahaha for me to think you are Gods vessel huh, I quickly started looking for the book she wrote her pin and blogsite, sharply sharply I added her, hehehehe. I introduced myself and she laughed why haven't you added me all dis while! I met with her the next day, she spoke and prayed with me! Indeed dat day I was so inspired nd I told myself I Will not let her go again!! My God is wonderful ooooo after swagp prayed for me, my delayed masters issue started picking up fast! My dad that refused to  pay my school fees called me I should start preparing he would sponsor everything cheiiiii was speechless, my delayed transcript came out fast every preparation started going on fast fast. Got admission fast fast! Time to apply for visa the devil now decided he wants to try me, I started facing temptation, I would call swagp she Will say og it is settled , the day of my interview @ the embassy, my application form wasn't correct the passport number so they sent me out and gave me 20mins to return back, with the rush and everything I forgot to write my name and sign in the form omg and i submitted this is uk embassy o .The next day I called swagp was crying seriously she prayed with me, calm me down that it is settled! During all dis trail she has been my source of inspiration always there to talk and pray wit me! That God would break protocol for my sake! writing name or signing not necessary for children of God,in my mind i said huh Swag p i just said i submmited my form with no name or signing.i was on the Ground on sunday and i received a text to come on monday that my visa was ready i was too scared but that was the last day on the Ground i was present there that means uk embassy must stamp my passport with or without name,And indeed God broke protocol for my sake!! I GOT THE VISA Am screaming right now because it can only be God! What he has blessed no one can curse, I give him all glory cos He has done a great thing in my life! And to my sweet swagp I love u so much and my Good Lord should continue to bless you beyond your imagination u'r a lady with a good heart, Amen I love u all swag sistas join me to thank God. No matter what in life even if u'r nothing today my dear don't give up because u'r a great woman of tomorrow!! WE ARE BEAUTIFUL QUEENS OF THE WORLD ,Hmmmmm, pls sumone should wake me upppp am dreamin oooooooo, This is God in my life its really my year of double portion, am speechless, what Will I do for this my God because he has swept me off my feet. My mum and dad that have broken up for 10yrs are back again, last month one of d Thursdays i came for prayers on the ground swagp asked if you have any special prayer request come out , I came out and asked her to pray about my Dad and mums settlement ,Swagp you did and also asked the whole Swag sistas to strecth their hands forth that 2013 you dont care if the Seperation is for 10years ,this year they must come back you know your God. Indeed my God has made me speechless on the last day on the ground still last Sunday, He opened heavens for me He took all my pains and sorrows and replaced it unlimited joy, as I saw swagp yesterday on the ground same Sunday I told myself I must follow her anywhere shes going that yesterday till its time for me to go home and sleep which was about past 9pm after Swag sistas meeting followed her everywere! All through I was with her kept on receiving the transference of spirit listening to her, I told myself i take the peace spirit, happy spirit in life like her and be beautiful like her, indeed God did it, he did it ooooo, my hands are shaking as am typing this testimony, please join me and dance and praise God! Anything greater than awesome than what He has done! My very own swagp I love u so much ooo 4rm 2day am ur personal PA 4rm now! Swag sistas we re QUEENS OF THE WORLD,God gave me two great testimonies in less that 24hours as i left the Ground,Swag p you said i will so dance the next day monday i said for my VISA you said not just that alot will happen i shouted Amen oh,just as i was dacing for my visa my mum called me from US saying your papa call me after this while say make i come back home and answer hes name that he don do hes tired he wants hes wife back omg when we read the write up i conected deeply and said i will dance like a Queen,when the water came on my face Swag p you said Og RESTORATION omg everybody please come and Dance with me my parents who have been seperated since 10yrs after i left the ground on sunday join back o Monday abi which language will i use hahahah ok they haf come back to LOVE,or they have hahahahh am speechess, i have my dad and mum together as it should be , Swagp i was embarassed when you shouted Og you no get testimony since ha now i have the mega ones which tormented me and made me loose track in life was my mum n dad coming together, Swag p you said as today is the Last day on the Ground Everything will seek must and will be answered yeppi God did it.sob sob sob He did it. Swagp God sent you to me in January and Hes completed my story in August hmmmm *fresh airrrrrrrr* God thank You. Swagps new pin 25b0b65 ....if you read my testimony please re bc it, it will get to some child out there whos life has been shettered and has gone astray due to parental seperation let them know God can restore them back,it happened to me but i was fast and embraced PURITY as a Swag sista and God stepped in,because i tell you 90percent of children on the street is due to Family uncare and parental seperation....i will say my story live on thursday at our new venue at No 134 Adetokunbo Ademola Street wuse 2 5pm prompt ,Abuja immediately after Cubana opposite Eco Bank. IT CAN ONLY BE GOD.      I AM A QUEEN.

Thursday, 8 August 2013


My name is SWAG EBBY... God has done it for me.. My friend Swag Obehi told me about Swag P,in march,immediately my spirit I kept asking when was she going to come,Swag Obehi said anytime she comes I will let u know,even wanted to come to Abuja..Because I wanted her to hold my hands and things will change in my life and the spirit of God kept telling me she will visit you..I kept asking when..August came and I wrote on my PM its my month of 120 visitations..God was obviously preparing a power force(His vessel) Swap come and visit me and hold my hands..Then I saw in her PM she was coming to Benin August 3rd.. Devil brought a lot of distractions that day but I scaled through..I knew in my spirit this is the day the lord has designed for me to make changes in my life.. Am a plus size model and a designer but I haven't had an endorsement before..though I submit pictures far,near and wide =)) no proper response or no response at all.. I submitted some of my pictures to Ghana in May..there was no response and the agency seemed to me too busy to attend to me because they are huge..but I kept praying and praying..Swap P,s coming to Benin was obviously for my sake..God made it so..She washed my feet..(Breaking of chains and bringing down all strong holds)..That's how I interpreted it..(Hallelujah)...To be honest I was conscious of my feet now that after the feet wash i will do Exploits..and also I knew it was going to break grounds..and i was going to dance..She told us to dance for 3day 12am-1am.. Which I did and i lost weight hahaha one hour dancing,a day after the dance which was August 6th I put her picture on my dp..and it is still there till now.. ..God has done me very very well..August 7th 12:35am,I received an email from the Head in Ghana..apologising that the reply is coming late that he was coming to Nigeria to seal a modelling deal with me so we can start working..Please if u are reading my testimony dance with me..all the years of modelling I haven't had this type of deal..(it is massive)..Praise the lord.../..GOD... 4LIFE......Swag p have heard about miracles but this one is still giving me goose winds hahaha,how playful you are as you ministered to us that day and scolded us in all manner i just kept smiling and loving God more how a beautiful young lady will travel all the way to speak to girls my heart was over joyed and i remember after every one went i was looking at you and you shouted WHAT hahahahahah and i said please when i was coming here i said if i just hold your two hands all will be settled and you said oya come kneel down give me your said God you have instructed do unto what you child wants and you looked into my eyes and said have washed your feet,make sure you dance for it was settled and done and indeed swag p it is settled and done for me oh how i love you and believe God works in your life.Thank you so much Swag p you are Gods own and finally i give God all the Glory ..........tarararararrarararar*dancing*

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


SWAG LEE: Note this testimony is not mine but due to the fact men don't appear on the blog as a testifier i am representing my friend KAY whose testimony must be shared,he sent these testimony as it is through Email for every one to see what God did for him,after i swag lee introduced him to our own dearest Swag p some months back...below is the exact write up from KAY....

 How do I begin to thank my God for his mercies, kindness, love, care and protection? It was like it was never going to happen. But Swag P said that the month of July will not pass without me testifying to the goodness of God in High Heavens.

YEARS OF ENTRAPMENT …shackled by a spirit of self- liquidation I have worked in an establishment for over Seven years with little or no remuneration or promotion, coupled with the incessant harassment from my Boss (the owner of the company). Just last week there was salary increase on-going in the office, the third time in three years without my name, and every other person had received their letters of increase except for those who are newly employed. When my case was raised before my Chairman by the HR Director, he almost threw the paper back at her face. He vehemently objected to listen. He told the HRD that he will not put his pen to the paper. The HRD came to me and inquired what the matter was between me and the Chairman. She then narrated all that happened and how my name was omitted from the two previous Salary increment under her position as the HRD. Let me not bore you with the gory tale of my Spiritual entrapment.Swag P knows the rest of the detail..

 RESTORATION OF HOPE …I have almost lost it all until I met Swag P I immediately began to experience a total turn around in my life and person both in the way I relate with my friends and colleagues in the office. To cut the story short, immediately I narrated the case to Swag P, she said I should not wallow in self-pity. “The month of July will not pass without them increasing your Salary too that seven years is Gods one day and she invoke confusion in that office for my Sake unless God is a liar which God is not that God told her July” was her exact words. Just yesterday afternoon 29th July almost for the month to End ha,not long after I spoke to Swag P, I received a call from the HR office. When I got there, the handed me a letter and asked me to sign their own copy. At first, I thought it was a Termination Letter or something in that guise. On opening the letter I saw the heading, Confirmation of Salary Increase. Honestly, at first I was confused, suddenly my hand started shaking, not because of the Increase, but the thought of the long history of strife, years of hatred and the previous week of denial. Again I remembered the discussion I had with Swag P the previous day and her words kept reverberating in my mind. It can only be God. “the month of July will not pass without them increasing your salary don't care if its seven years delay it must End in July” Finally I had a salary Increment after seven years. I praise the God of Swag P.I Thank God for the person that led me to you. I bless the day I met you. i  can remember sometimes will attend the swag sistas meeting stand a distant from them like i just came to chill at the park,will be following the prayers,the dance,accepting all prophecies until its over before swag p will say huh kay you been here wow my God will include you and i will be close to tears but as usual Swag p will say Kay the great man dont waste your time tearing you  are a King and you are a great man ,my Spirit will be lifted and truly God of Swag did it for me. I bless the Almighty God. I worship and glorify God and will follow him every day of my life. “It can only be God”. I repeat. “it can only be God”. Swag P, God Bless you for me. You’re a blessing, God Sent, a vessel, a handmade of God. May His words never depart from your mouth. I will always stand by your words. Thank you Swag P. Thank you. May the Good Lord keep you for us and this generation,you said God said july and truly July didnt pass me by for Gods word is never a lie. SWAG PS PIN : 25B00B63


Sunday, 28 July 2013


SWAG OJAY: my God is at work again its a week today, i testified as to how God blessed me financially from a transaction i did by representing a client to effect some legal documents,Off which 2days before that day you asked people to call you. When i called and still asked for that prayer request.:hmm! . Swag p you said this testimony is taking too long!!! In my mind i said to myself but am not God!.swag p told me fear and Anxiety will make my testimony never to come that i should quit the worry and face God, i obeyed and stopped it all hmmm.That same week... after 2days i effected it and i was paid. I called you and said i want to sow a prophetic offering as led!at the beginning of the month, you said i should watch God, that this is my Month. Hmm! You also said your usual when u re on fire“ OJAY IF I DON'T BLOG YOUR TESTIMONIES OF ALL YOU SEEK THIS JULY THEN GOD NO CALL ME...i screamed Amen. i believed God like never before in this month. Hmm! If one can keep this level of faith! Chai! Nothing shall be impossible... back to the seed! Yes! I sowed and you blessed me that this is just  the beginning that i will witness an increase in my finances,you said so many things that my Seed will give birth to uncountable Fruits Hope for me was so sure again. I claimed it. Swag p  you remember when i told you i was due for salary increase in my firm, since it was not coming i started applying for other jobs and one of which invited as soon as i finish reading your bc which at the End you said in some hours we will hear something magnificent, i got there wrote test, did interview, after 3weeks on Tuesday chei Seed began to speak same day o, i got a message inviting me for another interview! Hmm! On getting there, i found fact d level of faith i went with ehn! I didn't even know wen i told my interviewer that i know i have gotten the job!! And the man laughed and said how did i know, i said because i am favoured wherever i go.. He said he likes my confidence and they like me,they were offering better salary i never taught i would be paid such.. I came back home praised God and got to work today, only to get my salary cheque this afternoon with increament huh huh as it was prophesied i will experience increase, am so happy but the good news my new job is still offering more so i will PORT there soonest choii see i ojay have a choice nah hahahah,everything that borthered me after years came forth in July as GOD promised me as we Entered the month,Swag p when you said God said July you must Blog my Testimony ha i knew it was Done. How can i thank this God? Some one should tell me, because i have looked for words,Baba Take all d Gloryb swag P, like i always say you are God sent to this generation!!! God bless you ma! I encourage us all to follow God's word especially when his servants speaks. God has said it all in 2chr20:2*dancing dancing *

Sunday, 7 July 2013


SWAG UNWADA: hmmmm Swag p this is indeed to beautiful to share well that's my name up there Unwada a. bonified Swag became a Swag this year 2013 when Swag p had a dream about me,we had never spoken or come close she didn't even know my name but in the dream my name was said,so she began to ask and look for me because she had seen me in some office and began to ask if am unwada then when it was confirmed yes,her pin was given to me and she told me the Dream omg it was exactly what was happening around me choiiii i knew God has sent her to me so i glued myself there o,came to that ground with a growth looking thing on my neck were doctors were telling their enemies it could be cancer after the test i ran to the ground oh how i cried that day and Swag p gathered the whole Swag sisters round me that day on the ground to pray for me,then she blessed a bottle of water gave me to drink decreed and declared that we will disgrace the doctors report and yeppi we did went back for test nothing was found cant even find the growth...this made me more than glued to that ground,Thursday and Sunday are days i always look forward as we come together to pray.Apart from my concern i had a major issue about my Cousin who has been married for nine years like 9 good years hmmm imagine how wicked the devil can be but i stood oh that on this ground she must testify.One great Sunday swag p said she wanted to pray for women looking for a Child i came out oh and she asked unwada you de look for pikin and i said no am standing for someone then she got water added salt to it standing on this scripture 2kings2:20-21 that was our Salt Mystery day so i drank for my Cousin and she said it was done that this year 2013 no swag sista or relations will be barren i kept believing and we kept hoping,i knew if He did it on that ground for swag Adah after 4years shes carrying twins now,swag ojochenemi after 2years then my Cousin own is a done deal,i kept standing for her Swag p you said before Second quarter i believed oh,but as time went on i saw flourishing in my business even until last Sunday debts were being paid to me as i was on the ground from people far and near,last week swag p you said Divine favour for 2 swags i claimed it oh on my way to lagos to Abuja on my way i saw Favour to the hotel room i didn't spend my penny it was too shocking because knowing i was amongg the two God said will find divine favour before the week runs out God has been so great. Well back to my main purpose of this testimony did i tell you have been standing on that ground for my Cousin cheiii even still June 30th last day on the ground Swag p you said no one should give up that God comes at the End while we worship i knew it was done right left and center i was waiting,Swagzzzzz oooo were are you all i got a call from my Cousin that SHES PREGNANT after 9 years of delay,shame and torment the enemy was showing to himself shes pregnant as i speak na abroad things hahhahahaha,were do i start this testimony from or were to i dance from..God came yes GOD CAME,the mystery of the Salt i had so much faith haaaaa this is too much for me,should i dance for you Jesus or do i sing,do i roll how do i express this joy haaaaaaa God 9yrs God you broke it ,Yes just You did it on that Ground...Swag p your prayers didn't go void,you knew God will come even on the last date of the month,you said we will hear good news yes i did hear the bested news in the whole wide word what more can i say......the God of Swag your word did not fail,You told your vessel 2013,before second quarter Ends we will sing, for no woman will be barren on the ground or near us YES YES YES YEPPI mine has been answered,being a SWAG(saved with amazing grace) has put dancing shoes on my feet.Swag p God bless you soooooo much and all you desire He will give to you and Finally i say God how after 9yrs of my cousin being barren You showed up even when it was i who drank the Salt Water it wasn't a barrier it travelled to her own womb oh BaBa there nothing impossible with You all we need is Faith.Thank you so much God all Glory belongs to You haaaa 9yrs barennss broken still shocking me thats why i keep repeating it hahahahaa,i will for Ever say YOU ARE A GREAT GOD. Swag ps new pin 25b00b63

Saturday, 6 July 2013


SWAG GRACE:Swag P God has done it oo. My sister got a job wit FRCN and was posted to lokoja. She met her husband and got married last year in lokoja, her husband stays in Kaduna but because she was posted to lokoja she had to apply for transfer and she was told the transfer takes a long ( some times yrs) before it is approved so all this while she stayed back in lokoja and her hubby in kaduna so she and her hubby are always on the ...road lokoja that is one issue, Secondly she got pregnant and had complications and went for scan and she was told her baby was breached and because of that she could not sleep on her side because it was discomforting. On Sunday swag p you sent a bc that and I quote u "Its the LAST SUNDAY and LAST DAY off june for me am not given up something must still happen for you all today,so ITS FEET WASHING DAY TODAY on that Ground He has instructed me to do it,Today cannot End you must Testify don't miss out ...its gonna be deep worship all the way" I was out of town but that didn't stop me,i buzzed you and told you i was not in town but will partake and you said DONE, I followed the instructions at home I washed the feet of every member of my family present at home same time it was going on the ground and I took pics while doing it because I believed in my heart God will do something then i will use the picture to blog my testimony , after that we praised God  we danced like never before swag p,with my pregnant sister ha come see iya ibeji komole nah . that night she slept like a baby forgetting she doesn't sleep with her side she didn't even notice if she did or not first miracle . On Tuesday she went for antenatal as usual when she did her scan pikin don adjust back to the normal position then Friday just yesterday her approval came for her transfer to Kaduna to join her hubby azonto for this our God o he is too much. Our praise went up and his presence came down. Distance could not stop my family from partaking in the mystery of feet washing...ha i have learnt something oh anywhere i de even inside bathroom i go convert the water to feet washing water,if na kitchen i de i go convert groundnut oil to anointing oil just to follow instructions hahaha nothing will stop me wow.Remain blessed Swag P since i became a swag i can testify my life has taken a turn around filled with success, our good lord keep u and anoint u afresh everyday,hmmm how a baby went back to normal and shamed the doctors report kie oshe baba,how transfer come instantly after we don wait taya can only be God...Father i praise your Name forever,cant stop dancinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg



Swag P. Good morning and great news!my name is SWAG YEWANDE: Day before yesterday you sent a bc asking 30 people to call you and you will pray and agree with them on whatever they want and I was amongst them. I asked you to pray for me concerning financial upliftment i was already tired and you did. You said that before the week runs out I will receive a surprise in form of money. Just last night which was the last day of the week, I received some money o just like that that made me dance you know money that can make you dance nah hahahaha,Without asking or anything,i received that surprise money tararara...God really answered your prayers as you commanded before the end of the week. I'm so excited\=D/ thank you so much and may God Almighty continue to bless and keep you swag p In Jesus Name, Amen.....God i love youuuuuuuu.


My name is SWAG CHIZZY, I'm an example of God's faithfulness even in d midst of our unfaithfulness to him. I met swag P last year 2013 when i over heard her counselling someone on phone and praying for the person ha i turned and said please ma my name is chizzy and am moved to speak with you ma,swag p listened to me,advised me and touched my heart and there was a relieve of life for me... after which I joined the meeting and never missed unless i travel which has not been up to 5times i was not on that ground and swag p says you never know your Sunday hmmm. Ave seen God works in mysterious ways, every day Testimonies are been bloged but I keep believing that one day my picture will be updated on d blog too for a testimony. It started with my dad whom the debtor has been owing for 9yrs but... on d ground he was paid after the sisters prayed for me and swag p prophesied that 9 years debt by the Blood of Jesus be it happened Dad was paid,my business began to experience speed like was like magic but no it was God to the extent i now import my wears for sale from oyinbo obodo hahaaha see experiencing of flourishing as a Swag. My main TESTIMONY is about my jobless state thats why i got into business but desperately needed a job. Passed out from NYSC Nov' 2011 ever since then I ave been believing God for a job to the point that I ave to pay 200k for INEC job when it was on process and when i told swag p she said for doing that paying for a job she wont pray oh since have gone to use man and anyway i should not borther i wont get the job hahahah i said haaa swag p o she said chizzy i no go lie to you the money don burn it was so funny but i knew she was serious and truly it failed i didn't get it and she said next time DON'T GO AND PAY TO MAN FOR ANYTHING, GOD BACKS OUT but after now God will prove to me Hes God that He likes every Glory to be just for Him. Last Thursday i was on the ground for prayers i never miss and we prayed i asked again God wheres my job since 2011,swag p walked up to me touched my stomach and said chizzy your tears has touched heaven WATCH GOD...i was so happy then again We were on the ground last Sunday and swag P said we should write TWO request not more than TWO on a piece of paper. And my first request was that I want my Appointment letter before the end of this week. And we WORSHIPPED for the first time on d ground like never before,she placed every ones request in the hands of Swag Zipporah who led us in the worship when we were done,we did feet wash and said we should start to dance hahaha see dancing and she said GOD HAS SETTLED US ALL i was to happy i knew it was my season ..... choiiii ooooo God has done it oooo cheiiiii  Just yesterday I was called up to come down to Asaba and pick up my letter of Appointment for the post of an Accountant at the MIN OF AVIATION. Wow me*dancing* like papa David danced to be honest I'm still in shock I was never looking towards that direction but last Thursday Swag p said they were some people here hmmm your help is coming from were you do not expect i claimed it. What more can I say if not for thank u lord for changing my status to a swag with a job And for making me to meet swag P. Who kept encouraging, shouting at me to bring fort my testimony if i just land on the ground she will say chizzy weres your testimony you will be dressing n dressing,lipstick all the time no testimony,no appointment. Haaaaaa MY P i always say its coming its coming she will say hmmm since last year better don't come next Sunday but i kept coming because i know one day i will say swag p dont disgrace me i have my appointment letter and yes Swag p were are you ooo I HAVE MY APPOINTMENT LETTER NOW sob sob sob*shaking my waist* . I can now talk when other SWAGS are talking yeppiiiiiii becos me too now have a TESTIMONY. Double portion!!!!! NEXT LEVEL.........S*dancing* God i bless the day i stepped my legs on that Ground even my Dad tapped from it,it can only be you God..the God of Swag answered for me ,i kneel down for You oh God i give all the Glory to You,swag p i just love you........and finally am too proud to be a Swag sista and all i want to say GOD THANK YOU.

Thursday, 4 July 2013


My son has been saved,!!! My name is SWAG ANGELA:How do I begin???Sometimes in December 2012 when we went to the village for Xmas my son woke up one night screaming and crying so much that the entire household was awake.Initially we thought it was a minor thing so I tried to feed him but he rejected feeding,when the crying continued we all became worried & started praying.My sis in-law a fellowship leader carried him and started praying,he stopped then we all went back to sleep.Only for him to wake up again and cried for another 40mins before we finally went back to sleep that night the whole episode lasted for 5hrs.I didn't know that was the beginning of my nightmare am crying now kie.when we came back from the villiage to lagos after xmas the crying continued he will wake up screaming with his face covered in fear and the screaming so deep and it sounded very matured for a 1yr old child,hmmm with the expression on his face it was obvious something scared him in his sleep he will cry for hours that before I knew it,it was morning and time to get ready for work it wasn't got to a point it was almost everyday haaa I got tired sob sob i was going mad in confusion... till one day I went to my sisters gplace to spend the weekend.he woke up crying @ night then my elder sister tina a swag sis too whom I introduced to swagp didn't waste time and asked me to call swagp immediately that was about 11pm because from dec-june haba this torment continued every night,I did and swagp picked and shouted wetin? hahaha then she said who de shout like that i said my son,i felt swag ps jump from her bed and just began to pray,swag p said its not normal ooo and declared hmmmm it was fire prayers of credit got finished and she called back and spent along time praying almost 2hours with her own phone (how generous of u 2 call back swagp) She said we should wash his feet while she was still praying we did that,she prayed into the water and said deep hes leg ha when we did if you see the way he began to shout like hes leg was on fire i was so scared swag p said Angela if you remove that leg i will blow you..choiii hahaha, woow by the time the prayers was over my son stopped crying this was about pass 1am now,she told me it was over that I shouldn't be afraid that the battle is over she instructed we sit him on the floor and let him cry if he wants to because from that moment it just baby cry n not cry of terror (hmmm such faith that boosted mine)i dropped him on the ground all this time swag p was still on the call following up,we fed him and he went to sleep immediately.since then like before we entered this July he's been sleeping soundly without waking up to cry, he sleeps like an angel that he is,after that night the devil has been shamed my son is no   more afflicted ha i knew what we went through since december 2012 to almost the End of june 2013 haba why wont i Praise God i saw that stupid devil almost tormenting hes own self !!!!.I'm now a happy mother no more worries and troubles hahaha Swagp God bless u and increase you from grace to grace Amen!!!!!the power of feet wash hmmm God i just praise your name and just to remind the devil what swag p said,you try me or any of my family member,my siblings you DIE so be warned *not interested* thank you so much my Father indeed You have blessed our generation with a vessel,swag p all you desire it is settled and done let me copy you hahahahah Amen.Thank you oh Lord,i give you all the Glory.

swag ps new pin 25b00b63
                     SAVE WITH AMAZING GRACE(SWAG)


Hahahahaha my God........ You make my life soooooo beautiful dancing. Swag P, I don't know where to start ooooo. This is just 2 much oo. My name is SWAG TINA, hmmmmm crying. It all started 2009 when I lost my job in Oceanic Bank. Hmmmm everything went down with the job oo, as in the man I was 2 marry... left just like that. No job,No money,No man. Everything was on standstill in my life. My younger sisters all got married & now with kids who calls me BIG MUMMY(I love them as if am their mother) But I was still believing GOD, until last year during my birthday when my younger sister posted my pix on her DP. Hmmm that was when Swag P saw my pix & she told my sister that she want to talk to me, my sister asked if she knew me but she said no that God sent her to me,then i called swag p to my greatest shock she told me everything have gone through i had to ask if my sister told her anything but she said no becos there were also things my sister didnt know then.swag p told me God is on my case i should weep no more hmmm shock that day. Heeey my story changed as I started charting with Swag P ooo. I could not see Swag P when she came to Lagos last year becos of some reasons.. But the testimonies on the blog kept me glue 2 Swag P. So when she came to Lagos this year I told myself dat I must see her. Then I ping & called her that I was coming hahaha she said the Holy Spirit ask her to see me because she didnt intend to see anyone she had just come back from Ota and I said woow its my time to testify. Then she prayed with me,washed my face,hands & feet ad then anointed my head when i got to see her in the house and swag p sowed a seed into my hands and said its a point of contact for my financial breakthrough. She said to me that I should watch out for June and September all this happened in MARCH 2013. Hahahaha now am laughing ooo:D =)) . JUNE came as swag p declared God told her in JUNE and it was in march the declaration came...he came in JUNE as june was about to end oh God proved hes WORD(a husband) o and he said all he want's is he wants 2 marry me haahaahaaa just like dream  after the devil made me think because am in my thirties no man will come for me thats how long the devil delay himself not me,hes not based in Nigeria and he comes back this July for the processes,do you know what it feels to be on standstill hmmm that is why i have been so grateful to God that i just want to shout HOSANNA sob sob sob,that miracle came by divine connection and it is SETTLED as swag p will was not over yet my desire i wanted Him(GOD) to help me in my financial area its not been the extent i cry atimes no help was coming,disappointments all around but on the first of July fireeee just aday after June hmmm swag p asked 15 people to call her i was lucky to be among so i called crying haaaaa swag p got so angry that what she told me i almost cut the phone,will i call it spiritual scolding for calling her and crying,after her shouting i heard her voice as she called on God for me it was deep,fought and broke delay in her prayer hmmm i smelt anger i was even shaking and she said Tina in 24hrs your helpers will remember you as the king remembered modeccai  i said Amen,swag p you prayed even more than when i met you and said if the devil follow me after this prayer fireeeeee,that those who have promised to help me and dodging now i used WATCH GOD... i was relief and waiting 24hrs,in less that 24hrs as declared swag p omg ,my uncle who promised me money since DECEMBER 2012 for me to start a business,have tried all i can hmmm called me o from nowhere asked were i was and i should meet him in hes office i got there and he shockingly blessed  me financial  like gave me 000,000 to go start my business as in big 000,000 you understand hahahahahha,this is so much for me just after the phone call it can only be God,when i made that phone call i doubt if i had even a penny,theres no Delay for God as long as you are Hes own.MY STORY HAS CHANGED...... Swag P God bless you & increase you. Double Potion Anointing. Baba GOD You r 2 much,this can only be You oo. You are worthy of my praise, I give you all the glory, honor, adoration, I worship You  Lord. You are 4eva faithful & upright God without injustice. Choi!! I just LOVE You LORD. Pls stay tuned for my Part2 haahahah. swag ps new pin 25b00b63

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


SWAG LINDA: Swag p this testimony is coming now to the blog because i have not been stable and wanted to share it live on the ground before blogging it,so i was finally available on sunday on the ground shared it live and bringing it to the blog for the world to understand the power of obedience from Gods vessel when instructions are given out,well i linda started attending SWAG MEETINGS few months ago through my sista Chineye and i had just one desire a JOB,everytime you seperate us swag p  i would always go with the job group,personally you will buzz me and say linda receive that job,even on the Ground i have waited for this job and was broken about having no job but i knew on this ground the God of Swag will answer for me well it all began On 18teen of June swap p sent a bc saying that we should stop whatever we are doing and pray, and the prayer is about asking God to send our divine helper to us now now that we must pray the prayer. I was in the bank men i stopped all i was doing and prayed asking God that He should send an helper since swag p has commanded we pray that prayer i knew God had instructed her so i did pray immediately i was done hmmmmm suddenly someone walked into the bank to make transaction he just walked towards me never seen him before and made a joke about my jeans cause I wore this rugged torn like Jean. He said sister your Jean is torn... I replied with its just the design he asked me what I do and I said I'm looking for a job, then he gave me his office address that I should come for an interview now. I told him that I'm not properly dressed and he said come as u are its your knowlege i need. Then I went to the address he kept me sitting for 3hrs when i saw him..there was no interview no CV and he just said to me one of my staff is going for masters and I want to replace him with someone else so you will be paid so so so... u will work 5days in a week....dadaadadat...start tomorrow and come along with your CV: huh instant omg......i have heard testimonies but how this happened after the prayer we were asked to stop what we were doing and i obeyed as soon as i was done all this transpired it can only be God just God,swag p i know God listens to you and has used you to break delay of having no job in my life may God enrich you with wisdom and i say God i bless Your name ,as i speak now have started my new job and a very good job without an interview or cv,swag p you always say protocols are just formalitty we the SWAGZ things will hapen for us just like that and guess what am a witness yeppi. Thank You God too Happy.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


SWAG TELAMA: My God is full of wonders. For a long time I have been believing God to favor me. Things became tighter than normal, what will I do? It never used to be
like this? What is going on? All these were the many questions that filled my heart. It was not like there was exactly none to call. It just that PURITY has become my watchword especially as I found how deep and desperately wicked the heart of man is,They will swear to you, saying; you are my life and everything but my dear SWAG sisters it is a lie. Having partaken of all the mysteries and constantly trusting God to perform his work of financial breakthrough, i was almost frustrated but still tried to encourage myself in the Word, always calling Swag P and remaining fervent to the covenant of  PURITY. God showed on my behalf after the Thursday 12 Prophetic declaration. I got home wrote down the prophecies as I remembered and ever since then I read it out to myself every morning and night. On Saturday night breaking Sunday morning the Heavens opened up to my favor. I was not asking for a job but God blessed me. He knew if i seek finances i needed something for Him to channel my finances so He brought a job. After I showered at night, a friend of mine called me to meet him at the new Nigerian Governors Forum office. I was on my way when he said I should wait for him at a junction so I parked and waited there. Swag sisters I was reluctant to come out of my house o! As I hate night movements. When he came he was with his friend who I also know- the DG of the Forum. When they finished their meeting, I casually asked - can I come work in your office till I go to for my masters in September? Behold that was it. This happened at about 2am on Sunday "Early Morning". God gave me a job which I resumed on Monday. I feel like screaming cos it is not just a job but one which will place you amongst... the leaders tararatarara. God has decided to use this to start with me ooo cos I know the ground of not just Abuja but Africa has opened up to favor me. All the windows of heaven and it's doors are raining favour on me. It is my turn to shine!i knew last week on the ground was my turn as Swagp instructed we write down the 12 prophesies and keep speaking wow the job came in less than four days supernaturally,am proud am a SWAG,i believe in that ground were we meet that God comes there for He answered my long awaited prayers in same place am too happy.This is the beginning of my testimony cos you will keep seeing my picture on the Blog every week. Please don't get tired o! God has given us a vessel you need to connect fast and believe it,Am a witness it has happned for me o, Just connect and above all vow to God making a sacrifice of purity cos it pays. When you sacrifice to God He Himself opens the flood gates of Heaven, He sends no one but does it himself (1Kings 3:3-5) Cry out to God with )(Psalm 51, Psalm 1:3,Psalm 39:6). I accept the covenant of purity can be difficult humanly that why I am giving these scriptures. God will help to fulfill our destiny according to His will. God bless us all and Swag p i pray for you that your strength be renewed...........thank you God it can just be You in this my miracle sophisticated job coming Thursday am ready to pull out another mind blowing testimony through the prayers and prophesies tararatararara. oshe o oshe Baba

Sunday, 23 June 2013


Swag p see ehn am sending you this testimony with joy, sorry my name is  SWAG CHICHI: wish i can dance and type but i cant fit do it hahahah swag p see ehn what God did for me is like wow how do i express this joy ok wait swag p let me dance and be back back were was i hmmm,ok swagz and friends last week i felt my world was getting to tiring like they was no favour from any were,my hands was almost not going to afford the next meal,dissapointments from every were,swag p i became so confused and fustrated that when i enter a cab i pass were am going because i was getting lost in my thought sob sob sob.Am a swag sista and i know have been Saved With Amazing Grace since na,so i knew there was a way out,way out is to send swag p to God and tell Him,to please open my heavens for me oh because it looked like a fast spiritual attack all of a sudden,so i called swag p and said i must see her oh if not she will start looking for me oh hahah,swag p laughed and said chichi i look for you,i have alot of swag sistas i wont remember you are missing,since i think that will help me,in my heart i said swag p am use to your responses i will stilll see you hahaha,then finally she agreed and i went to see her,swag p i brought out my family pictures and something amazing happened one by one you told me all they seek,inshort my dads own when you said it i knew haaa my case has been settled because God is aware i need financial breakthrough now,so you prayed for me,got anointing oil anointed me i felt peace at once oh then you said from the north,south,east n west it is DONE,i remember i came back because your phone was in my bag brought it back to you and you were holding your perfume and you playfully sprayed me and said the Favour i see as swag p i chichi will see double choiiiii that day was hot in less than 24 hours swag p,someone who promised to bless me since oh began to call me franticallly were are you ooo like fire was burning i was shock Self the calls but i knew God has began i got to the office hmmm swag p i was blessed in naira 000,000 and in dollars,swag p the 000,000 is how i was blessed but saving the digits haha its too big,that same day oh another person out of the shadow called and said i just wanna bless you when i got there another 000,000 huh was like magic,i was to travel to lagos next day how i will go self was a chanllenge but swag p my ticket was booked free,as if that was not enough someone came to my house and bless me with 00,000 chineke its too much,i got to the salon to make my hair and the owner of  the salon liked the hair and asked me to order 10 for her there and there she gave me the money 000,000 she doesnt even know me and i called the seller and left as i was living she dashed me 00,000 and booked a ticket for me to lagos so i will meet the seller i have my ticket to lagos since i was already going there so it made it two tickets,she volunteered to give me her driver to drop me at the airport and another of her driver pick me in lagos get the hair and they drop me in my home*SURPISEDDDDDD*swag p before i came to meet you i didnt know were the next Meal will come from but less than 24hours as you said i will see a rush of manna,swag p i saw not a rush oh i saw open heavens that when i put my tithe together for God it was like the envelope wont contain it hahahahahahahahah see ehn swag p i saw God again,and i learnt that God is not sleeping just send the message through Hes vessel,swag p i was like that dress you sprayed inshort i wont wash it ever oh,i really saw the favour that follows you through the word of God,i went to lagos like a queen,lack was broken drastically that i have the money i needed to do my visas and also buy to tickets to travel.God did it,it can only be God,you cant do it on your own,swag p truellly as you said no man can help you only God,as you prayed even washed my feet heavens open,helpers that has forgotten me,were the once pursueing me and blessing me just like that. swag p am not losting any were again oh kos my God didnt forget me am too Blessed,financial stagnancy was broken in less than 24hours as proclaimed by Hes vessel,swag p you are Gods own daughter and my God will bless you for all the time and prayers everything you desire you shall have in this month of june,God bless you,and finally i say God it can only be You,i give all my thanks and honour to You,for indeed You supplied all my needs according to Your riches am too happy Baba thank you,Chineke i love You,Amazing God who declares and it comes to past JUST YOU OH LORD.