Thursday, 28 February 2013


 SWAG JOAN: Since last year, I applied for a job in America and I told SWAG P about it and she said to me not to worry that the  job was already mine. I was also scared about the fact that I have sent my passport to the UK home office and if I get the job in America, I will not have my  passport handy to enable me travel.
 So, when I got the first call for the interview, that interview went very well and told SWAG P via black berry messenger that the interview went well but I have to do a second interview the following week.  
Last Sunday, I told God I want to hear good news before the end of the week. The next day, I had the second interview and it did not go well at all. I sent SWAG P a message and told her. she said I should not speak like that, that we should not care about the process ,its the testimony that matters and I should just relax that the job is for me. I was meant to get a feed back from the people on Wednesday the 13th. But when they called me, they had another news that broke me.They said  that another company in America wants to interview me,I asked them  about the first company that interviewed me, they said to me that the company said they would not give me the job,I said immediately that this job is mine.
 I must testify on it,I refused mans report and for another company to want to interview me for the same job this must be GOD,for its so humanly impossible.I turned my focus on the other interview I had and I prayed and praise that I will get this job.The interview went really well and I was so happy and I thanked God. The next day, which was valentines day, I got the best news ever that I got the job.Whew!!!  

I was so happy, I sent SWAG P a message and I thanked God that without him, it would not be possible. I also told God that before the end of the week, I wanted good news and he indeed delivered that news. Our God never fails. Praise be to God.Swag P faith as a mustard seed worked as you said ,I love you and God bless you.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


SWAG VICKY:Swag P your God is so so Alive,I have being having a big challenge in my office since last year and I told you one faithful day when my boss asked me to pack my things and live the premises. I pinged you and told you,Swag P you said I should sit there and not move and inch which I obeyed and we prayed.
 God answered cause my boss saw me in the premises  and asked me to come into the office, and that if by Friday i  have not brought money to the bank, I will be sacked.
I came to the ground we prayed and you said that I  am going no where and that I will shock my boss and he will be ashamed.I believed on the Friday of the sack I had brought in no money so I knew I was leaving with the other. I called and told you,and you said Vicky you are going no where. I was wondering what you were saying because it wasn’t just me I remembered last year when they were about to sack,a staff called me and said some millons had entered my points that how come huh huh huh JESUS how did that happen?No one had given me any money. Then I knew this God,a God of impossibility I shared my testimony on this and yes I didn’t get sacked with the others I still today I don’t know how……and I realize when swag p said Vicky you not going any were I know my God,HE will show you He is supernatural and yes HE DID all this happened last year ending ,in 2013 same Boss keeps threatenin me with sack day and night,making me have sleepless night ,cryng all the time and wen I told you,Swag P you said I meet you at sourthern fries last week which I did and when I saw you,I began to cry  ,you even took pictures of me and threatened to show the world that I am crying for the devil so I stopped ,you began to counsel me, spoke deeply to me that inshort at that moment felt sack or no sack this job wont make me I was glad but I started crying again  because Swag you were piercing me deep telling me who I was and what I carry and immediately your eyes turned wet and you said VICKY HE WILL LEAVE THAT OFFICE FOR YOU and I said to my self that my boss will leave that office  for me? in the middle of the prayer I opened my eyes and i said what  kind of  prayer is Swag P praying? And I was seated with two of my colleague and Swag P and I said haaa in my mind o I could be reported hahaha Swag P you opened your eyes and repeated it clearly YOUR BOSS WILL LEAVE BEFORE YOU fear left me  and I shouted AMEN I felt better because even my colleagues joined me to say the AMEN that you decreed and declared that before February ends it will and must happen and it was DONE already I believed even though it was sounded impossible that my boss can leave his job for me but I said ''God of Swag P is the I AM THAT I AM and Swag P you always say I don’t speak unless I hear so for that I knew you heard this one well , as I type this message HE has left and is no longer working with us *shock*He left the office,he doesn't work for  the organization any more.
 I  don't know what to say my God,I know miracles do happen but this was too shocking cause it was in a  few days  that  Swag P said HE WILL LEAVE THAT OFFICE BEFORE ME and that I wasn't going to be sacked, but grow in my office .
Hmmmm ,Swag P you told me people will go for my sake,that I will soon laugh and truly am laughing now oh,I can breath fresh air again even though I am still in great shock. May God continue 2 use you,bless you and strengthen you for us.
Swag P as if that was not enough oh I remember that same day you said I will bring money to the banks,and the money will come from where I do not expect  and I will shock my office people.At every point they threatened me with a sack I said AMEN because it has happened before so it can happen again, haaaa your God showed up for me in the office at the point when the bank is sacking people I am always included,this time they were 5 of us,and 2 will be sacked again  this coming Friday the names were out boldly, Swag P immediately I remembered you said at every point of a sack God will be shocking me I just braced up and was looking around i said to my self ''oya God please oh please do it again before Friday shock them,Swag P said You will do it again'', I kept murmuring that prayer in my heart, I kept repeating all the prayers with faith and same Monday the list came out I got a deposit(in flow) of 25m Datz a fresh growth from someone I spoke to more than once and person didn't seem interested,the BM gave me that account I remember to handle because he saw how hard I try and I was to make sure I make money come in and YES my God did it again for me,2 marvelous testimonies in same February indeed Swag P,GOD is with you,I remember one feet washing you looked at me and said as I want it in my office so shall I see in JESUS name and yes its answering for me.
GOD I GIVE YOU ALL THE GLORY I am so happy God is marvelous HE turns anything around for His children,I will never stop praising you,and Swag P, ever since I met you,God has used you to put my life together again in every aspect that concerns me,I know God better now,and lastly the best thing that has happened to me is being a Swag Sista  and I have found hope.
(speaks in Igala).... Ojo na gwe gbali,e ma agboji ukolo mi ki dukolo wun tane todu ku numi ola kpai edo ka mone ile kma wei nnanyi mi,ugwa ki shewe ATTAH!!!(God I thank you so much,little me you made a boss leave the office so I have freedom and kept my job for me so that people wont laugh at me,thank you so much PAPA!!!)
                                             HAHA VICKY TOLD U,I  WILL USE UR CRYING PIC


1- I prophesy in the mighty name of Jesus that the year 2013, you are my year of double honour, double grace, double success.

2- Father turn me on mentally this year to take correct decisions that will lead me to my ultimate breakthrough in the name of Jesus.

3- Every agent of success ordained for 2013, you will favour me in Jesus name.

4- Every agent of costly mistakes in operation in my life die by fire in the name of Jesus. 

5- I release agents of success to begin to minister to me now in the name of Jesus.

6- Father this year 2013, create new and profitable opportunities for me in the mighty name of Jesus 

7- Anyone occupying my seat of prosperity, grace, upliftment, advancement, success and grace clear away by fire in the name of Jesus.

8- Every curse of unfruitfulness on my hands and legs be broken in the name of Jesus.

9- My father, this year network me with divine helper in the name of Jesus. 

10- I destroy by the fire of the living most high God every instrument of frustration fashioned against my life, success, ministry, and upliftment in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. 

11- I declare with confidence in the name of the lord in the year 2013, I will make it bigger.

Good Morning, I say this in the power of the resurrection of the living most high God that before this week ends, you will begin to enjoy special unlimited realm of Grace which no one in your lineage has never experienced in the mighty name of Jesus.
 Go from today and become great, fruitful, and blessed in the name of Jesus Christ,which is the name Above every other name.if you know this is your portion scream a big AMEN............have a pleasant day.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Congratulations Swag Hannah on the safe delivery of your baby girl on Tuesday, 19th February 2013. As children are a gift from the LORD; they are a real blessing Psalm 127:3, we believe that this baby will bring joy, peace, love, happiness, open doors of favor and blessings and many good things from the Lord.
 We the Swag sistas wish you the very best as you begin your parental journey, we will always be here to assist babysit, etc. except the sleepless nights....LOL.

Congratulations once again...HIP HIP HIP HURRAY!!!

Below are details for the naming ceremony:

Date: Tuesday 26th February 
Venue: Plot 577 Apo after zone D & E. The Right Turn after the bridge & filling station. David Jemibewon Crescent, Gudu district.
Time: 4pm. 
For Further details call: 08033286844 &  08039092772 
Thank you & God bless you as you come. Muyiwa & Hannah Olobayo.

Saturday, 23 February 2013


SWAG RUKAYAT: God if not for your anointing on me I will not be writing this testimony hmmm,well I am a staunch Muslim but that didn't stop me from being a Swag Sista.
 I have known you Swag P since secondary school and your turn around to follow God got me marveled and I was very sure I needed to be a follower so I never seized to attend the Swag Sistas meeting were I would connect with all prophesies.
 I got to understand what faith is,and it turns our life all around. Since I began to attend the Swag Sistas meeting I have had peace of mind concerning my destiny, Swag P, I repeat if not for the anointing of God I won't be giving this testimony oooo.
 Last week Sunday, I was present at the meeting luckily for me it was our anointing day, you gave us the oil and asked that we rub it on our forehead and in our mouth then we all began to pray, but before the anointing I told you about our secondary school class mate who was spiritually ill and you said we were going to see her at the church where she was when we were done, so I prayed about it.In one of the prophesies you  said  that no one shall die on this ground, you said our heads carry fire and that made my faith so strong I believed and I knew it was done just as you had said. After the gathering oh we headed to go see the girl at the church, as we were there our friend came in and then later the blood sister of the girl who had spiritual issues came in, when we gathered, the church pastors told the sister you have to fast with your sister for deliverance for her to be well for thats the only solution for your sis to be okay o her blood sister in our very before said she couldn't because she has ulcer ,we were all in shock huh, our other friend faced her and gave her words of her life, telling her she was being heartless her own blood sister ,but the blood sister started opening all her eyes and pointing to our friend saying YOU WILL SEE,IS IT NOT ME YOU WILL REGRET,I WILL SHOW YOU,I CURSE YOU,YOU WILL SEE, saying all that our friend rebuked it all and walked out of the premises because there was almost a fight oh when our friend had gone, I tried to tell her its bad o hmmm she faced me and began the curse saying YOU I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL REGRET,WITH HER EYES WILD OPEN,SHE SAID YOU WONT LIVE TO TELL THE STORY I PROMISE YOU POINTING AT ME, haaaa immediately Swag P began to say to me I rebuke it, Rukayat you are a Swag Sis ,I say back to sender for you, you shall not die Rukayat, no accident shall even kill you, then I said to her you are a suspect of what is happening to your sister, Swag P, she repeated the curses on her head and immediately I shouted IF YOU KNOW THE GROUND AM COMING FROM RIGHT NOW YOU WONT WASTE YOUR CURSE MY HEAD AND MOUTH CARRIES OIL SO I SAY BACK TO SENDER AND I LAUGHED just like joke oh we all left Swag P, you prayed again for me and we left. On Tuesday I embarked on a journey to Kaduna I prayed all through the journey, suddenly just 29km to KD, a trailer just swerved to our lane leaving the driver no choice than to swerve to the next lane with a car right at the spot our driver had to go off of the road to the bush but thank God he was able to control the car and by the time the car stopped, the two back tires were gone completely but no one was hurt I was in shock because I remembered you said no ACCIDENT shall kill me,no CURSE can ever have any effect in my life OMG,GOD proved His WORD oooo,I went to the ground with a strong spirit and took the anointing, also number 1 prophesy says no Swag Sister shall die and that I have received it long time, I saw you pray for the ill girl with your oil before we left , and when we came back Monday even all the pastors were saying shes been here for days but we are shocked by her situation today oh she looks like every attack has vanished and I knew indeed God answered our prayers she was talking so well I was happy so all that had given me so much believe that no one can harm me no matter the group they belong at night my God is greater nobody can curse who God has blessed and He has blessed me, and I carry the anointing plus I am a Swag Sista. I refuse to die, I defeated the curses from the devil…no house hold can kill me never I will live to proclaim Gods goodness in my life o. Swag P, God bless you so much I now have this strong mentality that the devil is too small, the next day when I got home in kadunna my mum called me that she had a dream about me that I fought a girl and she harmed me HAAAAA,I told my mum all that happened oh and said yes something like that happened but my head carries Gods anointing and not even the oldest witch can harm me,unless if they can count the hairs on my head, just imagining if I was still empty in spirit what would have happened but God has saved me, Swag P, I thank you for all prayers indeed theres God on that ground and HE really meant it that no Swag Sista shall die. God I give you all Glory if not for You the story would have been different.I AM ALIVEEEEEEE!OSHE BABA, MODUPE BABA hmmmmmm


SWAG ASIBI: I pinged swag P on Tuesday about Neco registration, told her it was going to end on Friday the 22nd of febuary and told her I didn't have money and all the people I asked have complains,to even borrow self they were all complaining and Swag P was like nobody at all to help not to borrow? I then told her about my uncle who is a chief but he likes to do shakara when you ask him for money, Swag P then told me to ask him, I tried his number it was off for days I finally got him on Thursday and told him before I could finish telling him he ended the call,you should have seen me wow tears in my eyes and am like not this year again,the devil wont steal this year 2013 from me,have lived in pain concerning my education since 2010 after being in the university for two years going to the next year the school informed me my admission was fake,i was duped hmmm and i said God i had lost hope in going back to school but the first day i came for swag sisters you told me first time seeing me that i must go back to school if not everything will be full stop for me,every-time i ping you swag p you will just say go back to school oooo,i have decided to go back and theres no help,if God has sent you swag p that i go back to school HE should give me a helper nowwww,well my uncle banged the phone at me and i decided to ping Swag p and told you what had happened, she was like why did he refuse I told her I don't know and was worried. Swag P told me to stop worrying, worry delays testimonies and she sent me a prayer which I prayed and to God who made me I stopped worrying and told God that he should do with me as he wants too cos I bought jamb form and without my papers ma jamb is useless and Swag P was like what do you want, I said I need your prayers and i don't want to miss this exam and you said praise God for something is about to happen,and told me to stop worrying and trust God, swag p you know when you speak to someone its always like nothing is worth bothering you,well that happened to me when you were done talking to me.All this while I had called my friend that her mum has the school where I was going to register she told me she'll see what she can do days kept passing oh, but because swag p you kept saying I will write it that I should stop all this shaking its getting on your nerves so I wasn't afraid all I know it was the process just as you said hmmmm ,just yesterday DEADLINE ,my friend called me and told me that her mum was going to do the registration with her money because my friend didn’t have the money at the moment huh *shock* her mum huh, immediately she told me to send my details and my passport *dancing etigi* and it was done few minutes to the close.I just told myself that worry actually delays testimonies at the point I obeyed swag p not to worry few minutes the call came, and Swag P's God is alive oooo huh she said there is no DEADLINE with her God. I was just speechless and my phone went off wanted to tell Swag P Immediately, I charged ma phone and put it on Swag P you were the first that came on and you were like how far? and I told you everything the testimony and you said you were not scared the point you asked me how far I knew my God had settled it kos the spirit told me check Asabi have answered her prayers, I was still shock and you said Asabi I told u HE hears, my God loves to come a minute before what you seek is about to be over to make you know nothing is impossible with HIM. Swag P your God hmmmm,its good to serve God!! Now its reading time for me this 2013,hmmmm na school get me, for this time God is with me and i have understood how He works.swag p i just knew telling you it was DONE. I love you and God bless you plenty and finally God take all the Glory.

Thursday, 21 February 2013


I am a living miracle, the blessings of the Lord truly makes one rich and adds no sorrow. My marital destiny, has been a big challenge, my God! the amount of disappointments I've gotten, can't go into details not only had I lost hope; I had also lost touch with God, I kept wondering what I had done wrong I just couldn't understand. I desperately needed this miracle to prove to my family and relatives that my mum's children could get married, a family where women age and not even introduction. It became a thing of concern, we became topic of discussion and gossip my mum even began hiding but I didn’t care because I knew my God must disgrace them. 
I was in in a relationship before I began attending swag sistas meeting with this burden and fear that I might loose this relationship again, so many fears but as I continued attending the Swag sistas meeting I got to understand our timing isn’t Gods own and hearing other peoples' testimonies gave me hope that on this ground I must get engaged, I became constant at the meeting attending every Sunday because I  knew deep down that my presence was enough for God to intervene in my situation, I couldn't predict which Sunday I will receive my miracle so I decided not to miss any one; I must be on that ground connecting to all the testimonies, receiving and saying Amen to all prophecies. Last 2 Sundays during the feet washing for favour, Swag P you taught about favour and that made me realize it will take the favour of God in my life to make this testimony come through so I keyed to all the teachings, while we were washing our feet and then we all began to pray Swag P as if you knew what was disturbing me at that point and what I was prayng for you just walked to me and said, "your wedding is going to be beautiful, it would surprise you the way it would turn out" I held your hands so tight with tears filled in my eyes I said Amen and thank you and said oh my God, you heard me all along guess this was the very Sunday that will end every marital shame in my life (the fear disappeared for) You have sent Swag P to come and tell me what I didn’t tell her was bugging me that Sunday as we washed our feet and prayed…hmmm when we were done you said unless God didn’t call you that before the next Sunday all desires will become testimonies haaa I jumped up and said my ring I receive you ooh I must be engaged this one I'm not gonna be disappointed oh,you said we should pray against household wicked man or woman stopping our celebration I prayed it out loud until I was satisfied! Swag P you then concluded by prophesying and said we should face each other and share the grace in fellowship.....hmmm guess who I faced ANITA who was just traveling for her traditional marriage preparation and I was shocked and said I tap into your testimony Anita, I am next. Last Thursday just 4days after the feet wash for favour, Val's day to be precise I was left speechless at the office when my ENGAGEMENT RING was placed on my finger *fainted* sob sob sob sob Swag p I'm weak right now with so much joy in my heart, me Nigs a man has found me worthy and put a ring on my finger truly to be patient with God is the best I return all the glory to God, Swag P God visited me on your ground and I will say thank you for declaring the word. God bless you and the wedding is in few months.*wink*


God has done it again, may his name be praised. God’s word must always come to pass, God said in the book of Proverb 21 v 1 (the kings heart is in hand of the lord as the rivers of water He turneth it whithersoever He will) that’s to say no king on earth has the final say…..It all started some years ago when I acquired a piece of land in Benin were I'm based, after a while issues came up, I struggled to get it back; I paid people, used all contacts I had with the high and mighty, did everything humanly possible but still lost the land. Men I was so devastated, I was almost lost it but after a long while I got myself back. I acquired another land, issues came up again and it was taken from me by some kinsmen who said the land I bought had already being purchased by another person so the community stopped me and removed my beacon and took me to their chairman who promise to look into the case. Since then its been come today come tomorrow only for him to say the matter pass him power, he come call the ex chairman for the case hmmm *fainted*, this time I knew it was spiritual, who no wan make I build house for Benin na wetin be de run for my mind. I said to myself not again I will not go through this again; This case reminded me of David who defeated his Goliath with 5 stones, though I didn't have 5 stones in my own case to defeat my own Goliath, I was so lost couldn't figure out what to do. Just when I was about to loose hope a friend of mine invited me for swag p's visit to Benin, and told me lots about her I listened but in this case I knew those kinsmen their no is no oh and yes is yes sob sob sob, I decided to go for the gathering, immediately I stepped in, Swag p said why are u depressed, what's tormenting your peace, whatever the devil stole from you he will return before this February ends that you serve a living God, I was so shocked because I have never seen you before, talk more of telling you the challenge I was facing, I then told you my story and you spoke to me that day that God will release my land unto me not because I'm a good girl hahaha but because of your relationship with God after then you washed my feet and declared if God is truly with you this same February, my land will be handed back to me and I shouted Amen still with fear o. Since you left I have been to the community countless times, same come today come tomorrow story which by now I had gotten tired and frustrated; I called you and when I was done complaining you shouted at me "that is the process don’t care seek the testimony" I visited the blog when I saw Swag Ejura's testimony of how doctors had confirmed her mom to be permanently blind but God opened her eyes I began to jump na d same God been dey oooo na the same God, yes yes not the process oh its d testimony I was hopeful. Swag P when I reminded you of the new date for my hearing which was Monday, 18th feb 2013 you asked me to wash my feet and face and apply no make-up that victory was mine that today was the end and it was DONE, I obeyed and did all you instructed. My face carried fireee I went and got my victory immediately; my land was released to me by some local chiefs without stress it, Swag P I'm back with the testimony oohh!, not only has my beacon been released but I was asked to commence work on the land the following day. Its all like a dream to me, God you alone be praised, haa Swag P what can I say to you o, that your gentle voice releases fireee when you pray o Osanobua huh.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


  Remember I said I was going to talk about my experience with Benin Swag Sistas, but have been so lazy about it .Due to the testimonies coming from the Benin Swag Sistas, I want to talk about it.Some buzzed  and kept reminding me that they haven’t seen their pictures on the blog hahaha,ok hmmm hope I remember everything that happened while I was there cause, its been a while.But I cant forget the fact that  I left uromi to meet up with the Benin Swags. And before then, my black berry phone suddenly switched off and just wouldn't come on, I began to panic because I needed my phone badly incase some people needed directions,etc but I was in shock I began to shout ''oh the gods of Edo una no fit spoil my program,aromimela,sango etc una lie o'',I was ranting in uromi it didn’t just work so I was still and the Holy Spirit said ''drop that phone on the ground'' like take it up and drop it I said huh what if it breaks but I  obeyed then fixed everything back and finally it came on yeppi haaaa. Immediately I ran  to  get a car to Benin.When I arrived Benin ,got home and I slept  immediately. The programme was to start by 3pm but trust my violent girls at 11am there were already calling to come but I said '''no oh I need to rest.  say 1pm there began to arrive at abt 2pm they were sitted why I ran to have a bath and I came out 3pm yeaaa finally swag p was in their mist when I was just about to sit most of  their phones began to ring, choiii my eyes popped out like huh!!! whats happening they said please we are directing our friends to come please I said OK meaning that they invited their friends I then said if we start no picking of calls by this time I was already getting ready to start,I gave them 10mins so we began to wait and I kept saying Abuja Swags ohhhh I miss them now. We waited till 4pm.It isn't in my policy to wait,because i do not appreciate lateness.But at 4pm I got up and began to praise God knowing that God doesn’t bless a crowd He blesses individuals. So when I opened their minds to this fact they switched off their phones and we got spiritual.We talked, I could see when their friends come in and give them daggers and I said ''oh my God, Benin Swags there is something about them.It was so  funny, when I asked someone a personal  question and she doesn’t want to answer, her friend will answer on her behalf.... you know close friends always know your ways,the other will be provoked and they will argue and I will shout kieeeeeeee,I miss my Abuja Swags. I was saying it loud and they would say Swag P '' na lie we be the best,guess by this time smoke was coming from my ears….we had feet washing that day and it was great,I had different experience about their lives,some were so touching and I believed God was going to show up and truly God did because Swag Ejura's mum can see that was one touching story and when I got her testimony I was moved to talk about my moment with them all,you hear stories of some parents still worshipping strange gods(the gods that wanted to crash my bb so I wont talk about my God there,hahaha my God pass una) and all they seek is their salvation,too many. When I am about to be shocked another mind says Swag P,your presence  in EDO STATE is for Gods glory to show up.
I can remember one moment I was talking about purity and spoke about single girls following married man and some girl Just pointed Swag P, please warn my cousin well hahahahhahaha. The said cousin almost ate her raw.At this point I paused and said what is happening here o,the characters display was enormous but I still had fun with them,they were great people.I laughed and laughed all through ,I must confess that my Benin Swags are so accommodating .
God spoke a lot especially when I talked about some people asking you to come and they can give you husband,wealth and so on and right now God is asking me to tell someone here not to,and seriously a Benin Swag shouted hmmm Swag P, is me oh because one woman has been disturbing,she asked me to come so she can bath me with perfumes. I have been confused, but now I know I will never ever try such,inshort my eyes done open no man fit give you anything,haa make the woman try call me again holy ghost fireee hahahahahah for real I laughed out loud and almost fell to the ground cause of the way she said it.All she said was that,''I know my God, if He cannot give me so be it but definately He will surely give me''.
 I was so glad and amazed because this girls don’t hide any thing, they were so quick to admit the things I thought wasn’t possible but they were ready to give up and start a life,the feet washing was over, the meeting rounded up at about few minutes past 5pm and we took some nice pictures,.
I didn't want to leave them due to the sole fact that  they were just soo funny...... I had a good laugh and also argued all through,but yet Gods presence prevailed,and truly I hope to meet them again,but this time they should have great testimonies and not start my meeting with ''SO YOU ALL MEAN NO TESTIMONIES'' hahahaha God4bid oh cause our testimonies are you all my Benin Swags.......................

                                                      hurray for JESUS.................

Monday, 18 February 2013


Inspirational Bible Verses
Psalm 136:26 Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever.

Isaiah 41:10  fear not, for I am with you;  be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you,  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Psalm 18:32-34  the God who equipped me with strength and made my way blameless. He made my feet like the feet of a deer  and set me secure on the heights. He trains my hands for war, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.  

1 Corinthians 10:13  No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.



Swag P, o praise the lord. Our God is a faithful God. Last month my mum was diagnosed with brain tumor which led to  lose of her sight. I cried and taught it was the end for my mum. When you came to Benin to meet the Swag Sistas, I almost missed due to some issues. Then I told you, you said I should do all I can do to be here. Immediately, something told me to get up and go, and when I got there, behold you did feet washing for us. When you began to wash every ones feet, immediately you got to me, kieeeee Swag P, you specifically used the water to wash your eyes as a point of contact....saying that you are not blind so therefore my mum will regain her sight before the next time I see you, which may be in March. I held on to faith even though all results from the hospital has shown that the sight cannot be restored.You asked me whose report will I believe and I said Gods report, hmmm you said DONE oya watch God,you prayed seriously and declared and immediately I believed…. Low and behold I got a call from Abuja that my mum’s sight has being  restored, that suddenly she began to see, you said before march when I see you, that is to say the miracle must happen in February and yes the God who opened the blind man's eyes in the past showed up live in my family. I don’t know what to say am still in shock, God is mighty, God is great,there's no report from the doctor that God cannot change, for me am a living witness, I saw my mum loose her sight and could not see a dine but know my mum can see Benin from Abuja hahahaha God restored her sight in a 4D manner, I'm too happy ,testimonies are real ooooo yea I knew that, but this one has made me say it out that indeed God calls the unqualified and qualifies them,Swag P you are a blessing to our generation,you are for real, God is really showing Himself through you and am a partaker, God shall honour you .*Dancing* am SWAG EJURA all the way from Benin


-This week is your week of outstanding fruitfulness.

 -In the works of your hands this week,it shall be fruitful.

-All expectant fathers and mothers,shall be fruitful this week.

-Everything you lay your hands to do this week shall prosper.

-New door of break-through shall be opened unto you and your household.

-There shall be miraculous conception of wonderful things in your family.

-This week God will disconnect every unfriendly friend,house hold wickedness,and any man or woman from you and your family.

-Before this week ends,testimonies that people will stand and marvel at is what you will share in the congregation of the saints.


Saturday, 16 February 2013


SWAG OBEHI:Swag P, last week was hell for my family.My Mum had just lost her job,they gave her retirement letter when it was not time, they even stopped her salary for about 3 months.My mum was broken and so worried because they told her the many people where affected in the retirement exercise, and the man in charge do not listen to anybody,because  he wants them all  retired.
when my mum broke the news, it was as if my world was collapsing cause, shes  has been our helper.
I lost hope and began to weep,the next thing even though I felt like telling you Swag P,i also thought to myself that since the letter had already been given and my mum is among the affected staff, so her case will not be different.but I know Swag P you will always have a word of encouragement to lift ones spirit and hope when they are down, hmmm I took the step buzzed you and told you everything ,Swag P you said, ''Obehi what do u think''? I said, I believe God,then you said tell your mum to go see the man and I went haaaaa its not only my mum o, the crowd is too much and the man involved is very wicked ,you cant even see him, I remember you did ''huh'' Obeyi whats all this am ranting, don't i know your God ,then you said the woman in the bible found favor with the wicked king,if my mum likes, let them be 1billion affected,I should just have FAITH as a mustard seed, she will be separated from the crowd and her story will be change,in my mind I said hmmm didn't Swag P hear that retirement letter had been handed to my mum,but on the other hand I believed and was ready to open my faith box on this matter and I did,then you concluded LET HER GO AND COME BACK WITH HER TESTIMONY THAT IT IS DONE FIREEEEEEE,haaaa I shouted Amen o because whenever you say IT IS DONE, its really done o especially when you mix it with fireeeeeeee,sharply I remembered I did 21days fast too so more assurance griped me,I excitedly ran to my mum oya oya oya park your load fast de go asaba ,she stirred at me like wetin de do my pikin,I said mummy do fast God is about to shock you, you cant retire now ,after a while my mum agreed oh park her bags off to asaba in my mind I say if my mama come with bad news I don finish I will be too embarrassed. swag pppppp*rolling on the ground*the God of signs and wonders showed up,you said as long as I believed it was done with fireeeee mix with it hahahaha my mum went to asaba, even without the help of anybody,God showed up and helped her in the midst of the crowd she was separated and shown favor,same day o they rectified everything and even asked her to wait for all her money that had not been paid will be given to her.omg am still in shock how God did this one like I cant explain it, swag p your faith ehn I believe your ministry too much joor, am proud to be a Benin swag sista oooo ,may God bless you so much huh huh haaa this is too much,somebody come and join me sing hallelujah Jehovah jireh has done my mama well o. God you too much I bow for your acts, thank you God,satan nor try my family again o nor just try cos u nor fit win, our God is forever a winner.PEACE

Friday, 15 February 2013


SWAG FRANCA ; God where do I start from ooooooh!!!. I lost my job 4 years ago, since then I believed God for a new job. Life for me wasn’t easy, I felt like everything about life was so ugly, nothing was working. I don’t want to remember the days I couldn’t afford to pay for taxis to places I wanted to go. Food was so difficult to find and eat at times sob sob sob, but then nobody could imagine me, Franca, worried but I kept my worries to myself. 4 years later, I got a small job that I wasn't comfortable with because I knew it wasn't God's plan for me. A few months later I left to fulfill God's plan for me, I started the search for a good job, and friends I thought I could lean on weren’t there for me. It’s very true never trust humans, only God. I was praying, believing God during this period and fasting as well. In December I gave my sacrificial seed and tied it to my job and other things. I called swag P in January; we prayed and asked that I do some spiritual exercises which I did wholeheartedly. When I was feeling low, she prophesied that I will get a job before March, that unless God is not God,I believed because I had been connecting to all the testimonies on your dp swag p and blog, I said Amen. Just on Tuesday February 12th 2013, I was called for an interview in an oil company, haaaaaa somebody wake me up, swag P always say we the children of God will find favor where we are not qualified ,and also as a swag no one can reject us. I keyed into it and believe, on Wednesday they called me back for the second interview that very day, The God of suddenly did it, I was asked when I could resume work. To God be the glory, of a truth we serve a living God. God bless you swag P tararrararara yeppiii Emi oil girl emi omo jesu,mo swaga fun jesu,oluwa so te mi dire,jesu segun fun mi,jesu se iyanu ni aiye mi ........ mo swagga lo fun jesu titi lai lai(am a child of God am swagging for Jesus,God has turned my life to a blessing,God has done something great for me),,this devil you must be crazy to think 4yrs no job you wont pay for it,God thank uuu,am proud to be a swag sista.

Thursday, 14 February 2013


C”est val,un jour pour demontre amour ‘a tous ceux autour de vous et spe’cilament ‘a votre famille. Je voudrais saisir l ‘opportunit’e pour conseiller aux celibataires de ne pas permettre aux homes de les decevoir et les mener au p’ech’e du sexe,car le sexe n’est pas synomi amour.
                 DIEU VOUS BENISSE.......
                   ENGLISH TRANSLATION
Its vals day,a day to show love to everyone around you and to especially family.I want to take this opportunity to advise all great single girls not to allow any man lure them to sin(SEX)for sex doesn't define love.*wink*wink*wink* 



                               Please put a smile on SOMEONE'S face today.