Wednesday, 26 June 2013


SWAG TELAMA: My God is full of wonders. For a long time I have been believing God to favor me. Things became tighter than normal, what will I do? It never used to be
like this? What is going on? All these were the many questions that filled my heart. It was not like there was exactly none to call. It just that PURITY has become my watchword especially as I found how deep and desperately wicked the heart of man is,They will swear to you, saying; you are my life and everything but my dear SWAG sisters it is a lie. Having partaken of all the mysteries and constantly trusting God to perform his work of financial breakthrough, i was almost frustrated but still tried to encourage myself in the Word, always calling Swag P and remaining fervent to the covenant of  PURITY. God showed on my behalf after the Thursday 12 Prophetic declaration. I got home wrote down the prophecies as I remembered and ever since then I read it out to myself every morning and night. On Saturday night breaking Sunday morning the Heavens opened up to my favor. I was not asking for a job but God blessed me. He knew if i seek finances i needed something for Him to channel my finances so He brought a job. After I showered at night, a friend of mine called me to meet him at the new Nigerian Governors Forum office. I was on my way when he said I should wait for him at a junction so I parked and waited there. Swag sisters I was reluctant to come out of my house o! As I hate night movements. When he came he was with his friend who I also know- the DG of the Forum. When they finished their meeting, I casually asked - can I come work in your office till I go to for my masters in September? Behold that was it. This happened at about 2am on Sunday "Early Morning". God gave me a job which I resumed on Monday. I feel like screaming cos it is not just a job but one which will place you amongst... the leaders tararatarara. God has decided to use this to start with me ooo cos I know the ground of not just Abuja but Africa has opened up to favor me. All the windows of heaven and it's doors are raining favour on me. It is my turn to shine!i knew last week on the ground was my turn as Swagp instructed we write down the 12 prophesies and keep speaking wow the job came in less than four days supernaturally,am proud am a SWAG,i believe in that ground were we meet that God comes there for He answered my long awaited prayers in same place am too happy.This is the beginning of my testimony cos you will keep seeing my picture on the Blog every week. Please don't get tired o! God has given us a vessel you need to connect fast and believe it,Am a witness it has happned for me o, Just connect and above all vow to God making a sacrifice of purity cos it pays. When you sacrifice to God He Himself opens the flood gates of Heaven, He sends no one but does it himself (1Kings 3:3-5) Cry out to God with )(Psalm 51, Psalm 1:3,Psalm 39:6). I accept the covenant of purity can be difficult humanly that why I am giving these scriptures. God will help to fulfill our destiny according to His will. God bless us all and Swag p i pray for you that your strength be renewed...........thank you God it can just be You in this my miracle sophisticated job coming Thursday am ready to pull out another mind blowing testimony through the prayers and prophesies tararatararara. oshe o oshe Baba

Sunday, 23 June 2013


Swag p see ehn am sending you this testimony with joy, sorry my name is  SWAG CHICHI: wish i can dance and type but i cant fit do it hahahah swag p see ehn what God did for me is like wow how do i express this joy ok wait swag p let me dance and be back back were was i hmmm,ok swagz and friends last week i felt my world was getting to tiring like they was no favour from any were,my hands was almost not going to afford the next meal,dissapointments from every were,swag p i became so confused and fustrated that when i enter a cab i pass were am going because i was getting lost in my thought sob sob sob.Am a swag sista and i know have been Saved With Amazing Grace since na,so i knew there was a way out,way out is to send swag p to God and tell Him,to please open my heavens for me oh because it looked like a fast spiritual attack all of a sudden,so i called swag p and said i must see her oh if not she will start looking for me oh hahah,swag p laughed and said chichi i look for you,i have alot of swag sistas i wont remember you are missing,since i think that will help me,in my heart i said swag p am use to your responses i will stilll see you hahaha,then finally she agreed and i went to see her,swag p i brought out my family pictures and something amazing happened one by one you told me all they seek,inshort my dads own when you said it i knew haaa my case has been settled because God is aware i need financial breakthrough now,so you prayed for me,got anointing oil anointed me i felt peace at once oh then you said from the north,south,east n west it is DONE,i remember i came back because your phone was in my bag brought it back to you and you were holding your perfume and you playfully sprayed me and said the Favour i see as swag p i chichi will see double choiiiii that day was hot in less than 24 hours swag p,someone who promised to bless me since oh began to call me franticallly were are you ooo like fire was burning i was shock Self the calls but i knew God has began i got to the office hmmm swag p i was blessed in naira 000,000 and in dollars,swag p the 000,000 is how i was blessed but saving the digits haha its too big,that same day oh another person out of the shadow called and said i just wanna bless you when i got there another 000,000 huh was like magic,i was to travel to lagos next day how i will go self was a chanllenge but swag p my ticket was booked free,as if that was not enough someone came to my house and bless me with 00,000 chineke its too much,i got to the salon to make my hair and the owner of  the salon liked the hair and asked me to order 10 for her there and there she gave me the money 000,000 she doesnt even know me and i called the seller and left as i was living she dashed me 00,000 and booked a ticket for me to lagos so i will meet the seller i have my ticket to lagos since i was already going there so it made it two tickets,she volunteered to give me her driver to drop me at the airport and another of her driver pick me in lagos get the hair and they drop me in my home*SURPISEDDDDDD*swag p before i came to meet you i didnt know were the next Meal will come from but less than 24hours as you said i will see a rush of manna,swag p i saw not a rush oh i saw open heavens that when i put my tithe together for God it was like the envelope wont contain it hahahahahahahahah see ehn swag p i saw God again,and i learnt that God is not sleeping just send the message through Hes vessel,swag p i was like that dress you sprayed inshort i wont wash it ever oh,i really saw the favour that follows you through the word of God,i went to lagos like a queen,lack was broken drastically that i have the money i needed to do my visas and also buy to tickets to travel.God did it,it can only be God,you cant do it on your own,swag p truellly as you said no man can help you only God,as you prayed even washed my feet heavens open,helpers that has forgotten me,were the once pursueing me and blessing me just like that. swag p am not losting any were again oh kos my God didnt forget me am too Blessed,financial stagnancy was broken in less than 24hours as proclaimed by Hes vessel,swag p you are Gods own daughter and my God will bless you for all the time and prayers everything you desire you shall have in this month of june,God bless you,and finally i say God it can only be You,i give all my thanks and honour to You,for indeed You supplied all my needs according to Your riches am too happy Baba thank you,Chineke i love You,Amazing God who declares and it comes to past JUST YOU OH LORD.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


This can only be God my 6hr testimony, my name is SWAG KALA I don't know were to start from but all I know I have been saved with Amazing grace.I began to attend swag sistas this year even as a muslim and I remember one of the prophesy is that we will not die,sorrow or mourn any of our close person,I have taken part in various feet washing,send forth my request and never stop believing for I know God is on that ground.... Well hmmm swag p yesterday on my way from okene back to Abuja I was driving and suddenly a trailer ran into me at the moment I thought it was over for me but I heard a still small voice you are a swag huh and I braced up and said God this is your case,am a swag sista,I can't believe I came out from the car alive,people couldnt just believe it and the car hmmm can't explain it until you see the pik,now i know everytime i chat with swag p she always say kala you shall not die but live to declare the goodness of the land i always say Amen like all the time o and i keep saying Amen.I want to praise God , because it can only be Him that has done it, swag p for all your prayers I say Blessed, and I know that the God I serve will Restore and indeed i partook of the 6hr miracle am so happy and also i pray for quick recovery. Thank you so much God, than YOU. 
i will recovery all that i lost. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


SWAG NUMA: These Testimonies are from Divine Daughters of Destiny (DDD) prayer group. I woke up this morning and I felt down that we at the group have not shared mega testimonies in about a week and I told God, "I need you to give mega mind blowing testimonies to the cov. Sisters". After praying, I saw Swag p's daily declarations that she pasted in the group(she is a member of DDD, as I am a Swag Sister) so... my Spirit was lifted and I began to rejoice and believe and I put it on my PM on my BB status which some Cov. Sisters did as well. People began to ask me what will happen in 6hours so I just forwarded today's declaration to them and they said AMEN. I went to the 4 DDD group and encouraged them to believe in these prophesy and testimonies will abound. Thereafter, I began to pray the prophesy to fulfilment in our lives. Prophecies do not fulfil themselves, you 1st believe and pray them to manifestation.( So whenever our Swag P prophecies, Believe and use your mouth to call it forth). At about the period she sent the Smile:) @ noon this morning, I got a call that a lady we had been praying for in the group( a cov.sister's cousin) who ran away for about 3months had been found. Another Cov.sisters whose cousin had been acting insane was brought back home sane and delivered yet another Cov. Sister got a call this morning to send her info to the US embassy for Visa processing because she has been nominated for a training in the US of A next month. Now as I type these testimonies, we @ the DDD group are rejoicing and praising God and we know we will share more testimonies. God gave the Word to Swag P and she obeyed and here are testimonies from DDD. God bless you Swag P and all Swag sisters. Thank You Almighty God. Nobody be like am, nobody dey like am, ewo nwa nem God na helele. Praise God.

Sunday, 16 June 2013


Firstly i want to use this moment to tell every one i arrived safely in USA and have really settled in with my parents after fifteen years of seperation from them due to the Embassy rejecting my visa application,became a swag started attending the meetings stood on the mandate that says PURITY PAYZ and decided to live a life of purity,making sure every request of mine was collected by swag p before each time she lives Abuja and in less than two months after fifteen years of waiting to go and reunite with my parents on that swag ground god answered me praise be to God almighty. well a night before i left swag p i gave you my last request in front of your gate,you prayed and washed my feet and you said before the second month i will get a job that were am not even qualified i believed and took the prophesy with me,i got to usa filled with expectant second week i put up for a job and i told you about it and you said THAT IS THE JOB....and i said Amen but after then its been one month i heard from the job and you kept saying kelechi WATCH GOD this country will answer for you and i believed on your birthday 11th june you pinged me and said,,,kelechi i prophesie that before this week ends of my birthday I kelechi will hear good news i believed shouted Amen and said i will hear good news from that place of work , hmmmm Swag p wow your God is too instant just today they called me wow and told me to start work on Monday i almost shouted aloud oh with  joy, thats tomorrow monday am starting work am too happy i knew the God of swag sistas is here with me because just as you spoke through the permission of the Holy Spirit i really heard good news before your birthday week was over. Am too happy and glad because this can only just be God,swag p thank you for all the encouragement and allowing God use you to help me understand that all my hope should depend on God and with purity you can attain every thing you ask of God,less than two months in usa i have very great job that am even shocked about,my God broke the delay for me,swag p God bless you so much because indeed you said you must blog this job and truely the job testimony came less than the months given yepppiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,oh God how do i express my joy because indeed You are with the SWAGZ, thank you so much God,i love Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.   

Thursday, 13 June 2013


Am SWAG NGOZI,this is so Amazing for me just like that someone told me about swag pastor and gave me the link to the blog and i asked for her pin ,wow i had alot going on in my life and one of them am so due for promotion in my office but dont understand whats happening so yesterday i added swag p she accepted and i tried to chat but like there was a queue hahaha finally i got swag p she asked what my name was i told her and she just said dance huh was wondering she said dance and i was in the office oh i began to dance as swag p said were ever i am i should start dancing which i did oh hmmm wonder what my colleagues were thinking like i was mad hahahah, i did that because i just told her my name and swag p you said ok DANCE when i was done,she swag p prayed and prophesy on me told me things i had never even told no one that were so true,same day at night she said I should dance I did again , today I was given my promotion letter over night oh something that looked like it will never come praise the Lord like its doing me like shock just like that am too Happy. Swag Pastor may God enlarge ur coast, Indeed God is great and i give God all the Glory so happy am  SWAG SISTA NOW..................God i will even dance on the main road for you hahahahah,praise God its Done and Settled for me, now colleagues know why i danced yesterday and it broke the delay of my promotion at work haaaaaaaaaaaa it can only be God.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


testimony o!.... Swag p i had the feeling that if you give me your number and prayed for me i will have a testimony so i buzzed  you and you said huh for what i should chat i had to apologise and after some minute you sent it i was happy and you said 8pm i should call you hmmm i didnt remember so i buzz you again that am about to call and you said no if it was serious i wont forget i was so moody and prayed you allow me i had this strong feelings that if you pray every worry am having God will have mercy so after like four days you just buzzed me and said call,see fast fast kie swag p the way you prayed for me and said i should be alert God is going to restore everything i had lost in the past that the Holy Spirit asked you to buzz me and you should pray for me and since you listen to Him,you decided buzz me,swag p as you prayed i was to sure every torment was over,kieeee swag p ooooo there's  this guy that has been on my neck for about. 2yrs now for marriage and I kept turining him down,All because I haven't really told God about it,after I turned him down he stoped calling and we lost contact for years  , lo N behold he called me about 2hours swag p after u prayed for me, telling me he has waited enough that he is coming to see my parents and we will get married before the end of this year. Oh am excited ooo as i speak now preparation has began,immediately i got the call swag p i say yes oh i will marrry you because its not a coiencidence you said God wants to restore choiiiii i knew it that i needed you to pray with me , the God. Of swag P is a God of instant and NOW NOW!!! I remember vividly that a sent my request all the way from Lagos to swag P during the Benin swag love feast in Benin city and out of all the prayer points GOD suprised me greatly Just 2hrs after swag p prayed for me!!! And said"funmi the lord will give ur family a gift just be ready" and here I am today testifying. Am glad am a swag sister, and greatful to God for blessing me with swag pastor through swag juliet your benin pA. Am greatful to God ooo! Swag p as i speak i swag fummi over night is preparing for my Wedding haaaaaaaaaaaaaa this God ,am so grateful haaaaaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmm speechless ,am dancing oh God i will Honour You foR Ever.yepppiiiii

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


SWAG JOAN: It can only be God….. So, I don’t know if any of you read my last testimony. (If you didn’t, please go back and read was posted febuary 28th 2013). This is a continuation of my testimony. So after I got the job in the US on February 14th, I was still depressed as my application to renew UK visa was still with the Home Office and I had to resume my job in America 10th of March. My employers both in the UK and US were both on my neck to provide my visa and I was so frustrated as I was on the verge of loosing both jobs. I kept on telling God that He started this chapter of my life with me and He will definitely end it positively for me. 10th of March came and went, I obviously did not go as I still did not have my passport to go to New York. I was given 3 more resumption dates, 20th and 27th of March, and 27th of April but all those days came and went but still no passport or visa. I started questioning God saying why? If He didn’t want me to go to NY, he would not have allowed me to get the job. I can’t stress how my employers in NY were getting. They were beyond frustrated not just at me but with the British system. They kept on giving me just days to resume and those days turned into weeks, weeks into months and still no progress. My UK job was still shaky because in their eyes, I was illegal to work in the UK but I told them that as long as I had an outstanding application with the Home Office, I was more than legal to continue working in the UK. I remember always being depressed, frustrated, sad, distant, just name any dark place, I was there. This one day I called SWAG P from London and I updated her on what was happening (she already knew the situation) and she asked me to go to the toilet since I was at work as she was going to ask me to wash my feet whilst she prayed. The way I ran yeah, you would think there was fire on the mountain lol. I did as I was told and she said don’t worry it is Settled and this was like first week in April I began packing my boxes in anticipation of my passport. One week passed, 2 weeks passed and still nothing sometimes I would loose my Faith and start doubting but then after I would just snap out of it and try to ‘console’ myself saying there are people with bigger issues but deep down I was hurting badly. So, about 2 weeks ago, I went to see a representative from my US employers there in the UK to give them update on my situation and wow she was crossed. Like she literally shouted at me and I did not even know when I started crying (and it was not fake tears) and she said to me she’s been working on behalf of my US employers for 6 years and this was the first time the employer would keep a job for someone 9 weeks after I was meant to initially resume and in my head I just kept on saying it’s only God that could do such and I have washed my feet and I remember swag p saying joan this job no man will take it,its yours and I believed with fear . Last week, Saturday, I decided to come home on emergency travel certificate and just weigh my options from here and praying that my passport and UK visa comes out so I can apply for the US visa because I had had enough of the UK as I had already invested all my time to go the US. I also prayed I don’t get stuck in Nigeria with this “brave” move I did. So I called swag P that I was coming home, told her what I decided to do(I really wanted her to say no Joan that’s a bad idea stay back in the UK and LET God’s Will be done, but she didn’t she said come and take what belongs to you by force ). So I landed in Nigeria last Monday with a very silly back up plan if all fails. I went to immigration office to explain my situation and see what options I have. I decided to cancel my passport in UK (it was expiring soon anyway) and make a new one. The day I was going to go for digital capture, they said no network to do it, my frustration just went into gear 5. I started crying called swag P and she said she was coming to stay at my house for this period that as I walk with her during this time, all would be disgraced and she would not be disgraced. On Tuesday last week, on our way to immigration office, I received a call that there was no network for digital pictures. I was now way beyond confused as I was instructed to resume work on the 17th of June in NY and everyday I spent in Nigeria without achieving anything was crucial. Swag P said even if there was no network on our way to the immigration, as we get there, that network must come. I said Amen. Lo and behold, as we entered into the gates of immigration, they called saying there was network and we should hurry up. I was like if I never believed God acts in mysterious ways, this has just made me believe, as in when they said no net work swag p said they are joking and she said joan as my leg touch immigration office network that has gone for days must come when we finish it can disappear hmmmm, my Amen was shaking but Jesus I saw it live as we entered parked NETWORK CAME.Swag p said joan you will see more that your uk awaited passport and visa must come now,kos when the disciples was with Jesus they had no worries,so she has come to stay around me as a vessel . The next day(Wednesday) swag p decided to fast and she said somethings cant go until you fast that my passport in uk must come out and I said Amen,hmmmm I was in a cyber café getting some printed documents I needed same wednesday, my sister called me from London saying guess what? I was like what? She was like your passport has arrived and my UK visa has been approved(since January I sent in my application). The way I jumped if not because I was in public , my excitement would have been much worse. I literally ran home(I didn’t run though because the café was far from my house- but was driven home. You sha get the gist). I told Mary b sorie Swag p hahaha. She was like, did I not tell you it would come out? She said it was my worry that was delaying my testimony(but no joke I can worry for the nation). She said just sit back and watch God perform and I should stop praying for my visa and start thanking God for the visa. That evening she was going to church for communion service ad she asked me to go with her but I declined(which I regret). The next day, she was going for the communion service again and she asked me to come but I said no but trust me she wasn’t having it go, She gave me the washing of my life, how shes shock me that needs something in short I was blasted nothing told me I agreed to go and trust me it was the best thing I ever did. I felt like a whole new person that I couldn’t wait to go the next day. I received my new passport on Friday and my sister sent my old one from London which I collected on Saturday. Things were beginning to fall in place but I was still fretting over silly things if they were not moving fast enough and all swag p would say to me was relax and let God work but trust me the worrier to worry. Long story short, I came for the first swag sistas meeting yesterday and it was something phenomenal I experienced. She told me to come to the middle so that the ladies would pray for my visa which the lovely ladies did and coincidentally, earlier before everyone prayed for me, when swag p asked us to join partner up and pray for each other, I held hands with Zephora(apologies if I spelt your name wrong ) who had just received her American visa and when swag p asked if anyone had anything to say, she said she held hands with me and she has just received her American visa and she said I will receive mine too and my face was washed that as I get in favour. I went for the interview today and I wanted to take more documents and swag p said to me that all these documents were protocols that my visa has been granted and I shouldn’t worry they wont check anything ok did I forget I woke swag p at 3am oh for us to pray and see the deep prayer points and she concluded joan go it is Done … . I got to the embassy and when it was my turn, the lady that interviewed me only read my application form I submitted last night online and asked what job role I was going to take on. She collected my passport and my confirmation email and said my visa has been approved. No questions were asked about ties, how I will fund my trip I mean the only thing she collected were my passport and my j1 form. I could not believe it. I just want to thank God for his goodness and mercies not only did I get my UK work visa, I also got my American work visa. I also thank God for swag p. I pray your river will never run dry and as God continues to use you to touch people, may your prayers never go unanswered. AMEN…,swag p just how many days around you everything fell in place ,I saw you fasting again and you said until am out of the embassy you will put nothing in your mouth,Swag p seeing how you crave so much for testimonies from people made me realise how much you care about people.God bless you and Finally i say only you God i give the Glory.

Sunday, 9 June 2013


SWAG UNWADA :Help me praise God for his mercies endureth for ever. The last thursday prayer meeting we had, I joined hands and prayed with some sisters on the ground for financial breakthrough because at that point i needed Gods help and standing on that ground theres no way i will be praying in vain i had faith and after the prayer swag p agreed with us and prophesy from the north south east and west she calls on our helpers and debtors to release financies to us i believed so much .... and trust my Jesus, since after that day continuously He has been providing for me causing people to bless me with money here and there and debtors paying up yeppi like have been seeing the Hands of God that now i will live the finances group and join marital blessing hahahaha thats not all oh i came out for special prayer for my health and afer swag sistas prayed for me and swag p crowned it up and said Unwada you shall have good health and not even Death will come close i said Amen hmmmmm,Swag p like you saw the devil coming close haaaaa I want to thank God for his PROTECTION. On sunday the 2nd of june I was involved in a motor accident with my mum and dad, praise God no one was hurt. I won't bother with all the drama during and after the accident, the 'angels' God sent to help...... but in all I know (remembering the words of Swag P) ' it can only be God!!' Am so grateful to God, always will be!!! CAR VIEW BELOW...swag ps new pin 25b00b63
                                         IT CAN ONLY BE GOD AM A SWAG

Saturday, 8 June 2013


wow wow wow wow wow i cant stop saying wow swag p this is too wow for me,now i know and understand God deeper swag p.with full gratitude for God,swag p were do i start my dance from for this short testimony but too Amazing.swag have been in lagos for a while and this faithful day i decided to go out and took all i needed in my wallet,my atms,identity cards inshort every imporatant item was in that wallet,but something happened on my way back home i cant explain were the wallet droped but it was no longer with me when i realised i felt the world had come to an End,like so much fear gripped me,were will i find my wallet in lagos swag p. i kept thinking about it and you flashed my face and i said yes i will buzz you and you swag p will join your faith to mine and we agree. So i buzzed you and said swag p say a word to me and you said PEACE even before i typed what was disturbing me you sent that.Then i now said swag p my wallet is missing and all thats so imporatnt to me is in there,and you said oj you know see as i say PEACE hahahahahaa.Well i just kept calm and calculated that if swag p says PEACE that means definately i need to find my wallet for this PEACE to come,so shes actually saying oj you will find your wallet hmmmm ok then i relaxed and saying swag p has said peace and as i was lamenting on the word cheiiiiiiiiiii less than 45mins oh swag p i got a call from someone saturday night because it got missing friday... that my wallet was picked and my number was there hurray see running oooooo,i had sleeepless night the day it got missing that i had to buzz swag p,i got there to a pin nothing was touched,everything to money intact as was said by Gods vessel oj PEACE nothing will miss when found even though i been doubt that part ,like my wallet gets missing and money and all comes back to you but i believe the God of SWAG,swag p a lagos guy called me so happy swagp because truely i FOUND PEACE,i know how this wallet was so important to me,God does everything swag p He does am so grateful to God and how He has never stopped answering you swag p ..i pray for you Swag p that you will never stop experiencing peace in Jesus Name Amen.God to you alone i give Glory too.................Swag ps new pin 25b00b63

Friday, 7 June 2013


Swag P good morning,God is on my own case too ooo. Last week thursday when i came for 'come lets pray' I told you about my caretaker threatening me to pack my tins out of the house if am not paying,I was so scared and confused of where to go,we prayed about it and you asked me to go get a bottled of water washed my face and said i will not be put to shame that i will not live that house until i choose to live and i said Amen and you asked me to go and tell my landlord huh i was like ha but i obeyed and went to see the land lord and he looked at me and said NO guess he would have tot i took something hahaha,i told you swag p and you said Joy i have told you that house you wont live and i should watch God,i believed but  immediately I called a friend of mine that I know she has a spare room beside her room,she said I should come meet her in her shop,When I got to her shop I told her I needed her help that I want to move my tins into that empty room beside hers and she told me no problem but she doesn't have the key to the place o,that its with the landlord,but I shuldnt worry dat she'll break the door for me to keep my tins dia till I'll cum for them,I disagreed with d breaking of the door because its like going before God,but she said if she call the landlord to give her the key that she doesn't know wat she'll hear from his mouth then i quoted swag p who always say if God cant do it let it be left undone but as far as am concern swag p has said am not living and i wont pay for the house it will become free it sounded weird though but God knows Swag p i believe you because you dont speak if God has not spoken but sha my mind be de beat at how i will stay free in a house am to pay for when landlord has given me a week to pack. So well my friend said we should go and eat that no how I'll still put my tins dia but me know if landlord says no keys, no breaking of door,hmmmm When we got to the eatry she met one of her friend there and we got talking and something just said begin to explain what brought me to her, and the person said haa dat he too is looking for house ,that  can he come in to be of help to me,so he said he'll cum check my place and see if they will like d place and they will pay and give me the time I need to move out,was a bit relieve but am  a SWAG.So they came on sunday afternoon to check the place,they first said is small for them because they are two, later they said because of me they will take d house. So that's how they gave me a cheque to pay my landlord the house rent on monday and they gave me the time i asked for to stay before the people in lagos for my job to call me and I get my own place, OMG AS SWAG P SAID I WILL NOT LIVE I WILL STAY IN THAT HOUSE FREE UNTIL I WISH TO LIVE and people i dont even known paid the house rent before the seven days landlord gave me to live,thrusday prayers kie swag p GOD did it for me ....Indeed God is on my case n he'll finish what he has started in my life,you also said I wont leave,I rememba I said a short prayer dat morning dat God if am leaving here am leaving in my time when am ready to leave and when I get an alternative as it was said on thurday prayer time and God did it am too amazed and shocked dont know how to come out of this surprise indeed theres God in that ground it takes you believing,i believed as swag p said you going no were and it happened for me,Thanks for your prayers on us swag p,God will always put smile on ur face,becuase how strangers will pay for a house and tell you to live when its convinient haaaaa it can only be God. God i thank you, the God of swagz thank You,how do i thank you God because even swag p laugh me say haaa its dangerous to be thrown out  of  house during raining season o hahaha that God willl ans me fast and You did God you did so that rain will not beat me and my load sob sob,to you alone God i give you all the praise,Swag p i remember how i met you,in zone 3 NYSC office last year sitting almost close to a girl who happened to be my friend and just as you heard her telling me am wasting my beauty i should follow her to hang out with men haaaa you jumped into the talk and said i don't know you but if i dare try it, i will be wasted for life,i and my friend said huh looked at you like whos this hahahaha and you boldly repeated it and said PURITY pays that i should allow every man go in my life and watch God make me,you said they will destroy my destiny.something said inside of me TAKE HER ADVISE and that was it told my friend i will never ever follow her anywere and thats how i became a swag indeed since then have obeyed the mandate of purity and seen God come in every situation i seek,in a months time will begin a job in lagos that which i seek so much before i became a swag........Swag p there say a closed mouth is a closed  destiny thank God you spoke out on that day you heard our talks and i was SAVED.God bless you swag p and finally OLORUN MO DUPE LOWO E(God i thank you so much) too happy indeed all Glory be to God.